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: > [{quoted}](name=Zoli Ben,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Ex34iIQE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-24T17:53:46.132+0000) > > Can {{champion:6}} get some compensete buffs for Conqueror ranged champion nerf? Today I got beat by a Nasus who simply outhealed himself no matter how much life steal and amplifier I had, I was even fed mostly but the fact he outheals me so much is just too bad IMO. {{item:3075}} was useless there. > > > > This was promised over 2 years ago and it was not implamented still. > > For {{champion:10}} Conqueror stacks thrice on passive since passive is a spell (2) and an auto(1). Can it get fixed for Urgot? He gains only two stacks instead of supposed 3 on intended shotgun autoattack. Although Conqueror is far more popular on Urgot, Press the Attack has had a higher winrate on Patches 9.23-10.1. I think Urgot could use buffs anyhow though. His mana costs just make him feel like a worse Mordekaiser.
Yup, people ping me when I take PtA, but it's just better :-/
: Sure - so far the 10.1 changes seem fairly successful. He's 49% winrate across all elos and a low priority pick in pro. Playrate is up by 300% since the changes, so we hope that means that people are still enjoying his play style. We haven't seen enough data to be sure that he's actually in the right balance state yet though, may need some slight buffs, maybe not.
FWIW, as a mostly ARAM player, I've been enjoying him about as much post changes as before. Then again, I probably don't look too closely at how significant missing E2 is? But I am having fun.
: Quick Gameplay Thought: January 24
Several thoughts: 1. As someone who loves the fantasy of "You can't escape me!" which meant back in the day old Irelia and Darius were my mains, and who upon recent return to the game, I absolutely love Sett. Great job there. 2. Here's something that's been bothering me. Pro play usually plays about 50 champions. All other champions may as well be disabled. If a champion is OP _only_ in pro play, and not even in challenger, why not just disable it for pro play? It's not like the effect would be that significant on viewer experience, as it'll be just one of the 100 champions not played anyway. 3. I do hope Markswoman Senna remains viable. It used to be that weak laners got pushed out of top lane and into Jungle (I still miss when Top Lane Naut/Vi and such were viable), and now it seems like a lot of champions are put into support, not because they were designed for it, but because they were left to languish there (Swain, Brand, Vel'Koz). Senna and Pyke in particular were clearly designed to be supports, but not just. So I hope you guys manage to keep that viable, because it is fun to also play them as non-supports. P.S. If you do end up nerfing Sett, I think cutting 10-20% of his hp conversion to grit (so it'd be 45-40%) will be a subtle but effective method, and maybe his super late passive regen. He needs the early levels for laning, but late levels can get up to 100 hp/s.
: These posts are only about the NA server, but yes if there was something like this for EUW, the "Server Stuff" part would have lots and long chunks of "missions missing", "mission payout delay" etc. especially in the evening hours... ;-(
You'd think this would be about the global issues :-/ OP says "Server-issues, NA League," as if the server issues aren't NA-only as well.
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 1/4 - 1/21
Errr, aren't we missing a bunch of stuff in this post? 1. EUW has had a ticker for "Account transfers currently unavailable" for about a week now. 2. Mission and milestone progress, as well as tokens not being dispensed in EUW, multiple instances. 3. End of match, sometimes mastery points, score, and honours are not distributed - not merely visual. This has been ongoing from as early as September and as late as last week, personally.
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: Quick LoL Thoughts: January 17
Meddler, regarding events, the increase in points required due to not-tracking extra points is a concern. For instance, assuming win-loss-win-loss structure, during Night and Dawn, you'd waste 5 points for every 30 earned, due to excess points after reaching the limit not carrying over. I can tell you that personally I finished the pass just a day before the event ended. This time around, you still have the points not carrying over, the same number of milestones, but require 20 points per milestone. There are a lot less wasted points on average here, with 2 points per 40 points, but it still requires more games overall, and still has the chance to have you "waste" as many as 4 points per milestone. Any improvements coming there? Any reason we went from 15 pts per milestone to 20 without reducing the number of milestones? That feels to go directly against the desire to not make us grind less.
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: Wan't the monkey supposed to be a bruiser not an assassin? He should only go full damage assassin if he's decently ahead, not as a standard build.
If you read the post, they want him to be able to go both bruiser and assassin.
: Wukong Update- Prepped For PBE!
Why is the shield physical only? That seems to run counter to the idea of him going assassin mid-lane, where he'll face mages. Heck, with how far brushes are from the action in mid-lane, he'll already have a hard time of getting full usage out of it there. It seems you've pushed a lot of his power budget onto his ult, which means he'll be considerably weaker when it's down? The clone seems great, but his Q is going to deal what seems like considerably less damage in the mid-game? For Jungle Wu, I feel like the reduced stealth time will be massive, due to needing that time to get onto the opponent on a ganker with no CC outside the ult, but maybe the dash will make up for it :3 Edit: Midgame, a single Q will deal about 16% less damage. Combined with the E change to magic damage, how is Wu expected to still have a working assassin build?
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
I think the real question is - who is Sylas supposed to lane against now? He's stronger once he hits late early game, but he is now a melee champion who gets trashed by basically everything, and doesn't have the armour to jungle either...? Also, where is his anti-mage identity now? And finally, the problem with making E his biggest damage dealer is he's forced to become a Diana - go in, and then kill or die, if he wants to deal damage. It's high risk and high reward, but where is the reward if he _doesn't_ go in? A false choice is often worse than not having the choice, as it tricks players.
Kazekiba (NA)
: his Q on live, currently extends his auto range (iirc, from 150->225) for that attack, and a huge part of Son Wu Kong (the original Monkey King from chinese mythology) is the Extending Rod. Many Wukong fans, both globally and especially the Chinese fans of his legend, would feel immensely betrayed if it was removed. Instead, he now gets a pseudo-spellblade so that *any* ability extends it rather than only Q.
That part I noted I like. I think the resistances bit is the outdated bit.
: Wukong Update- Now In Active Development!
TBH, "Tanky Wukong" used to be a thing, back when bruisers would build triforce into tanky items. He was pretty good at it. I've never thought much of the lethality build on him. It might be the best, which would be the issue, since.. yeah. I recently came back to league after a long time away, and if mastery points were around when I mained him (Dominion era), I'd be at level 7. I'm excited to see it. I do feel like giving him sustain sort of makes him like all the other bruisers though? Same for making him have magic damage on Q? Yes, it will bring him in line with other bruisers, by homogenizing him, but I'm not sure there's much of an alternative - he did use to be very much of an AD caster if you wanted him to be, and I feel he will lose that. But I like this better. Stacking clone damage. Clones that actually attack? These things seem sweet. I really like the second part of the passive, about increased range, as movement speed difference between melee and ranged characters has consistently been decreased, but I'm not so sure about the resistances passive - like Irelia's old passive, it feels outdated, and out of tune with how League is often played, which is in small skirmishes.
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Valiant Sword Riven's sword during her R1 is _inside_ the sword, rather than holding it. Is worse for base skin over Prestige.
: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
Lux getting kills with R is game-warping for support Lux. Talon's wall-dashes is unobtainable in ARAM, if that's a consideration.
: TFT - New Item Distribution System
So, when will TFT-only players be able to get onto the PBE, to actually try stuff, which you know, requires non-TFT Honor system progress.


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