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: Can Master Yi get damaged by aoe damage in his Alpha Strike (Q)? Something like Riven R or Kayn Q/W
I can understand, that he gets damage from ticking damage (poison etc) and dies through it but I cant really understand that he "leaves the map" and gets untargetable, but he is somehow targetable for aoe damage ._.
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Shadòw (EUW)
: nice informative post. you really did a good job at listing up the problems and came up with good solutions. 10/10 quality post
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: Vladimir+Trundle Bug [GAMEPLAY]
"I was in alpha" #cowsep Yes, he is only untargetable, but not invulnerable.
: Im stuck on honor level 2,help me pls
You can read the [Honor FAQ]( how to lvl up your honor rank. But remember, honors from premades/friends counts 0! You can rank up by getting 0 honors, but slowly. Honors from non-premades gives you a boost for the lvl up.

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