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: Why I'm losing interest in League after more than 5 years of playing
i feel the same about tranparency. so many forum posts with over 300 upvotes dont get commented by riot. they just stay silent and we dont even know what is going on. i would really wish they would at least acknowledge us like you said.
: so you have over 900 zyra ranked games and still don't know how her ult works...there is no second damage part on it. It does damage on inital cast, and after the delay, there is no damage, only thhe knock up. If you honestly can't land Q and R(damage, not knockup) on a target within the snare duration, thats sad. I Have no problem doing so however. you can influence plant targeting with you AAs, works perectly fine for me. Her kit also doesn't feel clunky to me, she has pretty fast casttimes. The low tankiness and mobillity are a needed trade off for her massive damage and controll from quite some range. If you ever buff her on those aspekts, you have to nerf either her controll or damage potential, else she fast will be back at her release brokeness.
lolwat , i never wrote that her knock up deals damage , you must have missread something. i said that the damage starts at the spawnpoint , and expands to the end (edge of the circle). it is not like oriannas ultimate , which delas damage in the whole circle instantly , as i said , it starts at the spawnpoint and expands , then it knocks them up , AFTER it has expanded fully. also i never said that i cant hit Q and R after the snare , i said i cant do it at lvl one and two , and im very sure you cant land a full combo with a lvl one snare too (notice: on a mobile chapion like zed/leblanc/yasuo!) 0,75 seconds is NEVER enough to get out your full combo before they jump out , or maybe you are using some magic tactic that i didnt know. if her E is on lvl 3 , i can get off the full combo with her seeds easily. also you have to be carefull with her seeds ,because you can end up on spawning 2 meele plants easily , if you want to spawn 1 meele 1 ranged , you have to wait a bit before you put the second seed.
Dengeden (EUW)
: I don't play Zyra as much, mostly because people don't like her but also because rushing Luden's Echo seems to be the only way to play her. That said, she's a lot of fun and I hope she doesn't get reworked. Buffs would be nice but not necessary. I run really defensive runes to make up for her squishiness and questionable scaling but I'm fine with that. Onto her abilities: Her passive also procs spell effects like Liandry's, Luden's, Rylai's and Morrello's (and that's it). It's wide and fast enough to be fairly reliable. Kog'maw's got it knocked otherwise. Her Q might have a bigger mana cost than most (and then there's Lux) but it's also the only spell she will consistently use in lane. Once you get used to the range (and synchronizing it with W), I'd say it's en par with most AoE poke spells. Mana *shouldn't* be much of an issue for her (if you can CS with AAs) unless she's facing ye old Yasuo/Zed. Her E is too unreliable for me to max second. I usually save it for when somebody tries to engage on me. If you want to play Zyra as a standard burst mage, get Morrellos/Athene's, max this second and use it to clear waves (if all else fails). I've never tried it because ~~I am hipster like that~~ I don't see why I'd play Zyra if wanted to burst combo people. Her ult is honestly the perfect addition to her kit. You can use to finish or initiate your burst combo. However, I recommend using the ult to run away and "kite". The risk of enemies dashing/flashing out of your combo is very high and you have little to offer after that. Her W, oh boy, her W ... this ability both makes *and* breaks her. Just the fact that it's a vision tool that has a better range than sightstone is a huge bonus for me. But (!) the low base damage makes D-cap kind of inefficient until later in the game (and magic pen preferable). Luckily, the plants proc spell effects which is a great way to make up for their lack of burst (by adding burst). It means she's one of the few AP (mana) mids that can get Haunting Guise (early) (and eventually Liandry's) and Rylai's. This is also a nice way to make up for her base stats. I'm ambivalent about her passive CDR. With a standard mage build she gets 20% CDR from items, 10% from her passive, 0-5% from masteries aaand 15% from blue (makes 45-50%). Great, redundant CDR. It's partly why I forego the CDR-Mana items and take CDR from runes instead (and double to triple doran's). Its range and low CD also makes her plants a great way to zone people at any point in the game. Last but not least her plants will **never** die to one ability or AA from an enemy champion. It makes it very difficult to ignore them, as you need to waste both an ability and an AA to kill them (under normal circumstances). If her plants were quicker to attack (it's not like they're completely inept), I'm almost afraid she would be too strong. It'd effectively be a targeted ability with unparalleled range (in terms of non-ultimates). TL;DR She's can be an unconventional mage due to weird scaling. Magic pen and spell effects are very useful for her plants. Her kit enables her to zone from afar and keep enemies off her back. The standard medium-long range mage build/play style also works on her (to an extent) even if I wouldn't recommend it. You need to time and hit everything perfectly and it doesn't efficiently scale with her W. All of her abilities are in an OK spot: Her Q is a standard poke spell. Her plants/seeds have their problems but offer unique damage and utility. Maxing E second isn't very reliable but doable (imo). It's a good way to stop engages on you either way. Her ult rounds off her kit nicely by adding more disengage with both damage and CC.
you have to max E second , i cant imagine playing without doing it. you get damage and a whole second more CC. from w you just get 2-10% cooldownreduction. that by far cant replace more dmg and so much more cc , also you have no kill poetntial with a maxed W at lvl 13. (maybe thats just my playstye , but giving up dmg + a lot more cc for 10% cdr doesnt seem good to me). about the item build :i have tested lots of combinations and ways. some time ago i bought pen boots+haunting guise , sometimes chalice first , sometimes even liandrys first. but this build seems to be very efficent for me/my playstyle .if i am against a zed/talon/yasuo , i get zhonyas first (depens on how good they are , but if a zed is even only medicore , you need zhonyas asap) if i am up against others , i usually get a morellos, then zhonyas. after that its usually a void staff , or a deathcap ( voidstaff just works good because of her "meh" skalios) at the very end , after the deathcap , i decide if i go for ludens , or for liandrys , that depens on the enemy team too ( you sure would go for liandrys if they have 2-3 tanks).
: > what i have noticed is , that i can not "fullcombo" a mobile champion if i land my snare , until i am lvl 10 , because the snare duration is just too low , and people like zed jump out of the snare , before the damage of her ult and Q comes off. I take it you're maxing Q first? Try putting points into E instead early on; treat it as if you're maxing it up through lv5, then max Q by lv10.
i have thought about that too , problem with that is that you sacrifice damage and poke early on, the cooldown on Q stays high too.
: I think her passive could use a change, and maybe tweak the CDR on her W so that you aren't always ending with 35% which is just hard to reach 40% from efficiently. Outside of that I don't really like the argument that she's designed as a mid lane mage. It really doesn't matter what their initial intentions were, what matters is how the kit plays out. Blitzcrank was designed to be a tanky solo laner. Morgana was designed as a solo laner. Annie was designed as a solo laner. Look at where they go now.
thats true , but my problem with that is , that they nerfed her only because of that reason , gave her nothing back (well , 0,05 scalio on Q , you need 650 AP to reach the same damage that you would have dealt before the nerf , so , very helpful as AP mid) , and now they even see her as a support , thats kinda ironic. first nerfing her because of the "missposition-play" , and then leave her there. meaning , when she would have been played mid , and not support in soloQ and in lcs , she would have probably not received nerfs. edit: with annie , they reduced her base damages and made her skalios higher , (about a nice amount , if you compare it with the 0,05%). so they are trying to get her back to the designed role , but with zyra they just ont care as it seems. i think that would have been a good solution for zyra too , instead they nerfed her entire kit.
: > (also, english is not my main language ,and that was my first forum post, please excuse the mistakes) Trust me when I say that your grammar is better than 90% of the people who use the internet. From reading your post up to this point, I would've thought English to be your first language. On top of that, you made some really good points. :)
thank you very much ^-^ , good to see people share my opinion.
Hupsis (EUNE)
: I'd like her plants to get better AI. But I don't want her to get any more damage, that's for sure. Passive is s**t. Has always been. The concept of it I mean. Would love if it got completely replaced by something more fitting and something that enhances her gameplay. Her movement speed is low, yes. And I'm sure there are reasons for it such as: - aoe damage - burst damage - dps damage - cc abilities - zoning potential
True , her damage is fine how it is i guess. but the points dps damage , and "partly" zoningpotential are countered by the fact that her plants die so fast. for example , 3 autohits , or one single-targer spell and an autohit are enough to kill them immediately. (there are abillities like nasus/renekton ult , rumble flames/ult , the sipin of garen , nasus E etc. Pretty much every abillity that deals damage more times than one in a short period kills them in under one second) but its true , against certain champions like cho gath , the zoningpotential is there , though cho gath heals back all the damage anyways, lol. i dont find her passive useless or complete shit , i wouldn`t mind something else that helps her gameplay , but i think its not a bad concept , just very clunky , slow , and not that great at all in ingame. about the movement speed , i think the only mage in the game that is as slow as zyra is anivia. every other mage has more MS (lux,syndra,malzahar,) , or a MS buff/escape (orianna,lissandra) lissandra even shares some similarities with zyras kit.
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