: Can Presence of Mind give Shen 20 energy (up to +100) to match his doubled energy pool and costs?
Given Presence of Mind is busted on champions it can be abused on... I would think more about nerfing it and not how to make Shen join S++ tier...
: Is there a way to counter smurfing in clash?
Given that by rules you can be 2 divisions off your top acc... What do people even expect?
: Exceeding a certain number of Armor/MR as a tank
Majority of tanks are above 50% win-rate. Biggest problem of tanks that are below 50% is not the items, but out-dated-for-current-meta-design + a bit of balance... Buffing them is hard, riddled with extra issues it will create and meta shift - so even more work... Re-works? A lot of work and not much profit for Riot... We may only pray for Riot to make massive move to stop adding things and just stop for balancing and getting up-to-date old content...
: I can't handle this burst meta anymore and so on
There is an easy answer! Even two! 1) Burst them first! 2) Be a bruiser and crack their skulls for attempting.
: After 3000 hours i'm done
How many smurfs you have, man? LvL 50 is around 200 hours... 3000 hours is some 5k games
: It is a comprehensive educational design to allow those who choose to play support to be thoughtful in their mana expenditure. Too frequently players who rely on items that generate mana spam their abilities without planning (missing too many skill shots). Removing mana regeneration on support items will eventually enhance players' skill in landing their skill shots especially the abilities that are mana intensive. Do I sound like a Riot's spoke-person? I've been practicing.
Next on the list is to nerf mp/hp regens in general so ppl train to be better... Then we can gut life-steal and wamp so people start to learn to dodge skills.. And time to give adc a missed-cs-counter... may as well ad a penalty for missing too much cs... Then adc will start to try to last hit at last! After 45 min minions revolt join winning side so games do not drag to long... If nashor is not killed for 20min he grows legs gets like x4 times stronger with elder buff and goes to ravage team that had vision on him more aka why did you not take me!
TheGrot (NA)
: Supports will never be required to help clear or push a lane. If you think there is ever a situation in which that is the case, then you are simply misunderstood. Riot knows this. This is just them doing their typical, helping make bad players less bad at the game. This will change nothing for top tier support players.
: I don't understand why your login isn't just the email address you used to create the account.
Because you can have more than one acc on one e-mail.. I had to change acc names for 3 my accs and I am ok and did not die from it.. 3 weeks and still ok..
: > [{quoted}](name=Divine Voidling,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EZ65rbgX,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2019-11-25T23:35:39.229+0000) > > Strange that enchanters are at the top of win-rates for support role then.. cause literally only people that play enchanters are people that are really good on them not to mention tank supports got hit even harder, they pretty much got deleted top lane tanks are okay, cause no conqueror true damage but support tanks
BS... For Diamond, enchanters sit at 10-13% mained/popularity...Tanks are around the same... So 1 in 8-10 is 'only'... Examples of dedication: Shaco sup 82% of them main him and get their deserved 52% win-rate... Ever hated Velkoz stands at 33% at his 49% win-rate... 57% for Veigar, but not like it helps him not to be 45% win-rate...
: 1. Support is easy ( until gold ). play {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:99}} . Use wards poke and don't die. and after getting gold you'll get the victorious skin izi.
Sure! Nice advice! Play champs from the bottom of win-rate chart for the role in given division for free elo... Nah... 53% Janna that is 53%+ all the way to the top of MMR ladder is not the way..
: The only enchanter that is still playable in any manner is Ivern and thats because he is a jungler and also technically a catcher
Strange that enchanters are at the top of win-rates for support role then..
: item balance shouldn't be based around the possibility of someone disconnecting from a game, lol.
That is ~10% ranked games - too small to bother? May as well not fix bugs that are a bit rare or balance champs with low player-base... Who bother...
PalPlays (NA)
: I will forsake my final item in favor of red wards *on every non-carry role,* meaning that I only have five item slots and a dedicated ward slot. It's time that we stop treating vision like this janky submechanic of League of Legends. Vision *is* League of Legends.
New lethality anti-vision is such nice example of rewarding vision to counter unexpected grey-screens... Oh that is other way around...
: Should Riot Remove Adaptive Helm?
As player of a lot DOT and spam mages...My main is Malzahar.. I would say REWORK it! For certain champs its just like dont even bother to dmg him... when tanks chases you from his base to yours all time under malefic + liandry+rylai+void... and you cant kill him... Just some fast numbers: If you have 135mr - under void+liandry+sorc. boots you have 48mr = 33% dmg. red, with adaptive its 53% red. same as, if you have 120mr after penetration or 255mr in stats = 120mr equvalent. For 190mr its 81mr = 47% red = 67% red = 200mr = 390mr in stats = 200mr passive In money/HP (1mr is 18 gold = 7hp) 2200gold/840hp and 3600gold/1400hp not bad for a passive. If you compare DOT/spam dmg vs bursts it will be (for 4k base dmg): 2660/1880=1.415 2120/1320=1.6 burst... So getting adative vs dot/spamer is like getting two items, and as adaptive has good good stats in general you dont loose much vs other champs. Note this doesnt count champs and aly skills/runes, but mostly it only becomes even worse...

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