: Morde sitting at 70% ban rate, 13% pick rate, and 56% WR even with 0 expereince on him
Make his passive require 4 hits to start and lower its damage when it hits more than one target. This will keep his mechanics during ult mostly untouched while making him less obnoxious to fight in the laning phase. There's something wrong if a champ can walk up to darius lvl1 and win by autoing him to death with two or three Qs in-between.
: Qiyana: Awesome visuals, but one big missed opportunity.
Representation of "potential" mesoamerican culture this champion "potentially" represents by making her hairstyle all wicked is fine and dandy, but we need to consider a particularly important point in character design. That being general appeal. League is not a game that would be regarding as significantly "out there" with its visual concepts. Riot cannot allow themselves to go out of their way and suddenly make their designs more extreme, and let's be real, the hairstyles OP showed would be definitely considered extreme by general playerbase. Riot wouldn't want to risk her being unpopular. While It's true that her hair looks somewhat generic, I feel like doing anything that even slightly resembles anything posted in the OP would be way too much for the game. "b-but we have literal space dragons and tentacle monsters, you can't go more extreme than that" Not really. Those space dragons and tentacle monsters are things that are easily understandable in the mind of anyone who ever had any basic relation with anything fantasy. If anything, mesoamerican themes are surprisingly underrepresented due to them never really catching general appeal "b-but [insert dozens fantasy themes/books/game/movies/etc] exist!" Yes, and they never reached one tenth of the monetary value of things like LoTR, which is the ultimate basis of stereotypical unoffensive fantasy that pleases everyone and brings big bucks. Rioters want big bucks. They wont get them if they go yolo with her hair.
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: Rito why you lie?
AD assassin Link opens Noxus page Guys I don't want to be overly excited but Papa du Couteau confirmed playable this year. Edit: oh it's "Nexus" ...don't mind me I'm stupid
Mártir (EUW)
: People is so sensitive nowadays. You cant say anything anymore.
It's kinda amusing how this thread from bunch of people spitting buzzwords at each other evolved into just two lads who actually care about the topic having a conversation unrelated to the rest of the shit said in the thread. On the side note, the fact that one lad has comments consistently upvoted while the other consistently gets only downvotes shows how skewed the general opinion is towards one of the two mindsets. I don't feel like it's a good thing.
: If you order delivery, please tip your driver.
Entire concept of forced tips is absurd to me. Why would a customer need to pay additional "courtesy tax" after already paying for both the product and the delivery. Also, I'm pretty sure that this is USA only thing. Both the forced tips and the entitlement of waiters and delivery people for those tips. I've literally never met with it outside of America. If you come to the point where you're forced to ask for tips you should probably change your job.
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: Old league lore was bad, like really bad.
While I agree that it had it's fair share of various shortcomings, I don't believe it was nearly as bad as you make it out to be. In fact I find the concept of all-powerful wizards who actually do fuck-all with their power, only really throwing omnipotent beings into fighting pit to solve their differences for them insanely amusing. They were basically a bunch of neet hikikomoris with power to reshape continents by snapping their fingers. Current lore, while definitely objectively more open to further "continuation" of it's events also feels much more "souless" compared to old lore, at least for me.
: Genuine Kayle question
Gunblade is shit. Rageblade is less shit but still subpar. Hyper late game you can try mixing PD and IE in your build for maximum true damage. Otherwise full AP is better. Q and E when used together provide a substantial nuke with lich bane and luden
: Since the new lore is incredibly more vague, and a unmistakable downgrade to the previous one, my personal guess is that... ...there is a shyvana-related champion in the works, and its story will help solving some misteries and plotholes with Shyvana.
> [{quoted}](name=GelsominoKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vfWnuFBA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-03-06T20:51:45.357+0000) > > Since the new lore is incredibly more vague, and a unmistakable downgrade to the previous one, my personal guess is that... > > ...there is a shyvana-related champion in the works, and its story will help solving some misteries and plotholes with Shyvana. So we're changing already existing stories that were absolutely fine just so that new champion has easier time adjusting into the world of the game? Shouldn't this be the other way around?
: Just you wait...
> [{quoted}](name=SkiptoMyLuo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uAKEKRxt,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-06T21:41:28.431+0000) > > Just you wait... We waited long enough for Shyv lore update and look where it got us. Edit: No, wait, scrap that, nobody actually wanted or waited for Shyv to have her story changed and yet it was shoved down our throats anyway. So perhaps we SHOULD wait for updates for Sona and Xin. Maybe then we'll be prepared for eventual disappointment that will inevitably strike us down.
: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
This is going to be hard. I'm a person who much easier finds negatives in various things around me, be it games or things from "real life". I'm generally a pessimist as well but it hardly bothers me in my daily life. I'm almost enjoying my anger at some points. Now, to pick only one example from each good and bad things about the game. Both will be related to a similar topic **Positive:** Skill Difference between players is clearly visible and understandable. League is a game where skill celling of player can be easily detectable. You have to purposefully go and try not to see that a player you're facing/playing with is more skillful in the game than you. Obviously, we often get salty an tend to say that the other person just "got lucky" or "cheesed" instead of "playing normally". However, deep down most of us understands that we just got outplayed. Matchups in league are more or less fair. Obviously, you won't win every lane but you most likely wont lose every lane either. Understanding of matchups and their powerspikes is hugely important when playing the game and is a part of player's general skill. To pick an example close to my champion pool, when playing against Camille as a melee champion i know that i simply have to respect her lvl1 AA - Q - Q combo, which procs many things at once, PTA and Shield Bash among other. In a similar manner, I understand that when playing for example Fiora vs Jax when we both hit lvl 2, I purposefully take W second instead of E because i know that he hits a powerspike at level 2 that allows him to go aggressive with stun. Taking W against him allows me for an easy outplay. Fiora VS Riven matchup works similarly, I forgot how many lanes I won level 2 simply because I blocked Riven's W and stunned her instead. **Negative:** Skill Difference between players ultimately doesn't mean as much as it should. League, by design, is a team game. Just with this fact alone, no matter how ahead you are, if your teammates just don't play well enough, you are most likely going to lose no matter how much you tried. For the longest time Riot pushed League to have more and more Skirmishes among multiple players. In pro play, early game is decided 80% of times by early dives under turrets with entire teams TPing into the fray because they understand just how important those skirmishes/teamfights are. And with death timers increasing in lenght the longer the match goes, late game teamfights, assuming that both teams are more or less equal, are decided by who gets caught out of line first. I strongly dislike this. It's like everybody's playing a fishing game. No matter how fed somebody is, if his/her teammate get's caught out of position, teamfight is almost always automatically lost. And often that means the lose of the entire match.
: > [{quoted}](name=Curious Melody,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XtuMf3Ip,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-23T14:23:54.592+0000) > > Boards care about the state of the game much more than any other big forum. Reddit has esports and everything else is irrelevant. It's obvious then that the most heated discussions will take place on Boards. The fact that sometimes this "heat" goes too far does not excuse Riot from insulting us. > Besides, it's not like problems Boards have with the game are not unjustified. Things like recent Yasuo not receiving nerfs in the same patch as crit items buffs should absolutely never happen. Boards WILL point things like that out because nobody else cares. "Sometimes" and "half the posts" are a very different thing.
Which is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Even if Boards was nothing but Riot bashing (which they most definitely are not) this still doesn't excuse a behavior like that from a professional. Instead of ignoring the boards and calling us useless i recommend actually taking time and coming up with counter arguments to stuff posted here. They design the game, the should know better when somebody is right or wrong regarding game balance. But instead of saying how those people and their opinions are wrong, they just ignore and insult them from another platform. What's the point of boards if Riot hates them? They can completely scrap the place at any point in time. But no, they left Boards on life insurance for multiple years and then wonder why they turned out as they are.
: These boards spend most of their time bashing on Riot for everything they do, even (or, rather, **especially**) if it's what they'd been begging for just **two days ago**. Honestly, if I was Riot, I'd hate to stop by here much, either.
Boards care about the state of the game much more than any other big forum. Reddit has esports and everything else is irrelevant. It's obvious then that the most heated discussions will take place on Boards. The fact that sometimes this "heat" goes too far does not excuse Riot from insulting us. Besides, it's not like problems Boards have with the game are not unjustified. Things like recent Yasuo not receiving nerfs in the same patch as crit items buffs should absolutely never happen. Boards WILL point things like that out because nobody else cares.
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Jikker (NA)
: Why are Morgana's Wings on her...em....rear
Search up buttwings in google or various booru sides. You'll get the appeal soon enough.
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Jamaree (NA)
: Way back in the day, they used to actually talk here, most conversations quickly devolved into insults and belittling, IronStylus used to post here daily, he stopped that after taking notice of how cancer this place is.
Why are people using this "oh the insults" as some sort of excuse for Riot? Stupid people are everywhere, Rioters should be mentally prepared for children throwing tantrums. Imagine refusing to communicate with people because they might hurt your feelings. I don't say that's the exact reasoning behind Riot's decision to not talk to us anymore but it's exactly how it feels like. Riot is a company. Rioters work for that company. Why would they care about what people who can't articulate their arguments in other way than insulting say?
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ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Get your facts straight already
To call something unrealistic you'd first need something to compare it to from real life. There were no women armor (not counting some funky nobility duels which almost never happened between women) so you can't really use that argument. Improbable would be a better word. Besides, league is not just some fantasy, it's high fantasy, where gods walk among mortals and powerful mages can roll over continents. This type of armor should be the least of your worries if you want this game to be more realistic. I also like how you use term "boob-plate" as if it's an actual scientific name of the type of fantasy armor that has... additional space for female bosom. You, and people who share your sickly mindset throw this word around because it's easier to lash out against one simple word than needing to correctly articulate your point using proper descriptions.
Lewanor (NA)
: I think we'll get some lore for Talon until the middle of the year, a Rioter confirmed we'll be getting lore every two weeks if everything goes accordingly. This is the year of lore indeed! And I already made many things about Talon and General Du Couteau but I think where Katarina turned his back on his father and started to serve to the Empire, Talon will not and that will be one of the clear differences between two. That's why I am so deeply curious about General Du Couteau, both of their lores is heavily connected to him. We'll need more but General Du Couteau's teachings will help a lot, at least to me!
We need to continue applying mental pressure towards Riot's lore team so that they finally submit and write an actual story about best dad in league. Fight bravely brothers and sisters, they can't resist forever!
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Pale Mask (EUW)
: What do you mean? Ionians just happen to be in tune with magic, nature, lgbtq+ friendly, culturally diverse, innocent peasants fighting against the oppression of ~~the white man~~ ~~Europe~~ Noxus, living in the "First Lands", and Asian in a game owned by a Chinese company and popular in Asia. They're quite morally gray. I mean, just look at Jhin and Syndra. They're evil. Definitely not mentally disturbed individuals born into a primitive environment with little to no development in the field of psychiatry. Hey, did you know Demacia hates magic? [Click here](http://oi68.tinypic.com/2rw027l.jpg) to see what this expert has to say on the matter.
Irony aside, Riot fucked up by making Noxus so culturaly diverse, as in, taking in it's ranks literally everything and everyone. If it was a highly secluded, "white" in visual/cultural design and fascistic country like Demacia who invided Ionia, they would get so much more brownie points from social media. Imagine how much money they would make if majority of the playerbase felt like they're fighting the good fight against white oppresors. What a waste of an opportunity.
: Much of what you say is true, but the cinematic did at least throw in one thing against Ionia: Its champions, when faced with named enemies, are total chumps. It took 4 of them to take on Sion (Yasuo was there too, but he mostly dealt with the npcs).
But that's exactly the point. Through the power of DETERMINATION and FRIENDSHIP they managed to beat/wound big baddy ugly evil Sion. Their DESPERATION TO PROTECT WHAT THEY LOVE edged them closer to victory. Look how well they fight as a team. Those other guys? Naah, they're evil and bad and send a monster to bully poor Ionians. If my language sounds derogatory, that's because it's exactly like that. Ionia's lore quality is several levels below other lands in Runeterra just so that it appeals to the masses.
: "Ionians literally can't do anything bad." Hello, my name is Khada Jhin. I carve people's faces off and wear them as masks. I've systematically murdered entire families. I traumatized Zed, Shen, and Kusho beyond repair. In the cinematic, I murdered an entire squad of elite soldiers before setting Camille up in the perfect trap so that I can kill her, too. And I'm not even doing it for my country. I'm doing it for myself. For the Art.
Good job you picked one single character who in every media piece about him gets presented as a misunterstood artist who can't control his actions due to obvious insanity. Next thing you will tell me that Zed is actually an evil dude and not just a victim of circumstances as lore presents him to be.
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Eedat (NA)
: On a completely unrelated note: new Vayne skin on the PBE Lol
> [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WlqLIxol,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-09T22:09:26.525+0000) > > On a completely unrelated note: new Vayne skin on the PBE > > Lol If people get pissed enough to demand a hotfix nerf, the skin sales will be much lower. I'd recommend to follow the example of our newest addition to the champion roster and start yelling at rulling class (or in this case, Riot).
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: Can you guys PLEASE nerf damage, since it's 2019 now?
But boards told me that late-game doesnt exist anymore and all games are resolved in about 20 minutes, what's up with that? Who should i believe? People who say that early champions can't manage in late game fights or people who say that there's no such thing as late game and early champs just stomp everything? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Racism even in a video game
Prejudice based on country of origin is called xenophobia not racism. Stop shoehorning this term everywhere like the braindead sheep who overuse it on every occasion.
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: 2018 Lore Tournament - QUARTER FINAL [3/4] : The Eye in the Abyss vs Where Icathia once stood
I'm sensing a glorious duke-it-out between Noxus and Icathia in the finals. It was obvious for a long time that Noxus was objectively best lore-piece of all the regions, while Where Icathia Once Stood is the best singular story. Let's just hope for close finals.
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: It could happen! I suspect for development reasons, it would be easier for LoL to make a new Champion _inspired_ by Maalcrom than him personally. (Meaning if they don't make exactly him-- they have more leeway with silhouette, gameplay kit etc...) That said, we are riot. Anything is possible. And these sorts of posts absolutely raise awareness that players would like Grena or Maalcrom as playable champs. And its only by saying loudly -- "Make Maalcrom playable!" That papa rito will hear you.
> [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EY77nwq8,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-20T22:23:38.061+0000) And its only by saying loudly -- "Make Maalcrom playable!" That papa rito will hear you. Does it mean that if i shitpost long enough you will give Marcus/General du couteau an actual story?
: Friendly reminder
I made something similar a while back on my alt account https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/dmJmKc2j-so-hows-that-noxus-lore-going-riot I promise to do more of these, against my own better judgement and good taste.
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: They certainly put a lot more time into the art than you did into this shitpost.
> [{quoted}](name=N1C Jeddy017,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=mmV3yifx,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-12-19T21:25:50.923+0000) > > They certainly put a lot more time into the art than you did into this shitpost. Jokes on you I had to sit for like 5 minutes trying to come up with something adequate, which is more or less equal amount of time a professional artist needs to draw a low-on-details face. Maybe 10 if they're not used to the character yet.
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: What specifically, do you think would be different? What makes it East/West?
> [{quoted}](name=Cid Thrash,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oafpGEsJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-14T07:01:40.844+0000) > > What specifically, do you think would be different? What makes it East/West? If I give examples of game mechanics and systems more prominent in either of the regions, mods would insta-gib me for being "stereotypical and racist". You literally can't say "Asian players like faster games" without somebody doing his/her best to read it as something political. It's like we're living in Orwell's 1984 but without the comfy commie-block scenery
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: 2018 Lore Tournament - 7th December: The Black Powder Plot vs. Human Blood
Epic story centering around one of key characters in lore as a whole, presenting him as not only a huge badass but also a magnificent and fearsome leader who strikes fear in his enemies and joy in his comrades **OR** Random crazy bushwoman doing random jungle things with an oversaturated "humans are bad lol" theme attached Yeah no this matchup is basically bulling
Ralanr (NA)
: I wanna talk about league champion diversity (and I am prepared to be downvoted)
Since the topic of Neeko and the way Riot presented her to us was grind to the ground by a lot of people already, in this thread and others alike (me including), I'll focus instead on not her exclusively but the topic as a whole, giving you my point of view as somebody who's knowledge is only anecdotal and who has no interest of engaging in a topic like that in the first place. Diversity, be it in media, games, books (and basically anything ever) should never be considered good "just because". Your book/show/game/whatever does not (or at least, in my opinion, should never) automatically get better if you shove things diverging from already present ones. Since this is a forum centered around a video game, I'll use all my next argument games in mind, but do remember that it would just as easily apply to other forms of not only artistic expression but real life occurrences as well. Your game does not magically get better if you put a character of different sexuality than the ones prior. Diversity for diversity's sake is a hilariously bad concept. As a game dev, you should aspire to make a good character first, before making a good lesbian/gay. If your character's sexuality is somehow important to that character's history, believes or personality, do go for it as much as you want. But if it's added just on top of a character, without any particular reason except for media's brownie points, you've clearly done a shit job as a developer. A game can never "lack" a character of particular gender, race or sexuality. How shallow must one's thinking be to so boldly assume that. Were Witcher games somehow worse due to lack of important black characters? Absolutely not, because character's race gender appearance and many other things like that should only come second, after fleshing out that character's personality and history. Would they become better if there was an another good character that was also black? Yes, because there would be another good character, not because there was a black one. As a creator of literally anything, only diversity you should be worrying about is the diversity of thought among you and your peers. Everything else is irrelevant. Also, for the love of satan, please stop mentioning Kai'sa as if she was some sort of stupid mistake by Riot, them going back to their old, misogynistic ways. That way of thinking is broken as all hell for ways people much more eloquent than me explained already, perhaps not in this thread but in many others.
: Alright...so this is somehow punishable now?
**5 minutes before deleting the post OP made, in Boards moderation HQ** A conversation between some moderators [names redacted] Moderator A: *"Man i sure do enjoy unfairly deleting reasonable posts people make just to sate my unhealthy desire to control everything around me as a way of hiding my crippling insecurities*" Moderator B: *"Same my dude"* Moderator C: **Walks in** *"Gentlemen we have a problem, some guy is making a valid statement about us abusing our moderator privileges by unfairly deleting reasonable posts people make just to sate our unhealthy desire to control everything around us as a way of hiding our crippling insecurities "* Moderator B: *"wow rude"* Moderator A: *"We can't allow this to continue, if people realize that instead of making a good moderation job we're just continuing to unfairly delete reasonable posts people make just to sate our unhealthy desire to control everything around us as a way of hiding our crippling insecurities we'll all be fucked. Let's ban him so he doesn't think like that again"* **Post gets deleted** Moderator A: *"oof, crisis averted. Now boys, why don't we go bowling as a way of congratulating ourselves for a job well done?"* Moderator B: *"You have cash? I thought we were doing the moderation thing for free."* Moderator A: *"We don't talk about this"*
: > [{quoted}](name=ExpStealer,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=rLxavEXW,comment-id=0001000000020000,timestamp=2018-12-01T13:51:36.089+0000) > > Better hide because horny downvote squad is coming for you xD > > I mean, I wouldn't care all that much if only a few champions were sexualized, but the way it is right now, boob plates, heels, perfect and scarless faces and what not glare at you from every corner. But to be fair, LoL has kept it civil. Check out Mu and TERA and you'll see how awfully bad it can be. lmao you do know that boob plating is traditional armor right? Riot didn't invent it. it's not there to show she has curves and boobs but maybe I dunno it functions like an armored bra. I'd like to see you try stuffing anything bigger than a B-cups in normal male plate armor. I've played tera, in fact I played castanics in tera and I know how bad it got (nothing but literal strings and underwear armor) but Tera is an M rated game that can appeal to the audience with a whole class that wears skimpy. Tera also had humans and elves that wore leona-like heavy armor. You act like boobs= OVERSEXUALIZEATOINGOANIGBPMA like god forbid a character show a v-neck. Even then there are plenty of champs that aren't sexualized (vayne, riven, kallista- wait boOb arMour-, Vi, any yordle, karma, sejuani, fiora, diana, etC) too, but you probably focus on the top 5 complaints of ahri (kumiho- basically fox succubus), evelynn (succubus), MF, katarina (an assassin that needs light armor) and janna ( a wind sprite)
Castanics are chad race of choice. Valkyries have top tier aesthetics too. https://my.mixtape.moe/odirhr.jpg
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