: Lemme see if I can hit up her writer, even tho he parted ways with Riot, to see what he thinks about her age
That actually helps me a lot, thank you Spideraxe, for that and for your time on this! I still don't agree on all those different age bullshits though, but it is what it is I suppose, would be nice reading what her writter has to say as well indeed, once again thank you, will be checking for news about it!
Terozu (NA)
: Ummm, check her universe page, pretty much no time has passed since her leaving yet. At most I'd say i'd say it's been a full year and that's being generous. Which means at most she is 19 going on 20 soon. At least? She's could still canonically be a minor. In current lore, she has just left the Kinkou still. I think it's more she just gives off the impression of being older than she is. Hell I was surprised too when I realized she wasn't Katarina's age, which btw is around 22-26, if you're wondering why the age is so vaugue, she's within a couple years of Garen who is max 5 years older than Lux.
I believe that just because the lore ended like that, doesn't mean it's where she currently is, it for sure takes time developing her hate towards masters and their ways of doing things, being in a "Balance order" straight into a cool heart killer also doesn't sound that logical to me, so i'm assuming at least a year passed the least, and while she was on the run encountering many people that she killed making her slowly cold over time, as well as her tats, and since i really am not a fan of 2 different ages, with all info she has she needs to be 21, also thought Katarina was around 27 years old? Garen 25 or so, I don't know and Lux 21, as surprised as I got since thought she was younger, but again never got that deep to even bother about those characters so could be mistaken
Terozu (NA)
: I've been trying to get this through peoples heads for so long, she's around the same age as Ezreal, who is about a year older than Lux, below that you have Ekko who is biologically around Lux, but chronologically a year or two younger, followed by Taliyah. Akali officially joined the Kinkou at age 14, this that was her age pre rework, her rework takes place after a timeskip of a 'few' years, which means three or four years of official training(she was training with Kennen before her official joining), and she has left the Kinkou. 14 + 3/4 = 17/18 was when she left.
Aye, but that was the age she left kinkou, what i wanted to know was her current age, between 22 or 21, and was wondering why the 19 out of nowhere, but people already made it clear for me, she most likely been on the run already since 2 years +- ever since she left kinkou, enough time to kill a few people here and there, her tats, etc over that time, only way it would make sense to fit all her info and events that happened
: K/DA Akali is a separate universe so ages may vary from canon. Ahri is very probably older in canon than she is in K/DA, and well... Evelynn is Evelynn. So yeah, Akali is 19 in the canon universe, but 21 in K/DA.
That's the thing, I never really thought she was 19 once I saw that thing i copied in her trivia got me wondering, in fact putting the events from blood moon, wars, time she was left out of kinkou, bla bla all those, she has to be around at least 22, or at least I assumed that since it was never clear anywhere, but now with the K/DA information, it made me see it that she's indeed around that age, but 21 instead of 22, I never really saw her as 19 and can't say it would make sense based on time lines on other events, I know I get really deep into this, but I was reading lores and seriously got so curious to a point it was disturbing me haha, but a few people already made it clear for me up there that it does say "she's around 19" not meaning she is 19, and I was just stupid enough to assume that was what that meant rather than... "actually being around 19" aka 21
: Assuming there’s nothing funky that would cause an age discrepancy between canon and KDA, I assume 19 was when she first became the Rogue Assassin and has been doing it for a little, and like what Aurothic said I’d say she actually is 21 since its around 19
Actually yes, it does make sense :) I seriously prefer seeing her with 21 rather than 19, to be honest that feels just like some excuse to make it more "realistic" considering many K-pop are around that age, I also hate to think about the "having 2 different ages" idea because it just looks so... Uhh... Not into that idea at all. So I'm assuming if they considered to put another ages or even making them younger is only to get more attention since kids/adults nowadays are more into "younger girls" rather than older ones, but I don't buy that, I totally buy that 19years old when she became the Rogue Assassin and then kept doing it for a while now (2 years) being 21!
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