: iirc its 3 months max.
> [{quoted}](name=FOR JUSTICE,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AiMQOE5q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-20T20:08:30.314+0000) > > iirc its 3 months max. well that's a shame, haven't bought or support this shit company for many years now. oh well, thanks.
Rioter Comments
: Can we get an actually functioning Client?
the game is garbage, so having a good client will make the game look even worse. to even it out, they just made the client garbage as well
: > it seems See, now that's your perspective.
and my friend's list and op's friend list and im sure many other, lol
: @Riot, is the balance team in charge of the client?
fun fact for those who dont know: if you go in process and look at the game client process it's called mordekaiser.exe
: soft inting is seriously destroying the health of the game for high elo
what's the next step? putting people to jail because they had a fire in the house and had to leave game?
: I'll tell you why they are fun. I remember there was an old patch ( in season 4 I think ) when Lee Sin got nerfed and Morello said this: "Lee Sin is very fun. Shitting on people is fun. Therefore, Lee Sin is very fun. But Lee Sin probably shouldn’t just shit on people." That's why hypermobile champions are fun, because mobility allows you to easily shit on your enemies.
: Not really. Many toplaners cant duel him but taking ignite vs a Darius increases your kill potential massively because: 1)It reduces his healing by a ton (IF he hits you with outer Q, which he shouldnt if your good) 2) Ignite is just broken and deals alot of damage. Garen with ignite can duel Darius if he gets a lead by Q'ing Darius at lvl 1 over and over. {{champion:266}} kinda shits on everything atm. {{champion:36}} has safe poke + farm. {{champion:24}} can win if the Jax is smart and good with trades. {{champion:126}} wins. {{champion:17}} CAN win if the Darius is bad (however I take {{summoner:6}} on Darius so I just shit on him). {{champion:150}} wins. {{champion:240}} is a skill matchup (althought I think this one is in Darius's favour unless Kled takes ignite). {{champion:80}} wins. {{champion:58}} can win if Renekton is good.{{champion:92}} Can win. skillmatchup (But I think this one is in Rivens favour personally). {{champion:8}} wins. {{champion:133}} wins. {{champion:420}} 50/50. {{champion:83}} wins. {{champion:41}} with GRASP might win.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: riot always cared about all tiers of elo blame your champion for having a trash design that can't be balanced around all tiers rather than riot
: Bard is going to be nerfed so hard next patch...
B-b-b-ut Panth is strong right now!!1 lol
: Sick and fucking tired of people being allowed to first time champions in ranked.
stop with this retardness rules like this and the ban system and other idiot shit is the reason this game is not appealling anymore we can't fucking talk in chat, nobody can even tell a joke, no one has fun anymore, we're not fucking robots
La Bello (NA)
: Pyke and Evelynn passives functionally do the same thing at later stages of the game also surprised you haven't mentioned Kayn{{champion:141}} He cant use his E to escape if he gets stuck in combat or if its on CD from him using it to initiate Also {{champion:107}} and {{champion:84}} were always treated and balanced as half-Slayers not just pure assassins. As in Riot expects you to build them slightly fighter-esque and their kit somewhat supports that playstyle. As far "get out" options and complaining about Assassins being able to pick a kill and jump out thats literally the entire point of assassins. High mobility allows them to pick a target AND escape with thier lives when played well. Without this exit strategem mobility Assassins are literally just a different breed of full offence Divers {{champion:11}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:80}} . people complaining about mobility on assassins when Riot blatantly said they wanted that to be a strong class aspect back during the assassin class update is pretty silly.
pantheon is not a diver he's a garbage assassin
: Have you seen a Poppy 100-0 an adc? I have, and she didn't have a single damage item, nor deadmans. And she took barely any damage. And you do realize lethality is literally screwed over by armor?
poppy is not a good example since she's really fucking broken
Kelg (NA)
: Mordekaiser has fallen from OP.gg due to lack of play. Can Mordekaiser get some QoL power shifts?
WTF? Lol. Maybe instead of thinking about Mordekaiser, we should start reworking champs like Ezreal that are in desperate need of an update, don't you fucking think?!
D4M2X0 (EUW)
: started season 1 and i say top: season 5 jung: season 5 adc: season 5 support: season 5 mid: season 7 tank meta's are good cause they enable all other roles to be useful just aslong as it doesnt fucking involve twitch/kog/varus/kaisa/janna/lulu which makes everything useless
Draffyr (NA)
: Why isn't there an option for "neither?" Neither is good but for different reasons. Censor meta was boring and over-reliant on a certain type of ADC and support, and the game currently has too much damage in general and burst in particular. This poll is like trying to determine if dogs or cats are better pets by asking if people prefer stepping in dog shit barefoot or waking up with cat piss on your pillow: Both options suck and people generally agree on that. I'm hoping for what's to come with all the subtle moves Riot has been making to tone down damage and help out a few tanks while also laying out a plan to address damage more thoroughly in the preseason. That'll likely be a much better meta than either one in the poll.
*he still has hopes* ahahhaahah, let's point at him and laugh!
: Why Even Play Anymore?
play only with your friends bro, thats the only way. game is beyond fixable state
JRobin31 (NA)
: "I am just kind of patiently waiting for next season... because I think this season is unfixable at the moment." "When was the last time I was in a game and I joked around with someone in chat." Scarra calls it like it is. My thoughts: Sorry RIOT, but your little love puppy known as "Runes" (*cough* Masteries) has to go. It's running around the house making a mess. Your guests aren't happy about the barf on their shoes and your balance team is trying to offset the imbalance by tying ribbons on its tail to make it look cuter. Go to the closet and find Morello's nerf bat. It's buried under a few years of patches notes. https://i.gifer.com/C93e.gif
As if any of these guys would be able to lift the legendary Morello's Bat
: great so now i'm forced to go a specific keystone.
hey, don't you like the wonderful choices of the rune system!?!?!?!?
: You know what's better than a successful report feedback?
Really? Punishing others make you feel better? How pathetic must your life be? Turn the other cheek for once, losers
: dear mr riot, in 8 years of playing game quality has never been so low
: Partially it’s due to the meta More importantly, it’s just the stage of the game. It’s a 10’year old game. It’s been #1 for a better part of ~8 years. When battle royals games became the new hot thing, LOL audience dipped. Now BR games are the new kids on block. In a few years, those games will reach saturation Quite honestly, it’s amazing lol managed to be #1 for so many years. On the bright side, every other games besides the BR games have also taken massive dives. It’s why lol still manages to be #2
yeah football and rugby are so fucking old nobody watches them anymore either \joke
: I like how Riot has the time to fuck with the cursor I've used for years
: True dash. This movement ability can't be stopped by gounding
congratz, now you gave riot ideas for new reworks and champs...
lalolalic (EUNE)
: Bring back Shen's Vorpal Blade
revert this garbage new completely melee shen. he sucks, clunky sword mechanic nobody asked for. can't sustain in lane anymore. can't first pick him because he can't farm from distance anymore. you either all in or you lose. also you must build him as a fighter to make the best out of him lmao fail rework, like 80% of all reworks
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Riot wants to make this game fast paced. What they don't realise this is plain stupid: - you have huge death timers - you have to spend a lot of time farming - you have to do other chores like warding, getting in lane, etc And it all boils down to 1-2 sec in which you're dead. It's just unfun, the game was not designed for 2 sec fights
: > [{quoted}](name=behzad15,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=62fZ8GEu,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T09:26:53.225+0000) > > if they run this punishments on all regions the game will just dissapear, i played in china and turkey server, they easily use bad words and the system just dont works there, i didnt played on korea but cowsep had a topic about it, but i was in china for 1 week and played in turkey server, if you want see is this system acceptable or not just run it on asian regions to see how fast game will lose players If people really cared about their accounts they'll stop flaming after the 14 day ban.
lol no, he's right. the system we have in the west is not the same for other regions. it's so retarded it makes no sense (it actually makes a lot of sense, as the wise op said they'd lose players to the speed of light)
behzad15 (EUW)
: why I quit league ?
i feel you bro, game is just sad
DW Diana (NA)
: I'm with the OP, She looks far more interesting now, with some great potential for outplays and a much higher skillcap. Her counters will be interesting to see as well
> Her counters will be interesting to see as well Yeah can't wait to click that BAN button and outplay her
: Why Karma is Considered a VGU
lmao 2018 and still having faith in Riot GAMES I feel sorry for you OP
Terozu (NA)
: Irelia didnt need nerfs until after she was buffed. You cannot judge a champ or rework until at least one patch, let alone one video prerelease.
it's about the kit not about numbers or balancing. overloaded kits compared to other champs, that's all
Pika Fox (NA)
: It doesnt take a genius to realize kits have power budgets, and if it does then thats factored into the kit and playstyle. Its not been released to live, you have no room to talk about how good or bad the kit actually is.
lol stop saying this garbage. when irelia was revealed everybody said she needed nerfs, for example. this new akali seems strong as fuck and mostly annoying to fight as well. so problems are still there
: Make it so corki's explosion does bonus damage to towers, especially the two nexus towers
> [{quoted}](name=Ventura,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k3wmQcFM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-13T04:59:49.122+0000) > > Make it so corki's explosion does bonus damage to towers, especially the two nexus towers lmfaoooooooooooooooo
Hanple (NA)
: R.I.P Garen
fuck i picked garen :((
: I know the PBE is not final and all but can we not buff Pantheon please
Worst champ in the game, needs more buffs than this. Hopefully rework soon
: Remember when riot turned the forums into a reddit clone, and all the people complaining about how awful it was were shouted down by saying how that red would s tart posting here instead of reddit? Yeah, I enjoy being lied to as well. Unfortunately without an army of eager bootlickers to censor all negative opinion of riot's choices the boards will never be a safe place for them. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Dude... old forums were so fun </3 I don't like these modern boards, this is not a forum
nelogis (EUW)
: There sure was, remember Dynamic queue m8? But I don't remember it lasting this long over the same reason. We are closing in to almost a year about complaints about the same reason, dyn queue outrage lasted a year too so this might be a new record if it lasts a few months more.
As others have said, that was about one thing. Right now, the whole fucking game is a borefest
: Pretty standard for the gameplay boards. We are in boy who cried wolf territory now. People have been complaining about dumb shit for the longest time that now when the game's health is actually in a really bad spot, we can't cry wolf.
Never there was such a massive amount of general discontent shown on the forums.
Rioter Comments
: How to quickly lose 4 lp
Small indie company bro, it happens! The game is free why do you whine!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!11011one!!11'11eleven!1
: So... about today's PBE update..
Shen is a garbage champion and they need to nerf him even more because TP is getting nerfed and he MIGHT be picked by high level players and pros, they don't want that. Revert Shen already, what a fucking trash mess they made with this champ. Completely melee champ lmao
: Teleport is the most fun and interactive out of every summoner spell
teleport is fucking stupid for lane, well needed nerf. if you don't understand why, well, downvote and avoid replying lol.
: That Teleport Nerf.
Needed nerf. If you kill somoene early on it's like you did nothing.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 4
@Meddler Words on Pantheon?
: I mean, I only listed one good aspect of Shen, but if you'd like I can go over the bad. -Cheap gimmicks that give too much power so they have to be kept short and clunky -Global ultimate that should be used defensively is almost always used offensively as a free engage whenever Shen is in the meta. It gives him too much power without having to do much other than watch the map. -Laning phase is extremely polarized: you either stomp your enemy or your enemy denies you the ability to even farm, regardless of skill. -Oppressive against immobile champions, oppressed by mobile champions. -Damage is too high for empowered Q autos, you can shred someone to 40% HP at level 1 with one full round of it. -Is classified as a tank but is rewarded for building items like Titanic Hydra and playing like a bruiser/diver. -W is too strong when utilized correctly, but very hard to utilize outside of 1v1s. -Spirit Sword Mechanic is clunky and lazy. There is only one non-ultimate way to move it and it means your only real combo without pre-placement is always going to be the same. -Shen isn't encouraged too heavily to combo or keep fighting by his kit. So he has to play a hit-and-run fighting style like a skirmisher to be effective, but fixing this issue would mean Shen has a constant uptime on his skills. -Non-existent AP scalings mean Shen is fated to either build tank or attack speed bruiser. There is no AP Shen. That's a few off the top of my head.
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: R: Target champion gets a full rework, becoming completely different and clunky.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: > High elo meta whores dont play this champions because they are fun they do sobecause they are strong and they want to win at all costs but even they have spoken out about how shit some champions are that its almost a certain lost if you pick them. That would be... the entire point of Ranked. You play the best champion you can in the best position you can using the best methods and builds you can. You're not playing Ranked to have fun. If you want fun- you play Normals. > they can do everything better and easier then non meta picks, they have more damage, survivability, and require least ammount of skill That's what it means to _be_ meta- that's not something that happens *because* you're meta.
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