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: 5s is a clown fiesta now... Try 3s to feel like you even matter for the games outcome lol. You still have the whole armor means pretty much nothing now... Yi is def the worst, but thats why there's a ban for that garbage. Honestly the only thing that matters is slowing their atk speed with {{item:3110}} {{item:3082}} and getting flat dmg reduction like {{item:3046}} .
Master yi ult prevents att speed slows also XD.. I tried that with malph's E
Meep Man (NA)
: Master Yi and Yasuo both can ignore armor. Tryndamere though, what did you do to feed him? I can't find the game in your Match History.
This la not my main account. I didn't fed trynd.
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TCS Mira (EUW)
: Kick a player in champ select (the one who says he is going to int and picks cleans and ghost)
What if the four players want to kick him and he didn't anything? What Will happen in high elo? If they have a base comp, they will agree in kicking Simeone because they know they will loose lp XD.
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: LOL. ORN XAYAH AND TALIYAH TOO FAST PLS OMG. Zoe is literally a sitting duck without a flash or stolen flash. Her R is a self-root, not a dash. Kai’Sa is entirely infight mobility, sucks at escaping. And ofcourse xayah, ornn and taliyah are NOT mobile. Taliyah has her ult but that’s it.
: Uhm. There are some problems with this list. {{champion:163}} has heavily announced and contextually visible mobility on her ulti. Her passive lets her move a bit faster near walls when outside of combat. She's roughly equal to TF with regards to mobility; able to influence the map, but not actively mobile in a fight. {{champion:142}} is even less mobile than Taliyah; she has a contextual and short duration speed boost. That's literally it. **Her R is not mobility because it always returns her to the same place, no questions asked, unless she dies before then.** Her R is a spell range boost, think Zed's shadows if he does not / cannot switch to them. Shit, it's like a ranged boost with gigantic drawbacks built into it; you can't hurt Zed's shadows, you can CC and / or murder Zoey if she uses her R to get too close to you. I'd even go so far as to call her R anti mobility, because using at the wrong time means you can easily set up CC for when she returns / collapse on that spot, and there's all of 0 she can do about it. {{champion:498}} has 0 mobility in her kit. Zero. None. Zip. Nadda. Nothing. Her R does not enhance her movement in any way, it simply makes her untargetable (but not faster) for a short while. {{champion:145}} has a short duration movement speed boost.. which she cannot attack for the duration of. Uh. That's pretty rough in the trade off department. She also has a decently large range teleport on her R, but it's based entirely on the positioning of tagged enemies, and carries a gigantic cooldown. Again, she has some contextual mobility tools which have trade offs / limiting factors. She can go in but can't easily get out, and if closed on she's in a lot of trouble. {{champion:516}} 's about as mobile as Urgot, which is to say not very. He has a medium range dash which can't bypass terain and.. that's it. Shit, using his primary damage ability actually slows him (like Urgot) and locks him into walking in a pre-set direction. Honestly, he's probably one of the lowest mobility tanks in the game. Guys, guys I get it. This boards; boards isn't for productive discussions, it's for screaming like autistic monkeys in the hopes the echo chamber agrees and supports you. Regardless, try to elevate above that a little. While some of these champions are / have presented balance issues, being hyper mobile is not one of the issues they have presented. Most of these champions fit squarely within the requested design of one dash or speed boost. The ones which don't make trades for that additional mobility. Arguments carry a lot more weight when they're thought out and based in reality, rather than subsisting on irrational hatred and tilt.
Zoe w, Zoe r, Zoe with w Ghost, heal. HIS E MAKES U SLEEP FOR 2.25 UNTIL U GET DMG. Ornn, 1 slow q, 1 STUN w, another STUN un his E, and his último aloes and STUNS, and he comebacks to STUN you again, IM NOT INLY TALKING OF MOBILITY.
: Please explain to me. Mordekaisers issues
Oof, the list is too long. No kidding, there are thousands and thousands of issues, and bugs. Also his bad mobility His low base and AP ratios dmg to kill squishys makes him useless against tanks or hp-builders. Well, un EARLY can win easy, maxing e or w
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: Hey Riot? For your new spear can I just make a suggestion so you don't fuck up with OP shit AGAIN?
I do actually agree, all my Friends agree with that item should be only for melee. I would do that with guinsoo Also, but It would be like, It gives the half for ranged champs, like, instead of 4%, u get 2%. Or idk, It would be too rough, do somethimd about jhin, i want to ban something else
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: Spear of Shojin, a clear demonstration of AD favoritism
Are you serious they are changing every ap to make it better or easier to get Just look the new AP smite item
nuna835 (NA)
: we should have a skin trading system
Nope, because people Who have tons of skins, and only play 2-3 champ, could give a lot of skins to his friends, and nobody would buy skins anymore, because u just need a friend that GOT a skin on a chest, or bought It years ago. Maybe a new ilegal shop of selling skins would be possible, and riot would lose tons and tons off Money, because skins is the 70% if their earning (Maybe it's more) Like, u wanna buy a 1350 rp skin, u just give a 300 rp skins and u have to play for those 1000 rp. I'm sorry dude, but that's not possible.
: Been getting filled to jg a lot more now
U just should stop playing Evelynn, if u play against a bruiser with high dmg and fast Camp clears, u are pretty useless the resto of the Game, he will take scrab, while u still TAKING blue, he will take some of your Camps, Camps THAT u need, u need every Camp now, because the xp that gives each one now, IS just stupid, I recomend chamos with hight sustain (ir chamos Who dont lose too much hp) , burst dmg, and fast Camp clears: Warwick, Xinzhao, Jax, Lee sin, and Maybe Nunu, but his 1v1 at lv 2-3 is bullshit.
: So if we don't have a cell phone....we can't play clash? :(
U actually dont have a phone? XD Use the one of the father or mother, ir some brother.. ir some friend?
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: But the damage of Titanic scales with HP
: What would you build the Tiamat into?
Titanic hydra? Gives hp so he can get more ad, so more dmg.
: Can you stop please, pyke is not a support
Just look at jax, camille, aatrox, all of them have a pretty nada wave clear until they buy tiamat. Pyke have a Dash to escape and heal to himself, so he can survive top lane perfectly. I dont know why u still saying he is a support.
: But consider this: As non-traditional as it is, Pykes kit fits the all-in support niche. Basic support triangle is all-in > poke > tanky/anti-engage > all-in. Pyke fits this perfectly. Being an assassin, tanks and anti-engage naturally counter him, that tidbit is a no-brainer. His passive combined with relic shield should mitigate most of the damage of a poke lane, letting him exist vs it. Poke lanes are also very squishy, which makes his all-in a very real threat. He's also probably going to be roam-happy. I imagine the enemy mid will see him as essentially a second jungler. That said, Pyke cannot solo lane: His waveclear is atrocious (meaning he'll be under tower all game in midlane, if he can even survive it) and his inability to build HP means in a 1v1 he gets outscaled _hard_ by every toplaner. Literally all of them. You may not want him to be a support just because he isn't a "traditional" support, but a support he is.
Every champ with tiamat have good wave clear, there is no excuses.
: ADC will keep complaining about KS even if Pyke gives the gold of a kill with his ult.
But asists count as KDA tho, i prefer to be 0/0/25 rather than 7/2/3.. I dont understand adc mains 25 KDA against 5 KDA
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