potatto (EUNE)
: But choosing this tree for every support wil sacrifice aery's shield or revitalize's stronger heals and shields so mostly tanky supports will choose this but even they would probably sacrifice gathering storm's late game dmg or triumph's health regain.
they can take it as a secondary, unless you meant as a keystone? Besides, aery is hardly any that impactful. it's mostly picked because it's consistent, and revitalize can be picked up as secondary.
: Any good alternatives to League?
Well, the only ones i know are dota and hots. They are both the extremization of two aspects of LoL, basically. DotA is quite simple actually, but is layed and overlayed and overlayed with different rules to consider. It's less snappy than LoL and has many more aspects of a strategy game compared to LoL, with the goods and the bads that come with it. It's not uncommon to be killed on sight on DotA, which compounded with other stuff makes it a overall very punishing game, but as i get it that's also part of the game. The complexity is stemmed out of some interactiosn that are actually complex and overlayed, but that makes it hardly difficult itself, just less intuitive: the game has the bad habit of hardly renovating itself, but just add stuff over stuff. I suggest to try it aniway simply for the fact that you don't have to unlock characters. Try to get it with fun initially, and do some other gamemodes than normal ( like Overthrow ) so you get the hang out of it. HotS it's more action oriented. They want faster games with simpler tactical decisions without being boring and they embrace it. Since games are faster loss stings less, since games end faster heroes can do crazy stuff that would otherwise break a game in the lenght of lol. Problem is that sometimes characters look same-y, even with all the bells and whistles, and it's not very encoraging that has a worse character unlock experience than LoL. Honestly it gave me a very good impression. It has a different feeling and a different market than LoL or DotA for sure, but that doe snot mean is not enjoyable. Honestly, id did not play much of both of them, the first one remembered too much a bad copy of warcraft ( since it was born as its mod ) and the second kinda annoyed me quite fast, if not for Kael'Thas.
potatto (EUNE)
: rune concept
I don't think that there "should be" an option like this, but i agree otherwise. The idea behind bending ward limits it's nice and fitting, but i suspect that it would make it a to-go for any support for the vision game. I think however that inspiration it's not useless but at least not very satisfactory. Sometimes too much generic.
: For sure, that's why we held off for 8.16. Could believe we need to do a lot of rejigging yet
hey, not sure if you are quite the one working on it but if suppression is such a big deal and you don't want to skew too much on the protective side of the skill did you consider allowing an ingurgitated enemy to not be affected from the stacking effect for a time? Maybe Tahm just gets tired of the same taste :D I am not sure this is a good suggestion and sorry if i sound patronizing, i had my sights on tahm for a while since i play a lot jungler/support and he seems a good candidate with the right set of changes, so i am interested on where the direction is going.
: Pool Party Caitlyn sure is Something
well, she has guns she shows 'em
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Give Elise her butt-stripes
Probably that's undoable due to visual clutter. But fuck it, it's for ass sake
Velivolo (NA)
: Belated Irelia Appreciation
I am not a fan of the new irelia, but certainly it is waaaaay better than the old one. I just can't manage to understand her, like to me she seems too much counterintuitive >:O
: I honestly think the Akali rework looks nice
Agree, also love the fanart :D
: I don't actually know how to respond to something like this. I guess we just disagree on what is considered complex, and I can tell by the fact you had to read Irelia 3 times to understand but this new kit looks simple to you...
probably because i am not a native speaker, and i could not understand well the conditions which allowed for a dash reset xP But compared to Akali Irelia's has a lot of inner mechanics that work to make an input, where Akali instead gets decisions and options that are pretty much clear. She has a passive that stacks up with different stuff, increases in power not linearly with its stacks and gets a different amount of stacks based on who and how many enemies are hit by her abilities, plus deals more damage to shields but only when said 6 second stacks hold up and only when said stacks are 4. Plus her Duet ( E) adds a mark that is consumed when dashed to but also has to be reactivated to do an aoe stun that else is activated on her. I am not sure if said stun procs the mark that allows her to refresh her dash. I mean, in the end the execution is pretty clear, but if you look at the inner workings it's all mad eup of marks, exceptions, resets, stacks and so on. Not an effect is a clear one! Also, she has stuff that is not much intuitive, and while that does not make her complex it does not help at all to understand her. I still don't know the uses of her W, and why they gave her a mark reset on a skill that can be used to engage with a stun. I actually dom't get at all why they gave her a mark reset that works like old Fiora's Q. Akali instead has skills that work in a simple way, but that have dynamics that interact with each other. Probably the most comples of her kit is the E, that has an exception ( can hit a temporary cloud of smoke ) and a mark ( that however is single targeted and very bief).
: You have presented a compelling argument. +1. > [{quoted}](name=Decrit,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=le4yOmEn,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-17T17:02:04.683+0000) > > Mind me, i am not a PBE tester and i am a person that based his observation on the videos shared by Riot, as much as many of the people here, and i want to share a different way to see at things. Wait, is Akali on the PBE?
she is not, but since i am making this point regardless of her being on pbe or not ( since most of other posts are made under the same circumstances ) i wrote it like that to consider this point regardless if it is read today or tomorrow, or whenever she is released on pbe. i mean, as i said i am not a tester, just a spectator aniway {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} EDIT: to make things clearer, i edited out the PBE part. After all, i am not a tester of any kind and i want to avoid confusion to specify the PBE
Rioter Comments
: I really like what Riot has done to new Akali's face
I think it's hard to make human female faces so much different in stylized games. I mean, that's why makeup was adopted from women right?
: Akali gaining tower IMMUNITY on a non-ultimate spell is a whole new level of stupid. Unbelievable.
{{champion:266}} (old one) {{champion:60}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:8}} all of these champions have somehow the ability to lose or delay tower aggro. some more, some less, but at least consider than Fizz and Vladimir are both taking the cake here. This is just a boards fad to get upvotes. And people wonder why boards are not taken seriously.
: Complexity is fine, if it is possible to balance - See Azir for an example. Azir has a kit that isn't overcomplicated to the point of inability to balance, however he is tiptoeing the line. This new kit coming to Akali, its way over that line of complexity. I am fine with the mastery bar for a champion being high, but when the kit demands low numbers because you have so much ability to outplay with little opportunity for counterplay - this becomes a problem. Her rework kit already has insane numbers as shown, and we know PBE won't change that at all. So they are releasing an assassin with the ability to outplay any champion in the game, with overtuned numbers. And their response to her 100% pick/ban state will be to gut her into the ground or just straight up revert the rework. I get that you work for Riot so you just have to support their decisions, but there are clear issues with the kit, both you and I know it.
honestly, her kit does not look that complicated at all. Fine inputs, clear rules and effects, i don't see the problem. I agree it has some intricacies, like every her ability marking a target with the circle ( which has a CD aniway ) but otherwise it's quite simple. They just offer you many different choices and you have to pick one. Her Q is an aoe and is useful to proc the ring effect at distance. It has different properties like waveclear and hp recover but those are bundled up in the effect itself. Her W is basically her old one, with some under-the hood changes. Her E is probably the most complex of the 3 but it's quite simple to make choices around - either hit somebody with the skillshot, proc the ring and dash at them or dash to them, hit them and withdraw to the smokescreen. Her ulti allows her to break the mold a little by proccing more easily rings and giving her an execute. mechanically, they are simple. Combined they intersect very nice and clean. Totally different thing from other champions like Camille or Aatrox, so to say, which have mich more undelying effects and timers that feel more enstranged to control. Or Irelia, that i had to read 3 times to understand how it was going on.
: @Riot is a detailed post about Damage Creep, TTK, Snowball and Game Length too much to ask?
Mostly, because on how you pose the question. Many of you don't want to ask something - many PRETEND to have their prblems highlighted. Doublelift not only is a pro, but is someone that can handle a professional communication, that's why it's doable for riot to answe him. boards are not.
: Just quick question, i didn't see any words from Ghostcrawler addressing or about The DMG creep? All of his comments upvoted, All of the people replys downvoted, Since the boards is raging more than 6 months now, how did they upvoted him, and downvoted themselves? Just cant get this? any though? Edit: i know what was happening, but at least this was for me.
because more sane people went to that thread, at a certain point.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rihannsu,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=tEeOQZFo,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-07-13T21:34:31.331+0000) > > erm she recently got buffed and her dmg and tankyness before that were already pretty strong She has a 49% win rate: https://champion.gg/champion/Poppy/Top? For someone that supposedly got recently buffed and has had "pretty strong" dmg and tankyness, that isn't very impressive.
she is reliant on enemy team composition. if picked properly she has way better results. Half of these boards complaining about Yasuo can't even imagine how her screws him over.
: I was told I could post this here
It references an anime with cute protagonists and dialogues :) so you know what that means. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND NEVER SEE IT AGAIN.
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Whatever you think about his kit, it's undeniable that, visually, he's terribly old and outdated.
: Trust me, he needs it. Someone with a point and click fear that lasts 3 seconds when he can ult for nearly 2k damage at level 11 needs it pretty badly. On top of that he isnt even being played in his intended role anymore, and his art story and voicelines are all out of whack. He is honestly just as dire if not more than the other four. Except maybe mundo.
I am not saying he is perfect, or good, just not top priority. I don't think his fear is a big deal, he lacks abilities that deal burst dagame beyond his ult, and both his ult and his main damaging ability deal damage over time ( with the ult requiring him to be close to the enemies). If anithing i find out of place his crows. That silence + damage can be truly nasty, and the bounce effect can be either wonky or uncounterable. Also because much of his gameplay is widely predictable and counterable in that way - stay aware of being close to walls and such.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Reminder of how the VGUs are chosen.
Honestly i think fiddle is fine enough to not be top priority. I mean his kit is kinda weird, sometimes seems hard to counter on the spot, but i'd not sai it's dire as Mundo or Pantheon.
Khelb (NA)
: > Only once or twice in the past week i found someposts that weren't simply giving orders to riot but were actually thinking by the dev's view without treating them like garbage. After years of DMG and mobility creep it's difficult to stay civil. Especially after beginning civilly and getting ignored and down voted for saying the truth. The reality is that all the idiots claiming we should lie in the beds we made we're the ones making our beds and down voting our posts of concerns about dmg and mobility. Then, true to thier character, want to blame us for the current shit show that league has become. I consider you a part of that crew. We have been past civility for at least a year now and I'll be danmed if I'm going to be respectful to the asshats that ruined my favorite game.
i can understand that sentiment, but you know that does not make sense right? I mean, there is not even anymore the same people! Part of the ones that added "damage creep", as you say, aren't anymore there probably and those who did now worked on the pile of who did before them! *You don't even know the people you claim to complain about!* You probably know the usual two or three that sometimes get out to talk about stuff *which are still one people* and don't have straight up time resources to do/order all the changes you complain about! Besides, arrogance won't help aniway. Many of the "suggestions" and "feedback" that i see on boards is people playing to be slavers. Not that developers are unfallible, but surely i would not be surprised if they did not consistently follow those said "orders" from people *who objectively know nothing*. The only thing you gain by doing so is not "saving your favourite game", you are only destroying the community of your favourite game. Or at least this part of the community, the boards, which is considered toxic to the core aniway.
: > [{quoted}](name=l Miss Season 3,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cBeszErx,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-07-11T20:37:30.114+0000) > > He was terrible on release. Then they hotfixed buffed him to infinity and he became the most oppressive laner in the game. That doesn't make the people complaining on day one wrong. At the time they were correct. I wouldn't say he was terrible on release, nor would I say the hotfix was "to infinity". Hell, he even saw play in some Rift Rival games pre-hotfix. The secondary buffs probably weren't necessary in the 13b patch notes but it's hard to judge if he was truly terrible on release or if he just needed more time to stew. It's also why I don't really like Riot hotfix buffing days after release: Now we aren't 100% sure if it truly was the hotfix and I'm wrong or if he was always good and you're wrong. We have a factor at play that gets in the way of judging a champion's worth.
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainMårvelous,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cBeszErx,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-07-11T23:26:43.139+0000) > > I wouldn't say he was terrible on release, nor would I say the hotfix was "to infinity". Hell, he even saw play in some Rift Rival games pre-hotfix. The secondary buffs probably weren't necessary in the 13b patch notes but it's hard to judge if he was truly terrible on release or if he just needed more time to stew. > > It's also why I don't really like Riot hotfix buffing days after release: Now we aren't 100% sure if it truly was the hotfix and I'm wrong or if he was always good and you're wrong. We have a factor at play that gets in the way of judging a champion's worth. it's the players in both cases, since hotfixes are made by player reaction too
: There are plenty of well written posts about the subject, that aren't rage-filled. They are ignored as well. Riot is holding a heavy radio silence on the subject. They do not wish to address the damage creep, and are in fact intending to contribute more damage to domination tree and mages in general. It really seems like all they care about is making flashy plays have instantaneous rewards for their E-Sports community.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Malpercio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2x66b3kA,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-12T00:21:40.350+0000) > > There are plenty of well written posts about the subject, that aren't rage-filled. > > They are ignored as well. Riot is holding a heavy radio silence on the subject. They do not wish to address the damage creep, and are in fact intending to contribute more damage to domination tree and mages in general. > > It really seems like all they care about is making flashy plays have instantaneous rewards for their E-Sports community. if they aren't rage-filled they are filled with arrogance still, expecting things to get done in a way because they think to be in the right. Only once or twice in the past week i found someposts that weren't simply giving orders to riot but were actually thinking by the dev's view without treating them like garbage.
Madsin25 (NA)
: The only thing you are doing is trying to control someones attitude. If they don't want feedback they can delete the boards. In the meantime the threads will continue pouring in.
the boards exist as a sink for hotheads, at this point. Even when Riot communicates stuff does so in a way to protect the interlocuter ( see dev corner ) for how much shitty the situation is here. There is a mob culture here that is allucinating especially regarding gameplay. The only thing worth visiting here is "story, art and sound" and "memes and games", and i'd say that even the latter has fallen pretty low with "ironic" posts and stuff like that.
: The old drain had issues because its entire gameplay revolved around Swain's mana, which itself functioned in an extremely binary manner: either Swain hadn't gotten his mana items yet, in which case his ult was prohibitively expensive to use and prevented him from using his other abilities, either he did, and he could then afford to have his ult up for as long as he'd want, and auto-drain-tank everything around him to death. Riot's original idea was to have Swain manage this resource to fuel a powerful ability, and while the intent was good, the implementation failed because mana is a stat Swain can buy. By contrast, the Souls mechanic cannot be substituted, and genuinely relies on skill expression and interaction. Using it to power a more drain-tanky ult would therefore mean it would always have a constant, and meaningful gate, which would allow Swain to have his old drain back and still be counterable.
... on theory. I wonder if such window would still be wide enough to give a meaningful counter however. I give for granted that riot has already tried different routes with champion abilities ( and have showed to do so ) so doing these "what if" scenraios do not really intrest me that much.
: This isn't 100% related to the consistency issue, but I kinda agree. Swain's ult used to be primarily about draining, now the drain feels like an afterthought and most of its power's been shifted on the massive explosion at the end. It almost feels like an attempt to appeal to Swain's players by having the ability do something vaguely similar to the original, with none of the impact or power it used to have. I also agree that the souls mechanic is not the best, as it's a whole system within Swain's kit that only feeds into one effect that only starts being available at level 6. On top of that, the explosion and several other parts of Swain's new kit are pretty bursty, which was never a part of his old self. Personally, I think one potential way to fix all this could be to remove the explosion, superbuff the DoT, and have the DoT duration run on souls, rather than some separate cooldown. That way, the gameplay would revolve around generating this resource to fuel this powerful drain (which was the intent of the original ult), rather than building up stacks to this one ability at the end of another ability every few minutes.
the old drain was got rid of because it was just plain ridicolous. It was hella strong, took the biggest bulk of his power budget and was almost uncounterable even with griveous wounds. If he was ahead he was straight up unkillable. New ult is way better on that regard.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Honestly, I overall just wish Riot would make Ascension a permanent game mode. Not only does that bring back the Crystal Scar for Hide and Seek but in general it would be nice having a third game mode again. One that didn't have the expectations Summoner's Rift holds and with the ability to actually pick your champion, unlike ARAM. Ascension becoming a permanent game mode would probably be one of the wisest decisions Riot could make.
I love the hell out of ascension, but i disagree. I would rather have ascension only once in a while rather not being able to play it at all because it's filled with bots after minutes of queque.
: "art" has three letters
Eggbread (NA)
: Getting Hit By A Fully Charged Sion Q On the PBE Right Now Like
yes. YES. I just want to play again sion both as a support and a jungler.
Andevar (NA)
: Old Talon was toxic. Point and click blink with almost 0 counterplay. There's no way Talon's going to get reverted.
also the old point and click blink silenced the target until that got changed way later on
: It's true though there's just nothing we can do or riot can do, If a player is bad then he's bad, you cant report him unless he admits to intentional or trolling. ~~Even though I believe that the report system is complete shit~~ The unfair part in this is that Riot's matchmaking is set to completely mess you up in promos, the skill difference between your matchmade team and the matchmade enemy team is easily noticed. I'm not saying this just cause I want to its because there's proof, you can see it or test it for yourself, I believe its meant to be there anyway because they wanna test if you're able to carry 4 other bozo shit players against 5 Fakers. You're right we can retry, but till when are people gonna take this tedious grind? I think players just want to show that they belong in a higher rank and they're not being allowed to show their skills. I'm going to say it again and I believe that some players don't deserve that rank they really want, but there are players who do and can't because they can't demonstrate that they can.
I agree it is sucky when it messes you up in promos - i mean, look at me, i am silver I and i am exactly the kind of player that gets into that. It's arguable that Riot should treat you any better if you are in promo. And you actually get a retry bonus when you are into a promotion a second time, so you actually have some things already set in favor from your own idea. I just take it as it is for a simple reason - you are playing with randoms. Of course you can get fucked up by randoms on a team game. Let's be clear one of the main reasons LoL got popular is soloQ on casual level and it's all fine and dandy, but it's still a team game. You can't expect a quality competitive game if you play only as a solo on a team game. That's true for every kind of game that is a team game, MMOs included. That's also why they pushed and hyped so much Clash - it was for them the occasion to actually provide a quality team competitive game that was able to be mantained. Too bad on some servers it did not work well ( included mine *ahem ahem* ). What i mean is, if for you soloQ is not "fair" enough, given your interpretation of "fairness", then you kinda deserve it because you are not playing the way the game should be set for it to be competitively viable. And even if you value "solo skill" well that is also pretty much unreasonable to witheld on a team game too because "teammaking skills" are also an important part of the game, and that important thing is substituted by another one while playing solo - "influencing skills", which are of different nature and effect. Sorry if my english is a bit broken here and there, hope the message gets throught.
: No for the Game-mode extension, got it. What about a Visual Update for Twisted Treeline?
well guess you got already served about that :D i do miss a little having the T-way of bushes. Juuuuust a little. I would not mind having the twisted treeline with some more addition, mind me, but i just find them barely necessary. Myabe some addition to Vo of the altars for the fans ( or just a better bot detection AHEM AHEM )
: [Discussion] Would you want Twisted Treeline or any other Maps to make a comeback?
This post is a mixed bag of different stuff. My short answer is - no, as the way you pose it. This game tried and tested it - one alternative permanent gamne mode is more then enough to satisfy the playerbase needs. I can get behind having a temporary comeback as the gamemode rotation of course, but besides that i would not see much appeal in that.
: Riot isn't responding at all to player feedback.
They respond. a lot. Perhaps not the way you like it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FTT4LcE0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-08T21:41:12.661+0000) > > They might not respond to everything, but they do read the forums. Damage too high. No response Turrets too weak. No response Games too short. No response ADCs are useless now. No response Remove or rework duskblade. No response Tanks are useless now. No response Those are just a few I can think of.
Or or they respond. just not the way you like. There is a world beyond boards and they take a lot of effort to respond to feedback. They are one of the BEST to do that, and you can see yourself: not many devote so much space and time to answer feedback. Hell there is even a board section for that!
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} "Okay Class, 2 + 2 = 4. You ready for the test?" "Yes I am!" "Okay Billy, what's 2 + 2?" "4!" "Correct! But it seems that your 4 classmates guessed it was 6. Looks like you're getting demoted to Silver 5 again."
lolwot More like "ok, 2+2 is 4. ready class? how much is 3+3?" Managing teammates is part of the test too.
: I see where you're coming from, but there is a vast difference between these two "Tests of skills" For one an exam is individual, so if **you** study hard enough you will get that desired grade. This test doesn't really test the rest of your classmates skills, you're the only one that can determine your grade. When it comes to Promos you can't depend on **your** individual skill because this Is a team game. If one of your teammates decides to troll or afk then it's done, one of your 5 games is lost, on the next match, you notice that everyone on your team is silver 1-3 while the **whole** enemy team is gold 5-4, who would you put your bets on? I'm not going to say it's impossible ok, but that fact alone is tilting enough. I believe that the only thing you can do to "influence" like you said is not feed. That's it seriously. You can try to influence by getting objectives like drag... seems as if the enemy team has more pressure on your other lanes and on your jgler. You can roam... seems as if your team is overextended, nope. You can work your own lane focus on winning your lane but as soon as you see ten "an ally has been slain" pop up before the 10 minute mark you're getting frustrated and tilted out of your damn mind. I just find it hard to see how in these promos you get to show skill expression. There's just no room for skill expression in my opinion. Listen, I agree when you say this > any system is pretty much equivalent to the other, the only thing changing is the reward. If Riot were to make more "fair" to get to gold then it would be easier to get to gold, that then would reduce the value of being gold, that then might push Riot to increase the requirements to get rewards from getting on a specific ranking otherwise the community reduces the value of being gold. But isn't this just you agreeing that there's something a bit unfair in promos? I recognize that it is hard to fix something like this without giving promo wins to undeserving players but it's still annoying to deserving players that can't climb.
I don't agree there is something unfair in promos. I agree that there can be nothing absolutely objectively fair in life, and so just happens promos to be into it. The only thing you can make to be "fair" is to detach as much as possible personal choices to a judgement ( in this case - promo ), so at least the outcome does not depend on the test maker. I agree it is not an individual game and in that it differs from tests, but does that change the scenario? In a test you have different problems posed in front of you, in game too - and that problem can also be ally management. You don't play only against the enemy team, you play along your teammates in the bad or good. Sure thing afkers or trollers are bad and ruin your game, granted, but then what should you do? forgive games with trollers and afkers ( besides retry)? you know it would be very abused then, and at that point it would be extremely unfair for every other (including the winning team, that loses a win and a lot of time just for this). The problem here is not riot, the problem here is those shitty players. other than reporting them and reply there isn't too much you ( or Riot) can do.
: Yo, I won my gold promos last Friday and even though I was happy as hell, I realized that we don't decide when we win promos, Riot's matchmaking does. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get past those promos, till one day the matchmaking just gave me a good team and let me win. Very luck based.
in all fairness - this is bullshit. In a school exam you don't decide if you pass, you see if you are well prepared enough for said exam. Since exercises or questions or wathever in the exam is randomly assigned you can't decide your result by yourself, but you can influence it with your decisions. So it happens that people that are underprepared get better results than people that are more prepared, but overall who is more prepared gets overall better results than who is not. The exam makers does not decide this. Riot does not decide its own neither. No one decides anything, except how this stuff is generated which has nothing to do with specific people promos. The only thing you can do is be yourself. If shit hits the fan - well happens, so is life. EDIT: so also i might add, any system is pretty much equivalent to the other, the only thing changing is the reward. If Riot were to make more "fair" to get to gold then it would be easier to get to gold, that then would reduce the value of being gold, that then might push Riot to increase the requirements to get rewards from getting on a specific ranking otherwise the community reduces the value of being gold.
Eggbread (NA)
: @Riot Are Jungle Trolls Still Existent?
Most probably not. One of the reasons trolls are not that talked too much is probably because riot wanted to create their own IP, so having aorund orcs trolls goblins and all about would have been derimental to them. For this reason it seems that they don't want to make other trolls beside ice trolls that existed aniway (at least after Trundle retcon ) due to having a different position early in development.
RH Venom (NA)
: Uninstalling this game for the first time in 5 years (no joke) Peak rank: (Diamond 2 100 LP)
Yeah, here somebody who knows how stuff works internally. Yay for sure your input is obviously effective and much more valued than people that want this game to work since it gives them wage and money to survive! Obviously those are incompetent craps that no not know how to do their work. ... like, are you a 16 years old or something? do you even read aloud what did you just wrote? do you realize how much of a shallow, arrogant prick are you being, and likewise everybody that supports you in this thread? do you realize that there is nothing constructive in any of this, but just your own will to destroy and ruin a game the same way you destroy a toy when you are a brat? Not saying everything is perfect, not saying they are doing stuff exactly how i like it, but this is ridicolous. i sincerely hope you ar enot like this in real life. and your rank, by the way, means nothing on this.
: agreed. I don't see bandle city as a city now because of all the hints in the new lore so I think they will rename it to something else like Bandle Realm, which is the spirit world itself.
so you are saying that bandle city is going to be BANDLED into the spirit realm? ...yeah, i see myself off
: your words are falling on deaf ears friend
: Can the next champion / "reworked" champion not have 850 mobility spells and a displacement ?
I know it is fruitless to have an actual conversation here, but oh well... Pike is an assassin/support. Of course he has mobility, else he could not do his job. Of couse he has displacement as a form of CC, else he could not do his job. In any case he has much less mobility than many other assassins ( or at least it's more telegraphed ) in excange of camou%%%e, and the CC is slow to execute and easy to predict other than being his main tool. Galio has two mobility skills, one that is arguabily not exactly useful for engaging since it's very slow and even pulls you back and one that is a global engagement tool. As a sort of tank/support ( *at least ideally* ) he needs mobility skills to get on the team, and displacements as a mean to have an impact. Arguabily displacements aren't much sensful to have if you can't use them to intercept other dashes but it is fine for him to have em too. Taliyah is a mage, her only CC is one that allows her to disengage from enemies. That allows her to block champions that dash to her, since all her kit is sorta anti-mobility. Also yes, she roams, but hardly any other mage has such focus on roaming other than her so i don't see where is the deal. Urgoth has a small displacement in form of an abismally small dash in order to have him some chance to actually reposition and use his kneeshots. Said displacement it's also a tool to force use the use of said kneeshots since the enemy won't walk there out of its volition. A good Urgoth can use most of kneeshots without displacement and still use it when necessary as a mean to force others, which i don't think it's any bad. Als execute is useful for metas where tanks are oppressive. Laugh if you want, but spaghetti fight meta and games over 40 minutes were a thing. "AoE" stun is weird on her kit and i agree, but why should that be a point on her post? Also, her dash has benn there since when she has been released and was taken in high consideration while reworking her. I don't like Yasuo's displacement as a small tornado, but otherwise that is necessary for him to work. He was born as a sort of skirmisher bruiser ( which between patches has been evolved to be a lot of different things, included assassin ) so mobility for him was necessary, as well as damage denial and cc. Ornn is a tank, so yet again he needs some small consideration as a form of mobility. Could use some stuns instead of knockups, but for being a tank it could be considered fine for him to have em. Agree on Aatrox that displacement as there are for his Q are a bit off for me, but he needs mobility. He is not a pure tank and even a juggernaut needs some small repositioning. His dashes are abismally short and ar eused on conflict with his Q. I don't see where is the problem for Rakan to have a charm, but he has a truly lot of dashes. But again, he is a support and usually supports don't get those. Kayn displacement is only present in the bruiser/tank form, Rhaast, and is used to complement his role. he has many dashes indeed, but because yet again he is an *assassin/skirmisher* and *assassins/skirmisher* need those. Also, i add that LoL Has already a whole lot of immobile champions - all the crapton of champions from season 1-3 have shallow spells that don't use dashes. Also, there have been champions that already had dashes and mobility for the same reasons stated as above. Why newer ones whould not have them? Sometimes they pander too much on small dashes to get throught walls. Sometimes they forgot they can have usual CCs rather knockups or displacements and have them reserved to use them for tanks and deny mobility. But i don't see why we sould not have again characters with dashes, especially since the next character to be reworked is the synonim of "dashes" in league since season 2. This is a crapload of list that has no sense whatsoever.
: Nah. Good thesis though. * Watchers are much scarier and frankly much bigger. Vel, like every league void champion, serves their terrifying pupose inna unique way
Naaah, he is surely an ascended shuriman who watched too much VoidTV (TM) and got like that. Also he is secretely Nagakabouros :^)
: Assassins would need to be build around being a follow up to allied damage. Executing low health targets. Or as Alpha damage for their team mates to follow up on. Instead of being a 100-0 then escape class. To do this the entire damage Meta would need to be gutted. Champions would actually have to have well defined roles and not everyone could be a 100-0 killing machine. All Assassins would need to be reworked to have more utility and interactions with team mates. The line between "Diver" and "Assassin" would probably get pretty darn blurry.
what you are saying here is basically what happened over all these seasons. and yet again not always it did work.. Duskblade is the example of this - it was intended to be an item that scaled off damage dealt to an enemy, where the damage could have been from different resources than the assassin itself. honestly, i don't get why the effect was changed, while remembering it was very strong it did not mean it could not be tuned. also, they wanted assassins to bring utility to the team and interact with them. and we got yasuo, which is not truly an assassin but has a pattern quite close to it. when they will rework teemo they will probably go on that same route, with shrooms to prove utility for the team. we actually lack a proper trapper assassin, and it's quite hard to imagine an efficient one.
Neamean (NA)
: Ain't gonna lie I would love a star guardian Anivia she could be the mother of all Familiar.
that's the point. good idea, but the execution? is a goddess familiar anivia a good enough idea, with a good enough execution and enough request, to be worth the time? nor me no you know the answer, as far as i can tell it could be but that's just my baseless assumption.
: Question to Riot: In Aatrox's lore what used to be Aatrox's Aspect ???
Actually, the whole point of his lore now is that the ideal he was paragon of died. The origin of his celestial ascension is unknown, if i got it right.
ChunLii (NA)
: Maybe popular, but I like Jayce’s new lore and Anthony Burch’s work on it
i suppose he does not read here, but i suppose others will. Maybe Bioluminescence does?
Jaspers (EUW)
: Fair point. Maybe not for some, Project, Pulsefire and SG all don't work with monsters but no reason they can't go on Yordles. Programme works for Monsters, yet to see those however. VS on the other hand does, the theme isn't specific really, it could be any form as long as it works with the idea of VS. Ice based Ornn skin with a Fire based Anivia skin.
on that, i agree. Even stuff that replicates the ouroboros with Aurelion Sol and Shyvana/Cho'Gath would have been fine.
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