Elita (EUW)
: New champion is an assassin, so what happened to the enchanter? (ANSWERED)
The next new champion is the enchanter support. The assassin is the one after her, and at the end of the year we'll get the marksman.
: Thanks Fabian! Feel free to give me a small crash course how to get the art files via the Universe website, I know you did that once for Fal and I already forgot how to do so.
I know you didn't ask me, but the way I do it is by right clicking -> Inspect -> Sources (using Chrome). You can always find the background images somewhere in the little left window, although the exact location changes from time to time.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=e2qIYUr1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-19T18:14:55.344+0000) > > I feel like a top laner should get this skin. Maybe someone relatively popular but without a high value skin, like {{champion:57}}. {{champion:240}} {{champion:516}}
Oh god, can you imagine an ultimate Kled and Skaarl skin? All your property are belong to us.
: Who would you want to receive the Ultimate Skin this year?
I feel like a top laner should get this skin. Maybe someone relatively popular but without a high value skin, like {{champion:57}}.
: A Zac revert would be nice
> Zac - We’re currently testing a mostly reverted version of the Ult with a few improvements to help it have more clear gameplay and understandable impact. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/wlGaL2WZ-post-msi-gameplay-improvements
Sprendel (NA)
: Delete All Ugly Champions
> Name a game that has been successful at all that has had bad graphics. Minecraft? Hilarious, nobody plays that game. Old School Runescape? A laughing stock. CS:GO? Haven't heard of her. You may not like those games, but their success is undeniable. Aesthetics are important, but an otherwise good game will be able to overcome bad graphics.
: Blitzcrank Q width range
Jinx leans forward in her run, which creates a discord between her visual position and her actual hitbox. This also amplifies the "snap to position" Blitzcrank's hand does when he hits something. Additionally Blitzcrank's Q hitbox intentionally gets a little bigger when the hand reaches max range. It looks like that hook should've missed, but it's intended to hit in that scenario.
"New" It's a neat little trick, but was already known for quite some time.
: I love urgot!!!!!
I don't think you quite understand his lock-on. The only way for Urgot to lock onto you is hitting his skillshots, otherwise he will just attack the nearest target. > I bet if you removed the autolock a lot of urgot players would drop in rank, since half off them can't land anything in low elo. Removing his lock-on would decrease performance of every Urgot player, **except** those who "can't land anything". This change doesn't mean anything if you don't land your skillshots in the first place.
Ir Sun (EUW)
: "Easy to play" Warwick is among lowest winrate plat +...
"Easy to play" doesn't automatically mean strong in every elo. It just means he's easy to pick him up, especially for beginners.
: unpopular opinion: ivern is worst jungler
Try playing him in a few games, he's really fun. If your pathing is good he has a very fast clear. Smiting a marked camp it **instantly** clears it, making Ivern the best user of Smite in my opinion. Not to mention the counterjungle potential you have with those instant clears. And while he certainly doesn't deal as much damage as most other junglers, his utility and cc is more useful than you'd think. Especially his low cd shield is going to save lifes. Also, his kit isn't really comparable with any other champion. Lux Q doesn't allow your whole team to dash to your target, Akali's W isn't comparable with a long-lasting placable brush that gives you ranged attacks, apart from aoe damage there's nothing Lux E and Ivern's E have in common, and Tibbers lacks the sustained aoe cc threat of Daisy.
: I found this on the League Displays
You just reminded me of how much I want a Piltover champion wielding this awesome hextech bow. https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/frontpage/apps/prod/universe-map/en_GB/b38c139a0c1c738a05ceaa0994bfa8540ad714d0/assets/images/piltover_hextech_05.jpg
Mogarl (NA)
: What Aphid Man said. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/camille/ 3rd paragraph of her bio.
How did I miss that? Thank you
Mogarl (NA)
: Viktor does use hextech. That is why he has his Hexcore. The fact that he's not using a Brakern stone just means that Viktor likely uses a synthetic hex-gem.
Is there such a thing as synthetic hex-gems? I've never heard of that.
: Extremly bugged deathrecap
Basically, death recap is coded so poorly that it would require a lot of effort to maintain. Riot decided that they want to keep it mostly functional, but won't spend more developer time on it than necessary. They plan to completely recreate death recap from scratch at some point in the future, but it's a pretty low priority task.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ir Abelas,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=am5at4EB,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-23T20:27:25.464+0000) > > Every region has a mage, and in the lore, every region has at least some mention of how mages are viewed, and their roles in society, except for Zaun and Piltover. Yes, I'm aware for gameplay purposes that Viktor is classified as a mage, but in the lore, he's just a scientist, albeit, an incredible one. Actually in the Lore Viktor should be classified as a mage as well, because Hextech is classified as a magic.... as you said: Hextech, which is a huge source of income for the dual city states, is in itself magic.
I think Victor doesn't use Hextech. Jayce destroyed the only Brackern crystal in his possession and the following raid of Jayce's laboratory to retrieve more crystal shards was unsuccessful.
: I guarantee at least one of the desginers of the new ("""new""") map was a Riven player
> They seem far to precise to be coincidental. Or there are just so many small details on the map that some of them are bound to line up with specific spots. To quote one of my favorite mathematicians, "If you have enough data, you can find any pattern you want with any level of precision, if you're willing to discard the data that doesn't fit the pattern."
: then why did it register a loss on my silver 2 promos
Because positional **ranks** are gone. Every win and loss counts towards your single main rank.
: It hasn't even been a week without positional roles, and I already want it back.
Positional **matchmaking** is still in place. If you get filled adc you will play on your adc elo.
: Karthus...
Shadow Isles champions can be hurt by magic, silver, Demacian steel, or sunlight. I don't know **why** they work, but they do.
: riot has decided that positional matchmaking wasn't the best and are removing it
> riot has decided that positional matchmaking wasn't the best and are removing it No. They're removing positional ranks, but positional matchmaking is going to stay.
zounet (EUW)
: Riot, I think I understood the most important thing about kayle and morgana, in lore
Morgana doesn't act as an Aspect of Justice, she uses her powers to right what **she** thinks is wrong. Since Kayle and Morgana aren't directly Aspects, they regain their free will, so they're not bound to do something because of their celestial nature. Kayle chose to become closer to the celestial ideal of justice, Morgana does her own thing. > Kayle's ascension fully establishes her as the next aspect of justice (so comparable to diana/leona), while Morgana is far more human. Kayle embody's the celestial ideal of Justice closely, while Morgana has her own, more empathetic, version of the ideal. https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/ayfxhw/were_the_rioters_that_reworked_kayle_and_morgana/ei0piwe/?context=3
: Gods of Runeterra
I think you overestimate the power of demigods like Ornn, Volibear, and Anivia. They are weaker than strong Ascended/Darkin. Here's a comment from WAAARGHbobo from the [Aatrox AMA](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8una0m/were_the_team_that_updated_aatrox_ask_us_anything/): > But yeah-- he is a badass capable of killing "gods" like Orrn etc... And has in the past (even before being a darkin) There are weaker Ascended/Darkin out there, but Azir, Nasus, Renekton, and Aatrox are all close to "perfect", while Xerath is able to keep up with them because of his raw power. Since Aspects (the humans ones) are weaker or more powerful than Ascended/Darkin on a case by case basis, I think they are generally above the Freljordian demigods as well.
: Old league lore was bad, like really bad.
Fiddlesticks old lore is one of my favorites. A mage messed something up and now there's a murderous scarecrow standing in a room, doing nothing. That's it.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Children of the Frostguard - Orphans
> Nunu talked about meeting Lissandra, would you say that most children meet her or just the ones she has special interest in? I think this was arranged by Lissandra to gather info about the yetis mentioned in one of the songs by Nunu's mother. Yetis are able to create true ice, which is obviously quite important to Lissandra.
DeusVult (NA)
: Thematic changes that would break a champion
Lee Sin should be immune to blinds and be able to "see" through bushes.
: 1- Her fire isn't harmless to innocents. That's just what the Demacian tales tell, but they aren't true. 2- No, it wasn't both of them. It was Kayle causing destruction before and during her fight with Morgana.
You can't say "Those stories are false. Here's what really happened." just so you can pretend like Kayle is at fault for everything. The stories are pretty clear in what happened. For 1: > This was a holy fire—one that would scorch the evil sinners from the land and cleanse the just, leaving them unscathed. For 2: > They raised their blades, each matching the other with arcs of blinding light and burning darkness that lashed down at the buildings beneath them. or alternitavely > The two battled across the heavens, each matching the other’s terrible blows and striking the buildings beneath them to rubble.
: >Morgana is too occupied fighting the darkness within, that she doesn't pay attention to the damage that her actions may cause. In fact Morgana set an entire village on fire just to get revenge and caused the death of her own fath- ah, no, that was still Kayle.
That were both. Kayle intended to purge the city from the corrupt and evil, similar to what she did in her color story. Her divine fire is completely harmless to the innocent. Morgana intervened and started the fight that would kill their father.
zounet (EUW)
: why has morgana more wings than kayle?
I think it's for gameplay reasons. I highly doubt that Kayle's number of wings changes in lore.
: That bit about Zeffira would have been a decent example if it wasn’t still all derived by Kayle mistake first and fire most. In the end it will always be Morgana defying her arrogant sister in order to save innocents. Meanwhile Kayle will stay as a “glorified” murderer. I used the “” marks because she is being glorified by Demacia which is a fascist state in this new writing.
Kayle and Morgana both rushed in to help people, and both made mistakes. Arguably Morgana's actions were worse than those of Kayle. Kayle simply didn't see the secret force in the city. Morgana was fully aware of the situation on the battlefield but chose to neglect it, with noble ideas in mind to be fair, but ultimately leading to larger casualties than necessary. But symbolism tends to break if you over-analyze it, which we might be doing right now. > In the end it will always be Morgana defying her arrogant sister in order to save innocents. Meanwhile Kayle will stay as a “glorified” murderer. I used the “” marks because she is being glorified by Demacia which is a fascist state in this new writing. This is just way too extreme. Kayle would never hurt the innocent, that's her whole deal. Protect the innocent, purge the guilty. And Morgana isn't a saint who'd never hurt anybody either. Those who don't seek atonement will get killed by her just as Kayle would. And lastly, while there are some similarities, Demacia is far from being a fascist state.
: Something about this Champion doesn't feel quite right...
If you didn't notice, the League of Legends isn't canon anymore, and hasn't been for many years. Your criticism about Kindred is exactly why Riot made that decision. It is extremely limiting for every character to have a reason to fight in the League.
: Morgana's flaws
In addition to what was already posted, I think the poem about Morgana and Kayle points out another flaw. > Toward the city of grand Zeffira, an army of hate descended. The Winged Protectors flew to the people’s aid. Kayle fell upon the screaming host, her blade of fire wet with blood. But Morgana saw what Kayle had not. A secret force within the city! Zeffira’s people cried out for succor, and Morgana swooped down in answer. > Kayle slew her foes in purest wrath. Her body torn and bloody, she cried aloud, “Sister fair, I am sore beset!” Morgana heeded not her cries, her powers bent to shield those within. Zeffira endured, but much was lost, One sister’s love, one sister’s hope. Each saw through a glass, darkly; a failing in the other, a fatal flaw. I may be wrong, but that feels like heavy symbolism to me. Morgana is too occupied fighting the darkness within, that she doesn't pay attention to the damage that her actions may cause. Meanwhile, since Kayle is blind to that darkness, she thinks directly fighting those who do wrong is the only logical thing to do.
: kayle used to jungle
I think that's intentional. Kayle's main intended weakness is her horrible early-game, in exchange for godly late-game. If she was able to jungle well that would mostly remove her opponents ability to capitalize on that weakness.
: Story behind your league names?
My real name is similar to a brand of yoghurt, so I somehow got the nickname "mango yoghurt" from a friend. Unfortunately, that name was already taken, so I became TheMangoYoghurt instead.
: That is a tiny question, a barely significant one. They spent YEARS running from the dragon, and Shyvana was half-human that entire time, she could have (for example) had her father teach her what he knew of humans and learned some herself separately. Moreover, the fact that she didn't fit into human society was part of the point of the character. Some things get handwaved in stories like this, like why the entire world speaks a common language (English/Common/Whatever-you-wanna-call-it). What gets me about this is you presented it like the human dad was a lateral move when, frankly, he's a downgrade. You can't honestly tell me that the best way to handle this was ANOTHER retcon that makes her a worse character overall.
> What gets me about this is you presented it like the human dad was a lateral move when, frankly, he's a downgrade. You can't honestly tell me that the best way to handle this was ANOTHER retcon that makes her a worse character overall. We kinda agree. I don't think the new lore is a downgrade, but it isn't a substantial upgrade that justifies changing her lore either.
: I thought that was explained well enough. She saved the Prince of the kingdom and acted as a hunter for them, for a time. And a big part of her lore at that point WAS the struggle between her dragon half and her human half.
But now some fundamental questions like, "How did Shyvana learn the human language?" have been answered. Additionally, I don't think you can just learn how to live in a completely foreign society in such a relatively short amount of time. Don't get me wrong, I also prefer her previous lore. Who doesn't love a good dragon father? But I can understand why Riot made the changes, although I don't think changes of such scale were necessary.
: I'm talking from a story perspective here, not an individual character perspective. What does this change do? As far as I can tell all it does is take away from what was already there.
It now makes sense for Shyvana to be able to integrate into a human society.
: Shyvana's Mother's Motive
I don't think Yvva's motives were changed, but it's a really interesting thought. What if Yvva was only searching for her lost child? What if she couldn't communicate with Shyvana since she was raised by a human? What if Yvva only defended herself? What if she died on purpose because the only alternative would be to kill Shyvana?
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} You mean that thing her dragon father did in the previous bio? The dragon father who also fought Yvva and died to try and keep Shyvana alive?
I'm not trying to play down what her previous father did. But calling raising somebody as your own child even though you could have easily sold her for a small fortune and be done with it, "doing nothing but steal an egg and die" is way too harsh.
: A human dad who does nothing but steal an egg and die. Protector becomes a thief.
He raised her as his own daughter. Is that "nothing" to you?
CritDoge (NA)
: Silence for the Damned is cut off with "nullnull"
You can finish reading it on the wiki. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Silence_for_the_Damned#I
: What changed in Galio's lore?
> We've streamlined Galio’s bio to help better position him in the world of Runeterra as the protector of Demacia. With this, we’ve also worked to add more descriptive language which should help to give more life to the great winged, stone protector. Apparently there's no new stuff. Only structural and wording changes, probably to fit their new guidelines for bios.
: Dragon Dad, You Will Be Missed
One dragon dad was lost, but a human dad rose from the ashes. I think this change was made to further push her half-dragon, half-human thematic. Also, I didn't notice it before, but it was a bit illogical how someone raised by a dragon could so easily fit into a human society. Her being raised in a human environment makes more sense.
: How much lore do you know?
I like to think that I know almost everything lore related, but realistically I'm probably far from it. I've read everything on the universe site at least once, most stuff even twice. Additionally I read through most of the champion AMAs, but they're a little tedious.
: Kayle's Background
> If Morgana wasn't there, Kayle would have burned a city, men, women, and children all alike. How is that supposed to be justice? To me it seemed like Kayle intended to purge criminals from the city. The events that happened were results of the battle between Morgana and Kayle, and both of them are responsible for it. > She watched her father die and all she really cared about was getting her sister's sword so she could have two. That's just not true. She was affected greatly by this. That event is the main reason why she became so emotionally distant. Because if she had just confronted Morgana before things escalated a tragedy like that wouldn't have happened.
: toggle option for autofill
> giving them the ability to do so wouldn't cause any harm That's unfortunately not true. Giving players the option to not autofill would basically remove a bunch of support players from the queue. This would either increase queue times for **everyone** or, if no-autofill players only get matched with other no-autofill players, make queue times for those **abysmal**. Support/fill players have autofill-protection anyway, so they have no reason to go for the no-autofill queue.
: I have to login every time I visit the Boards
Try clicking on "Cookie preferences" in the bottom left an enable functional cookies.
CLG ear (NA)
: Demacia's stance on Magic users isn't Tactically sound from a military standpoint
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