: Why is teemo not picked in Pro play ever?
Teemo is just a lanebully, like Heimer or Pantheon, he just doesn't offer much outside of lane, they tend to not pick these "No teamfight presence" champions in ProPlay
: I'm done with your balance team and the blatant favoritism.
Just know that they think that changing Ahri while she has a 8% PR 51% WR is more important than changing the 2% PR and 46% WR Syndra who has an actual kit problem.
: Warwick is actually fair
I guess we should buff Panth and Jayce until they have a 54% winrate because they fall off too then
: Boards poll about supports
At least I get to play against Blitz, Thresh, Brand or Tahm, all enchanters support just play like satelittes
: Honestly, ADC's, not all mid laners can roam.
Ah, so you're one of the guys we need to thank that makes Azir have a negative winrate
: Kleptomancy has to be changed in the future, this is becoming stupid
Don't buff GP, remove that scaling Pantheon from the game instead, his rework was a massive powercreep
: Malzahar's Nerfs
They were too much. You can thank Riot Repertoir for this awesome rework, can't interact with enemy laner because you run out of mana instantly and get shoved in, oh whats's that? Want to reset your bouncing E the enemy didn't respect with Q early game? Well, that just costs 1/3 of your mana pool thank you. Just try braindead afk push the wave from level 2, then you just sit on your ADC shoulders and press R the moment someone dives your team. Want to zone with old 14% max hp each second W and try to chunk the enemy ADC with your 9s CD Q? Nope, you can summon 6 walking gold for the enemy and spam your wet noodle 3s CD Q. Such amazing rework, really makes this champion much more fun when all you can do is flash ult, spam 2 of your spells like a moron and run into Morgana bindings for 0 punishment with passive. Then people keep bleating the same "braindead R champ" "point and click waaaa waaaa" when they exhaust their brain to think of an item that just makes his entire ultimate useless.
: What does Nautilis need to be relvant?
He needs to have low as fuck manacost, like all other tanks do, on his spells so he can just press them off CD like a braindead tank champions. Or you give all other tanks actual mana costs like he has.
Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ruin Lance,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iYivXpTj,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-27T19:53:11.941+0000) > > why the fuck is this getting downvoted? sion is ridiculous right now Because the problem isn't Sion. It's Comet-Manaflow-Scorch being an overly good choice right now. Drowning out all others to the point that the best Toplaners are Camille and Sion who can use it well. And Klepto users.
And? Do we nerf Sion or do we delete the entire rune system? Gee, I wonder what's the most logical one.
Wtf Jax (EUW)
: Why does everyone type then instead of than?
Quality Gameplay thread that show how much Riot gives a shit about the Boards
: >the delusional assassin main needs to complain that his 1v1 class isn't viable in a 5v5 game how dare i kek Zoe was broken because of wave clear, champs also have strengths like oneshotting people as burst mage u know?
I don't know what you call a burst mage, so I'm using this list here https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3A5uuBw7-champion-subclass-list "Burst mage can burst" from what range? In what range a Syndra, Annie, Viktor, Brand or fuck any of the burst mage need to be to achieve a oneshot potential on the enemy (and they need to use 3-4 spells which mostly can miss, instead of a fast one fired from FoW)? Surely not from the safety of Zoe R Q range, so why can Zoe fire her oneshot spell over and over hoping that one hits and do a literal 100-0 from the Fog of war with no punishment from the enemy? If a Brand or a Syndra want to oneshot you, they needs to walk up to you, putting themself at a risk, do their combo and you have to option to dodge multiple of their skillshots and then they need to retreat between their frontlines before they get engaged on. What does Zoe do? Presses two buttons over and over until a Q hits to achieve the same thing with no risk. But surely her waveclearing the caster minions in one Q is the thing that makes her broken when every other mage has a spell that does that right?
: GG ez at the end of a 55 minute game feels like shit.
I can't even comprehend how can some people get so frustrated about exactly two letters being typed by a complete stranger on the internet, like, do you value others opinions that much?
: Opposite of popular opinion: Riot actually cares too much about "casual" players
Talon and Zed just got buffed, Darius and Volibear also just got buffed, but alright, the delusional assassin main needs to complain that his 1v1 class isn't broken in a 5v5 game and that they never buff certain champion only because of low ELO fault. Challenger players like Heisendong, Autolykus and Credenda also complained about Zoe because she get free Summoners, has a high range CC that leads into a oneshot and makes people play dodgeball for 20 minutes while having no CD on it, but alright, it's only low ELO that complains about her, the only thing that made her strong was the waveclear, yup, nevermind she oneshots Ezreal with one Q cast 100-0 from the fog of war at the LCS, broken for waveclear. They nerfed GP even though he has a 48% WR and a 5% PR in Bronze so I don't know what you're saying about Camille.
: "we hard nerfed Xin because of PTA buff"
Sancre (EUW)
: Cause kassadin entered there and became blue and almost dead, malzahar and fish-zahar glimpsed inside and went mad, getting a third eye, while jax became... who knows The Void isn't something you can hold of with mere willpower, that only works with the third eye mind control, if Riot say that she was inside there more than 2 days being only herself, that means that every other void infused human was incredibly weak. Even if the effects on Jax and Kass come from staying there for months, she has to have at least some kind of mutation, its not like you walk into a nuclear core, see it, eat things close to it and then come back unscathed, even if it were just some minutes. I can buy the "Voidsuit protected her", but only if it was almost instantaneous from the point when she started suffering the Void radiation
Where do you guys read that Malzahar and Kassadin went inside the Void? Last time I read their lores it said they went to Icathia and had only visions of it, Malzahar got consumed and brainwashed by them while Kassadin did resist the brainwash but still got consumed by it, it doesn't mention them entering it.
: I feel like in 80% of the games where theres an infernal
I feel like in 80% of the games where the first Dragon is a Clown one, the one that will spawn after him will be the Elder Dragon.
GenoXx (NA)
: {{champion:90}} He's horribly warped? Where?
Malzahar never went inside the Void, he only saw visions of it and believed it was Runeterra's salvation and so now he acts as a brainwashed prophet for the it... and now he has a hole in his head... so it should tell what the new champion should have if she actually grew in the Void and not just merely saw it.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Zoe getting even further nerfed next patch.
Ask David Capurro and Rickle why they think an untouchable Flash Ult/Push Bot is better for the game than an immobile, 0 defense mechanism, high CD, mana gated mage who can't get CDR easily.
Rioter Comments
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: Can't build tanky vs Fiora because %hp true damage, can't build damage because 50% AS slow
: LCS Games?
Only watch Vitality games since I know Jiizuké
Rioter Comments
: Gnar needs more buffs than what he has been given on PBE to help his problems
Gnar will never be strong if Singed (his hardest counter) keeps a winrate above 40%, there's just no way people will not instalock Singed when they see the enemy picking Gnar and just snowball off of him.
: malz is still the best midlaner, but he's no more because of unsealled spellbook nerf, same for ryze but why are you saying "immobile mages not garbage? hotfixed" immobile mages were always strong maybe not velkoz ect.. but malz rulled midlane for 1 year, ryze was toptier, and now cass is toptier
Just saying, but the ect. part includes about 13 champions (10% of all champions). Probably it's my bias for Malz, but the other 2 top tier pick, Ryze and Azir (who both have some mobility) counter him hard in lane and prevent him from roaming and, from what I watched at the LCS, they rarely picked him into these two, so he was only strong against non-strong champions. Also Malzahar went from a 60-40% Pick/ban at LCS to a 20-10% after the 8.2 nerfs, so I think Malzahar will stop being top tier soon after some other champion will take his spot, hopefully he will go back to 1-2% playrate, 50-52% WR status like he was pre-rework in SoloQ. How is Cassio toptier? She has the same stats as Taliyah and Ori in the LCS and lower SoloQ stats than them.
: as if immobile mages are not busted rn let me check who's op mid malz ryze cass ok fam
-Malz only got picked once (by Gicuzzi <3) and banned 0 times out of 20 games after they nerfed him in 8.2 at the LCS, he also a negative winrate in SoloQ so I think he will lose his top tier status now. -Ryze has mobility on ultimate, it's how he survived most of the time at the LCS by using Ult+Stopwatch. -I don't know about Cassio, low pickrate in LCS also and low playrate/low winrate in SoloQ so I don't see how she's OP for now. Every other immobile mage has either low playrate or low winrate, or both, bar Zoe and Orianna but they're abominations.
: About Zed's new R
To be honest it's a single target ultimate that puts him in the middle of the enemy team by time Zed reaches level 16 so I guess it's an ok buff.
: "increase the damage you deal by 10% (max 2% per second)" Need some help understanding what it means
It means that something like Malzahar E (it does damage every 0.25 seconds) can't ramp up instantly to 10% damage amp in 1.25 seconds (5 instances of damage) but needs 5 seconds instead since the damage can only increase by 2% every second.
: Absolutly no way Liandry gets through like this
Immobile mages not garbage? Must hotfix
Meddler (NA)
: Looking for topics for Friday's post
You talked about counterplay in your QGT 29th January that Nasus while having very little way to dodge his abilities has the counterplay of keeping him at distance. Does someone like Malzahar satisfy it too?
Auccuatt (NA)
: What champion do you want to see in the meta?
Not the champions I play for sure
: There is no opportunity to win against malzahar.
Meddler (NA)
: Nothing immediately planned. For AP users in general we're also going to wait until after the 8.4 changes generally and then reassess where they've landed.
Can I also ask why Jayce melee Q (an AoE ability that requires to click on a target to cast) got coded to draw minion aggro but Lucian Q (an AoE ability that requires to click on a target to cast) didn't?
: Is there any champion you have fun playing against?
Immobile mages with no mobility in general and skillshot reliant, like Xerath, Vel'Koz or Brand, room for outplay from both parts
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 2
How did the Malzahar nerfs impact him? Is there plan for more?
Nayzumi (NA)
: Shyvanna's E damage needs a fucking nerf.
They need it to make it more visible like Morg W, it's barely visible right now for the damage it does
: > [{quoted}](name=Cinquino Show,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ObONkji3,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-02-01T21:45:16.065+0000) > > If you are carrying you can flame all you want But if I look at your match history and see that you had bad games then you are no different and very hypocritical.
What do you mean? If someone is playing good he can flame and it's ok for me, if it's the 0/9 melee Tristana it's not ok for her to flame someone else for losing.
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
If you are carrying you can flame all you want
Teslyn (NA)
: Let's talk basic math
You dodged a game so it removes 3 LP
: Azir, Ryze, Kalista being nerfed for having 100% pick/ban in pro play
I mean, what do you even nerf about him? He's just picked because, like Braum, he can defend his ADC and in competitive they want to play it safe.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 31
How did the Malzahar nerfs impact him? Is there plan for more?
: Which melee can go bot lane in your opinion guys?
Mundo Kappa What about Jayce? Only thing he can't do is shield/heal poke but he has a good all-ins and strong early levels, or do you want real melee champions?
MORE AZIR NERFS! Secondary stab damage lowered from 40/70/100% at 1/6/11 to 20/40/60% at 1/6/11 YEEESS!
: Let Gnar have control over his transformation like Jayce and Elise
Why are you asking for Gnar buffs when you're a Singed OTP?
: Public Service Announcement to all One-Tricks.
That's not even an OTP issue, that's stealing another person role which is not what an OTP is associated with, being an OTP means that an Illaoi OTP autofilled ADC will play Illaoi ADC or won't know how to position on a normal ADC since they never play them.
: Aside from bowel movement, what does BM stand for exactly?
: perhaps he needs CHANGES like how i said
If by changes you mean rework and not number changes like Jinx got, then yes. They tried to fix Illaoi with number changes but it didn't fix her being OP in low and weak in high ELO, same reasoning for other Juggernaut and Volibear, Udyr.
: Jinx had changes to make her better in high elo without being overbearing in low elo
Immobile champions who build 1-2 damage items and then full tank will never be allowed to be strong because they will just dominate low ELO because having no mobility is not a weakness there.
: i think theyre putting stopwatch in the same row as magical footwear next patch, which makes them exclusive and is actually a really good solution. both runes were deemed too strong. so instead of giving everyone access to a free stopwatch and free boots, you can now only chose one of the strong runes.
Everyone will just take Stopwatch + Debt/Cookies, Boots are only taken because it's free gold. You think this will make people decided between surviving in early skirmishes like in this video or get free boots at 12 minutes?
Rexxiee (NA)
: Boards complained about 550 range vayne building squishy items killing/outplaying them
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