: TFT - New Item Distribution System
Honestly, I don't think that the changes to item distribution will be sufficient to make up for the whole new line of items that's coming with this path. Not to talk about the problem of adding new champions to the game, which is also increasing the RNG in champion selection as you still have to choose among 5, to the point where an extra space on the offers would be needed...
: We're referring to Dominion's popularity back in the world just after it released (totally agree it's far from an attractive choice today). Even back then, at the 'peak' of its hype, players were already bouncing off it reasonably quickly, when it arguably had the most support ever. Also there's no plans to remove ARAM.
May I ask what's the playerbase for twisted treeline? Also what's the point on preserve rankeds 5, with teambuilder allowing up to 5 premades...? I've probably spent more time on dominion than in twisted treeline on my entire lol life, i find it the most annoying mode ever released, providing nothing different from SR, ARAM, and dominion, have a distinct strategy, play style and dynamic, it was a good mean to disconnect after hard games, and for me it was really really fun as sometimes it was cahotic and full of pressure...
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
If we already got to Mastery 5 on a champion, will we get the two keys we would've win or that's lost?
: [FOLLOWUP] Tahm Kench
I'm sorry but I'm not gonna write walls of text, i don't even expect a dev to read this, but anyways: * On the ultimate's problem - Sometimes I try to get into tham kench belly and he runs away before i get in, i would suggest giving the neareast ally bonus movent speed when running towards tham kench to join his ultimate * Where do i feel frustration playing vs him? - Well, i think the biggest problem is that if he ever gets to eat you, you're dead, and it's not that hard for him to eat you, passive stacks last for a lot of time, and are not consumed when he uses his Q to stunt you. Anyways, that wouldn't be a big deal, if wasn't taking 32% of your health. It's already a powerful ability, it doesn't need that huge amont of damage, so solutions... - Either reduce W scaling to something like 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% (+2.5 per 100AP) max helath (that's 5-7% less), or, make it deal damage based on current health, and not maximum. - W is rarely used to eat a minion, so let's give it utility in there to compensate, if you hit an enemy champion when spitting a minion, half of it's cooldown and mana is refunded. Base damage is also increased 110/165/220/275/330, to promote leveling W on some matchups. * On his black health - I think his black health is something that identifies him, the shield is probably a bit too strong, but what i'd like to see here, is Tahm kench helth regen per level reduced, he has roughtly the same health regen as Tresh, without taking into account the black health, so he probably shouldn't be able to regenerate health at all, if he has not been damaged; my proposal in here is to remove the health regen scaling, and just leave the base health regen.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Yo, I've been working on the changes to masteries with Squad5 and Stashu so thought I'd pop in and give some context. There are 2 goals with the Veteran's scars changes this patch: 1) lower the degree to which tanks are hyperscaling with items. 2) As Repertoir mentioned, make the tier 2 resolve tree more attractive to other classes who don't buy tons of health. --- If you look at a list of the top junglers right now they're all champs who build tanky: Mundo, Skarner, Rammus, Nunu, Volibear, Amumu. While some of this rise in power for individual champs is to be expected (Rammus wrecks ADC's and Trundle is strong whenever super tanks are strong), when a class as whole is standing out above their peers it's probably a good idea to look at the underlying power from systems that support that class. In this case we feel the Resolve tree is offering too much multiplicative scaling to tanks in too many different places. **We feel that Veteran's scars is a great candidate for conversion to flat as it reduces the crazy item scaling tanks are getting right now, opens up the tree to more characters, and creates an easier to grok choice vs. the %healing and shield mastery.** ---Final note, some of you may be asking: "Why not just nerf Mundo? He's the real problem!" If it was just Mundo that's exactly what we'd do, but right now we're seeing immense strength across the whole class of characters so feel it's better to nerf a few masteries than hit 6 champs. If this leaves some of the already weaker tanks in a bind we're likely to buff them up. We had a similar thought process when we hotfixed Warlord's Bloodlust. You can hit Yasuo, Trynd, and other early crit users, or you can look at the thing that they all have in common: crazy synergy with Warlord's.
From my point of view you are just shifting this mastery, from oriented for tanks, to oriented for ADCs. ** Why not go for a mixed solution, like 30 + 2% of HP. Or made it scale with level?**
: Slightly different question for you all on this thread: What is the core concept you would attach most to Essence Reaver? This could be anything from intended user to "80 AD" to it's mana gain on hit. Regardless of if Essence Reaver is serving those concepts well. Then, to what extent do you believe the rest of the item can change around the core concept you chose? (From not at all, suggesting no changes just numbers increase to everything)
I've build Essence Reaver sometimes on Ezreal and Lucian as a substitute for Bloodthirster, it's cheaper and gives you a pretty good 10% CDR, which helps to get to the cap, on the other side, Bloodthirster gives you much higher survivability, thanks to the shield, and the increased LifeSteal. I use to combine ER with Manamune, so that i can have it's toggle effect active almost all times. This build sucks early game tought. So, i'd say the core to me is 80AD item to cheap enought to get as 2nd/3rd object with 10% CDR
Meddler (NA)
: Our current focus with the Utility masteries is on making going deep into the tree appropriately rewarding, particularly for caster supports and more utility focused mages. As part of that we're experimenting with making Meditation (the mana regen) significantly more powerful, but putting it later in the tree so it's one of the key distinctions between deep utility and other routes. Expanded Mind (max mana) then goes earlier, as a flat bonus instead of a %, making it particularly targeted at champions that start with a really small mana pool and want an early increase. There's a definite risk that'll leave going 9 points into utility as too unrewarding and we might need to do some work on that too, first thing we want to address is getting 21+ points in utility into a better spot however. Changes current in testing for anyone unfamiliar with them: * Meditation: Swapped position with Expanded Mind Now restores 1.5% missing mana every 5 seconds instead of granting 1/2/3 mana regen every 5 seconds * Expanded Mind: Swapped position with Meditation Now grants 25/50/75 mana instead of 2/3.5/5% maximum mana * Inspiration: Increased the experience gain every 10 seconds to 10/20, from 5/10 * Bandit: Melee--Now grant 8 gold each time an enemy champion is attacked (5 seconds cooldown), no longer grants bonus gold from kill/assist * Intelligence: Now reduces the cooldown of Activated items by 20%, from 10% * Wanderer: Bonus Movement speed changed to a flat 20, from 5% movement speed
I like the idea of trying to make utility tree more attractive, and I like most of the changes. However i have two main concerns: - How would afect Ryze (as a mana stacking champion) loosing the old Expanded Mind Mastery. - Bandit doesn't seem apealing for Melee supports anymore, with a melee supp, you can barely autoatack an enemy once every 5 minutes, and often it results into a kill, i'd rather have less gold, and no cooldown between autoatacks for melee champs, so more trades actually means more gold. Thanks for your work Meddler!
Vesh (NA)
: This rework is going to be bananas [Soraka Rework Preview and Discussion]
Why did you choosed a Max Health cost insread of a current health cost?
: Specifically, that note is about competitive play - Mikael's is pretty much in every game - which means that Ashe or Varus ultimates get far less useful.
Don't you think Mikael's is common because "Mercurial Scimitar" {{item:3139}} is too weak? Maybe you could add some movement speed to "Quicksilver Slash" {{item:3140}} and tweak around costs, or change the building path. Another option could be adding a few seconds of slowing effects reduction after using, so we could see more quicksilvers at all levels of play. Also, if you're going to have a look at ADC itemization and attack speed here are some ideas: "Sword of the Divine" {{item:3131}} building out of "Recurve Bow" {{item:1043}} and "Brawler's Gloves" {{item:1051}} and granting half base stats while on cooldown would make it quite a decent choice. "Runaan's Hurricane" {{item:3085}} is a good item, but it's building path is quite unfriendly for an ADC as you're wasting a lot of money on getting a lot of attack speed without getting any AD. "Zephyr" {{item:3172}} could also be tweaked or repurposed since it actually just gives a bit of everything making it not widely used. Finally, and only in my opinion "Blade of the Ruined King" {{item:3153}} is too strong, it's building path is perfect, the material objects are cheap and that lets you get some AD and lifesteal in early game while additionally gaining survivability and kill potential with from the active slow in {{item:3144}}. When you get the final upgrade into BotRK you also have a quite decent amount of atack speed and high increase in the dmg output thanks to passive effect and extremely hight survivability thanks to the movement speed and health steal on active. Maybe another object building out of {{item:3144}} could help to mitigate the problem.
Thales (NA)
: Braum's playstyle is nothing like Leona's. Leona dives, Braum *interposes*.
You're right, what i wanted to say is that they fill in the same role on a team (tanky, high crowd control supports), while braum is quite a stronger pick for the reasons i mentioned. Played offensively does the same while taking less risks.
RiotChun (NA)
: Ban rate and read forums will tell us something. Not making her unplayable outside competitive is also one of our goals, and we are trying out multiple ideas at this moment.
I think you're getting a wrong aproach with Braum. Whenever i analyze him i try to compare him with leona because of their similarities on playstyle. One of the first problems I identified with braum is his insane lvl.1 potential, when braum leaves base for the 1st time he is able to deal crazy amounts of crowd control as i'll try toa explain. At lvl.1 Braum already has his passive (Concussive Blows) and his Q (Winter's Bite). Ok, now let's compare this abilities with similar ones. Concussive Blows, at champion lvl.1 stuns for 1.25 seconds and deals 70 magic damage. When comparing this ability to something like nautilus passive which only roots and does not stun, nautilus roots for 0.5 seconds and deals 8 magic damage. Ok, maybe it's not fair comparing just one ability, so let's see more points of his kit. Winter's Bite is a long-range colliding skillshot which slows by 70% decaying over 2 seconds and deals a flat damage plus a percentage of Braum's max. health. When comparing it to Leona's abilities Braum has the adventage of **not putting himself into any risk** when using his abilities, plus having greater damage. I think that at this point you have already seen his insane combo. He has probably the best potential for an invade at lvl.1, if he gets you with his winter's bite (quite probable thanks to the long range of the ability) the only way to escape is flashing away before getting 3 hits and when combined with lucian there's no way to escape the stunt. I'm not gonna talk too much about "Stand Behind Me" and "Unbreakable" as i think they're both cool abilities that fill into a game niche. There's always the same problem with resistances being a hidden power and maybe it deserves to be tuned down, but in my opinion this doesn't create frustration among Braum oponents as his other abilities do. Finally, his ultimate, knocks up for 1.5 or 0.25 seconds, and leaves for 4 seconds a (huge) field of ice that slows by 60% as long as you are in it and for 1.5 seconds once you are out of it. Ok, i've the opinion that a ultimate ability should be the most powerful ability of a kit; but i don't undestand at all why you have to continue slowed when you get out of the ability. I undestand that the knockup plus such a huge slow in a huge area of effect is intended for a "zonning ability" similar to rumble's ultimate, but in such a case I don't get why you continue slowed when you're out of the AoE. So nerfing the damage on winter's bite doesn't adress the issue at all. I would suggest to have Winter's Bite slow increasing per level (50/55/60/65/70% from 70%) giving more chances to the enemies for escaping of the stunt at early game. And maybe reducing the stunt duration to 1/1.25/1.5 from 1.25/1.5/1.75. Appart from that, i don't really think the problem of his ultimate affects his power level but creates a frustrating experience when facing him, so maybe you should remove that 1.5sec of slow when out of the slowing field and add another second to the duration of the field. Greetings!
: I get your concern here and just wanted to offer up a couple responses. The first is that while it's true that this will also be a slight nerf to jungle support tanks, the relative nerf is much lighter on them than it is on fighter/assassin junglers. Basically, this XP scaling ramped up as the game ramped up, meaning that it has a very minimal impact on the first 6 levels of the game and was mostly impacting the XP from camps in the mid to late game. During these later phases of the game, not only are Tanks slower at dedicated jungle farming, but they're also spending more time ganking, assisting lanes, and donating camps to teammates than their damage dealing counterparts. So all in all, yes, their strength is slightly lower from this change than it was prior to this change, but they lost much less than the class that they are trying to compete with and thus get relatively stronger (slightly). The second response I'll offer up is that we're still working on larger jungle projects aimed more directly at bringing Tank junglers back up to par with Fighters/Assassins. The change for XP in this patch is merely a response to a problematic trend we're seeing, it's not nearly large enough scale to be aimed at solving the larger issues that are causing Tanks to suffer in the Season 4 jungle. As I said above, I believe the net result of this change is a small relative benefit for Tank junglers, but this change is not aimed at the problem you're stating and rather, we have a larger on-going project that is working towards the issues you're seeing.
Jungle monsters need to have less initial Health and compensate it with some Armor, in that way you both buff tanky AP junglers helping them to clear camps faster and loosing less health *(sejuani actually forced to back at lvl.3 after doing both buffs)* and nerf the AD super-strong assasins *(also marksmen going to jungle position like twitch)* junglers with just one step P.S.: Please do something with sejuani!!


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