: Is katarina hard or easy to learn?
She used to be the easiest champion. since her rework she has actually become one of the hardest. She has no more damage reduction in her kit and her mobility became more limited with wardhops being removed. Kata's dagger procs have become very situational and position-dependant, meaning her strength was shifted from "Your Skill" to "their mistakes". Katarina has now an more balanced difficulty revolving around how smart, or how stupid the enemy counteracts your daggers. long story short, those people saying kata is easy are just salty shits, shes one of the hardest champs since her rework.
: you do realize the MAJORITY of the cast has mobility? and the ONLY way veigar kills someone with Q + R is if they have 0 health AND 0 mr. i dont understand how you fail to realize veigar needs a team backing him to become effective and hes straight hot garbage in a 1v1. you must be a god and can force people to run into the stun, because in my elo people actually play around it.
see this is why you have -9 downvotes with growing. Veigar can oneshot people, and his R is a point& click ult with a minimum damage scale of 75% ap. his W even has a 100% ap ratio and his Q has a 60% one aswell. one rotation is enough to destroy that 6k hp sion everyone is so scared of. your answer has confirmed that you are just trolling the people on the board and from this point on shall not be taken serious anymore.
: Why isn't Urgot's ultimate named...
Ur-got caught? <_< i regret nothing.
: I cut Rammus into a piece of wood
dude wtf you can cut rammus into a Wood with such perfection yet i can't even draw a circle with 3 Spikes using crayons XD gj man, you got my upvote
: How is nobody at RIOT getting fired over this
Yeah, there is some very seriously twisted ironic logic going on at RIOT currently. "Oh, something is too strong, let's buff one of it's countermeasures. oh, that one got too strong now? let's buff something else, aight?" They Keep on gutting champions but buff the aspects that made them go out of control? that is....i cannot lie, that is stupidity incarnate. Nerf the items, not the champions ffs.
: i recognize you dont want to see him, but hes entirely hit/miss based nothing around his kit or his performance. its entirely up to his team mates to dictate how the game goes. veigar does nothing, im sorry, but thats just the way he works nowadays and it demands a rework from the ground up. he will never perform any meaningful task and he demands the enemy to make a mistake to kill themselves, veigar is simply incapable of taking something for himself. even when you do have that 35+minute veigar, hes still a non factor when he dies instantly to flash from anyone. in addition due to the nature of the delay he at best trades 1 for 1 while other team members captialize on the stun he offers, veigar doesn't even top the damage charts, and if he is its strictly because you have 3 hard peel tanks on your team who do deal no damage.
>veigar is simply incapable of taking something for himself. I stopped reading there because that is so wrong and simply just stupid it made my eyes bleed. YOU as a veigar cannot do jack for yourself because you do not know how to Play him and use his ranges. any other veigar, even the most nooby first timer can actually win anything with him. Veigar is always useful, even if you cannot stun someone with his E you can still trap them where your team can AoE bomb the ever living LEROY out of them unless they waste a flash and even then you have the chance to repeat that in a few seconds. Veigar can instant kill someone with just Q-R even in the midgame already where noone has MR stacked and you have your first 2 AP items and boots. Veigar is one of the burstiest nastiest champions in league of legends who grows into an worse lategame beast than Nasus and GP can, but as mentioned, it is the fast paced meta that does him bad, not his kit. The games simply end too fast, veigar starts becoming a beast after 30~ish minutes, and most games are already over even before minute 25. In addition to all that, his stun delay is really nothing Special, just aim it properly and you can still easily trap people with it. i honestly never miss a stun unless my enemy has a blink, say ezreal and zed.
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Dallien (EUNE)
: Hacking account easily than ever
First of all, if you had calmed down a bit and used proper grammar this would not have taken me 4 reads to understand what you meant. Secondly, that would more likely not be a hack but a Trojan. A Virus that infested your PC. If that Person went after your league of legends account, changes are high you fell for one of those Free RP Phishing links. As for Riot, they really cannot compensate because noone can truly verify if your story is true or not. they have to deal with false claims of hacks every day, people wanting to abuse riot's nonexistential naivity to get some extra rewards for a boosting smurf acc.
: "We want to keep the “essence” of Swain intact, even though we will be completely rebuilding..."
Veigar is really fine with how he is now. the only "issue" he has is that the current fast paced meta does not do him well.
: So I can pick up a champion for the first time and dominate, means Im not very good? Do you even logic? Its just like Lee Sin. He has access to more OP stuff, which in fact makes him _easier to play._ Playing an ADC without long range or easy escapes is real skill.
and there is my confirmation that you actually do not main adc lol you spared me quite some work by making it that easy.
: Watching Fiddle stand there draining himself is actually kinda funny
that it is XD i got the pleasure to watch it, and it just looks like he is spreading his arms out and shaking as if he is trying to Imitate a saiyan, all it is missing is the scream that would last for 2-3 games LMAO
: Im an ADC main and Ive only played Jin in ARAM and One for All mode. I was laughing at how brainless and dumb he was. I dont care if theres a delay or whatever, you shouldnt be able to snare someone off your screen. That just shouldnt exist. And he does so much damage with so little effort. It was stupid easy.
then, i fear, you are not a good ADC main. sorry dude, but if you are an adc main, a real one, then you would know very well that Jhin is one of the most difficult ADC to Pull off. It takes massive skills in movement prediction and a very good intuitition and oversight of positions and map-presence of enemy champions. Jhin's always Need to know where they stand and who could get close to them. and that is something that even Diamond Players lack at times.
Omen46 (NA)
: I like your two cents, but you also forget that his lethality runes meta causes an absurd amount of damage early game that FAR outpaces armor runes early. Also he is a very fast champ who is hard to catch outright making him very arguably annoying. lastly, There is a BIG range for his ult and most jhin players are experienced at reading movements along with having them revealed is a huge boon for his shots. In my opinion, there are times where over the course of 4 seconds his dps at full build CAN out dps an opponent adc. He also has a large Auto range. on the other hand Jhin seems to be lacking in a lot of true escape from a caught out position, force him into that position and you have a free kill, of course, that could be said about any ad carry now can't it XD
yeah jhin may be hard to catch BUT for that you Need to crit, his movement speed only Comes if he can crit with his Auto Attacks. Other than that he is even more immobile than MF who at least has an instant AoE slow that helps her escape to a certain degree. Jhin's "Slow" From his E traps have a 1.5 second Arming delay which for any decently mobile champion is an easy cake to dodge. But it is as you said, jhin's weakness is getting close to him. Once you get him within arms reach hes pretty much fucked.
: Nidalee Spear goes through minions
Minion AI Update? They learned how to Duck and Dodge and we were not informed by it!
Sasogwa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Click R for Win,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t1a8QX9a,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-07-20T06:23:06.994+0000) > > Black cleaver procs 6 times, so it is 30% not 24 &gt;_&gt; It's 24 because it's been nerfed from 5% a stack to 4% a stack
I Had to check all patchnotes involving black cleaver to check that and it is actually true.. oops, my bad XD
: {{champion:202}} because he takes no skill and just right clicks you for 200-200-200-1000 damage at level 5. Then when he gets his ult he 100-0s you with undodgable shots because you get f---ing slowed. He also has a stupidly long ranged snare for no reason at all.
jhin actually takes a very considerable amount of Skill. his AA's are slow, and he has a reload mechanic. His AA's earlygame are actually weak, aside from his 4th shot who can secure a very mean first blood IF you can pull off your full damage combo. His Snare is not that long. 0.5 / 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 (If i am not wrong) and hitting his W Snare is really difficult, the delay can easily be abused to dodge it. you just Need to sidewalk it. Same with his Ult, a Good jhin still has difficulties hitting any shots, the slows only last 0.25 Seconds, while shooting has a minimum delay time of 0.5 seconds per shot. Again, you just Need to know how to sidewalk. OR Get behind jhin. His ult is a very double edged sword making him A Immobile and B incapable of reacting. XDust wanted to add my 2 cents.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Click R for Win,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w1YxhWRt,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-07-20T09:12:26.516+0000) > > Well, they have so far directly stated that they do actually work against ANY form of negative behaviour that directly influences people. Badmannering is just another form of trashtalking, yet riot punishes badmannering so seriously it has become a meme, and since god fist lee sin&#x27;s release the topic gained a lot of popularity. > > So, how can i provoke someone with trashtalking and get punished, but i can completely get away if my trashtalk is a more direct Approach? > I Find the lack of Logic disturbing. Whole point is that people need to report you to get you punished. And if you arent taking direct approach, they dont really get offended and they dont care. Especially since your tests were conducted in normals. Noone actually sticks in lobby to report someone that said scum or pathetic.
and yet they did, a decent amount aswell too. 50 games means 5x50 thats 250 Players, you can bet that at the very least 20 Players, if not more, have actually reported me, which should be far more than enough to trigger an investigation. Just one report every game for 3 games is enough, actually. and if 3 reports are enough for an investigation, 20 should surely have triggered something. if it did not, then i question the very system in itself. sure, a big part did not care, people are cocky like that. they take toxicity for an desperate attempt of tilting them, but EVERYONE moving on without a care seems rather unrealistic, do you not agree?
ShadeDi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Click R for Win,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EnmF1Ebp,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-07-20T09:09:58.834+0000) > > see, this is why you have -3 and i have +4 upvotes. > > You want something from the people but will with utmost rudeness and Stupendous arrogance neglect and deny anything people say IF it is disagreeing with you. > > As someone else said, you probably never have played xayah yourself. > > PS: The reason she doesn&#x27;t run out of mana is maybe because Essence Reaver is one of her core items? Food for thought. I never played xayah but playing against her, she's pretty underwhelming unless she's fed (and lots of charecters are strong when they're fed anyway). Or maybe I just never went against a skilled xayah. She's not a character that I thought anyone would ever say is OP but seems like you can take any character and say they're OP on the boards.
Xayah is a very Linear hypercarry that revolves around using her Feathers. Her damage Comes from how many feathers she can place, so yeah if she positions badly or gets behind she is a goner. She used to have that mechanic where you could Q-AA instantly to place 3 feathers and get a very quick root out of an instance that takes less than 1 second to use, if just decently performed, which riot nerfed and since then she had a very great spot. Xayah is the kinda champion who's power and threat are defined by not her Skill but by her enemies' stupidity and lazyness. Positioning is a game of smarts, not mechanics. and Xayah's kit is 75% positioning.
Omen46 (NA)
: #1 Hated ADC to fight.
Why is Garen on the list? and where are Twitch and Jinx?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: All your test proves is that Riot allows trash talk to a certain degree. That Riot isnt conducting witch hunt on eveey kind of negativity. It also proves that League community isnt so rotten and that they dont report anything negative. Just because you talked trash in 50 games ,doesnt mean people took it seriously and reported you. I personally never report trash talk, only hate speech.
Well, they have so far directly stated that they do actually work against ANY form of negative behaviour that directly influences people. Badmannering is just another form of trashtalking, yet riot punishes badmannering so seriously it has become a meme, and since god fist lee sin's release the topic gained a lot of popularity. So, how can i provoke someone with trashtalking and get punished, but i can completely get away if my trashtalk is a more direct Approach? I Find the lack of Logic disturbing.
: Tangent. Everything you said was completely irrelevant and lacking focus. Using abilities doesn't mean engaging. She uses her abilities to zone and punish so she can be safe. You're just rambling. Xayah uses mana. If the mana never runs out then what's the point of having mana as a resource? EVERY other champion that uses mana actually USES the mana. Xayah just spams all of her abilities constantly without any effect on her mana. Keep your irrelevancies in the bedroom. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
see, this is why you have -3 and i have +4 upvotes. You want something from the people but will with utmost rudeness and Stupendous arrogance neglect and deny anything people say IF it is disagreeing with you. As someone else said, you probably never have played xayah yourself. PS: The reason she doesn't run out of mana is maybe because Essence Reaver is one of her core items? Food for thought.
SIayton (NA)
: Is Kayn supposed to get hit by AOEs and other effects while ulted?
His Ult states he is Untargetable, meaning he cannot be damaged directly by procs and Spells and Autoattacks. HOWEVER What you probably Keep dying from is Debuffs and DoT's. Ignite and a Zed R and Fizz W Passive are the 3 best examples, followed up by GP Passive and Fiddle drain, and also including Burn damages and Deathfire Touch and Redbuff Ticks and redsmite ticks. You Can still die while ulting, but it is situational. You Probably got whacked by Redbuffs and Redsmites and ignites a lot without noticing it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Click R for Win,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lzozXuRt,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2017-07-20T06:21:21.238+0000) > >you literally shove everyone aside to murder that already 0/10 adc you camped to death. I lol'd
i am glad you had a laugh out of this :) happy to serve.
: Xayah needs a nerf. Here's why:
Didn't Xayah JUST receive a nerf like 2 patches ago which removed the one mechanic making her so strong? The AA right after Q was removed so it puts up a delay so you cannot instant-root someone anymore and since then she has been considerably balanced. Besides, with xayah you have to cast abilities to use her passive, which in turn means using her E, so in exchange for rather low manacosts she has low cooldowns to spam her abilities through. Low cooldowns make the very same effect as high manacosts, you use it repeadedly until youre empty, and if you don't use xayah's abilities you will lose your pressure, and with it your lane, very quickly. She was designed for you to put pressure and use her abilities, that she doesn't have high costs is compensated by her being forced to engage those costs repeatedly in order to be useful. Long story short, she is fine as she is right now. Twitch and Draven are a lot worse when it Comes to ADC, they should be looked at instead.
Cocho (NA)
: {{item:3035}} 35% armor shred {{item:3071}} 24% armor shred Idk, that sounds better than 40% reduced healing.
Black cleaver procs 6 times, so it is 30% not 24 >_>
: Who is the most "Noskill" champion?
If i have to be fully blatantly Honest, that would be Xin Zhao. After kata got a rework he is the easiest faceroll-to-win champion in league. You just E-W-Q-R and someone dies. You have a Passive heal that procs itself numerous times just by attacking fast enough, you have self-reducing cooldowns by attacking fast enough, you have a passive armor shred against the first Person you attack and you have an ult thats the complete opposite of orianna which means you literally shove everyone aside to murder that already 0/10 adc you camped to death. It's why his W is also gonna get a rework as riot stated in their newest champion sheet letter.
Fairlyn (EUW)
: the 1st one is right after tld proc, 2nd one is just before the tld cd, and yet, both times liandris is applied I dont know how about you, but liandris allways worked with soldiers in my memory, or maybe you just didnt notice the proc, who knows :)
the remove of the proc was legit....riot must have added it back somewhen, because i know precisely they had removed the Feature when they first reworked him after his release back when he got attack speed off of cooldown reduction.
Fairlyn (EUW)
: http://imgur.com/a/RHsII Just for you i went to practice tool to test lyandri. http://imgur.com/a/IGoys Btw, it does apply luden's aswell * * * * * I believe you will say its thunderlord so, http://imgur.com/a/Vkt74 Thus, liandris is much better then rylai nowdays * * * * * * Please, buy a champion at least before giving any advice (assuming its not a smurf)
Then you are implying i have had bugged azir games ever since i purchased him nearly 2 years ago. Admittedly i don't Play him a lot nowadays, why should i when i have talon zed and gp. But i know from very good memory azir used to never proc lyandris or ludens from his typical soldier AA, hence why both items are neither recommended nor high on his best builds lists. PS: a clip would have been better than screenshots. in a Screenshot you can't see what it was, so you assuming id say is thunderlords would be correct if you generalized it on everyone and not just me. Thought the first pic does show it procs lyandris, i then beg to ask myself. HOW. When did riot change that?
Fairlyn (EUW)
: Its all good, but rylai is really, really bad item right now, especially on azir. Yes you have 20% slow, but its even less then your Q. The stats are mediocre since you have lyandris wich gives a way better stats with a sweet passive you will apply on every hit
Actually it does not, Lyandris does not get applied from Soldier AA, It is considered a Magic damaging strike which applies direct AP effects such as Rylais slow, but it is not considered a spell. Azir Soldier AA can't proc ludens or Lyandris, And it had a hotfix about 10 months ago where it is no longer considered an AA aswell meaning it could not proc fervor anymore. It is sort of it's own category, which makes his Build really difficult, but most profitably off of direct ap.
: I'd rather it just not slow, tbh.
the slow is only 0.25 seconds long, honestly that is not a lot. it just makes people panic a lot, but if you can position properly you can Play around the slow.
Vladan (NA)
: I give up with Azir, any advice? :'(
If you want my 2 Cents in this one, change lyandris into a Rylais and consider zhonyas instead of a frozen heart. Azir is the most difficult midlaner to pull out because playing him is more chess than 2 junglers' worth, Azir has ultra annoying Poke, great sieging potential, surprisingly amazing lategame burst, disturbs any teamcomp if you can pull his Shuffle right and threatens to make enemies commit mistakes by zoning with his soldiers, but Controlling him is a lot harder than anyone else is and unlike other unit-control champions like Orianna or zoning champions like Syndra (sorry mate, just the best examples i got lmao) Azir has no self-defence Tools at all, Orianna can call her ball back to shield herself, at an speedy rate too. Syndra got a good disengage. Azir? His only defence spell can accidentally underline the garuantee of your death inlane because he dashes to the nearest soldier you have, and quite often that very soldier will stand right BEHIND the champion chasing you. BUT i think if you managed to get into plat with him, then you are mostly Aware of all that, but where you are lacking would be the sufficient damage and dispositioning threat. A Rylais makes a lot better work on azir because it adds a 20% slow to the 25% from his Q allowing you to hit the enemy a lot more and chase them easier. While Lyandris is not all that bad, you can only make very limited use of it's passive. Change your Frozen heart into an Zhonyas, you still get cooldowns and armor but you also get some good damage and a potentially lifesaving stasis. Abyssal mask is debatable, it could work but i would rather switch it with either a Rabbadons or a Banshees, depending on your situation. banshees if your team has a weaker initiation so you can dive without getting pushed out, and rabbadons if they got more squishies for you to nuke them. Your main issue is your Build, you have way too much generality and trade utility for effectivity.
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youx10000 (EUNE)
: idk did league respond or stole my starting idea?! :P the reaper scyther or what ever it was ;/
I made a Scythe Wielding champion aswell that had a dash and a passive about collecting something, and yet i do not complain because i am just happy they did it. They stole nothing until you can show proof that your idea had Copyrights which were broken, which everyone can already agree on you don't have. Theft only becomes a claim if what was created/used was taken from someone who officially, rightfully and lawfully owns it.
: The Champion Portrait Project
those are Genius. you make me genuinely curious about how you will do my bro-trio Zed, Talon and GP
Bitkin (NA)
: Kayns ult is supposed to make you untargetable but if you ult while Fiddle is using Drain it goes on
untargetable does not mean invincible. dots and casttime spells can still damage him aswell as debuff ticks such as Zed R. Untargetable simply means you cannot click on him, means he cannot be damaged DIRECTLY through AA or spellcasts
: I'd rather wait 5 more minutes for the queue than play a role I don't know how to play
I Agree to some certain extends. Autofill is bullshit for the nerves and patience, not gonna lie. I lose myself a lot too when i get autofilled as the ADC because i have only ever won games with myself as an adc if the enemy team was trolling at least twice as hard as ours or we conveniently had an enemy afk from botlane. i have NEVER won a fair 5v5 match as an adc, and the thought alone kills me. BUT, where i disagree with you now is that i rather still try and learn the role. League is a game, not a Project, there is no deadline, therefore there is no such Thing as "i can't". there is only "i can't YET". If i wanna learn something i use this Little Thing called reading and brain and switch over to Toolbox or coop vs ai where losing and winning matters NOTHING. Sure, autofill is painful to the patience, but that is no excuse to sit on a lazy buttocks and tell yourself "i won't do it and tell myself i can't do it".
: When's Riot going to stop perma banning? its wrong in many cases.
The Ban is as legit as it can actually be. I Know it sucks a lot, but account sharing is one of the highest listed Things that is not allowed. Then, your accusation of Riot being scammers is wrong and just shows you let the Tilt get on you, reason why is as stated: In the ToS it is listed that you agree to their rules and licenses, and in turn they allow you to use **THEIR** Property for your own joy and fun. You are able to, but not restricted or forced to purchase ingame content for the sake of aesthetics and bragging rights, but those Things are, per say, "**BORROWED**" from riot in exchange for a Price. when you sign the ToS you agree that upon violating the contract riot is allowed with all rights to fully reclaim what is already theirs at no costs. Edit: Long story short, it is just as they say, your account your responsibility, if rules were broken with it, then you bear the costs for it. It is like parenthood, if your child gets hurt, you are responsible for not watching over it. No excuses. Next time don't give your stuff to anyone, or if you do, tell nobody (Which i do not recommend, but won't disregard as an existing option either)
: See, where you went wrong is spending so much time commenting on the complaints instead of just answering the complaints with constructive feedback, you have the beginnings of a constructive post just cut out all the talk about whining and be like, "need answers on how to deal with these commonly complained about champions? check this out"
well forgive me dearest if i A stick to the topic at hand and B am not in the best of moods. and the Thing is i tried answering the complains with constructive feedback. had that been successful then this post would not even exist.
: You know what is equally as funny? The fact that you're calling people out for finding excuses to whine on the boards, by whining about them on the boards. Pot meet kettle. If you had cut out your whining and made this just an informative answer to what people were "whining" about you may have actually been able to make some impact. Be the change you want to see on the boards, not a part of its problem.
you can call it a whine if you want, i was only being straightforward with a simple truth. i let everyone take it as they want, but it is a truth nonethless.
: **_Dearest Sir,_** I don't use this particular account for Ranked, but yes, I see these niche items built under similar circumstances. And yet, all I can say is that statistics are **not** on our side. :) If you're being bloody serious, then it's laughable that I'd try to "sell" a "serious" statement - such as my comment - in the 'Gameplay' section of the LOL boards. Perhaps you should stick to Memes & Games (where your comments belong), and where I (and many others) may much more enjoy your posts. _Most Dearly Yours,_ **_Yuki Kaji_** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
actually now you are just being very rude and hiding it behind some humorous attitude. There is an actual reason why riot is exactly never even looking at orianna and syndra. but i guess everyone skips that thought that the creators, who know best what to do and what not fell the decision to leave both subjected champions as they are.
: You build it (And it doesn't work lol). FTFY.
no, i legit see those builds in my normals AND ranked games. you fixed nothing, you only tried to sell an serious statement as a joke.
: no... obviously jungler player won't build all this
well all These 5 items are suggested/Recommended core items in kha zix's Build....so yes....people do Build all this. a lot....
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Dukues (NA)
: What's up with CDR?
Kha jungle usually gets even more. Warriors, Yomuus, BC, already 40% CDR. then with the new duskblade and deaths dance thats 60%.
: > [{quoted}](name=Click R for Win,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yAf6a8fu,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-07-17T16:34:41.282+0000) > > Noone says it is bad, Midlaners can Build whatever they want, one or 2 tank items isn&#x27;t gonna ruin the world. If i can Build an GA on Xerath then i sure as hell can Build adaptive helmet on ahri. &gt;_&gt; > it&#x27;s a question of just how many excuses people wanna do to dismiss the idea of learning how to counterplay. and anyone saying no to this idea without trying it or even giving it a thought only proves they have nothing to say other than excuses. GA is not good on xerath and adaptive helm is not good on ahri.
Yet people Build it, and win. a LOT. As i said, it is only a matter of how far you are gonna make excuses. GA is still Build on everyone even thought it gives ad now and no mr, mages still see it as one of the 6 items they Build it. and anyone who really wants to win against a syndra should just start building an adaptive helmet somewhere coming midgame. as a 3rd/4th item. im not saying it is great, but it is an option to consider.
Joxcab (NA)
: Yeah let me build Adaptive on a midlaner.
Noone says it is bad, Midlaners can Build whatever they want, one or 2 tank items isn't gonna ruin the world. If i can Build an GA on Xerath then i sure as hell can Build adaptive helmet on ahri. >_> it's a question of just how many excuses people wanna do to dismiss the idea of learning how to counterplay. and anyone saying no to this idea without trying it or even giving it a thought only proves they have nothing to say other than excuses.
: Orianna and Syndra have been meta for ages now
Just start building adaptive helmet. Orianna has very low cooldowns on her Q, so she will do less damage the more she uses it and Syndra R gets reduced from it since every ball Counts as a separate spellcast-hit.
UrZedM8 (NA)
: "Orianna has no counters" -Apdo (reposted from reddit)
I Kinda have to agree but also Kinda Disagree? Orianna is pretty damn strong and dying in lane for her will be difficult, BUT she does have some decisive Counters who can push her back, such being Zed and Ziggs, namely. I Myself Main Zed and I have yet to lose my lanes vs any Orianna, with or without my roaming. Sure, she can hard pressure at lvl1 and 2 due to her zoning potential, and deny farm because of her Ball being such a threat, but her weakness is instant burst with escapes. Orianna's Ball doesn't instant move, so she will have a lot of issues with Mobile enemies who can also deal a decent chunk of damage, and Zed is someone who does both in it's perfection. Ziggs as far as I am Concerned possesses the stronger Siege Potential and Harrass Inlane, his Q's can chunk absurdly hard once you hit lvl 9 and got maybe half of your Morell done with boots, which actually is not that much AP to consider. His AoE ranges make it further difficult for Orianna because she Needs to position herself in order to possess the range for positioning her Ball, and Ziggs can deny her that Self-positioning with his W and his E, whilst harrassing her inlane with his Q and push Towers hard with his passive and his W Tower-execute. Long Story short, Orianna is a threat, she is very strong, and she does not require an otherworldly skillcurve to Play. She is hard to master, but she is incredibly easy to pick up and make first steps with. However she has defined Counters, they are just not popular as of right now, but that does not make them non-existent.
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