: Hey Meddler, Since you have mentioned Karma and pointed out her splitted playerbases, I am curious how you want to handle her? You said she is in need for work quite some time ago (and many Karma players agree to that); also all tries to unify her playerbases/ update her gameplay failed so far from Riots side, even when done by someone who really cared about Karma. Its no secret that she was released in a hurry and she feels unfinished, lacking thematics, visuals and a coherent kit (Twin Dragons?). Since 5.1. she apparently has also become more and more of a problem game health wise. Could it be that Karma is in need of a much bigger update than previously thought?
could you explain to me how karma has become a problem ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Can you just leave karma as it is ? can you ask coaches/pros before you mess up with champions and items everytime ? you buffed karma for no reason while she was strong( even tho nobody knew it ) then you nerfed her back, only for pro players to say that "hey karma still feels good" wow. i mean you make this game more and more casual , 0 interest in high elo soloq or pro game in general. gg meddler , august; all i need is new skins with f**ked up visiuals in my games
: Bring back Dominion
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