: No, he isn't, people just love running heads on into Juggernauts and expecting to win.
Juggernauts don't have solid range like Morde does. He is a poke champion at this point, spamming his Q and E 24/7 until he withers you down which would be fine if those abilities didn't cost absolutely fucking nothing.
Rioter Comments
: Two weeks after release Yuumi's win rate has climbed to 42%
The champ is utter garbage, over my accounts I played 48 games where Yuumi was involved in just one team. The team with Yuumi won 4 out of those 48 games. She is a disgustingly bad, high skill, low impact champ that functions only if your team is snowballing to the point where any other support would do the same. Even now when her poke is buffed to ridiculous levels she is still worthless most of the time. Another failed design from RIOT, I can't recall the last time they successfully designed something... Maybe the Warwick rework ? Edit - and the Nunu rework.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: Dont call Yuumi trash if you dont feel like cooperating
In last 2 days I played around 15 games and lost 12 of them. All of them had Yuumi in my team and 10 out of those 12 the enemy didn't have a Yuumi. So yes, I will call her trash because she is useless trash , probably the weakest champion I have ever seen in League, she literally makes your team autolose the game unless you snowball out of control.
: {{champion:114}}
Yeah Fiora is a good candidate for an evolving type of ultimate skin. You know since she is a tumor.
: FIX the client pls!
In like 7 games yesterday , I failed to connect on time 3 times because I was stuck in the lobby with 0 seconds remaining, I had very low FPS for no apparent reason in 2 games and finally in 1 game I connected normally but had 0 fps and couldn't move my screen despite hearing all the sounds and talking to my premades on voice, I was forced to restart my entire PC, then unsuccessfully tried to reconnect EIGHT FUCKING TIMES before finally connecting only to lose 2 minutes later. RIOT you are a disgrace at this point, you have no respect for your community, everyone except the art team honestly deserve to get fired. No wonder your game is dying, enjoy bankruptcy because you deserved it with your hard work.
: Nothing felt better than finnally beating trail 50, 11/10 will install again!
Took me 6 days to beat that shit. I loved it !!!
: I've held off creating this thread for too long... The Day Riot invited me to Playtest Mordekaiser
Hey man I am really happy that you got this opportunity, you have been one of the most passionate people in this community for years and you deserved this 110%. I hope new Morde rocks !
: Who Would Make A Good Star Guardian?
: What other video games have you played in an extremely overly obessive manner?
CS 1.6 definitely my most played game of all time, I still play it today, 15 years later, and it is still as balanced as ever which helps when moronic League gameplay tilts me out of this world, I also made countless friends online and had some of the best gaming moment with my real life friends while playing CS. San Andreas is probably my most played single player game, I played it almost exclusively for 2-3 years and still play it often today, I also played a lot of other GTA games, but there is just something about San Andreas that makes it unique, you are so free to do whatever the fuck you want with some of the best, most accessible and most well made cheats in gaming history. I love this game. Need for Speed Most Wanted, I love this game and it's the only racing game I played a lot, and I mean a loooooooooot, I completed it probably over 50 times which makes it number 1 in that department, I just think it is fun, very well made, still looks decent and with mods you can always have new cars to drive and of course customize WHICH IS WHY NFS WAS AWESOME IN THE FIRST PLACE EA, YOU DUMB IMBECILES !!! Crash Bandicoot games, they were my childhood, the original trilogy, CTR and Crash Bash are what made me happier than anything else as a kid and today, 20 years later, me and my friends still gather to drink beer and play CTR on PS1. Good fucking times, I might even buy a PS4 just for these games when they remaster all 5 of them, 3 are already done, 1 soon to be released, 1 more to go. Souls games, I played all of them and completed them at least half a dozen times each, Dark Souls is probably my favorite game ever, everything about these games is awesome, from the amazing story that you have to discover yourself making it similar to reading a book, to the amazing combat, weapons, armors and of course the boss battles, some of which I think I will remember for the rest of my life. PES games, I am a football fanatic so naturally I played a fuckton of PES , mostly PES 6 since it was by far the best. The Elder Scrolls series, especially Morrowind and Oblivion, I enjoyed them very very much and played them to no end , Skyrim too but at that time I was already obsessed with Dark Souls franchise. Metal Gear Solid games, for some reason I never played them a lot, hell I don't think I completed any MGS game more than 2 times, somehow I couldn't force myself to play them more because the first time experience just left me speechless, I was and I still am a Kojima fanboy, I am very into MGS lore, Revolver Ocelote is my favorite video game character and objectively MGS 1 is imo the best game ever made and I doubt that it will ever be surpassed.
: {{champion:107}} takes a fat shit on ranged tops so I'm fine with it lol Seriously, fuck ranged top laners
I would rather lane against Teemo, Kennen or Gnar than against Rengar, Fiora or Riven. Except for Vayne, fuck Vayne and fuck Vayne players who take her top, they will burn in hell.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Rengar top is disgusting and op
I have been saying this for, let's see, 6 years yeah. Fuck Rengar top, that is imo by far the pick with least counterplay in the entire game, regardless of the meta.
: Riot's need for everything to "Feel good" is their biggest design problem.
Exactly this, one of the changes that ruined the gameplay is the removal of power points during the game. Nerf Vayne's late game, buff her early. Nerf Pantheon's early game, buff his late game. Same with Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Orianna, Renekton, Kayn and countless other champions, they constantly keep nerfing their strong phases and buffing their weak phases to the point where it doesn't matter whether the champion is supposed to be good early, they are all at least decent early so they can survive it or even get fed quickly. Champions like Jax, Fiora or Yi whose only counterplay used to be shit early game are now running rampant in the early game, I saw a Lee lose straight 1v1 to Master Yi at lvl 2 while not misplaying at all, I also saw Lee kill an ADC late game in 2 seconds which couldn't be possible 4 years ago and it shouldn't be. This fucks up so many designs and no wonder that late game champions are stronger than ever, why pick Mundo when Fiora get's to full power after half an item and never drops.
: The Akali heal nerf might be too much
No, it's time to go back to the balancing roots of season 1 and 2. If something is overloaded as fuck and makes players miserable then gut it to the ground and work from that. Should also be applied to Yasuo, Camille, Zoe, KaiSa and Pyke, straight up remove parts of their kits and work from there.
: With Sylas in the game you may want to look at some of the silly AP ratios...
Problem with Sylas is not that he steals high impact AP scaling ults and destroys with them, that is his point. The problem is that he is broken even without any ult. He was supposed to be useless without a stolen ult which should be his counterplay. This way you just get another overloaded tumor. Especially with that heal, who the fuck designed that heal...
: > [{quoted}](name=DoktorKaiser,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TdaRmnqw,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2019-01-28T08:52:30.843+0000) > > I hate both Zoe who feels out of place on the rift and Kayn/Sylas/Yasuo shirtless anime edgelords. Can we just get original designs like Ivern, Orianna, Gnar or Jhin? Too much to ask ? Sadly the "shirtless anime edgelord" are what people mostly want...
Sadly most adult players left due to poor balance and matchmaking, what we have left are children who are now the target audience for RITO with their designs, skins, forcing of overpaying for low quality content and their fast pace easy to learn 1 shot "outplay" meta. RIP Legue of Legends, it was good while it lasted.
: Stop nerfing Rakan
He will keep getting nerfed because he is overloaded same as most of recently released/reworked champions. His laning phase is foolproof, his engage is not punishing at all since you can always disengage, with his ult he has the best engage in the game since it is really difficult not to land it on all 5 players of the enemy team and even if he fucks up that engage he is far more than an engage bot since he provides heals, shields and low cooldown aoe knockups. Malphite and Amumu are core examples of what AOE engage champions should be.
: New VS event hate
Hey friend, I am the kind of person who heavily dislikes most edgy skins and champions. My favorite skins are april fools, definitely not and snowdown skins, but even I am really disliking these new skins. They feel out of place, the champion feels unrecognizable and the quality is just all over the place. Just like PugMaw, this feels really out of place and to think we will get multiple skins like this, possibly as april fools skins instead of something unique like Birdio, Baker Pantheon or a new Definitely Not skin, makes me furious.
: Just gonna point out that there are a variety of different people who play the game. "Ugh, fucking Zoe is such a garbage trash character. GG Riot turning this game into babby's Disney game." "Fucking tryhard EDGELORD kayn and pyke fans. Zzzz feels like deviantart in this game."
I hate both Zoe who feels out of place on the rift and Kayn/Sylas/Yasuo shirtless anime edgelords. Can we just get original designs like Ivern, Orianna, Gnar or Jhin? Too much to ask ?
Baxi2018 (EUNE)
: Why I quit LOL
100% true in every mode, hell I am expecting to start losing bot games at this point.
Daxonion (EUNE)
: URF Champion Tier List
One of the best posts I have ever seen. Really enjoyed it and I don't even play URF any more. Good job sir !!
: Is there an ability in the game that you, personally, just can't dodge?
: "What makes a popular champion?"
I think this is way too complicated, not saying it's not true, but it boils down to this: 1. Most players are teenagers and children, especially in last few years since older players have quit due to poor balance and matchmaking 2. Most players are very low elo So the type of champs they will pick are: 1. characters that children find cool - half naked "badass" anime guys like Yasuo or Kayn 2. characters that turn young boys on or that girls find "cute" - Lux, Ahri or Sona 3. champions that are easier to play for a child/bad player to use - melee champions with no skillshots like Yi, Garen or Tryndamere 4. champions that are overloaded and often overpowered to help a bad player win more often - mostly champions with not many weak points, huge mobility and potential to 1v5 the enemy team like Yasuo, Riven, Fiora, Zoe, Pyke, Irelia or Akali
Dr Dog (NA)
: actually unpopular opinion: i hate both URF and ARURF
I had way too much fun with original URF and maybe the next one but it has got boring ever since , mostly because League itself has now become URF with 40% cooldown reduction being literally free every game and then ARURF came and it all went to shit honestly because it's soooooo much fun playing garbage like Ashe while the enemy beats me into a pulp with Fiora.
: Yeah that's why I hate about the game right now, you should be able to carry with anything you're good at, not only certain champions, that's just bs.
This thread is couple of months old but it's still very true. Since around January 5. I decided to try and play some off meta champs to see how it goes. So far I have 37% win rate. Sure I am very inexperienced on those champs, but I am a former diamond player. Nice. Fucking. Game. RITO....
: "How dare Riot use one of their coolest and most popular champions to hype things up!"
Coolest for children and those with a brain of a child. Just seeing Yasuo makes me cringe, mostly because of his nonsense armor. Not even anime characters look that stupid.
: Mate. We just had a vote for people’s favorite faction. Ionia won by a landslide. I may not really care for any Ionian champ personally (except maybe Xin Zhao if he counts). But Riot’d be fools not to cater to the weebs. Their goal is to make money.
It's easy to see why, Ionia is made to remotely represent Japan so RIOT used it to make every cliche anime character they could think off lead by Yasuo, Ahri, Zed, Irelia, Lee Sin and Akali. And guess what? All of those champs tend to be broken or very strong in 99% of the metas so that further increases their popularity. You think somebody cares for Ionia because of Wukong, Varus or Karma? They would if those champs were freelo cancers.
: What a great start of the week. Awesome cinematic.
Oh the irony, I just had a Riven vs Draven top where my Riven inted hard and rage quit. RITO why you do this to me ?!?!?
: What champs are special to u?
1. Not really special since I literally played her 10 times in my life but she was my first {{champion:28}} 2. My first main and the champ I played exclusively to level 30 {{champion:24}} , most fun I ever had was with this guy 3. Champs I hold dear but generally don't play that much {{champion:120}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:106}} 4. The only ADC I can stand playing {{champion:81}} 5. Used to be among my favorites before the rework {{champion:6}} {{champion:3}} 6. My 1 trick for years, by far my best and my favorite champion {{champion:61}}
: How about a help option for the deaf?
That would be very nice, hope this gets a ton of upvotes.
: Rarely nerfed?
I can't say for sure, but I think she got like 5 nerfs since her release which is incredibly low for a champion that was always strong and playable up until season 8 and the assassin 1 shot meta.
: > [{quoted}](name=DoktorKaiser,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=diGAPt1X,comment-id=000800000002,timestamp=2019-01-16T22:33:17.495+0000) > > I disagree, his ultimate is way too braindead to use and has way too low of a cooldown late game. On the other hand his bombs are way too weak for how hard they are to land and his double bombs, being the hardest to hit CC in the game, doesn't offer much of a reward, it should be one of the longest CCs in the entire game because it's really difficult to land, at least in the early/mid game. You obviously don't play zilean if you think his bombs are weak. He's my highest mastery champion and what got me Diamond, the champion is strong and his ult isn't brain dead especially in a meta where people die in half a second. Zilean is fine, people are just bad. He's a higher elo pick.
Bombs feel pathetically weak early game and unrewarding to land compared to literally any other support in the game. I know that Zil is a late game monster, but if a fucking Alistar or a Thresh can do 70% of someones HP in a single combo, then Zil needs some early game buffs. I don't play much Zil, not claiming to know the champion very well, just how I feel. And as for the "braindead ult" I meant that it is instant, no cast time, isn't a skillshot, just instant GA, if used correctly it is really annoying to play against, but even worse if your team has a fed assassin/bruiser that shit is just infuriating since it lets them dive 1v5 without consequences.
DeejayF (EUW)
: How to do I counter riven?
Ban her. She is one of those "if you play perfectly you can't possibly lose" champions. Just ban and save yourself the agony.
: Who do you think is the best designed champion and why ¿
{{champion:61}} definitely, when I decided to start playing ranked seriously I analyzed all champions in the game and decided that newly released Ori was the most well designed balanced champion, thus it's best to 1 trick her and honestly I was right, she is always viable, rarely overpowered and thus rarely nerfed or banned. Bad thing is she is still to this day the best designed and one of the most balanced champions, which means RIOT has really fucked up on that front in following years, except for these guys who I consider great designs {{champion:161}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:20}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Dorans Pants,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=diGAPt1X,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-01-16T17:53:13.543+0000) > > {{champion:26}} Kit is fine as is, just needs a visual update BADLY
I disagree, his ultimate is way too braindead to use and has way too low of a cooldown late game. On the other hand his bombs are way too weak for how hard they are to land and his double bombs, being the hardest to hit CC in the game, doesn't offer much of a reward, it should be one of the longest CCs in the entire game because it's really difficult to land, at least in the early/mid game.
Jamaree (NA)
: You know people bitched about balance back in season 3 as well right? Like people wanted Morello fired just as much as they wanted CertainlyT fired, but apparently no one remembers that.
It's nowhere near close to season 3. Most complaints in season 3 were about specific champions, I hardly remember any actual core gameplay complaints and people who wanted Morello fired were small minority of mains whose champions he gutted swiftly after becoming overpowered. Now most of the complaints are about gameplay sucking a major dick, players leaving and I would bet my life that 50% of the entire community would actually pay money to see CertainlyT gone and pay triple the money to see all his champs deleted from the game. So stop spreading misinformation, it's not even close, season 3 had minor problems, seasons 6,7,8 and 9 as well by the looks of things were/are/will be a major fuckup and the definitive death of this game.
: Goodbye Diana we gonna miss you <3
I feel sad for Diana mains, but she is straight up the champion with least counterplay together with Rengar. There is ZERO chance to survive her burst or to even react to it and it almost exclusively 1 shots people regardless if it's early, mid or late game or if she has her items, if she doesn't she will just delete you, if she is fed she will delete others as well. She needed a rework more than Akali imo, she is not fun to play against and I guess she isn't that rewarding to play as.
: Recieved a 2 week ban
In all honesty the safest way to not get permabanned after 14 day ban is to disable chat permanently, because it takes only 1 flaming game now instead of 3 for the other level of bans, just 1 game and your account is gone. You can play the game, just disable the chat, unbind the z button or something, I think it can be done, check on the internet.
: What is the best Yordle team comp?
In this very meta: {{champion:68}} - top {{champion:240}} - jungle {{champion:45}} - mid {{champion:74}} - "adc" {{champion:117}} - support Maybe a bit too much AP now when I look at it. You can swap in {{champion:85}} in multiple roles, {{champion:18}} adc , {{champion:78}} top/jng and {{champion:150}} top.
: Griefing is the Powder Keg Exploding, but Flaming is the Spark that ignites it.
Inting causes toxicity way more than toxicity causes inting from my experience the first one is 90% of the cases , second one only 10%.
nelogis (EUW)
: Which old champions do you think would completely annihilate todays League?
Surely AP Yi and AP Rengar. AP Yi would dominate today with harvest resets and AP Rengar was the only literal 1 shotter in season 2, so imagine him now when even tanks 1 shot.
: Do you really wanna see a mundo walking around with buffed tank items? Because I don't.
Yes because you kite him around, CC him and outplay him. What do you do to a Rengar or a KhaZix? Spam sad emote as you see them jumping on you and literally deleting you in miliseconds.
Lhuhz (EUW)
: I dont like the buffs but sure she's not strong
She has no1 ban rate in high elo after Akali was gutted I think. Can't wait for her to become perma pick/ban in competitive, I doubt they will want to deal with the gimmicky clone shit.
: Vayne's winratio skyrocketed to 54% in the span of one day.
Who could have foreseen this??? (Hint - everyone)
: Nerf Rengar.
Yeah that's the main reason and not the fact that he can 1 shot any other non-tank in the game without any reaction time and without even needing to be fed any more. Post 2-3 items you better have a Poppy or Janna with godlike reflexes in your team or you can kiss your ass goodbye.
: it's probably bc her q and e are really only good for laning phase, the damage on her kit sans her ult falls off too hard.
Honestly her Q needs a bigger delay or needs to have the 3. proc do the most damage instead of the 1. Her E needs to either not go through 58 minions/champions or it needs to be a slower missile , it's literally undodgable from mid and close range. Her ult straight up needs to have things removed from it, what the hell is a point in having Amumu or Nunu if you can have Neeko. They made one of the most fun unique utility skills in the entire game and they had to just ruin it all by making her deal way too much AOE damage. Unlike Zoe whose entire kit is just terrible design, Neeko has potential but she needs to lose a big chunk of her damage, I think the pro players are going to just permaban her since high elo people already do.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 9.2 nerfs/buffs plan by MappleNectar
Everything else is fine but {{champion:518}} buffs wtf ??? Is it just me or is she the most overpowered champion with the highest ban rate right now ? At least from what I have seen in high elo and twitch streamers, the champ is nonsensical, harass machine, aoe 1 shot machine and also has utility and is also good both early, mid and late game. Typical overloaded RIOT design from last few years.
: Boards: demanded from Riot to gut ADCs and tanks
What people mostly asked: - make tanks deal less damage, but make them more tanky - make ADCs less relevant before late game - stop the bot lane clown fiestas, nerf the jungle early ganking pressure What RIOT did: - actually fixed ADCs - nerfed tanks tankyness, nerfed tank itemization, actually gave them more fucking damage, doubled the available amount of true damage in the game, buffed all tank counters - buffed assassins, their runes and items to the point where ADC can't function as a role and mages are barely hanging in there mostly as supports - buffed the jungle to the point where they decide the entire game, not only bot lane
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IgjiEivc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-07T07:33:44.213+0000) > > RIP, I just missed a covenant today then. I found the tree boss, remembered seeing it on stream back when the game first released, and decided to just kill it immediately for practice. As much as I love Dark Souls and the exploration of the series, figuring out how to do some of the quest and mechanics are the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever seen. "Ok, to get this covenant early, you have to not fight a boss you are naturally being lead to, go a different direction, talk to an enemy that looks like an enemy and every single one of the enemies was aggro before JUST FOR A HINT, then talk to another enemy who attacked you on sight before every other time you saw one." How the fuck is anyone supposed to figure that out?
> [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IgjiEivc,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-07T07:39:53.462+0000) > > As much as I love Dark Souls and the exploration of the series, figuring out how to do some of the quest and mechanics are the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever seen. &quot;Ok, to get this covenant early, you have to not fight a boss you are naturally being lead to, go a different direction, talk to an enemy that looks like an enemy and every single one of the enemies was aggro before JUST FOR A HINT, then talk to another enemy who attacked you on sight before every other time you saw one.&quot; > > How the fuck is anyone supposed to figure that out? It is bullshit , but imagine discovering that on your own. How great would that feel ?
: Anyone willing to help me deal with the demon Prince in dark souls 3?
Man I wish I could help you but I am playing the pirated version (waiting for some 50% sale, come on steam gods) so yeah, all I can say is don't give up, you can do it.
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