: What 6300 jungler should I get?
: Best champion to climb with if you suck
I was with you until you mentioned IQ. Like wtf
: When your support takes the kills
Death is the best CC!
: What makes you salty af?
When my ADC is horrible and feeds, and then you hear "report bot". I couldn't care less that my ADC is bad, what really grinds my gears is that people don't know the difference between ADC, supp and bot.
: You aren't really a "main" or "one trick"...
Then I'm a true {{champion:201}} main =]
: I want to mute myself.
Wut? You want to stop flaming? Then stop flaming. Don't type {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Should I be permanently banned for below text? Hate how support mains get blamed for so much
Onwodori (NA)
: Who has a bigger ego - Draven or Jhin?
Ego? 100% Draven. Jhin is crazier, though.
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: Apparently pepe is now a symbol of hate{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: racist.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: If you could gut 1 champion what would it be?
{{champion:92}} I hate to play against her and when I get her in ARAM I feel disgusting whenever I get a kill. Bwehg....
: When you tilt the enemy laner so hard they start raging in all chat
: "gg ez"
{{champion:201}} : gg ez {{champion:81}} : gg bro
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Every Bard I see has Thunderlord
Take Thunderlord 100% of the time. AA with meep + Q + Thunderlord on the enemy ADC hits like a truck early game.
: Bring a third party character into League as a champion!
http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/darksiders/images/d/d5/Vulg.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120104024128 https://youtu.be/t3l_aMiCLX8?t=1m **Vulgrim, the Demon Merchant (From Darksiders (1 and 2)).** I'm too lazy to think of abilities right now, but it would be cool if he was a support that had some sort of interaction with gold. Maybe he can steal gold, give gold to his allies, or gets stats based on the amount of gold he is carrying.
: Reksai, Illaoi, and Ahri are already fat.
Leafie (NA)
: Let's all be honest - There's only one thing we'll all miss when the new client drops.
MrNhbdy (NA)
: Well if you look at lanes the champions have come out for...... Jhin: marksmen - bot Sol: mage - mid Tali: mage - mid Kled: fighter - top Ivern: mage/tank - jungle-support I believe we are due for either an actual support or marksmen maybe? If not a bot lane champ then the only other conclusion I could think of is an assassin. That would mean ANOTHER mid lane champ though, I'd rather not see this happen. With the class rework coming up too I'm not sure if its likely either.
Thanks for your answer. I hope it's a support.
R7 Factor (EUW)
: Hopefully something simple enough that I don't have to read a goddamn book to figure out what their W does
Am I the only one around here who loves complicated kits?
: Do we have any information on what role the next champion is going to be?
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: Isn't Volibear the thunderlord?
I suppose. Xerath is pure arcane energy, not lightning/thunder per se, but I used him anyway for the sake of the joke :)
: You can hear pings from muted players and they can hear what you say in chat. The only way to "mute" their pings is to physically move down the ping sfx bar in settings, but this will apply to all pings.
: muted players can hear you actually
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mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: #Ba Dum tsss
Declined (EUNE)
: DIdn't you post this on the EU boards as well?
I did, every post I make I post on the NA and EUW boards, just cause :)
: oh god why x)
: it's thunderlord's decree, tho. lul.
It's a pun... That's the joke :)
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nep2une (NA)
: I sort of disagree with the untargetability. This is basically like pre-set Bard tunnels, and I don't think that a passive with that much mobility should be allowed to have additional defensive capabilities on top of it.
Fair point.
Fowus (NA)
: What's Zyra's email?
Laughed harder than I should have.
: Less than 5 seconds to go through tunnels. Rather, put a fixed movement speed, so longer tunnels take longer than short ones. Other than that, it can fit on a champion kit very nicely.
> [{quoted}](name=TequilaZombie,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=fw1hLEwf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-09T19:30:21.662+0000) > > Less than 5 seconds to go through tunnels. Rather, put a fixed movement speed, so longer tunnels take longer than short ones. > That sounds good.
xevi (NA)
: I did it! May I be the most hated player ever!
: No More Supports
That site is fan made.
: Passive ability idea!
Any thoughts/feedback?
: Which champion to you feels perfect?
{{champion:201}} , feels so good to block a full {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} ult with your E. I also find {{champion:133}} to feel very good to play. I don't know what it is, but her auto attacks feel so satisfying to use to me. And it's cool to constantly re-apply your passive with your abilities to deal big damage. And fun to fly around of course :)
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: > [{quoted}](name=DHZ Dragonhunter,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=zI7KsYjY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-08T15:33:34.851+0000) > > Suppose it's too long to read, huh? x) > > I found the passive to be quite interesting, if I do say so myself :) Abilities shouldn't need more then a paragraph MAYBE two to know what it is doing; otherwise there is way too much going on int he ability.
Well, then Q, W, E and R are fine. The passive is indeed a bit complicated I suppose. I could describe it shorter, but I just wanted to give a comprehensive description to leave no question unanswered :)
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] Ceecee, the Hextech Engineer
Suppose it's too long to read, huh? x) I found the passive to be quite interesting, if I do say so myself :)
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: Create A Champion From Existing Abilities
Nautilus Q Thresh Q Blitzcrank Q Skarner R
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hypnoso (NA)
: If Intentionally Feeding is reportable, why not Intentionally Killing an Intent Feeder?
Can't blame Darius. In the end we are all trying to win, and if an intentional feeder is running down my lane, I'm killing him, too (although I wouldn't taunt in chat). Vladimir is the only justified report IMO.
: If you had to die in one champion's arms...
angelgrozd (EUNE)
: Why there aren't any new void champs ?
Probably because the design off void champs is boring, purple stuff everywhere. Riot probably has more creative ideas that they would like to bring to life first.
: Whch Champions represent your family members?
Mother: {{champion:133}} Father: {{champion:119}} Brother: Ivern I would be {{champion:201}} (personality wise, I'm nowhere near that buff x))
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