: Sounds more like an issue with being forced into Roles via Riot.... I remember LoL before roles and Riot enforced metas...it was a good game.
Actually roles came with proplay as a start, then the players adapted to this and everyone not following was a troll. Then Riot began to enforce that because the majority of players cried troll when people played something unconventional. Now we have this weird thing where if you defer by the smallest from the meta I hope you have a good mentality because you are going to get roasted, a lot... Like I've had plenty of games where I played AP Kog'maw and some dude on my team started harassing me even though he was 0/5 and I was 9/0/3. He would still tell me "But at least I am not playing trash AP Kog'maw". Lost too many games because of that shiet...
: Everything about Soraka top is the most efficient definition of why Top lane is horrible
Okay, normally I am just a ghost here on the boards but I get tired of nerf x because y... I think it is great that off meta stuff is happening and I hate that we need to "put it in line with everything". Just like Ezreal for a couple of months were both an adc and apc with the double tear build, how the best skarner build was 45% cdr rush into trinity/iceborn and then ardent censor and how mages snuck themselves into botlane(but that was more the marksmen itemization than anything else). I personally think that these things happens because the game evolves with the players and everything feels stale when it is Assassins/mages mid, bruisers/tanks top and partly jungle enchanters/wardens support and carry for marksmen. Almost everytime something was too strong it got gutted... People never wanted to try a different counter strategy to the current "OP pick" even though all these things had flaws... Ezreal first came online at 20 min earliest and really first at 30 minutes when seraphs was completed for an example. Or let's take the Taric support Sona Carry lane, people had a tough time beating it because it provided so much heal and shield. But then one team realized that they couldn't roam that well until Sona got some AP. When G2 realized they could take advantage of their weak early game they baited the opponent team into this strategy, suddenly this botlane fell out of the meta, when shown how to not just let them farm up... But most of the time the players just complain and get rid of these newer interesting picks instead of trying to figure a good counter measure for these strategies... But that is at least my 2 cents on why they should let it be at least a patch more to see if any team can come up with a counter, maybe G2 will smack that strategy in the face today/tomorrow or Fnatic
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} at least this rune makes reporting for trolling easier
Just going to say this, the rune is too good, but only on certain champs...
Janakin (EUNE)
: I mean, it takes like 3 seconds for an average IQ person to realize the rune is very poor design. I hope they don't release it.
I don't think the rune is a bad design. I think it gives something really unique and those champions who actually benefits from 80% of the keystones might actually look towards this one instead. Random is not equal to being bad, but it does provoke your capabilities to adapt to every keystone that might get thrown at you.
: This keystone is more random and useless than Kleptomancy. Granted, it has its advantages, but do they really outweigh the cost of taking the rune? Why would you take Omnistone if you could just take a more consistent, guaranteed synergy rune? The randomization of the rune itself is its downfall. There is no reason as to why you would take this over any other rune that has better consistent synergy with your champion. Kleptomancy was toxic because it allowed users to advance their lead faster than their opponent, and was often used in cheese strats to gain huge gold advantages over the enemy (see the Spellthief/Kleptomancy meta). The inherent RNG and gold advantage made it difficult to balance because it was either too strong by giving to much, or too weak by giving nothing. Those were the two options. Omnistone will suffer a worse fate. The randomness of the rune choices leave very little options for intelligent play. How are you going to be able to predict how a fight will turn out if you don't even know what your keystone will be when it starts? You have time to see your rune, but you can't always play around it so quickly during the game. Omnistone needs to be changed before they push it out. I think Kleptomancy has its problems and needs to be removed, but this is not a better solution.
I think they should test it in the preseason so they can have the data from actually being on live servers. Hopefully they have other keystone ideas that can be introduced to PBE so if it fails they can easily replace it with something more reliable. But personally I like the rune because if you know how you can alter your gameplay for each keystone given, this one can be super useful :-)
ßlameMyADC (EUNE)
: State of the game.
Just going to say that the lack of animation cancelling with flash is because you could dodge turret shots with that ability back in the day... Nocturne is a single use spell shield. It doesn't block everything, it just blocks one ability. Lastly I agree with basically everything else. Especially minion block and the creeps sections...
: So, this champ doesn't really fit the game at all, its a water serpent, it cant use boots, and it having a big model looks odd, its also a hassle to see how its gonna move or walk, and this looks extremely influenced by the smite version of it.
Agreed... But then again we do have Void creatures and a space dragon. But this kit is just, so good...
: Feedback on champions that feel very generic compared to where i'm from.
Look at DotA 2, a good competitive scene but still have a lot of crazy heroes and they get these major change patch notes every once in a while. I don't think it is the competitive scenes fault. I think it is the people causing favoritism towards some champions (Those with 50 skins). Also the Sion rework even though his current kit doesn't at all remind me of his old kit, his rework was one of the best reworks. Shen is just the usual "he too good in proplay cause global, so need nerfs" But I don't really see feedback here only complaints that champions feel too generic? How are they generic? Which ones are generic? Edit: Also you might want to go to gameplay or general discussion with this, since this isn't actually a creation or a concept.
: actually this does backload his damage quite alot before the mark removal I could one shot or almost kill laners now it half shots them. thats how much of a change it became. Frontloaded is when he had his triple damage mark. at late game it dealt 4.5k damage to a 100 MR target i couldnt get higher then that (without drags or gathering storm). this is off subject though ill agree with your disagreement. heres the thing about his he requires a auto then W-aa-Q-aa thats 3 W hits after initial W = one mark hit thats a long time here in comparison with before.
I can do that in 1 second. Just look at the statement, they directly say that they have given him more frontloaded damage because you don't have to wait on that stupid mark to complete. And 4.5k damage to a 100 mr target alone would only be possible if you had 3,1k AP with lichbane which is impossible without drakes/gathering storm you stupid liar. I can show you the math... I am just going to stop here, because you can't seem to see that your idea doesn't "fix" Darius but actually make him a lot worse...
SSmotzer (NA)
: [Rework Concept] Kog'Maw, Stomach of the Void
I think the ideas is cool enough, except for w that speaks against his "Glass cannon nature". And his passive seems too strong honestly, but I also don't know how to change his passive in a meaningful way. But I do think you are unto a good way to modernize him a bit :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kai Guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hOFZIWmM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-04T09:54:44.778+0000) > > 25W 9L Is my recent match history with the champion. > > I assure you I absolutely lived longer then 1 second. > > Wanna try again? I assume yolo queue? Solo queue is different to tournament. In solo queue there isn't nearly as much proper focus as there is in tourneys. In tournaments, even Alistar with raging ulti wouldn't survive an enemy burst for more than 1 second or 1.5 at best. Said burst usually don't involve ullti's but rather just people attacking the same guy and oopsies, Alistar is already dead when we just collectively looked at him. Sucks to be him, I guess. In the level of tournaments where coordination is real, the real damage sponge are draintanks, who survive for FAR longer than traditional tanks. Traditional tanks are only used for their CC in organised play, their tankiness probably isn't even on the consideration at this stage; and their players focus on not soaking damage, but getting off their trump card CC before they instantly kick the bucket after diving. That's all we need to know that damage is too strong.
Funny because I watched Mikyx engage on Nautilus and they tried to burst him and he survived for at least 3 seconds... People are really exagerating the "tank meta is dead". Just look at preseason, no changes to tank items except dorans shield and Hashinshin is already screaming tank meta is back... Tanks has never been THAT dead even though people say so or else we wouldn't see any tanks in proplay
: i see now i read the post again. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/dLyjyRT5-fizz-change-v2-heading-to-pbe. they decided to backload his damage 2 aas then a Q equals one empowered old W (mark) it rewards keeping on the same target therefore does more damage later.
Funny your link shows me an error... You do realize that actually made him more bursty? Because his Q counts as an auto reset, so he would auto, w, q auto, (which is quite fluid) while before he would auto, q and wait 1,5 seconds for w mark to get ready. That is not "backloading damage" that is the quite opposite... Oh to back that statement up see what I found in an old patch note (8.14)... "The mark-priming mechanic on Fizz's W was unsatisfying, asking players to hold one of their damage tools until later. As an assassin, his role is to lay down damage quickly and get out, which made that wait feel particularly awkward. We're removing the priming mechanic, and bringing back an on-hit buff on the active, but keeping the cooldown reset on kills. The new W still does damage over a longer period of time, but more of that damage is front-loaded so Fizz players can more quickly make like a trident and stab."
: same said about fizz and the removal of his mark. "we believe removing the mark mechanic is more of a buff then a nerf because if played right this is a buff". if i remember correctly.
Yeah because they then proceeded to buff the dot and w damage, but he is an assassin not a juggernaut or bruiser. It is like comparing a tomato to an apple. They functionally does different things in cooking... Riot with the assassin rework gave almost all assassins setup time, they are squishy and got increased difficulty in doing what an assassin does best with the setup time(assassinate) and thus took this away from both Fizz and LeBlanc... While Darius is a Juggernaut and want some way to be increasingly threatening when fighting him it makes sense that he just gets the breaking point or setup time if you may.
: its a start though i feel its way more healthier having sustained damage as primary damage output. a juggernaut that can use aas effectively instead of strictly relying on abilities. again though im terrible at making a kit, i only designed the passive since its the most biggest power budget. it also makes him more viable thus less likely to fall off but he would lose some lane bullying power with this change since i didnt add anything else. long story short: make his later game relevant instead of being a kill zone or useless ( lowering the feast or famine).
With this change you have just made a worse Jax... His damage IS sustained but he is a juggernaut and need to be really threatening. Darius isn't threatening until he gets the 5th stack, his "burst" is a 4 second setup time and no this doesn't give lategame, because then he should get MORE ad than 200 at lvl 18 for getting 7 or 8 stacks which have and even longer setup time than the current 5 stack mechanic. It doesn't make him less feast or famine because his greatest weakness is mobility, which is why his 5 stack mechanic isn't broken, because most champions can try and run away from him... btw you don't think 200 bonus ad + 300 on hit damage bleed makes his aa reliable? It is just 6 BF swords and 2 long swords worth in gold I can see his auto attacks isn't reliable... (8500g worth)
: it stacks AD more slowly (say like 3-5 AD or something per stack early) and also numbers will have to be adjusted to increase his low attack speed ratio. and also said it decays at a rapid rate when not even in champion combat. its just a passive change i was thinking of not a whole kit rework. when i say bursty i mean when he hits 5 stacks he gets a massive burst of damage that makes people tilted saying hes a tank/assassin level of damage. i feel this way its more healthier method of him.
I know you aren't suggesting a rework of the kit, but your idea the requires to change his kit. I don't know if you know this, but his kit is designed with the passive as a core mechanic that forces people to take short trades. With your suggestion you are changing his pattern of having a breaking point to slowly getting power, which will make him feel lackluster since the breaking point then will never happen and people won't try to flee from you and other champions are then better at prolonged trades... Adjusting attackspeed numbers would just not be enough and there is a reason for why he isn't too good in higher elo (people know that the breaking point exists and his mobility is non-existent)
: New game mode idea.
So how are you ever going to be able to gank as a jungler? How are you ever going to trick anyone by going into a bush? How am I ever going to be in doubt whether my enemy laners are backing, roaming or just trying to wait for wave to push in? How am I ever going to make a sneaky baron or dragon call? How can I flank? How can I roam? Do you see how many strategies just dies by removing fog of war? Do you know why they removed buying wards? Because supports had it hard and if everybody utilized wards correctly you would eliminate strategies for your opponents... much strategy such wow...
5050BS (NA)
: Does Riot know Melee have nothing they can do vs LeB?
LeBlanc was reworked because she was too bursty. So they gave her delayed burst (which is weird for an assasin style champion) and compensated with waveclear and sustained damage. This caused her to be extremely OP with a hextech gun blade which caused the revert of the rework and not because melee couldn't reach her, because she still had 4 dashes a slow and a snare in that kit...
: i woke up with a epiphany about darius passive.
Where is the counterplay? You get more ad and therefore fighting power? How can I prevent you from getting that ad? I can't. With a 5 stack mechanic like he has I can try and get away from him before he gets 5 stacks because Q doesn't always give a stack, w does but he also has a low attack speed. His "bursty" pattern is actually far from bursty because he needs to either kill someone with R to get ad or get the 5 stacks, which takes more time than all bursty characters combo.
PzyXo (EUW)
: Then her AS should be 0.10, she's a sniper anyway + change the name Rivana because I know many stuff with a name similar to that which is cancerous XD
Because Caitlyn has an AS of 0.10... Oh wait...
: Who Here Genuinely Likes Blitzcrank as a Character?
I think his immense pressure for just being there is cool :-) Also when you have a good Blitzcrank game you feel really good :D
: Yeah, maybe that way the stupid "Old league" drama would stop. I think that one game against the 110 lvl 1 ad, point and click stun and 100 % lifesteal + ¿60? % to your team Sion would make them love Irelia or Akali
25-65 additional ad from e* 50-100% lifesteal and 50% to the team of his damage is correct though, but he was kiteable. I do miss more the first Taric rework where he could stun every 2 seconds with the right build and 1vs1 anyone with 2 items...
: [Champ Concept] Walbyorn the Ursine Stormcaller
It is a fine kit, might wanna watch out with that knockup duration (you need to tune your numbers) also E could also get some other effect besides just movementspeed and armor reduction :-)
: See i think ur being a bit biased against the 3x cast Q, just because Riven has it, which maybe a champ u don't like and bc Aatrox has it which some people think is a copy of Riven (its not they function entirely different), or they don't like the fact that its similar to riven as a champ they don't like. However the idea of a 3x cast Q doesn't have to remain on those champs alone its a neat healthy ability design that can open up a lot of interesting unique gamplay based on the champ using it. Its NOT a Clone between Riven or Aatrox, or Skarner since they all use them differently, ESPECIALLY with Skarner's interaction between Q and his passive and Q and W. If u think they are clones ur only looking at it on a surface lvl, and then if u do that then u might as well be mad at Varus and Xerath for having 2x cast Q clones... This Skarner VGU pretty much does everything u want it 2 based on ur post, don't let ur biased make u not like it ok? :)
I think 3 kind of dps abilities in one ability can have problems and have proved broken in both Aatrox and Rivens cases. It means that if you are good at animation cancelling you can weave in autos effectively creating a time period where your damage is marginally higher than any champion who don't have 5 abilities in their 3 basic abilities. But I do think he should be able to use his tail in some way and really low cd abilities create the same effect as described (Looking at you Yasuo)...
: Skarner Rework: Give the Scorpion Poison, and let him DIVE!
Wait I am supposed to make 6 auto attacks to get the stun off? I think the kit is cool but need some adjustments. 30% of max hp as a shield is a lot...
Tensa147 (NA)
: Please Rework Garen
Should we tell him that Garen/Yuumi has been a thing for a couple of months? And that is without the current "rework" already given... Probably getting destroyed with the change in support itemization though
: More Item Concepts: Honed Mace
Armor on hit item :O But honestly no reason to make it melee only
: More Item Concepts: Spectral Mail
You might want to add a flat amount too, just to stay in line with how thornmail works :)
: More Item Concepts: Royal Guard Mail
Well this item isn't technically gold efficient until you put on the passive. I like the idea of a scaling item, but I think the tuning is probably off.
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: A few more item concepts of mine
Dude. Take a look at black cleaver. That is only 24% armor shred and you are doing 50% everything shred? You might want to reduce that amount a bit.
Kaje (NA)
: New Champion: B L O X , Repair-Bot Prototype No.1
Do you know the longest auto attack range in the game without endlessly stacking mechanics is 800 range? That is Twitch when using ultimate ability. While you are giving champions the ability to attack from 2250 range which is 150 range less than pre nerf Kog'maw lvl 16 ulti range or 450 range more than Kog'maws current ulti range. I don't know about you but that sounds broken...
KosktoP (NA)
: lithinos, guardian of wayfarer
So E is Diana E? Also do you know why Tahm is nerfed to the ground? Because of the same idea as your ultimate. Kit is cool, but dunno how cool it actually is because why wouldn't I just build a ton of hp and sit on a carry to see their health armor and magic resist increase by a ton?
: Thats why i said reduce the Amount the Potions sell for, also removing elixer of skill might not be a bad idea either b/c it also speeds up a champ's power curve a bit too much. As far as the Low Keystone CD from the reworked rune, I hadn't really thought of it that way BUT to make the most of it in your example you'd have to be playing permanently aggro, which is generally not the smartest way to play a lane, which brings me back to my original point that it will mainly be used as a gimmick/cheese.
Also poke champs will benefit of random electrocute into aery into predatory into meteor. Though electrocute are for some going to be a major cockblock and guardian. Like imagine you instead of teleport took ghost mid lane. You take the new keystone, you've just procced electrocute on your laner and 9 seconds later you see the predator buff on your boots and you start roaming for bot lane. Or you get jumped but you were in luck to get aftershock and can now survive because you got to throw a hard cc out before their burst.
: So does anyone else think that Kaliedostone (New klepto) is a gimmicky BAD keystone?
I don't think it is a bad rune. It is gimmicky yes, but not bad. I might dare say it will be OP in the early game. Why? Because the thing makes you have a new keystone ready every 8 seconds if you can get it procced, meaning if you get lucky with predator, electrocute, aftershock in a row that is just a lane win. Though I think they have already nerfed it to 12 seconds. But most keystones have a 20+ second cd in the early game. But honestly I think they should just nerf the amount of gold you would get from kleptomancy... Seeing some people generating 1500+gold in 20 minutes from that rune is just broken(counting gold sacks in this amount too)...
: [Concept champion]Ravenous butcher
5 second cd on a 1.5 second point and click stun with pull? You do realize this CD can get as low as 2,75 seconds right? I don't know about you but I am not building sunfire but rather trinity...(Q is OP)
CCDeath (NA)
: I created a Void Champion and wanted some feedback
1-12 of meax health? What do you mean? Based of max health? 1-12% max health? If it is the first the passive is bad, if it is the second this passive is utterly broken Sweep only makes sense if you have ranged units. Drone seems to have far too much attack damage and might want some higher base hp at later stages(maybe increase hp also based on the lvl of champ) Ulti seems weird. Why does it change from magic to physical damage after it grows? Also attack damage is probably still too high and needs tuning
: Ahri rework suggestion/concept
They tried that passive infinite stack mechanic. It ended up creating a totally broken champion who couldn't be balanced right (See Cassiopeia). Also why not just make the w prioritize charmed targets instead of that "empower 3 autos" except if you ofcourse play her as an adc I can see why you would want this change
xUnRavelx (OCE)
: Champ concept - Black Hole Melee Mage
For a melee mage, his/her kit is just bad. No gap closer and passive just makes an extreme glass cannon... Not like we had enough damage in this game
: I like the idea of reality and stars, But don't feel like this is a tank, and his theme is lost in his kit. Here's why. Passive Event Horizon - this is very easy to spam every 5 seconds. You get an auto-refresh on your shield every 5 seconds. With some runes, that can be very broken. Won't be fun to play against, and not much outplay to it. Q Cloak of Starlight - A tank going invisible defeats his purpose of being a tank, I believe this is his gap closer to initiate, but as a tank generally want something that's going to force people to pay attention (Garen run) or quick enough to immediately jump in Malphite R). The invisibility is more like an assassin. W Nova - sounds like a good move, but its wording is clunking. Say he heals from damaging champions, and less from minions. They both should be on the same cap. You said that, but with more words. E Astral chain - no grievances. R Reality Tear - Statis is a really strong CC. I think that cool down is way too short, and damage too high for such good CC that covers such a wide area.
Okay I would more like to talk about q's ability to reduce damage output by 8/16/24/32/40% in an AoE. The only other thing that reduces damage output by 40% is exhaust, just saying... I like the idea of a slippery tank, but he should be better at "demanding attention" in his kit since his only hard cc is his ultimate Personally I think event horizon is balanced with that 5 second cd because the shield is fairly small. Overall I agree that the kit does not emphasize a tank.
Éthreal (NA)
: Dr. Kin Volt (Volt for short) Champion Concept - Solo lane/Support bruiser
E is broken... Too many toplaners relying on auto attacks that he is just gonna block through that ridiculous e passive...
GoLéon (EUW)
: [REWORK IDEA] - Udyr (Invoker type rework)
I like some of those but other are just too good... Also this one lacks the AOE from phoenix stance tbh
: [Champion Concept] Liralie, the Black Cleric
Okay first of all, giving her a freaking GA every 30 seconds is beyond broken oh and another sort of revive ... I can see on the design what the champion is meant to do, but she is way too strong... Like compare her heal to any other healing characters and you can see her 290 base heal is twice as strong as Yuumis and 50% stronger than Sorakas and is an AOE spell. The 1.2 second casting time is not a big enough downside to this huuge upside... Second of all, when designing champions it is important to make sure each point of the ability gives the same values. For an example your q again 60/95130/215/290 should rather be 70/125/180/235/290 because then you will always get the same value for each point taken in the spell after the first :-)
: New Champion Idea Eterna, the Natural Disaster
: New Item Concept: Frostguard Hide
Even though the idea is great, there was 2 items that have the same passive effect. Wardens mail and Randuins omen and that made these items too good so they removed that specific passive. Ofcoure that was a long time ago but it is not often Rito reverts stuff like that
: Please explain what kind of magic Darius has
: What is Urgot's game plan?
Probably destroying the nexus is his gameplan :P
: What is Urgot's game plan?
Probably destroying the nexus is his gameplan :P
: Kai'Sa is extremely sexualized for no GOOD reason
Well, if Riot used the money they got from the skins properly, I would be easily able to look past it, but I must admit them removing stuff from the game to focus on 1. summoners rift (reasonable)2. TFT (Riot please...) 3. Their new upcomming fighting game(What the actual freaking feck riot??!?!?) is really not enough to make me look past it... I hate the fact that they aren't keeping PvE events(Odyssey and star guardian stuff) in the custom game section somewhere and making older designs of reworked champs playable here. Man I miss those things and dominion...
: A new ninja champ
Why does the q ad ratio scale better than the ulti ratio? Why does he has SO MUCH % max health damage? And how does he proc his passive? Is it just instant or is it like shaco where you have to hit the back with an auto? Is he ranged or melee? You might want to compare your kit to existent kits and see how much % max health damage people actually have... An interesting approach could be looking at Elise (She doesn't have % max health damage but % current + % missing health)
: A new champion concept
Did you know, that old sona heal also gave a mr/ar aura buff + aegis back in the day ALSO had a mr/ar aura buff. Riot thought this was just too good and decided to remove auras from the game, because they are very secretly really freaking strong.
Moriheyho (EUW)
: Adc PLat 3 EUW looking for clash Team add me (Moriheyho)
What are you doing in the subsection "Concepts and creations"... Go to a gameplay, general discussion, esports or maybe the Clash sub section...
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