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: Yuumi's Q DOUBLE MANA COST still not acknowledged.
Is this even a thing? I was playing Yuumi OTP last two weeks and never got out of mana, using the passive all the time specially in early-game. After the patch I played couple games and even when I know she was tweaked I was running out of mana non-stop no matter what. Dunno if it's because of the changes or it's really bugged but I stopped playing her cause I can only use 2 Qs and thats it, if I need to use heal then it's GG cause I have to sit inside my ADC for several seconds until i can go out to use passive again.
: I feel irrelevant both when winning and when losing
I know that feeling, and that's because most of the players (specially in low elos) will go all-in at a certain point, no matter what. Like robots, not thinking if the jungler maybe nearby or if the enemy champion can survive and kill them etc... So with this robot-like agressive players the coin is fliped and if it's heads then they may snowball and win the game or if its tails they will be snowballed and loose the game. Most of the times, specially if you can't rotate early-game it will mean they go 0-4 or 0-5 (they are robots so they will all-in over and over) or the other way around, they will stomp the lane so hard that when enemy team wants to react will be too late. All you can do is DECIDE the games you're given the chance, as sad as it sounds you can't have much of an impact if your team is going to flip the coin or swap to a role that can have more impact in the game early on.
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