: It probably won't roll around till afternoon - Riot usually uses PST and it's 4am over here.
and it's 3:25 pm for me, soooo
CIoud Rider (EUNE)
: im here since S4, honor lvl5 and still nothing.. but i think everyone will get gifts (hope so) no metter honor lvl
i think the same, if noone is getting anything at the same time, then the bug will be fixed later, i hope.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot Here's an Idea I think everyone will love: Training Rooms
Forget about it man, the idea is great i upvote it and accept it, BUT look here. They are removing TT and PvE mods and god knows what else is getting removed, because that stupid ass TFT is consuming too much resource. Now imagine what would such an idea do to their "fragile" company. They are not adding map skins, different announcers and a lot of other stuff that players want them to add (not for free ofc) Sooo, i am sorry but forget about it.
: [Suggestion] New "Quick play" option to get into games faster.
A lot of good ides, i had them too, good to know there a lot of other ways/opinions i didn't knew about and finding out here. But the sad part is Riot won't even look at this even if they notice it. They remove TT and just notified us that there won't be any PvE events anymore, anything that could make the game better is being consumed by TFT or any other stuff like that, so wonderful ideas like these will be in boards and our minds only. Something like this would be perfect of Rankeds as well..
: {{champion:19}} every WW main I talked to loves his rework {{champion:80}} Most agree his numbers are too low, but they seem to enjoy the new kit in the panth main discord I am in. The biggest complaint I see is the Ult takes too long to cast and his damage is low after early game (though his damage output is slightly better than J4 in practice tool, and is more reliable)
WW is also nice can't say anything, only the sound of W, the fear when you hear it "fk fk fk how close is he, is there time to recall??" is super entertaining. I just didn't mention him because i loved the old one way too much, especially with ap build, the clunky moves and animations:) Don't know about Pant, he seems fun, but we can say something after some buffs. He loses pretty much every game, so its hard to say is that the kit's problem or the numbers.
: Where are the Champion Teasers and Login Screens
The feel of emptiness swallows every time you log in is getting stronger and stronger... I feel like Leaving the game forever just like most of my friends.
: yes, because this was a bitch and cry about rito champ reworks thread. So I'm still spilling salt over the butchery of eve. she's not actually a stealth champ, her visibility range is slightly wider than the lane. Twitch visibilitty range is 400. and they crippled her movespeed and ruined her build options. You used to have mixed damage on eve that you could mix and match depending on your team or the items of the patch.
exactly, a lot of ppl playing playing, mastering, having A LOT OF FUN with a certain champ, and then all of a sudden that champ is getting rework noone asked for, and ofc hate from community. I didn't main nunu, but he is the only successful rework for me personally, i really like the new nunu. Even tho i used to have fun with 1000 ap oneshot with E.
mark6028 (EUW)
: That's because all diamond players are last season plat players LUL D3+ used to be immensely and noticeable better but when riot throws any ranked integrity and competitiveness over board ofc people don't give a shit anymore. Diamond+ is a fuckin fiesta of better plats win diamond games and better diamonds win master+ games. Riot still six months later evaluating data if there are problems with ranked.
Exactly, and because of that, i can't understand am i rly good as dia or no.
: I stopped playing Eve 850k+ mastery
: Hey i'm with you, Old morde was way more fun than the new one. It also seemed a bit more interactive, ill never play the new morde ever again but that's just my opinion.
Thanks for understanding! Old one was 100% very low for the current state of the game (mobility and cc), but still there were tons of interesting ways to play him, even those 200+ bugs were PART of the gameplay that most of mains used. And the current mord... you either go the classic juggernaut build and doing the same thing over and over again, game by game or just full ap smashing build with Q(which is not effective if you want to win), which makes him monotonous and boring. Honestly i don't remember a rework of a champion, where his mainers would APPROVE. Seems it's a talent to fk up every time
Sukishoo (NA)
: Rengar was reverted... He's the way he should be. Morde was a joke before. His rework is so much better.
i wasn't talking about Q, but passive W and R, but still i am not that disappointed as in mord. Dude as an old morde main(and a lot of other ppl like me that i have asked) dont like the new one, he is unfun, nothing related to the new, the best part is only the look, voice and sounds. Just like in comment above i am not going to explain that.
Kendren1 (NA)
: Pre rework mord was a meme tho... New ones way more fun. And only half as buggy.
seems u didnt rly play the old morde. New one has only the "Mordekaiser" name on it and thats all. He is not fun for an old morde main, i am not going to explain bcz if u are "SURE" that new is better you wont understand.
: Aurelion Sol ability rework feels.... horrible. I'm not going to play him anymore :(
Welcome to the club, i stopped playing {{champion:107}} {{champion:82}} after the reworks, both 300k+ mastery.
: MAJOR BUG for all Stuns and Roots OCCURRING EVERY GAME!
Seen it too, not just bad, confusing as hell, you cc a champion to land ur skillshots, but he still dodges...
: Platinum players
Literally no difference in diamond, so i can guess that every rank is pretty much the same. What does that mean? The Rank and matchmaking system completely sucks. Being dia 4 or silver 4 means nothing. I got dia for the 1st time in my league history, and thought that the games would be harder, i mean losing to opponents because they are better than me, but no i mostly win my lane and losing the game because of those inters, toxicity, leavers and ofc the most popular is the people who don't understand how to learn from mistakes and don't get caught again and again. A game full of diamond players and a game full of silver players, the experience is literally the same... Games never felt that bad, if after the Anniversary or in the next season, nothing changes, i'll leave the game eternally.
: Mordekaiser steals 10% of the enemy's **total** stats, NOT base stats. That is a huge difference and actually quite a reward.
1 - that doesn't change anything from what i've said. I played a lot of games with 40+ mins, and those stats, again, are useless. Most of champs usually get ~100-150, tanks 200-300 armor 10-30 armor only, same for mr, about 0.1-0.2 attack speed, 20-50 ap, depend on whom u kill, and 10-30 ad(which again, is useless, nothing scales with ad). They just Didn't give a single Sh** about it. The OLD Morde ult was more rewarding. 2 - The thing about ult active is even worse, its completely unbalanced and unhealthy for everyone. The fact that WITH QSS you have 100% of survival and less than 10% without proves it. I agree, the idea is nice, but the way it works right now is not.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Mordekaiser mains, now that some time has passed, how do you feel about the rework?
I played him rarely in s2-4 then mained him since 5. Had a lot of fun, wasted a lot of time. TL:DR Good sh** - Voice, Look, Lore, Animations: Walking, Q, W. Bad sh** - Gameplay and it's kit, Skins, Recall, Dance and ofc significant gamechanging bugs. Starting from + His voice and voicelines are just something incredible, just WELL *** DONE, no comments about the laugh, just the best laugh in the game for me right now. The way he looks right now is really awesome, more of a scary Dread Lord. The animation of walk i think could be done better, but still much better than the old. This isn't the Morde i knew nor anyone close to him, the only thing that is left from old one(very badly) is the AoE Dmg, this is a completely different champion. Just like Aat rework. 1st of all i don't like that he became more of an aa champ. I mean he holds Nightfall... A mace bigger than his head and swings it like {{champion:114}} with her sword?? Old Mord Q was enchanting his aa's, which was awesome addition, but now all u have to do rather Q and sometimes E is aa, because you cant kill ppl with passive only. Passive - I don't like that they moved old W into passive which works on champs and monsters only, 0 space to use it differently than just straight fights. Just remember what ppl could and would do. And the 40% ap dmg on aa... forces you to build attack speed for more success and more weird looking thing. Q - I like the Q, Decent dmg source, not bad at farming if you have ap, but it could be better. (bad thing imo for an aa based juggernaut) W - Not that bad, but i'd like to have the old shield back, just "shield", decaying, 40-50% heal from the remaining shield and over, not that useful especially against {{champion:58}} , {{champion:240}} and other shield/heal reducing champs like them, again no way to use it in different situations. E - This is something the old Morde lacked. The Mobility in the game is just too *** much and immobile champs like Morde really needed this(especially the backwards cast to prevent people from chasing, that part is super amazing) R - I am feeling bad, but this is the Worst part of Morde right now. There are 3 ways 1 - you just **** die after he casts without any chance. 2 - you just {{item:3140}} it, which means it did nothing. 3 - you are a champion like {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}}( aa based champs) or decent adcs. I dont know why ppl think "ult adc = dead adc" its wrong, adcs with attack speed just beat the shit out of u, you wont believe, maybe even downvote the post, but {{champion:22}} is one of the best. And keep in mind that an adc with brain always have {{item:3140}} if Mord isn't bad. 10% of base stats..... Really? That's all they imagined for the ultimate reward?!?! 10% of useless stats for a VERY short duration? Most champions 10% is 5-20, so if you want significant changes, you have to kill FED {{champion:113}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:154}} I am not talking about it giving AD! Nothing in his kit scales with AD(another proof of being an aa champ which ruins the champ). And what about the bugs in there? Such as being stuck near(not right next to) the borders, and not being able to walk sideways and ONLY backwards. Constantly Q not dmging and a lot other. The skins... oh man What... THEY. ALL. ARE. HORRIBLE. Looking on them in game for less than a minute to understand that they didn't pay attention to them AT ALL. Especially the Pentakill.... The most important. The level of disrespect is just over 9000, not even for Mord mains. The music, What is that random heavy metal sounds... For fk sake not even a pentakill one for the skin. And don't tell me "its 975 rp, low cost, so there shouldn't be things like that" That's BS and you know it. I am not playing him anymore because the effect of hype is over and now i clearly see what this champ is. Thanks For reading all this.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Does anyone actually get enough orange essence to redeem skins?
Before the loot system, i had only 3 skins (bro's gift) after the loot system i have more than 50. Yes that system is garbage we all know it, but at least it's something. And to get the mecha zero sion skin, the legendary one, i ve grinded 7 months in S7, it was worth it imo
: How can you guys still play ranked and not go insane ?
Its about Rank these days, only. How many games can you play a month and say "This game was hella fun for everyone in that game". Riot cut the fun part from the game, its all about skill today, practice, experience, talent, dedication. This season by having my own fun in games, i got better and even hit dia "accidentally". The Reason #1 for every game "Why do we play games" is dead in league, so people tryhard only, and rank is the only place where your tryhard is somewhat rewarded.....
: Maybe if it was based on damage done rather than instances of damage dealt, because some characters would instantly remove it.
Agreed, wouldn't a problem at all. 7 seconds in teamfights or just fighting is not that low to wait..
Rioter Comments
: huh ?
when u r dying bcz u get confused of those bugs team can easily call u an inter.
Rioter Comments
: Have I Proven Myself Riot?
It doesn't considered a fair matchup, because again it's something that riot does not pay attention right now. When you are winning a lot of games, ur winrate grows, you are climbing, the system starts to put u with players 47%>wr in order to slow you down to ~50% wr. That is of course not fair if you are tryhard player. Right now i am D4 with 53%, i ve spent 370 games this season with such matchmaking, and i had pretty much the same. Got p1 from p4 fast with wr of 55-60 and then "punished" by the system with 10-17 loses in a row to 49-50 wr, that happened twice this season. There is literally no filter, a game full of diamonds and a game full of silvers you get the same experience. Every game there's 2-5 people who flame each other just to flame, people who int because of 1 death, an afker maybe, and etc. Basically a coinflip, you never know what will happen next. Which means, if you a see a dia player, don't surrend and if you see a bronze don't relax.
: It's hard to adjust to it.
You mean that bug is hard to fix? Ofc i don't know from the developers part what's need to be done, but when critical bugs like that aren't fixed for months is telling something... I personally witnessed that 3-4 months ago.
: it actually happens even wthout dcing. It just shows 0% HP bar, but still appears like standing turret. Forced me into wrong decisions a couple of times
Now that is really scary... not telling about teammates who would call you inter and report...
: > [{quoted}](name=Dahaaka,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ywFy01Ku,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2019-08-21T20:06:03.004+0000) > > Do you play league often? What do you do when u meet an extreme toxic player? Yea I try to play every night (sometimes it doesnt happen). My first path is to try and talk to them, much like I do on the forums. In game its harder though since I'm also trying ~~not to die~~ I mean styling on my opponents. If they are really bad I'll report them much like any other player. Thing to note! Riot reports aren't any more effective than normal reporting :). We don't have any special hax or things like that in game.
No one would like it haha
: Fallen turrets don't change animation either. If you dc before your turret falls, then reconnect after it falls, the turret doesn't disappear. This has bugged a couple of my games when I was trying to hide behind a turret that was already destroyed.
Wow, that one didn't happen to me yet.
: Lunch break w/ Baz
Do you play league often? What do you do when u meet an extreme toxic player?
Rioter Comments
: Hi Void - thanks for taking the time to write this up! It's a really thoughtful post and I loved reading through it. I'm the Product Lead on Eternals, and I wanted to address some of the points brought up in this thread, because we talked about all of these points at length during development: * We discussed tying this into Mastery a bunch, but ultimately landed on making Eternals adjacent to the system because Mastery doesn't have any kind of RP value attached to it. It's a system that was built to be evergreen once for all champions ever, and Eternals has a roadmap that extends beyond the first set we release. We split the difference with Mastery Emote Upgrades (fun fact: we actually were unsure about this idea early in development, but players in our early playtests suggested it consistently as something they wanted). * Regarding the difficulty of certain Eternals, we want to find a happy balance that leans more towards "represents skillful play" than "ridiculously difficult". Some of the original Eternals we designed were almost never incrementing in our playtests, which resulted in players feeling like the system either wasn't working or getting very little satisfaction from the progression. We DO want to make tricky Eternals, but they need to be something that the player mostly has control over, like iiGazeii's suggestion of Jhin grenades hit after killing 3 units prior. * Regarding price, we're taking steps on this. You'll hear more soon. * For rewards from Eternals, I'd love to open up this discussion to the group: **What rewards for rekindling sets would you think would be satisfying?** BEFORE YOU ANSWER, I'm afraid I have to put a few limitations on you to make sure we don't annihilate scope / make Eternals feel good by tacking on another content type as a reward. Try to think of something that feels self-contained, and usable on the champion regardless of the skin they choose. That means no skins, no chromas. Other than that, hit me. Again, thanks for this thread. It's been really fun to read through this. I'm excited to share updates with you all soon. Cheers, Adriaan
1. Recall effects, like the one challengers have for example. 2. Killing Animations, but without icons, Like in URF (the exploding heart is mindblowing). 3. I am not sure.... what about some quotes for a certain champion. Most champions, especially the reworked ones have new quotes which represent their personality lorewise, and as a reward a new quote for that champ? 4. A border for that certain champion in the loading screen. Just a thought!
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevrankroaton,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=eKtfBnRu,comment-id=0000000b00000000,timestamp=2019-08-20T07:15:51.455+0000) > > I truly don't understand why you bother to answer to the people here. > > Anything you say will be either labelled as "You the Rioter shill" and if you make ANY bit of criticism about your product, people will use that to double down on how "bad" everything is and that nothing changes, etc. Just to fit their narrative. > > Like maybe I am too old for some of the people here (but I don't think it is the case/explanation) but when I see that people joke about a Rioter being emotionnal and possibly fucking up on an answer... OF course they do, they are human! Does any of the morons whining here work in a company or a place where you have public relations? Sometime you can't handle the pressure or you say something that slipped through your brain before you though "There is no gain or good reason to say something like that". > > Of course fucking developpers working for weeks about something will DEFEND their products, of course they will be hurt when John Moron say "Wow this things is so EASY to make and it took you MONTHS, I am so glad I am a professional programmer and a genius to actually say that what you do is easy and quick". > Of course they are kinda crippled when you guys, legitimitaly so, complain about the very high pricing and they are like "What do I say to this?", because they represent the company, their coworker and also what they say can snowball. > > But yeah, honestly Bazerka you are too nice. I would say going on Reddit, despite it being harsh too, is way less toxic than this loophole of whining/negativity without critical thinking of a board. I appreciate the sentiment :), but lets put it another way. If you dont invest, care, grow, and love on something how do you expect it to get better? I literally grew up on these forums and this game and I want to invest in it :D. If the cost of that is getting yelled at by random internet strangers, but the gain is reaching out to players and making sure they feel heard? Than thats a cost I'm willing to pay :)
You are the hero we didn't ask. But definitely the one we needed. (you make Riot look better after all)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dahaaka,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JRFyKia5,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-08-20T12:25:35.359+0000) What are those posts about, though? Gameplay issues? Balance? Enternals? Ranked? Because I'm pretty sure none of these Rioters can help with these issues, so yeah, they're probably not going to comment on those threads.
1st of all go and read those posts, you'll find a lot of interesting things 2nd i am not accusing RIGHT THESE Rioters for all the problems. I am saying that there a lot of people responsible for all the game issues that are in game FOR A DAM LONG TIME. 1 - Client being absolute garbage since its release 2 - Rank/matchmaking being worse than ever. There is no difference in ranks, play a game full of silvers or full of dias, same experience no filter at all 3 - Events being completely unfun because they are about passes, stupid missions "heal/dmg/kill/earn gold this much" just all that u do in league but for couple of free stuff. 4 - TT being removed because THEY didn't pay attention to that map at all - so better remove it than actually work on it, same as dominion. And a whole lot more...
: A thank you to all of Riot for the stuff that you do that nobody thanks you for :)
Its actually funny, there are uncountable negative posts and you'd see 1-2 with a rioter comment under it, one comment of "thanks" for very few things and there are 7 comments from rioters. Very interesting
Accenix (NA)
: Riot Is Ruining League of Legends
I agree with all that, i think the same. Question is, what will it change? i am not pessimistic, if you look closely, you'll see that nothing changes ever, no feedback is being seen by riot.
enshine (NA)
: any league quotes you unironically use in life?
(old){{champion:266}} "Pain is temporary, Victory is forever"
: Hey, Yeah, I understand, league of legends has many bugs to fix, but it's Kennen Dark Star concept for the future since last Kennen skin was 2-3 years ago. 😕 Want that Dark Star Kennen with the Dark Star Mode :P Thank you for your comment!
Oh i know the feel, i made couple of posts like urs in the past, Dark lord Mord for example, reference from LoTR ofc. I hope they make your wished skin one day, its painful to watch as they ignore 99% of people's feedback about everything. New Eternals as an example.
Skorch (NA)
: Is league actually dying *eternals*
Just out of curiosity i checked the store, and holy **** s***, last skin for 975 rp was blood moon eve in April 17 of 2018!!! So painful to watch a beloved game to die because of greed....
: Dark Star Kennen!!
Great idea i must agree, as any other ideas i've seen here, but do you rly think that league needs new skins now? I mean no offense, its too many problems in game, to worry about other minor stuff. P.s. i hate Kennen but that skin idea is lit
: The fact is: Riot doesn't love their game anymore.
Funny part is that riot will ignore every single negative comment about it as always. Not blaming them for being ignorant, greedy, disrespectful, that's what people mostly become with lots of money. I think they rly wanna kill league in this way, so they gonna release their other plans.
Reiizm (NA)
: I am going to roast anybody I see with an Eternal in game
i never flame, blame, roast. Max i do is trolling ppl to rage. BUT NOW imma gonna release all the ****** that i ve collected for 5 years on anyone with it, and wont regret a second.
: I defend Riot in 99.9% of the cases. This time I'm on the 0.1%
Funny part is that riot will ignore every single negative comment about it as always, they are going to release that anyway. Not blaming them for being ignorant, greedy, disrespectful, that's what people mostly become with lots of money. I am gonna "not like" anyone who'll rly waste money on that.
Zeanix (OCE)
: Do not support Eternals if you want it to be free
Funny part is that riot will ignore every single negative comment about it as always, they are going to release that anyway. Not blaming them for being ignorant, greedy, disrespectful, that's what people mostly become with lots of money. I am gonna "not like" anyone who'll rly waste money on that.
Mewko (NA)
: Season 9 - Worst season I've encountered
You enter league, want to play win/have fun, getting into game and then you get 2-3x crashes, in attempts to reconnect you get a client bug, the only way to shut it down is task manager, 10-15 min of ur game is lost bcz of that, also you get over 2000ms in game (before i start a game i check my ping in every browser/website and etc then turning everything off, in case someone tries to say "its ur internet") which ofc costs you a huge amount of lp, rage from teammates, and a leaverbooster for 5 or more games. Fun
: Gold 2 game and am getting this
99% it's riots bad. Matchmaking is almost in its worst position, most of games are coinflips, smurfers all over, good players are mixed with bad so u can find both from iron till dia 1. I am currently plat 1 and whenever i play a game full of bronze-gold ppl with my friend(s) i cant tell difference, in both elos ppl do same mistakes over and over again, same toxicity, same attitude. And that all is bcz of Riot... P.s. that 1% is "shit happens" games
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: No need for more assassin's
She is more assassin right now, than before the update. Everyone playing her electro or phaserush with assassin and crit items, also u never see her in bot anymore
iSennª (NA)
: As A Quinn main..
i also used to play that quinn, that was fun, being adc then all of a sudden u become a bird.
Juxin (NA)
: Hello, the game fucking sucks right now.
Even if TFT dies nothing rly will change. They didnt pay attention to TT for years, VERY VERY few ppl play it(for known reasons), and now its getting removed. Something similar will be with TFT. Maybe i am wrong idk. (just an opinion)
: Greed is a disease.
... That holding humanity from its origins
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