Sancre (EUW)
: What can I say, it looks gorgeous, and if you hadn't told us that it's not from RIOT, I would've believed it was official art for skins. I would change some things about Aatrox's skin, so it resembled more normal corruptant and not Rhaast, that is special due to Ora influx, but besides that it's simply perfect for both champions
RIGHT! It totally fits Riots style! Amazing! Yea I would change some things too but nonetheless it's beautiful!
: This year's VS was Dogs VS Cats, and even if it wasn't, they wouldn't do this this year anyway because they would have already planned out the VS event months ahead of time. They not just going to instantly put something into the game because someone drew cool fanart. Skins take months of planning, starting with basic concepts and then going into making the model, rig, animations, visuals, splash art, and everything else. They also have to coordinate it with the event, which has to be planned ahead of time too so that nothing overlaps.
Ye, this is totally true! But we can all dream that in 2020 or further down the line we could get this magnificent skins!
PzyXo (EUW)
: That's amazing... I would pay for this
: Saw the post on reddit 100/10 amazing artwork and awesome idea better than this year's VS event which was a joke (Literally).
: The problem with it being called "Cosmic Emperor Pantheon" is that it implies that Pantheon is the ruler of the Cosmic universe, and he's not. I believe Cosmic Queen Ashe is. So I'd personally call that skin something else. Overall though, these are great concepts.
I did not name these (used the name that the artist gave to both of his works) Regardless of what the names are, these are masterpieces on their own! I would personally call it something like Cosmic Warrior tho!
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: Since Riot is currently updating a lot of old champion's spells (VFX), I'm pretty sure Ahri will also be allowed in the upcoming patches, so maybe it's in progress and that's why we're seeing a new Q on TFT.
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: Tumblr post about Prestige Arcade Caitlyn nearing 50k notes
It's kinda of obvious why they did it, I don't doubt the artist checked the anatomy aswell as the splash art team at riot. It was most likely placed incorrectly because of how the sniper would eclipse her face by half, removing the focal point of the illustration, reducing this way an interest point. It is most likely for visibility and readability. I am pretty sure any artist at riot's office would see this, again, a mistake made on purpose. Either way, it's definitely not a healthy neck!
Vıvıd (NA)
: No more login screens????????????????????
Riot said they are shifting the work spent on login screens into other projects, probably bringing the music for trailers, cinematics, every other thing that you might think of.
Jellbug (NA)
: Hello! Writer of Ahri's bio, her color story "A Fair Trade" and short story "Garden of Forgetting" here. The sunstones are featured in the last image at the bottom of the page here: The stones are tied to the waist of her dress in her splash art as well.
Would they be relevant at some point?
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: This looks amazing and I'd definitely buy it as a skin. The constellation wings were an awesome idea, and I love the golden half-mask!
Thank so much! You have no idea how much it means that someone liked it! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Reksee (NA)
: I think with a little less white this skin would be amazing!
I can totally see your point! Thanks for commenting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Trollas (EUNE)
: But the blade is literaly zed and they talked about zed in this frame
Might just be a concept for zed before the opening the shadow box with techniques etc
Trollas (EUNE)
: Is this a teaser on Zeds vu?
Most likely the new assassin concept art that will come later this year.
: They're essentially saying that it makes no sense for Xayah too look so much like a human if she hates them so much. Vastayan are shown to be able to go more animalisitc, which considering EVERYTHING we know about Xayah makes the fact she looks 90%bhuman make very little sense. The point they're making is that her design was made to just be appealing to an audience, not create a character that would fit their own personal motives or the universe as a whole.
Ye, makes tons of sense, I had no idea they could morph as they wanted!
: The new official version given with Neeko is this: Vastayas can morph to whatever they want. If Xayah decides she wants to look like crazy palm tree she will look like that. For most Vastayas, this takes a lot of effort and time, so they usually settle on one form. Neeko is unique in that she can morph quickly. So basically each Vastaya has Neeko's passive, just not as effective. Due to this, Xayah looks as she chose to look. And somehow with her hatred to humans, she chose to look more like human than raven.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: I will probably regret losing time on this, but well, why not: Just look at the map first . Let's start with Demacia > Demacia is a strong, lawful society with a prestigious military history > Demacia is a self-sufficient, agrarian society Demacia core story is that is a country that was raided and thus developed the best army. Which is BS when you realize that since there is no power on the size of Demacia nearby her to actually pose a serious threat (remember we are talking pre-Noxus domination) . But then looking at the map, you realize not even Noxus is close to Demacia. So why do they even fight? Demacian capital is way too big to consider Demacia an agrarian society, you need a level of mercantilism or industrialization way above that claim that the country is an agrarian society. In Garen storyline we learn that Demacia hates magic, huh > horrors of magic and he vowed angrily to never let its presence within Demacia's walls But there's the order in which Lux learns to use her powers. This again makes little sense. Then you have Galio, which was at first used as statue then he "gained" life, and they still used him. See the cartoonish element in this? I know they molded their story to magic skeptics, but that would also be stupid in their times. Not when you have an infinitely powerful magic system as LoL has. You can't have an economy this big without understanding the overwhelming power of magic and a country like Noxus on your door st. .. why are they fighing again? They are miles apart. And at the end, you will simply realize both Noxus and Demacia are the same society with a spin. More on this at Noxus --- Noxus > Anyone can rise to a position of power and respect within Noxus if they display the necessary aptitude, regardless of social standing, background, homeland, or wealth > warlike exterior see an unusually inclusive society, where the strengths and talents of its people are respected and cultivated This is exactly Demacia with an expansionist view. You might then say, wow this is actually the brilliance of the writing, they are the same and herein lies the beautiful absurdity of the conflict as once Noxus will rule the whole world would basically be Demacia. Which yeah, is great, but when you again look at the stories of the characters you realise this not holds true. Noxus has an oppressive noble society with tons of oppresion and a militaristic viewpoint too rooted to allow a normal functioning society. There is a reason Spartans were never an empire. Then, Darius story conflicts with Swain, as in Swain the empire is ruled by nobles and in Darius is anyone good can reach high. No, I know what you might be thinking, but the story is explicitly set in the same time, Boran Darkwill rule. Also, Piltover is an incredibly advanced city, you'd think a country like Noxus who values strength would adopt technology (hextech) from Piltover (no, again, there were enough spies even in the roman times Piltover doesn't have to give them the tech) . But no, it completely lacks that. ----- I could ramble more, but the point is both Noxus and Demacia were build on stereotypes: Good, Bad, then the new writing team tried to improve the mess, but due to a lot of character restraints, it became unfeasible. The stories of the characters and the actions of the countries are in contradiction. ==== As for Ionia, it literally makes no sense. Just a quick look at Ionia, tries so hard to be so many things from a magical japan to a land of fairies and unity, in a country a little bigger than Demacia. The geography and the land itself is from another world. Why is so different from the rest? Why is so different inside Ionia, what triggers this huge difference on small distances? Also their life philosphy: > Though the birthplace of many specialized forms of martial arts, Ionia maintains no standing armies Why would there be martial arts then? Let's look at Shaolin, since they are monks no? Well, they were used in combat in their early days, then the Henan province was a very turbulent one with many raids, they needed the arts to defend the monasteries. Ok, but now? Now they do it to maintain tradition as their number of followers were going down. They even made a trademark and branched out, it's marketing baby And again, I know what you might be thinking. ...but no, meditation, zen, not necessarily related to martial arts. Tai Chi for example that you see practiced by people for medidative purpose has no value as a martial art, it's more of a dance. I could see Shen doing seated tai chi ... no? What I want to say is I won't justify the level of Shen or Zed deadly mastery. Those need to be heavy duty martial arts and for them to exist you need a serious threat, otherwise people like Zed will spawn every decade and abuse the power Martial arts to develop and maintain such a strong status it need threats and it simply makes no sense over the course of thousands of years. --- As for Vestaya , just so many inconsistencies and logic flaws
Yes the story has many holes. Totally agree. But let's start. DEMACIA: So you say there is no reason to exist a war between Noxus and Demacia, well, Noxus territory is complete shit when it comes to growing anything there, the soil is not fertile, not like in Demacia and the areas around the city. That's why they fight. Noxus needs to expand and steal or they ''die'' and separates. Magic. Did you know what hypocrisy is? In our world there are countries that say ''Peace ye!!!'' and then profit on selling all those fancy weapons to other country's to war against each other. Same here, they hate magic, in a cultural way, they fear it, the hole city is anti magic. ''People fear what they do not understand''. They can't and won't accept magic (society in general) because they don't contact with it, they hear stories of how cruel it is. And some people are yet born naturally with it. Lux. They made this organization secretly because some people most likely would have the knowledge to know that magic can be wielded to do good or bad. Also Galio gained life cause there is a secret about what makes his body that is hinted by Swain's interactions. Can't deny some fairy tail looking story but it was the best way to write it. NOXUS: You said they weird society. Nobles should be in power but then anyone can and it's all messy. I think that nobles mean nothing. I believe Swain once talked to a girl and a boy that were ''nobles'' from another place and they totally despised them? Not sure, can't remember so I won't argue on that. I probably will only say shit so let me keep quiet. And Piltover, Piltover most sits on the use of hex crystals, which Noxus most likely doesn't have. Piltover has rich, powerful and strong families and hold the power. Noxus can't do whatever they want when they want. I like to believe they are on their way to learn hextech and other things. Also, they probably already have tons of weapons from Zaun, wich is much much easier to access since it's a complete chaotic place. (Urgot and Swain have story). Piltover also might not agree with Noxus values and therefor will not trade with them (this most likely doesn't happen in Zaun). IONIA: It's the most naturally magical land, it's bleeds magic everywhere, it is a HEAVY modified place since there is so much connection between the magical realm and the physical one. At least from what I think. Why do they need weapons and learned martial arts? Ionia is really old, there are remnants (check the map, Ionia and take a look) of old fallen places, statues monuments etc, that no one remembers anymore but they are there. It's a place full of history- Of course they had wars before, maybe between themselves, maybe with someone else. (real world) There was a place with heavy katana warriors (it was an island) and then, when ships got there, they had weapons, those primitive shooting weapons that were so much more advanced than those ninjas, and they just lost completely (the ninjas). I guess the same happens with Ionia, Martial arts were there and created long ago and kept for self protection. It might be a part of their culture even. There is evil people inside Ionia, they need a way of defense, and magic-martial arts are obviously connected for cultural reasons. Because Ionia is a magical land they never needed to develop tech like Piltover, magic made them everything, like tree weavers etc. So if they don't have tech to develop weapons, the most common and obvious way would be to master the old arts. Also there are people that learn things just for the sake of knowledge, there are monks that don't need to fight but learn how to. This Ionia part was just a wild guess, theorizing. DON'T take this seriously, I don't own the truth and maybe some lore nerd will completely wreck me right here ahah
: With Vastaya we could start that to justify Neeko looking too humane, the new stance is that Vastayas do not have actual form and can turn as they like (while Neeko is the only one that can turn on-whim while others would need a lot of time), where Vastayas choose their forms, like Neeko chose to share traits with chameleon just because she likes colors. That is the point where you realize it's just bs explanation because Xayah who has grudge with humans, is mildly racist towards them and keeps spamming lines about Vastaya's greatness CHOSE to look more like human than raven because... It appeals to people more I guess.
Riot said on Nekkos design: ''Since we hit the idea of “a chameleon vastayan” pretty early on, she looks pretty much like the initial concept. In the early explorations, she was wilder and less influenced by civilization. But actually, the way she’s evolved to look now is because she’s constantly learning from and mimicking other people, and that makes her less wild and more like a human being.'' I don't like her very human look either but she could never be cute and friendly without looking weird if she was a chameleon... And on Xayah... I don't really get what you said...maybe It's my fault, sorry, could you explain better? Because as far as I know Vastayas look the way they look and can sometimes morph into their animal form, just like Ahri turns into a white fur fox, but Nami can't turn into a fish I guess. (Don't take what I just said too serious, I am not an expert on lore.)
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: This will probably die in downvotes, but **Runeterra is not a well-crafted world**, it **only has great scenes and impressive design/graphics**. Objectively looking at the writing, it doesn't have coherence, a lot of characters motives are weak and flawed (not all, there some good stories). Both Noxus and Damacia are cartoonish unfeasible countries even for the fantasy genre and Ionia has no sense story wise (same as vastaya). It's true it improved greatly in the recent year, but it's got a long way to go But, if you take individual parts, like just ignore the rest of the world and take a snapshot Piltover in an isolated case or like this video, just the scenes without any link between them, yeah you'll find great art and design and some good writing. This is simply because LoL created cool heroes on the basis of our own world not on their fantasy world (since we are the consumers) and mixed them together.
Honestly, explain why you think that Noxus and Demacia are too cartoonish and unfeasible, or why Ionia and Vastaya makes no sense...
Terozu (NA)
: Elementalist Lux takes place in a reality where Lux has unlocked her full magic potential and is the queen of Demacia. She's about 7 years older in it. That's about all we know.
EdgeLady (NA)
: DJ Sona has been hinted to be in the same universe as Cyber Pop Zoe, as well as having connections to Pentakill and K/DA (I'm not sure how that would work with Pentakill though. Are there two Sonas? Or does Pentakill Sona do DJ work? They are both her edgiest skins, so it's possible that they're the same Sona...). Elementalist Lux I think does have some universe, but we know nothing about it yet. Only that there's some form of Malphite in it, according to her cinematic. And Spirit Guard Udyr is supposed to be canon or partly canon, I think. We'll have to see what happens when he gets his rework.
That's really cool! Having Sona in the same universe as Cyber Pop Zoe would be amazing!
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: > [{quoted}](name=BornToBeAhriGod,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=r6B4EgPA,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-12-18T14:18:57.560+0000) > > In what story did Xerath and Nasus fought? Bloodline.
Thanks! I am not sure why I had never read it before!
: Xerath in-lore list of abilities and spells
In what story did Xerath and Nasus fought?
: someone said when akali sprays the two trains is a nod to her old passive
nice catch! It can perfectly be a good reference!
: Potential idea on a new Refound System
They lose money since if you get X amount of RP back then you won't invest more money into the game as soon as if you didn't have the refund.
: Petition to fix Ahri's Tail animations
Well, all her tails skins will look grossly bad if they use that ugly base model, take the K/DA Ahri for example, skin is perfect but because the model is so old for the tails the skin becomes just totally blaaaah to me. Although her base body model is also ugly (just look at her shoulder on that picture of K/DA, it's completely broken) I think she would need to get an update Ezreal scale to fix not only some gameplay problems that were somewhat fixed but also permanentlly fix her. Since Ezreal got an update when they could simply just update his W I see no reason to not update some champions like her with smaller simpler updates since of how freaking popular she is around all servers.
: @RIOT: feedback about special interactions
I agree so much with 3. God, how many times I try to trigger the interactions with special skins when I am waiting for Monsters to spawn and then nothing happens cause it needs to be against enemies!
: To me, it looks like pandering to the teens who want anime waifus. But unfortunately that's what the League playerbase is about. I know I'm in the minority for thinking these skins are sexist and very awkward.
? I am not a teen that wants animes waifus, I usually dislike skins that don't go with serious fantasy themes, like Arcade or April Fools but this time, they just look gorgeous and Riot was able to make an awesome job translating Kpop culture into the game with a very high quality, I am not buying any of the skins but I do appreciate how much they worked to make this these good! Congrats to Riot.
: To me, it looks like pandering to the teens who want anime waifus. But unfortunately that's what the League playerbase is about. I know I'm in the minority for thinking these skins are sexist and very awkward.
? I am not a teen that want's animes waifus, I usually dislike skins that don't go with serious fantasy themes, like Arcade or April Fools but this time, they just look gorgeous and Riot was able to make a awesome job translating Kpop culture into the game with a very high quality, I am not buying any of the skins but I do appreciate how much they worked to make this these good! Congrats to Riot.
: A (potential) easter egg I found, although not exactly in the video, is a lore bit on KDA Ahri's info page. It says that Ahri inspires a lot of new styles of clothing, "Designers can't stop making new outfits for her." I feel this might be a subtle, humorous nod to the people that complain about Ahri and her many many skins; I could be wrong, though.
I thought about the exact same when I was reading through it!
: The last poster is the new champion kappa Teaser within a teaser
: wow good eye {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:145}}
Thanks! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: Vladmir is a hemomancer, not a Vampire. Evelynn is not a succubus, she is a virgin.
Ahri doesn't literally charm's you, she just manipulates your mind into a certain point so you do what she want's or she shifts your emotions from joy to fear while draining your life essence and memories erasing them from your mind, etc.
: Agreed. With the implementation of further Pulsefire skins, I think they can go all the way and make every ultimate skin part of a setting.
: I would, honestly, rather see it be a bunch of elementally-inspired mage skins using the aesthetic sense Elementalist Lux has and expanding on it, if we're going that route. Like... if Lux is the master and can do all elements, maybe... i dunno, Syndra's ONLY dark. And she has a 'Dark Mistress Syndra' that is a part of the same aesthetic as the Dark elementalist garb for Lux... etc.
: Magmannie, Electristana, FroZed, Janna(wait a minute....)
xD I mean skins that make sense in the universe. So it would be like a skin for, maybe a Maokai beast skin where he is a storm monster? (Don't take it seriously)
: I disagree, I feel like that about legendaries. Ultimates should be something wholly unique
But having other skins around the theme is cool like Pulsefire Ezreal has Caitlyn, Riven, Shen, Twisted Fate. Don't you think? Like, imagine skins for champions resembling the Elemental Beasts that Lux has to fight to protect her kingdom.
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Míellá (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=galaxy girls,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Hlxv5pLI,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-13T04:18:47.775+0000) > > yeah but they did it with Star Guardian. Like Star Guardian has the most superior tails for Ahri because of wonderfully they move. ITS A LEGENDARY SKIN ITS A NEW MODEL
No one blamed the skin, we are just commenting facts, her model is outdated and for some1 that doesn't buy skins whenever pleases then it's not worth. The skin is cool but she will need a VU for me to buy it.
: ***
Well, I can't afford skins when I want, so this time, I am skipping it. Not saying it isn't worth of the price BUT, to me, it's not worth.
Míellá (NA)
: You can't be actually not enjoying diamond tail ahri.
Not when they move like concrete. Face it, Zoe's hair has over 60+ ''bones'' on the structure to make it move fluidly, Ahri's tails have like 4 for each of them.
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Eeszsa (NA)
: Well I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention and if and when I find the names I will edit my post to add them.
Thank you and sorry if I was rude in anyway.
Eeszsa (NA)
: I didn't claim this art to be mine nor edited this photo. I found this "montage" of concepts on my timeline and I wanted to share it.
it's not about claiming it, it's about: People work on it for so much time to just see it being ripped away from their name, imagine that you have worked on a project for so long and then people share it, but without anyone knowing that you made it, there are people out there that actually need more visibility because of certain people that make those shit montages. At least you didn't actually made it yourself, still, couldn't you had researched a bit to find out who made it?
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