UwUade (NA)
: If you haven’t seen the tweet or the subreddit post, news is coming this week
2 days until NA starts, still nothing... I have seen the tweet but that seemed to be kind of empty promise aswell... sad
Herrmel (EUW)
: I'll just leave this here: https://twitter.com/IAmGrza/status/1132001131989618689
He posted there would be some kind of (stauts) update at least, i know..... But so far nothing happened, even after he renewed that "promise" for this week. LCS starts in 2 days and we do have _**Nothing**_
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Dgraider (NA)
: Creating a fantasy lcs league issues
The fantasy LCS for this spring split was disbanded, They wanted to work on the system because it was just held together to run somehow and be buggy in the last 2 years. They stated that they would announce something while spring is running about the fantasy LCS thing, but until now i have not seen any further notice or announcement. If they do something the system should be overhauled and working for summer split.
: Start of fantasy
According to the Reddit thread there will be no Fantasy LCS this spring split.... they "apologized" for leaving Fantasy LCS in a broken state like it was the last 2 years with bugs and problems and said they would shut it down to develop something much better for summer. But i really can´t say if they just killed Fantasy LCS and work on something or if that is another empty promise like they did the last years... I really hope they DO improve and get something up and running for summer because i really enjoyed Fantasy LCS ... even with the bugs it was enjoyable for me and a lot of my friends... Let´s hope for the best... Would be sad if they just dropped it :( https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyLCS/comments/a7znuk/news_lol_esports_will_not_be_hosting_an_official/
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: Please fix fantasy
still waiting.... nothing is working and i do not get any error or informational message on the fantasy lcs page aswell. That is not how informational service is supposed to work.
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