: People usually comment on the Youtube video.
Did not know that. Well, you live, you learn. Thx. Ps. when will americans start using metric units? :D (the first part was real, the second part is a joke)
: Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: VIT vs. H2K
Hi again from Slovenia! I am kinda sad to see, that i am the only one commenting. Is it that commenting has gone out of fashion (looking at people commeting what celebreties picked for clothing, which is just flat out stupid commenting such things, i would say no) or is it because people dont recognize the in depth look jatt offers here? In any case, if you ask me, plz keep on making these videos. "flash from knockup AFTER you use qss" you say. well, thats a new one for me. ty jatt ;)
: Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: SKT vs. ROX
Again greetings from the other side... of the pond :)! I watch LCS (na/eu) but i dont take time for other regions with the exception of ofc international events. So this TFB (team fight breakdown) is even more awe inspiring to me. As i stated in the previous comment on the NRG-IMT TFB, i really love these. It not only shows where someone was, but it explains why it was good for one team and bad for the other. Respect! Kinda sad i am the only one commenting :(. GJ Riot and GJ Jatt! Well i am off farming my Master Yi and getting my plat back :D. Fist bumps to everyone! (ps. just nerf lee sin already :D)
: Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: IMT vs. NRG
Hello to Riot from Slovenia (that is Europe, for those few that did not know)! I have to say i love these videos and i really think that they should be a regular thing and also, the best "plays" and "breakdowns" should then be in PTL. For example, every major region should have this fight breakdown done for their most awesome team fights as a video article, same as this article here. The narrator should be a caster from the region in which the specific team fight occured. So for example, jatt na, krepo eu, monte lck, ... And after that, on PTL, the "best teamfight" from the major regions, would be included on the show as TFB (team fight breakdown), similair to the now VERY popular "the penta". GJ Riot, fist bumps all around!


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