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: Jesus. Single handedly the best comment Ive seen against all the BS Riot spouts. As someone who has played for 6 years I agree with all points 200 percent . A single match of this game is painfull. So painfull it slapled me out of my addiction. All of the changes have shifted this game to a shell of its former self and I cringe whenever someone acts like the game is fine. Only reasons streamers continue to stream League is because its their job, if they coudnt make money they would leave it in a heartbeat. Such a big company working on one game, and they refuse to listen to their playerbase to make the smallest of changes. Incompetence is an understatement. They just dont care! They can take their time fixing and reverting all of the crap theyve done to a fun game, im done with this company.
Thanks. It's a shame i'm probably still going to get downvoted to oblivion for speaking the truth instead of giving Riot the most sumptuous review/feedback blowjob. Thing is, while being brutally honest with my thoughts... my only intention is to improve the game I grew to love, from the company I used to love and respect. Well, at the very least I can give you kudos points for not being a mindless sheep. Best thing anyone can do right now is divorce themselves from this abusive relationship and wait for the next big game. All i can advise is a game in pre-alpha called Spellbreak.
: Gesundheit! What people wanted is to just have us jack up turret damage and turret hp and leave it at that. Doing so would make low mmr games drag on forever, as well as completely dissuade turret dives at all. Turrets at the end of the day are intended to be objectives that a team captures to progress the game, not an impenetrable building that prevents action in a game. In preseason we're changing turret mechanics quite a bit to allow us to make them stronger, which we couldn't have done on a normal patch in a season.
What a load of nonsense. Towers for many MANY seasons where perfectly fine until they were changed to promote shorter games for the eastern market. All players wanted on the western side was for towers to be reverted to back before they were tinkered with. But ofc, this was just another one of those changes under the disguise to "Keep the game fresh" A.K.A change for change sake and to provide shorter games. Towers were ALWAYS an objective, there was NEVER an instance when they were not. All you are doing now is giving towers a pointless shield to make it look like you are doing your jobs when towers never needed a gimmicky shield in the first place, yet another instance of change for change sake. As for low MMR games dragging to long, they have always dragged too long and it has nothing to do with the towers. It's got everything to do with a failure to educate newer players on how to close games. Jeez... It's only in recent times that the worst tutorial in video game history actually got changed. But still, there is NO MENTION in the tutorial on how capturing objectives and causing pressure is what really wins games. So all that low MMR players do is run around like aimless chickens chasing down kills until the minions close out the games for them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Removed by Moderation> As an example because I don't have the time to write down the entire list, is a thread on this forum currently pointing out the sheer amount of contradictions over Itemization ALONE. <Removed by Moderation> It's not just me who thinks it, it's repeated multiple times by streamers who have since quit the game completely over the sheer incompetence of the company, and those who still play do so because it's their only source of income. C'mon, stop kidding yourself. When a LOT of veteran players no longer want to play after 8 years because playing 1 single match is actually more painful then going through chemotherapy and would rather drink bleach than play another match, I can tell you now that's not a good sign of the staff doing a good job.
: Is ranked always like this
Ignore those white knights who are trying to defend papa Riot. Ranked has ALWAYS been a toxic cesspool of players who are prime candidates to be purged from life. The only difference is that the last 3 years the scale of toxicity has only multiplied. Riot does not give a rats arse on trying to quell the toxicity, they only care about China and the mass amount of money they get from skins and the % cut they get from Chinese players ordering KFC through their client. Don't believe me? look it up.
: Both are once per fight, but Duskblade only increases your damage once (and maxes out at 150), while Deathfire increases all your magic damage for the next 4 seconds.
I find it hilarious reading people trying to talk about game balance when they have ZERO experience in said subject. It's literally one side bringing up valid observations while the other side screech like monkeys while trying to comprehend the basics. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: its lovely that people still use renekton as an example of an early game champion when that was many years ago lmao
Yeah, cause using an example of when the game was somewhat balanced is clearly seen as grasping at straws when trying to compare it to the current state of the game which is widely regarded as the WORST state of balance that any game has ever digressed into. Smart.
: I'm to the point that if someone needs to be carried that hard and they have a huge ego I'd rather just lose. The game is no fun to win for someone who thinks they are pro at 2/11 in 20 mins.
: I've been playing this game on and off since before Season 1 when this game was still a shitty DotA 1 clone. When champions were still displayed with their character models in black rectangles instead of with splash art. When AD scalings literally didn't exist yet and every ability scaled of AP. > " are so one sided, it’s hard to lose once ahead. Towers being paper thin, and baron/herald basically auto win games." Getting ahead early and getting a major objective like Baron / Herald is SUPPOSED to win you the game. Otherwise, why would anybody risk going for the objective in the first place? > "You barely have to do anything anymore to win. The game just holds your hand and wins for you." Bullshit. If the game makes winning is so goddamn easy, why do so many people lose and rage about it on the boards? Oh that's right, because by the very nature of any competitive game, EVERYBODY is afforded a 50% chance of winning or losing and it's up to the player to play well enough to tip it in their favor. > "Not to mention skill expression has gotten much lower, you don’t need to outplay your opponents outside of the first 5 min. You get ahead, and you get so much dmg, that you just go around mindlessly one shotting." You really must not have played in the early seasons then. Xin Zhao used to be able to walk up with half hp and proceed to kill your entire full HP team, Soraka spammed Starfall and took away your entire hp bar in less than five seconds at level 1 in lane, Annie could literally delete three of you in an instant and burn down the other two as they tried to run. Twisted Fate could assassinate you at 30 seconds into the game at level 1 with just his E, etc.
> [{quoted}](name=xxxDogmanxxx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HYsAtq6t,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2018-10-10T04:25:45.625+0000) EVERYBODY is afforded a 50% chance of winning or losing and it&#x27;s up to the player to play well enough to tip it in their favor. If you truly believe that, you are brainwashed beyond repair.
: See, at this point, I feel pretty safe in automatically assuming that whoever claims "winning is not fun" is just a big fat liar. Winning, by human nature, feels really fun, and those who actually win don't go to the boards to complain about winning.
winning aint fun when you are dragging your braindead team kicking and screaming to the finish line.
: Bro I've been screaming this for months. If you're interested, here's 3 other ideas I have been putting out there to mitigate trolls:
> [{quoted}](name=RookPusher,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nWM1a4X5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-08T18:39:46.895+0000) > > Bro I&#x27;ve been screaming this for months. If you&#x27;re interested, here&#x27;s 3 other ideas I have been putting out there to mitigate trolls: > > Months? I've been saying it for YEARS. i'm just happy to see this game has gone so far down the toilet that sensible suggestion are actually being talked about instead of being downvoted because it's not giving Riot the equivalent of a big fat blowjob.
: What is the Purpose of Hiding Our MMR and How the System Works?

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