: Rito Buff Xin Zhao
you gotta learn to play him ....
: Worlds missions are worth it!
the problem is that they force you to play in premade and play melee only like really?
RallerenP (EUW)
: Chat logs are needed if you want feedback. Keep in mind that flaming a troll is not acceptable behaviour. You contribute to an already bad environment, and as such you will have to face the consequences. You already know that the next punishment is a permanent ban, but you should keep in mind that even the slightest amount of negativity can get you punished again. Also, since you were banned for 14 days, this mean that you will not recieve the ranked rewards for this year. (Not to rub salt in the wound, just wanted to clear it up. We have enough "Will I get ranked rewards this year" posts already)
the real problem is that trolls never get banned meanwhile you can get banned even for 1 game if you call someone retarded when in fact they are
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: Why do people ban Darius in low ELO?
cause they are dumb as fuck darius needs some serious buff other juggernauts too they suck balls in this ardent cancer meta
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: I can agree. Though {{champion:82}} of all champions was picked in words,the person playing him went 0/8/0 {{item:3116}} first item. even got {{item:1082}} and planned to get {{item:3157}},if you make your pick be aware of what you do.
i kind of understand zhonya but why rylay? lol plus i'm pretty sure he is better in botlane in higher elo but he just cant' do anything with ardent cancer
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: the reason why you get ie in early game as first crit item is because 1) you will usually be stomping lane as draven, so getting ie means your crits will hurt more and since the enemy will usually be behind the extra damage will help a lot 2) essence reaver's mana passive is essentially useless in laning phase because the mana you use during that time is extremely small because most of the time you will be shoving lane, catching axes 24/7, and forcing the enemy to miss out on cs. this means you use very little mana during laning phase since they wont be able to compete with your damage the reason why you build essence reaver after ie and pd is because that's when teamfights are happening often and you will for sure be spamming w throughout the game after that tell me, why tf do you need cdr and mana regen so early when you use such a small amount of mana and basically only press q twice?
yes they do not get it early game that is what i meant it is for late game
: ie is better because if you are at least a competent draven you wont drop axes 90% of the time and still have enough mana to spam w
dude i've seen streams of the best draven players building ie too as third item it is need in tf where you'll drop axes even if you are a good draven player
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CytheGuy (NA)
: Xin Zhao's new W feels really lackluster
yeah if he is in need of a buff giving him armor pen when he hits his w would be good
zeoman88 (NA)
: After looking at the kit I would have to say yes. She could be better at jg than WW now.
dude wtf they are 2 completely different champions
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: no its 2 paches from now so 7.21 on novemember 8th.
than why they are balancing the champions for runes now?
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: Janna Hotfix Context
janna is still uniteractive soraka too
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: because his playstyle as a champion is: be incredibly selfish, play like an absolute moron by running around and proxying ect and pray to god someone falls for your nonsense stuff like this works in solo queue, not in coordinated play. Who knows, maybe we'll see him in worlds... doubt it tho
i i don't know either but he actually seems good for lcs i remember them playing him even when he was way weaker
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: Please Visual Update Leblanc like how you did to Evelynn
Nhifu (NA)
: Blame the offensive keystones, they're just too strong. Even AP supports struggle against warlords. That and Yasuo is pretty weak right now
yasuo even saw some lcs play wtf are you talking about
: Since Riot doesn't ship that Radiant Wukong figure to my location...[[giveaway]]
Psyrik (NA)
: Why League Esports views are declining
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 8
don't you think lee sin buffs are completely unecessary? if you aim for a better lcs diversity why buff him? porco dio
: ChoGath is actually the correct juggernaut design
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nadîm (NA)
: I love the ending tho where ya say "I wont get banned cause i never flame" wuahahahaha justice as one would say {{champion:86}}
why people who have fun of others ban do not get banned aswell? you are being as toxic as me
: > [{quoted}](name=CrabPeopleReform,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=OFmEUEjY,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-09-07T15:14:14.733+0000) > > for 1 game? Was it a chat restriction or a ban? If it was a ban, had your account been punished in any way before?
hey shouldn't comment like those you see when you scroll down in this thread get banned?
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: There should be a lock symbol by your honor icon in your profile. You will not accrue honor again until that lock goes away. It goes away by playing. So, it's kinda like you have interest you have to pay off before you can start going positive again.
after the lock expire i will be again honor 3 or 2?
: Lmao u said retard then tell ppl to report zed for saying it. Kid u deserve it lol
i don't know who is the kid between us
: > [{quoted}](name=CrabPeopleReform,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=OFmEUEjY,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-09-07T15:14:14.733+0000) > > for 1 game? Was it a chat restriction or a ban? If it was a ban, had your account been punished in any way before?
it was a chat restriction
: If you got banned you must of had a chat restriction on your account in the past and the use of a zero tolerance thing like cancer is a huge contributor
i got a chat restriction for just 1 game
: Your only real recourse here is to play more games and watch your behavior to make sure this doesn't happen again. You're belittling, insulting, and harassing teammates for most of this game, and that will get you punished. Sorry I don't have better news for you.
: I finally got honor 3 and...
This is the only chat riot has shown me please do something i hate this
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: veigar needs more damage only if he wants to kill tanks
why i got downvoted for a simple question there must be lots of bots in this site
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: there are a few champs that are hated cait is one of them lee is one... and no matter what riot does isnt right regarding these champs
cait actually isn't an hated champion lee sin is rightfully hated
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: One.. your a troll.. Two.. Amumu and Veigar if anything need balanced nerfs, not a buff.. Three Lee sin is one of the most mechanically hard jungle champs to play in the game so you lost your argument.
: Worlds is coming and Lee is getting buffed. Sounds about right.
i skip everygame lee sin is in it
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ejsama (NA)
: Old Orianna build
cause it used to be a totally different item and was like morello
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