: Diana Nerf, REALLY RIOT?
I am genuinely confused why they nerfed diana so suddenly yet talon seems to evade them while foing basically the exact same thing
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: phase rush (enemy darius could proc phase rush after he bought phage) me ? nop not even once manaflow many others probably don't work as well
aery (Sp) doesn't shield your allies
Crocele (NA)
: does any champion use conditioning?
likely very few, it doesn't give a lot while requiring you to wait 10mins to get the benefit which is a long time in this meta. Bone plating and arguably second wind is better early on and not to mention that armour stacking hasn't been viable for a while.
Naalith (NA)
: How is it even possible that a patch this busted can release 10 years into a game's life?
tbf the death recap is that old that trying to fix that caused all this, but the issue is how did this get passed the pbe
: All these champions were designed in a different time. Nowadays, Riot is designing champions to fill specific niches and needs. Pyke was specifically designed to give us an assassin for the support position, something we didn't have before since assassins traditionally go into the mid, top, or jungle position. Because of this, they stated from the very beginning that they will balance Pyke around support being his primary role, so he can continue to fill that specific niche of a support assassin.
no disagreements from me about his nerfs, I agree with them but its a rule for the goose and a different one for the gander if you know the phrase. One rule for pyke and the enchanters a whole different rule for all the reject mid/toplaners and junglers that pollute the support role.
vyoda (NA)
: I can see the Top mains downvoting this already...
Barely any toplaners play tanks nowadays, most have moved to the jungle
: Pyke's changes are thoughtless
Just to point out Soraka e deals no damage to minions Sona ult deals no damage to minions
: Well the Pyke changes do well to make him a better support and not a laner. And NO you're completely incorrect, Tahm was NOT designed to be a top laner. You're making that shit up. While also confusing "viable" with "completely overpowered". The idea to let any champion play any role is a bad idea, and riot already knows it. It's players who don't understand why there are even so many champions in the first place that think it's somehow okay for it to not matter who you pick in what role.
Velkoz annie morgana brand lux leona and blitz were not designed to be supports yet the meta decided that they were to be supports.
: What PROJECT skins you were expecting this year?
Irelia and kaisa for definite, also akali.
Yenn (NA)
: My lane is 3-0-0 at level 6. I'm being 100 to 0'd in a single combo. I can't play the game.
well atleast its not like botlane one grab or such from threst blitz ect generally mean you are dead lvl 2 onwards
: GP Buffs Ideas??
Any buffs to him must be tied with nerfs to get him out of toplane and back into midlane
: Plot twist: One of OP's opponent was their next door neighbour, who peeked into OP's window to see where they're up to every time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eyEqT8Rf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-15T12:59:17.314+0000) > > If you think Yuumi is just a healbot, you are deluded. With the next patch notes she pretty much is a heal bot. There's no incentive to leave early unless you're experienced with the matchup and know when to go for a free bop and a shield. The mana return was a pretty big incentive early.
Yeah they are making the same mistake they did with raka, nerfing the reason the play aggressive wgich only promotes passive play styles
vyoda (NA)
: Ikr. At least {{champion:16}} was never _untargetable_, and assassins deleted her in fights
: Macro meta needs to shift
Because kill lanes didnt exist in season 2 3 4 and 5? Corki leona, thresh lucian draven, tristana alistar and draven with any sup woth hard cc to name a few. Also whch carries are you talking about, mosy adcs dont fall off nowadays and most a relatively good early game.
: if the ladder is actually working then hard reset it.
I take it you werent around when dynamic que was introduced
Srbonator (EUNE)
: {{item:3140}} Vayne also shits on him.
: Diana is a nightmare to play against
she does have that thing similar to {{champion:105}} where you can slap them around prior to 6 but as soon as they get ult you need to play like a bitch
: Garen vs varus
no, he will rip you a new one with his on hit build
: Aatrox identity isn't the revive. But sadly idiots pop up everywhere and say it is and always was.
I like many tank playing cry babies are all for attrox bashing but arguably it is since its about the only thing to remain from his orginal kit.
GigglesO (NA)
: Did I say they were tank items? I said we had alot of defense with little drawbacks (specifically to champions damage). Even {{item:3026}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3102}} have a significant amount of defense for the damage that they offer. Lets also not forget {{item:3091}} was just changed in hopes to be significantly better in terms of offering both offence and defense. I mean the list could even get longer. With {{item:3748}} {{item:3812}} (all lifesteal items really) {{item:3152}} and whatnot.
>Unpopular Opinion: Tank items on squishes are fine... > **Tank items on squishes are fine...** > **Tank** items > _**Tank**_
: What are the 10 hardest skillshots to land?
nami Q is surprisingly easy to land if you selfcast E auto Q depending on the skin I sometimes have a very difficult time landing max ranged soraka Qs
GigglesO (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Tank items on squishes are fine...
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 70% gold efficient tank items I see nothing wrong - Riot
Before or after factoring in pen items?
Moody P (NA)
: Buff tank items
Are you feeling ok, you are becoming progressively more pro tank these coming weeks. Genuinely wprried about you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Moody P (NA)
: are you implying that Diana has been strong at all in recent time
Shes doing decent enough in toplane, likely as a counter to all the ranged
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lWi8W3Y4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-09T17:21:30.400+0000) > > {{champion:103}} Not a control mage > {{champion:7}} Not a Control mage > {{champion:13}} Not a control mage > {{champion:131}} Not a control mage > {{champion:104}} Not a control mage > {{champion:38}} Not a control mage > {{champion:518}} Not a control mage > {{champion:68}} Not a control mage > {{champion:142}} Not a control mage > {{champion:8}} Not a control mage > ------------------------------------------------------- > {{champion:127}} > {{champion:99}} > The only Control Mages that have been viable in like a year Neither Lux is Lux is a burst mage like Ahri tho
all mages are burst mages nowadays :D
Moody P (NA)
: do something about control mages
by control mages you mean who exactly? lux is the only strong one currently
: Simple. Vayne Top.
you should be banned from the internet for suggesting this {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I can only assume they are trying to get him to fill an anti enchanter niche down bot to deal with Janna and the likes.
he already fills that role https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Blitzcrank/
: She's a melee champ that's supposed to attack more than once, get in melee with her shield, pull you back when you run away, dash to you and kill you, a fighter Nowadays you just get her empowered auto up and then go and kill someone with one combo when you have the items It's a bit like Wukong, he's labelled a fighter, but anyone with a brain plays him full damage as an assassin, because he's far too squishy to be a fighter and he has a large %armour reduction in his kit
> **Nowadays** you just get her empowered auto up and then go and kill someone with one combo when you have the items shes been doing this for aslong as I can remember, its not a new thing.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Gunblade Ezreal is draintanking harder than Aatrox
> I've been saying that gunblade is a problem since since so much times, but no one wants to listen first off, no you haven't. secondly it should just be deleted for the exact same reason wota was removed, the champ that builds most {{champion:84}} already has sustain within her kit.
Moody P (NA)
: The issue of range top laners is accessibility
So would you be fine with lowering the power of melee bruisers so that tanks have a fighting chance in the lane?
: I mean, I don't see why it won't work on Sivir.
: Why a lot of people hates current Karma state ? She is one of the funniest champs on LOL !
: ***
Renekton hasnt countered riven for years. Its at most a skill matchup
: Starting long sword + refillable potion or starting corrupting potion with Talon?
can you kill your opponent? start long sword cant? take corrupting
NY64 (NA)
: What happened to the Warden class?
Thresh is still one of the top supports in the game and is currently far stronger than taric.
: Are you sure you want to make bruisers(any champ that provides sustain dmg) op?
You call what they currently do sustained damage?
: Yasuo and his "powerful" kit
Its no that his kit is powerful per say its that it includes alot of hand holding within it. The way windwall works, ulting pushing him outside of tower range, q being scripted as an aa despite being an aoe ability.
Kanzler (NA)
: Boards: mobility is such a problem! Riot: *adds anti dash ability while reducing its damage. Boards: *proceeds to complain about buffs to reduce mobility.
Tbf thougj ahri is in a great spot and is already a super strong generalist with limited weaknesses. Would heve beem better on some of the weaker midlane mages. Not to mention she a champ with dashes.
: how to prevent team from feeding?
Sacrifice your first birn to one if the dark gods?
: I mean I give a shit about tanks, but people fear a tank meta if we give them a small ounce of attention so i've kinda given up all hope on that front LOLZ. Ranged with Klepto is the name of the game. Funny how for a while it died, then Riot did another oopsie and buffed aspects of Karma that top Karma would abuse. Easiest way of kicking her out is getting rid of that % missing HP heal and replace it with a different scaling base heal. Would kill the tank build in seconds. That and making IBG melee only so we can buff it for melees who want it.
The easiest way to kilk tank karma is to make frozen fist melee only.
: Don't forget how it's extremely easy to counter his E. Basically cleanse or QSS or even Edge of night would fix it.
Because Veigar is the only champion in the game with CC
Laura ß (NA)
: Current state of top lane in summary
Always find it amusing when toplane bruiser players bitch about ranged bullying them yet gave 0 shits about said bruisers bullying tanks out of the lane. Also, lel. Putting vlad gnar and GP with the melees as if they aren't abusers
Don't even bother wasting your time, you cant even play a pvp game when you finally get in.
coreym11 (NA)
: As an adc how can I stop the game from being decided in the first 10 minutes?
Change adc to any other role and the answer is always the same. You can't do anything to stop it.
: 2hrs30min 0,o
Is it just EUW?
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