: I have an app called blitz and if they've played so many games together it tells me that they are a possible premade. It also gives some information on their playstyle based on how they've played in previous games such as if they're a late warder, die a lot in lane, or aren't easily gankable.
Don't you think this is a big fkin problem? That you can get intel about a player you're about to play with, one that the game itself does not give? Maybe I'm not comfortable with the possibility of someone learning everything about how I play during game load? It really kills the game. Really, if you get information on who to focus before game, or info that the player usually steals enemy's buff at start... really, why not just get a trainer and activate "God Mode"?! Because for me, if you have to analyze a player in advance, you're no better than those who actually use trainers. It's just like using "wallhack" in FPS games. **You're using a third party program to obtain an unfair advantage (information you're not supposed to have before actually experiencing an encounter with a particular player).** That's the very definition of cheating. And on topic - as an OTP, I can relate to it. Showing mastery points for enemies has ruined my game. Because they immediately know I'm the one to focus their efforts on denying.
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: Season 6 affects season 7; season 7 affects season 8; season 8 affects season 9. Why should season 7 have any influence in your season 9 MMR? The only time I can see this being the case is if you don't play ranked for 1 entire season (eg returning players).
> [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pFJBJg3n,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-17T16:15:48.285+0000) > > Why should season 7 have any influence in your season 9 MMR? Actually, now that you wrote it, it wouldn't have any sense if it did influence it. It'd just handicap players who were weak at some point but got better over the course of seasons. Thanks.
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