Jie Chen (NA)
: LF new 41noob.
I am a software engineer and I can barely prepare some milk and coffee.
: With the legend:tenacity rune being put in will there be anything done about how much cc is displacements which ignore tenacity, including stuff like Yasuo q3, Janna q, and alistar q that act like stuns in every way but tenacity and Yasuo r?
Nami's bubble is a stun in every way, it just has a different animation.
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Senfaria (NA)
: That Leona Though, LF Tips on Leona
All situational, really. Just learn to read what is the best thing to do and do it
BlackDru (NA)
: Varus Viability ReWork (RIOT PLEASE READ THIS)
So basically Varus that has Kindred's Q on his W?
: (Gameplay) Darius healing off a riposted Q from fiora.
Intended. It heals if the Q hits, doesn't matter if the damage is applied or not.
Jakobi (NA)
: I meant to post this in Tips & Tricks RIP my boards skills
Well I guess that if pros read this they may actually NOT pick malphite vs vlad every time
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
It's my birthday. Will They let me live for another day? Also, is Lamb the Dark Side of the Kindred?
: ***
Please avoid misleading statements {{champion:223}} Viktor is not a thief, the crystal alone is an invalid point as the whole Jayce lore treats and makes Viktor act and look like Dr Evil or Hector Con Carne. Ekko is the only one openly hating him. Nothing is said about the others. He is one of the most known and respected Zaunite scientists.
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Too Ton (NA)
: And a challenger smurf prevents everyone from ever leaving. It is true elo hell
At least there will be a true elo hell, instead of an abstract thought.
Meddler (NA)
: Spells like this are almost always a bit of a compromise between what looks good and an exact match for the underlying functionality. Often we'll err a bit on the side of functionality over form to ensure gameplay's clear for everybody involved. In this particular case though we felt it was clear enough what was going on, and what the intended counterplay was, that it was appropriate to go for a more natural looking animation, rather than one that precisely traced the boundaries of the targeting cone.
Hey Meddler, Wouldn't an animation change (or a small fix) prevent the inconsistency of the effect? I mean, in the actual animation, Darius stretches his arm, the axe goes in a straight line and then goes back, pulling everyone. Wouldn't it be better if, for example, Darius would get the axe a bit on the right, then move to the left, and then pull? I think this would ensure a more "fair effect" on the skill. The problem with this could be the animation time, tho.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric? PART II. Pics or it didn't happen!
I thought about a thing... Since the League was no longer canon, {{champion:54}} Malphite had no place to go, and I went into a discussion involving {{champion:44}} Taric, which gave me a brilliant idea. What if... Hey. Listen. What if... Are you listening? What if Malphite was an evil being that fed upon precious metals and stones. And Taric was hired by the Bank of Valoran to stop him, so they wouldn't go bankrupt? He would be covered in a full-diamond (or something similiar) armor. Perfect hair and a sort of "fetish" not only for gems, but for precious stones and metals in general.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Blood Reaver Talon {{champion:91}} The blade on his right end is something along the lines of Demonblade Tryndamere, and his body is covered with those metal pieces fused to him, from right ankle to the head. Normally, his right hand is free but the blade covers his entire arm and pulses. When he activates Q the blade fuses with the hand and become one thing, which pulses red. His W sends out metal shards from his other arm, which becomes visibly shattered when the W blades are mid-air, and recomposes when they return. His E is nothing special, just a red mist when he teleports. His R makes him do something like Rengar's W (just the movement, not the roar) and the shards go out from his body in every direction. The earth is cut by the strength of the blades moving, so there's like these lines which start from the center all the way from the various blades. When he's stealthed, instead of the normal walking animation, he lifts his blade-arm like he was going to punch someone. His death animation consists of him looking at his arm, then bleeding from every part of his body and then falling down.
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler Q&A
How much do you take into account people's ideas? Are you planning on giving more space to people to create a champion? I think that the "Champion Suggestions" area could be more elaborate to have more content and give a lot of ideas and informations to the various teams and people working on champions, items and maps.

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