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: Where are the Item Sets???
can someone like confirm that they're going to do something about the item sets? bc tbh i loved that feature, it was amazing that i didn't have to go through all the items and waste valuable time theory crafting and second guessing right then right there when i could just sort out sets like i wanted to. do i have to downgrade to upgrade this?
: QSS / Mercurial change for 6.9
Why not keep the Scimitar active as it is now, and make it more expensive maybe? Or lengthen the cooldown or something? That way just buying QSS won't render assassins useless starting mid game, but maybe later once the ADC finished building the Scimitar. Or, if they bought Scimitar early, they opted out of building another core item, which would in turn lower their overall damage output/relevancy in fights in exchange for more survivability against any of these champions. Honestly, I get what the point is, I really do, but ADC's kinda need this. Even though we don't buy this against every Zed or Trundle, we do build it versus them when they're really fed, or they just simply pop us... If they spend more gold to mitigate the impact of these champions, won't you already be dealing with a good percentage of the issues (people only buying QSS)? Or do they typically rush Scimitar once they get the QSS?

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