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: Reminder: Karma Update is Still Supposedly Going to Happen Even After the Extreme Criticism
Well looks like i will be dropping karma then. So disappointing that they put so much effort into other reworks and we karma players get that... im going to say though that we do not make it easy, most do want karma to be focused as a support, some want her as a midlaner amd an odd few want her as a toplaner. Riot seriously give her W an allied interaction like knights vow and rework her Q to something more healthy Ps give us the fans back
: A lifesteal Crit item
Talk about an over loaded item
: Here's an unpopular idea, What if you fought them in the 4 seconds before they get conqueror? i know, your mind is blown imagining how this will change your life. It's crazy, I know.
In the minion wave at low levels? Thats a bad idea...
: ah yes, the clip of the tank with no MR items and that is actually BEHIND getting one shotted by the fed AP assassin... yeah that sure is a good thing for you to base any sort of argument from
not that I disagree with what you say it shows how much overkill damage assasins have, orn would likely have about 3 - 3.5k hp and no amount of magic resit would save him considering void staff and allure (40% and 35% respectively magic pen) your average adc/midlane squishy whom are usually her target will have no where near the defensive stats of ornn
: Season 9 A.K.A Season 8 part 2
what happened last preseason? oh yeh they added runes, didn't bother balancing them and gutted sona
: I love how surprised people are when a new bad patch comes
what I love the most is when people call a patch "good" simply because it didn't fuck anything up
: pyke still needs a nerf or two or 3
needs a lot more than that enchanters and taric were gutted for going into solo lanes pyke should be no different
: I am looking forward to any more details, and I thank you for your time. But are there supports or enemy sup/ADC combos which I CAN win against? Generally, when the enemy doesn't have proper support for example, I generally do quite well. Worth mentioning that I do traditionally use only the recommendd items, ill definitely try some new ones like ludens.
Sona is arguably her easiest lane All you need to do is block her empowered autos with your shield and poke the shit out of the enemy adc Sona simply cant sustain aswell as the likes of soraka, her level one w on heals dor 35hp and costs like 80mana. Not to mention she only starts with low hp and has a pretty large hitbox
: I am willing to save up my blue essence to buy nami, since im interested in her. but if you saw my edit towards the end, I have played over a hundred games (I believe) with Janna and have Mastery 7, Im not saying im beyond improvement, as you can see in the post, I need to get better. But I have already played Janna a lot, and have achieved some absolutely fantastic games over the last couples months since I started playing. But as I said, I definitely do plan on learning nami when I unlock her, but maybe you didn't notice by skimming over (which is fine since this is a super long post) that I have played Janna ALOT since I unlocked her, and am not just starting. But to adress your thoughts in this comment, I do thoroughly enjoy playing janna as a denial and anti all in support, my current issue tbh is just that I struggle to not play too passively or aggressively, and need to find a balance. Ive dramatically reduced my usage of Q since I stopped leveling it early.
I cant get into depth right now as its 3am where i am so will post tomorrow afternoon in more depth. In heavy poke comps like lux just accept that you have likely lost lane, no shame in that your job i just to limit the damage. DO NOT go for {{item:3303}} in lanes you are not comfortably poking with. You will take way to many risks trying to get the gold procs. Take coin instead. You get more gold over the course of the game with it. Lanes with blitz or lux max your E to protect yourself and adc from pokes and all ins. You likely have came against a leona idk if you have learned the trick toknock her up during her E. Do not go heavy ap items as support. They are too expensive and jannas ap ratios excluding ult are garbage. Janna doesnt need items to be useful as you already know. Redemption is a must Ardent depending on your adc or jungler/toplaner is also a good item. The only reason i play janna mid is when we basically have 2/3 carries in bot jungle and top. Last janna mid game i playef had a yi jungle and jax top. Ludens Lichbane/censor Death cap Are a core opinion Magic pen isnt necessary as you will be doing no damage anyway. 2 qs with ludens will clear a wave but more inportantly it will delay the way as it knocks up minions. E with ap will increase the shield and also the ad granted. Monsoon with AP is the strongest heal in the game so consider more cdr in your build. You wont win lane
: Newbie, and Janna main, I played better when I played like a Noob.
Ive already posted my thoughts as a reply but i wouldnt recommend you start with janna, shes simply far to gated as an denial/anti all in support. Try nami shes a jack of all trades, can engage/disengage poke and sustain a pretty good all rounder and arguably tje strongest support right now. A good one to learn the support craft on although she is a good bit more difficult to play than janna
Nhifu (NA)
: **Always max Q first** ADC is good - wave clear gives you faster 6 ADC is a noob - wave clear helps you hold tower more than shielding the tower does. Afraid of shoving the lane too hard? By the time you do you're already 6. Whole team died? Don't worry 1-2 tornados will blow up the wave. Land a sick 5 man knock up? They all die. Q E W is the skill priority. Since Aery will give you a good enough shield anyways. Self shield + auto attack + slow, followed up by a tornado (this is why it's maxed first) to save yourself if you're over aggressive or your adc fell asleep. **Aery is better than Comet** Missed every skill shot? Auto attack op. **Every support item sucks right now** I recommend grabbing Luden's before level 3 support item or level 2 boots (or any boots at all) This is mainly because 20% cooldown and AP will be better than any amount of weak % shield boost, and because it's easy to hit 45% cooldown with runes. (20% from luden's, 10% from sorc, 10% instead of adaptive damage, 5% from utility) This also makes roaming Janna pretty scary. If you're extremely behind I recommend mobility boots, just because you'll end up using more spells and recalling, and roaming for plays > babysitting a noob ADC. (It's not ADC meta anyways).
If you are playing support janna dont even read the above poster W is max first, point and click poke and increases your aa damage with passive. Then E for obvious reasons. You are a support for your adc you need to protect them and it goves them ad. Q is last, its a one point wonder why on earth would you want to shove the wave as janna? Your oom after 4 qs... jesus man do you even janna? Support items do not suck, redemption is one of the best items in the game because of the active. Not to mention they are dirt cheap and cost effective. Your ap ratios and damage is garbage you will not 100 - 0 anyone even with 800 ap o play janna mid fyi. If you want to play a damage support play something like lux or zyra.
: Can Yasuo windwall Fizz's ult?
Yes even odd things like the return projectile (healing parts) in vlads kit can be blocked
: Has Riot ever considered an optional subscription service?
Maybe they should consider making the game better so more people decide to playe and pay money for skins ect rather than trying to squeze money out a diminishing playerbase.
: Fizz Mains Help Me Out
best place to ask would be the reddit fizz page but im guessing a dorans with 2hp and start with E(troll pole) just incase he gets the lvl 2 first
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: Would Stormrazor make more sense as an AP item?
because this wouldn't be incredibly broken on several champs especially when paired with {{item:3100}}
: vayne isnt broken she is a cleaner up type champ due to the point and clicks in the champ.
eh? shes a 1v1 duellist like she has always been
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: Zed is one of the most op champions in the game.
unpopular opinion, he is by far and away the fairest assassin to play against strange how you say talon is balanced while he is widely regarded as the best or second best assassin besides this bitch {{champion:7}}
: @ the people who were watching LCS/LCK in earlier seasons: was it really that boring?
S3 was hyper aggressive especially in china with stuff like aatrox jungle just so you could lvl 2 towerdive S4 was pretty much the same with assasins seeing a lot of play the Korean meta began to take hold in S5 where games were stalled out by ziggs and xerath clearing wave easily (why we have empowered minions now), cinderhulk meta was boring to watch but personally better to play in assassin/bursty metas are generally more fun to watch but usually I have no idea what is going on until the casters do a slower replay
: Pokemon (Ruby,Sapphire, Emerald editions and their remakes)
sorry didn't know it would be that, usually its some sort of weird hentai {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: ...the point is he's gonna be strong late game. They could hit him with two damage nerfs and he'll still be strong. Why's that? Oh that right, mage items are overtuned as all hell.
Alzon (NA)
: Like Winona’s Tropius
I have no ~~fucking~~ bloody idea what that is and knowing these boards I sure as hell aint googling it
Lilithh (NA)
: I wish low elo stompers would just be made healthy for the game.
: @Riot: Nas was buffed because of short games, where is Veigar's buff?
Moody P (NA)
: Nobody who picks Nunu has good intentions
actually surprised you haven't picked him up as an alternative to your beloved bear why is he that bad though? tanky engager that can double up as a support
: > [{quoted}](name=Death by Glamour,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gAuyGgV6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-14T23:11:01.288+0000) > > A major issue effecting the game is that riot always take the easy route rather than rolling up the sleeves and doing some serious balance changes during the preseason or midseason. > > case and point {{item:3076}} {{item:3075}} > > rather than dealing with ADC lifestealing which was completely broken at the time they reworked these items and it completely fucked toplane AA reliant bruisers which in turn lead to conqueror being added to the game THIS, they screwed over my favorite champs just to "fix" adc's
"fix" as in put a bandaid on it
hoganftw (NA)
: Be honest: Chadshinshin was wrong.
he didn't ask for conqueror what he did do was get reddit so riled up that riot ended up releasing conqueror as fast as possible
: Gragas is a tank support He does decent damage, but you are kidding yourself if you think he's a burst mage. Almost no one goes full AP support gragas except when super ahead and doing it for fun. Gragas though is definitely a great support and better in higher elo's than low ELO. He's been a solid support now for a while thanks to aftershock. Tank supports are king in high ELO and competitive despite low elo crying over brand and zyra.
> Gragas is a tank support he was nerfed that hardhe was an assassin mage now hes tank support :D :D :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Death by Glamour,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KtyFHxBR,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-01-17T18:48:29.112+0000) > > do you need to sit down sir? Yea...
just take a seat sir beside all the take mains, nurse akali and surgeon shen will see you promptly
Rioter Comments
: Because it only costs 2200 gold and has amazing passives, including another +20 armor.
even for a tank top to put on a yi or jax it is a remarkably underused item
: Leona has game breaking problems with unit collision.
I used to think sona was bad for this then I saw the new Leona skin ingame and sheesh she is a big woman
: > [{quoted}](name=Death by Glamour,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ttcucido,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-17T18:26:53.305+0000) > > only 3? :D Aatrox, Irelia, Jax? Throw in Camille if you want but most fighters are manageable.
what are we basing this off of? winrate wise there are far more successful picks than irelia and aatrox
: Please don't tell me that's Elise support.
do you need to sit down sir?
: [Fun Activity] If you had to create/rework (X) champion what would you do differently?
for soraka I would have given her the dual passive that they planned on, % of armour/MR converted to ap or healpower remove the health cost,increase CD (drastically) and the heal from W hitting enemies with abilties reduces the CD of W
: I do agree with the sentiment. I personally prefer to play the near-unkillable wondering tank that just toys with people, like in season 2-3 with trundle. The good ole' days. Ontop of the new releases all hitting a mobile assassin checklist of insane damage, some form of mobility or trickery, and obnoxious croud control unfitting to the character, i hate that riot's policy around champion balance. Rather than try and level the playing field to some degree, they purposely boost and bump them down depending on what THEY want to be played, rather than what people want to play.
> Rather than try and level the playing field to some degree, they purposely boost and bump them down depending on what THEY want to be played, rather than what people want to play. lets not forget they are starting to buff champs right before expensive skin releases
Zerenza (NA)
: As an assassin main, most assassins are viable. Evelynn, Diana, Katarina, Zed, Kha'Zix, Pyke and Nocturn are all perfectly viable. For Kat and Zed they take a bit more skill but for all of these champions, put a bit of time into them and your looking at a 50-55% win rate scaling up with champion experience. Non viable assassins are as follows. Fizz, Ekko, Akali, Kayn(blue form is often not preffered) and Rengar and with all of them your skill can make up for a lot of their win rates. The thing I find the most interesting is that 55% of the assassin class is AP but people only complain about the AD ones.
> Evelynn, **Diana**, Katarina, Zed, Kha'Zix, Pyke and**Nocturn ** not that I disagree or anything but these two are divers
: > [{quoted}](name=Sewer Side,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ttcucido,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-17T02:24:26.220+0000) > > “Nothing better beating one broken ass class with another broken ass class” 3 fighters being broken =/= the whole class.
: Riven actually needs to be talked about more, Super strong in Low elo, and High elo.
quickly read through the top comments briefly, everyone is talking about about "high skillcap" lets actually give that a name **animation canceling**
Nea104 (EUW)
: Indeed. Season 8 in a nutshell. (also, add giving an **assassin** a crazy **tank skill** for no reason, and nerfing the (basically) same skill to a proper tank {{champion:223}} )
After the whole soraka lulu janna taric solo lanes in season 2 3 and 4 a utility character with damage should never have existed
: The problem is they designed {{champion:39}} to be able to do it all: * Durable through natural synergy with the Juggernaut item set * Highly mobile * High burst damage * High sustain damage * In kit hard CC * Aoe Team FIght Ult * In kit healing * Strong defensive option in W Then, for the sake of balance, they had to nerf her numbers patch after patch to the point that she's been sitting at a 45 percent win rate They should figure out some clear strengths and weaknesses for Irelia's kit and sharpen her identity towards those goals.
we are going to have a repeat of this with sylas
: your champion's kit being butchered probably doesn't help either.
throwing Qs on people for some poke or using it to safe farm W shielding like 200 damage seriously new shen shits on the old one
: His execute doesn't scale that well, though. Most carries get like half their damage out of their AP ratios. Pyke gets like a quarter. The thing that makes his ult truly hit so hard is the great base damage that scales with level.
> His execute doesn't **scale that well ** > great base damage that **scales with level.** it scales from 3 different sources!
: Struggling against tanks with 35% armor pen innate in kit and a massive ad buff for stacking a bleed that already lets you win short trades????? Black cleaver is broken because to take it out of adcs hands when they were taking all the bruiser items they made it cost more and took away 20 ad to add more armor pen and called it balanced. but that doesnt make up for the damage that bruisers lost versus non tank classes the health it got cant compensate because defensive stats just arent as good as damage stats and then all the defensive items lost more defensive stats afterward anyway.
> Struggling against tanks with 35% armor pen innate in kit and a massive ad buff for stacking a bleed that already lets you win short trades????? he was just used as an example...
: How is Pyke hypermobile? Also he's received tons of nerfs and changes. The whole "he is no longer a new champion" is just a ridiculous addition really.
in comparison to other supports hes pretty damn mobile
Poske (EUNE)
: Pyke nerfs any time soon? He is no longer a new champion
the whole thing with a support having a great scaling execute will never be balanced
Chewedon (OCE)
: Is there any champions in League's history that has received more nerfs than Irelia? Why don't they make it so she when she marks a target, she can't mark the same target for the next 30/20/10 seconds or so? That way she can only use 2 dashes on a champ at most.
shabingi (NA)
: when is kassadin getting real nerfs?
those 1.2k riftwalks are insane lategame...
Moody P (NA)
: Removing conqueror is removing skill do not let tank menace return
: The new Essence Reaver and Spear of Shojin on the PBE
looks like Lucian will be going into crit now
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