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Kadexe (NA)
: I sometimes do this after a patch that nerfs the champion I was used to permabanning. Like, I used to ban Vayne, then she got nerfed and for a day or two there was nothing I felt like banning.
: She was a fighter before an assassin, mind you. She changed to an assassin when Riot had no clue how to make a good AP fighter (her and Rumble's current designs and playstyles attribute to that point) until Sylas. I'd rather have her as a fighter than an assassin, cuz when she's good at being an assassin, its usually out of hand and hard to stop. Its honestly up to the mains to suggest better ideas, and not belittle the living shit out of the rioter who decided to take up the reigns to do the work in the first place. Not saying you are, but a good chunk of comments on the thread he posted are dickish comments made by mains who think the work right now is to kill the champion, so they got all offended. As for what I think, the easiest thing I can think of is jumping on the person below me's idea of E and R swapping places, however: - E (old R) would lose some damage and a bit of cooldown, but get half refund on moonlight debuffed targets (and the rest of affected people by moonlight still keep their stacks (idea with that later) - R (old E) would not only have a bit more AOE range, but would deal damage. - Moonlight actually becomes interactive outside of R. By either using the enhanced 3rd auto or any spell (Q into another Q with the debuff on would result in the second consuming Moonlight, and not leave or refresh it), Moonlight would restore a bit of mana and deal a slight bit of extra damage. That could help her fighter capabilities imo. Feel free to make adjustments.
I think this would be very good, it would also open up different skill orders by preference. With the moonlight buff, the passive mana restore might be removed, but that’s not bad at all imo. You’re not useless pre-6 and your ult would look awesome for sure (I’m thinking reaching both ends of mid if you position it well) And with these changes, her jungling would also improve. Only one question: What would you imagine the E cd to be?
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: Sorry but... this is a joke?
RayDenki (EUW)
: "Small Diana gameplay changes", more like Diana got deleted from the game.
: Can you not? Azir has been in an awful spot for so long now. His ult doesn’t even block dashes anymore! If you died to Azir’s strong late game, more likely than not you wasted your chances earlier in the game to take control of his awful stats.
And his strong lategame is countered by flanking, Azir can’t control 2 or more points at the same time, so you always have gaps to make a move.
: [CLIENT] I got S grade but no token for level 7
I had this too with mastery 5 Diana, got an S- on twisted treeline but no mastery token.


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