: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
I really don´t like the "the old system was just as solved as the new one with only a hand full of viable configurations" defense for the new system because it basically admits that the repackaging of masteries didn´t accomplish anything regarding diversity which wasn´t the biggest issue of the old system imo, but which is what riot promised players with Runes Reforged. the old system was: - extensive - convoluted - offering a few optimal and a lot of suboptimal choices - inaccessible for beginners - due to runes and rune pages being - blocked behind a pay wall - absurdly expensive - a massive grind the new system is: - reduced - streamlined - accessible - offering a few optimal and a very few suboptimal choices In the end, I would argue that the new system is improved in a lot of ways but that most of these improvements stem from outside factors like the fact that your runes are no longer locked in champ select and that you no longer have to buy them which are all things that could have been applied to the old system just as easily. Other improvements are mostly byproducts from simply having fewer options to choose from. And in terms of diversity, for the average player not much was gained or lost. [ you can end here. the following is just a "trolls"-vs-"metasheeps"-rant ] The players that got hit by this transition the most were theocrafters like me who take a lot of enjoyment out of analyzing and trying to push the boundaries of systems like this and I have concluded that most players are neither interested in it nor do they like other players doing it which a red thread that goes through every aspect of the game. Champs, masteries, items, roles. playstyles are all pretty much standardized and as soon as you steer away from the standard you are doing it wrong because the standard became a standard due it being effective therefore nothing else but the standard can be effective with no consideration for how anything new gets discovered in the first place. So every time I read that something was not necessary, that cutting away is fine as long as we retain the current most effective element, it always feels like it comes from a place of absolute apathy because, frankly, if everyone stopped caring and just copied and pasted everything no one would have a template to copy from.
: can we limit the use of sarcasm on boards?
If it´s meant jokingly, then it´s no longer sarcasm, just verbal irony. Sarcasm is inherently mean spirited and targeted at a person (focus on intent) while irony is a tool to convey meaning. (focus on method)
: For entire seasons you discouraged "healbot Soraka" and you come up with Yuumi
: new projects skins are for Pyke/Jinx/Irelia/Akali
There should be a disclaimer here on the boards noting that skin decisions are 99% driven by popularity. Then we could instate a section designated to our displeasure about how riot handles skin releases with constructive feedback. Now that all our worries, criticism and recommendations are in one spot riot can now much easier take this feedback . . . and throw it in the bin because we are not their main target audience. I would say this streamlines the whole process immensely and makes everyone is happy, well except the ones who main unpopular champs, but I guess most of us have gotten used to getting furiously dicked over by riot at this point.
: Sightstone was functionally non-optional for supports, though. You *could* technically pass it up, and that'd probably be the best idea in Bronze and below, but generally if you did outside of very low tier you were throwing. Your options were the combat-useful support items with a sightstone, or the vision-granting support items. Basically all the time the combat-useful ones were better, so you just had a slot taken up by a 1600g item that only granted health and item CDR - Not even *normal* CDR with it. 500 HP and 20% item CDR, and that was basically non-optional in every game. Honestly, I prefer to have the sightstone support items. Having a slot taken up by an item that wasn't that great but I didn't have a choice about buying anyways felt...shitty. And with boots and a dedicated control ward slot, that left just *two* normal item slots. You'd get to full build with less than 12k gold, but it'd feel like shit since half your inventory was non-optional items that didn't really *feel* decent to buy. Imagine you had to sit on a {{item:3067}} for the entire game, every game, and you had no choice in the matter otherwise you were practically inting because it was *the* best choice. That's why Riot removed it. You absolutely 100% of the time needed it outside of low bronze, but it felt like absolute shit to have to get and it massively limited itemization. And, since it was removed, the combat-based support items also had to go, since they'd have to be buffed significantly to ever be worth the sightstone ones after sightstone was removed.
before the changes: {{item:3312}} + {{item:3649}} --> two items, active + warding after the changes: {{item:3098}} + {{item:3905}} --> two items, active + warding how is that more slot effecient? The only difference is that your support items is now the item you never upgrade instead of SS and that you have to complete a separate item to get the active and not the wards. All in all, it´s even 50g more expensive than before. I think you are overestimating the value of slot efficiency for supports and underestimating the value of item cdr. You rarely accumulate enough gold to get full build despite support items being cheap as dirt, but the buildpaths are also so unproblematic that working with one less slot wasn´t even an issue. And since your sweeper is affected by item-cdr you had a really strong incentive to upgrade your SS. The problem was more, especially for enchanters, that items like redemption and locket were so busted that your whole gameplan revolved around who could rush those items first.
: Game developers, it's time to stop listening to the fans - VG247
> [{quoted}](name=Colonel J,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4AhrO8yA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-14T01:44:54.214+0000) > > > *Then there’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game taken down by gifs. Development focus was on creating worlds and learning how to use an entirely new engine that isn’t well-suited to RPG development. As such, the facial animations suffered and people took the piss in gifs. Back in the day, it was a given that RPGs didn’t look as nice as other games because of the scope. Nowadays, everything looks nice because developers want their games to look good in screens, rather than communicate what makes the games special. BioWare’s next game, Anthem, looked incredible, at the expense of everything else. It appeared to be a direct reaction to that negative feedback – those viral gifs of goofy character expressions.* > 1. Weak excuse to justify the shortcomings of Andromeda as if it was a god given that just had to happen as a natural progression because looking good and being functional is impossible and not something to be expected in a product you want to sell to an audience. 2. clunky transition to Anthem through a willfully ignorant comparison. Basically: "They got flack for their visuals so they did the only logical thing which was to do the exact complete opposite and ignore everything but the visuals in the next game." ---> All this "work" just to paint the costumer as the villain. Because ofc who else could it be? the publisher who sets the framework? The same publisher who will more often than not sabotage games by overbearing monetization, rushing it out the door or bastardize is it to "appeal to a more general audience"? Or the devs who interpret the feedback given? Apparently, it´s the ones who have the least amount of control over projects like these.....how wonderfully convenient. (bare in mind that this is just a small excerpt from this catastrophe) I wouldn´t even classify this "article" as manipulative as this would imply a level of subtlety, while the blatant lack of self-awareness reaches downright comical dimensions here. Just take it in that game journos all of the sudden care for artistic integrity and scold customers for wanting games to be changed, even though they themselves demand games to be changed all the time for even dumber reasons. No wonder no sane person can navigate through these thought processes; there are one-way-streets everywhere! game journos, if you want to call them that, yet again prove that they are the enemy to everyone who enjoys games and who is not an activist.
: Two champions you instantly fell in love with
Everybody at release: "So useless! You are practically trolling your own teammates." {{champion:432}} {{champion:427}} me: {{sticker:sg-lux}} challenge accepted
: Why is Kennen getting a compensation buff?
Riot is probably planning on getting rid of hashinshin and is hoping that the aneurysm he will get after hearing about kennen buffs will put him out of the misery that is toplane.
: why doesnt diana have sacred sword skin but jenna does?
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
when you main {{champion:26}} but then you also somewhat main {{champion:202}} you would think it evens it out, but no, it doesnt. - . I am still bitter. edit: I missed that op was mainly focused on viability which is why I mentioned Zilean. With that in mind, it´s true that while being completely forgotten by riot my main is still at least playable.
: If you Owned Riot Games what would you Add/Remove/Change and Why?
on top of my head: proper practice mode there is just no justification for it being this shitty.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dorans Pants,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HxQ0QGne,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-10T00:16:23.488+0000) > > I am facing the exact same problem with a very stable internet connection, while my brother has no problems on his computer with the same connection. > > Whatever it is, it is definitely an issue that got patched in and just because only a small group is affected by it, doesn´t mean they are at fault here when it is not uncommon that people with certain pc-setups get screwed over by patches. So, you admit its a you issue and not a riot/client issue then?
> [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HxQ0QGne,comment-id=00000000000000010000,timestamp=2019-07-10T13:36:36.468+0000) > > So, you admit its a you issue and not a riot/client issue then? Are trolling or just dense? When your configuration is allegedly supported by riot and it worked all the time up until riot patched something new into the game-client at which point problems occur, how is that magically the costumer´s fault? should he have foreseen this? and with no information about how up-to-date, clean and maintained op´s pc is are you advocating that people should just buy new shit whenever riot fails to support their systems? I mean, there are so many possible causes for this problem that I don´t envy the people trying to figure them out. To just automatically assume that the user must be responsible for it just because the problem is not shared by a majority is just silly.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BeatzBoyFTW,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HxQ0QGne,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-09T17:21:22.782+0000) > > Please elaborate. If it was my issue, the client would have either kick me out of Loading Screen & tell me stuff like "Please reconnect etc" or the green circle would stop spinning & the client becomes unresponsive. > > None of that happened. The green circle is still spinning, but the game has already started without me. Which makes it a client issue.... How? Sounds more like an internet issue than anything.
> [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HxQ0QGne,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-09T18:31:37.673+0000) > > Which makes it a client issue.... How? > > Sounds more like an internet issue than anything. I am facing the exact same problem with a very stable internet connection, while my brother has no problems on his computer with the same connection. Whatever it is, it is definitely an issue that got patched in and just because only a small group is affected by it, doesn´t mean they are at fault here when it is not uncommon that people with certain pc-setups get screwed over by patches.
: Practice tool with friends
Imagine you could use to the practice tool to actually.....you know...practice. But no, we can´t have that as it would take away players from SR. Meanwhile TFT {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Updating Lee Sin's Voice But Not Malzahar?
{{champion:90}} Just leave my boi alone! Every time riot touches him they make him shittier. He has suffered enough.
: {{champion:157}} because you will need to dodge a lot of draft queues since your champ will be banned. And you will get leaverbuster.
I do not envy yas mains. Your champ is either picked or banned and if you hover him your teammates more often than not will ban him out of spite.
: basically every assassin ever. i cant think of a single assassin that requires effort or skill to do high amounts of damage
{{champion:7}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} With how easy their target access is, at least their dmg is not point-and-click right? right?
: Characters who needed this voice update more
Really? While there is so much else to work on they chose lee for some petty reasons.
Salutifa (EUW)
: Why do I get the impression, that you make fun of people who just want that everyone behaves politely? "Our modern hero" - we have a word for good people in Germany called "Gutmensch" (good human) which became a curse word for people trying to do the right thing. Just because you are posting a picture of someone writing down stuff and smiling like a devil, doesn't mean that everyone who reports somebody else does it just to spite others. Maybe they just don't see any reason why people curse others in a friendly game because they don't feel good? And just as an example: Somebody does something that is against the rules. Someone else sees it and reports it because he likes snitching on others. Is this wrong?
When one word is all it takes to push you over the edge to the point where you are trying to remember the name and go to the fora in an attempt to not simply punish but to ban the perpetrator, you are probably a little too invested. And ofc snitching is bad. I thought that was common knowledge. One of the main reasons it seems acceptable on the internet is the same anonymity that flamers and bullies enjoy. Irl both behaviors would be inhibited by the social repercussions they would cause. But here we have unrestrained flaming assholes and unrestrained control freaks. And they both annoy me to no end. And yeah, if I had to take a guess I would assume that OP is more interested in punishing someone who called him a bad word for his own ego, than providing a better experience for others.
: Had the same issue! Tried to restart the client! See what happened: [DO NOT CLOSE THE CLIENT! lol](http://prntscr.com/o8pb08){{sticker:sg-lulu}}
https://66.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maxqdyJzPN1qf12z1o1_250.gif But that´s the great thing about riot. They always give you another chance to not repeat your mistakes.
: ***
https://i.imgur.com/LNn9yV6b.jpg Our modern hero. Such dedication to ensuring that everyone plays nice and follows the rules. Why did I ever get the impression that he was a bad guy?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Orodruin,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=EjRZosQs,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-29T18:50:58.798+0000) > > Why don't the assassins target the tanks? I'll answer that with a question: In a normal game of League (Summoners Rift) what target do Assassins chose to prioritze?
Also Summoner´s Rift: "assassins counter adcs, this is why we need supports and tanks to peel for them." funny how only the first part of that sentence applies to tft.
: Supports Unnoticed?
The problem is how success is measured in the game and by the players. - gold-, item advantage - lvl advantage - kills - damage dealt conveniently all the things supports lack. Add to that that all lot of supports, especially enchanters, have incredibly low skillfloors, which makes players even more hesitant to give you credit for a good performance and it´s pretty obvious that people do not play that role for glory. Either you don´t care or you just play to win.
AyreBiRabak (EUNE)
: Of all the champions you choose for the Battle Boss skins
No, we don´t matter if there are 10.000 Yasuo mains for every vel main. just hope that the one skin you will get after years and years of waiting is not completely half-assed.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Why isn't the design team being held responsible for this game's state?
champ is unpopular. rework team: "let´s make him broken then unplayable!" champ continues to be unpopular.
: Pyke ruins Supports for me
And then yuumi gets released and everyone remembers why no one likes enchanters, at least in the way riot designs them.
: Are supports supposed to be behind the adc or in front of the adc?
usually, you try to stay in a sort of triangle formation, so can make little 2v1 trades, so parallel to the adc. But to be fair it´s pretty champion specific. as nami, soraka I play fairly aggressive and stay in front of my adc, while on taric I often stay behind my adc which sounds odd since taric is a tanky support, but the matter of the fact is that you don´t really have a lot of range to work with and that your E is better applied defensively than offensively due to how telegraphed it is. With that said, you would just get poked to death without accomplishing anything, so it´s often better to just stay behind, bait with your adc and turn the fight with a well-placed E. It depends on the champ, matchup, time, amount of vision, the presumed position of enemy jglers etc.
coreym11 (NA)
: Why does the enemy botlane have more pressure than us every game
If you are constantly pushed in by an overaggressive lux, brand, vel etc. with a thresh, blitz and your jgler ignores that for longer then he is straight up trolling you. In a hard engage-mage match-up you run into the problem that your early engages are fairly risky. Your burst, even with ignite, is limited and if someone messes up and you don´t manage to burst one of the enemies down a good engage can go south-pretty quick with how much more consistent dmg a mage lane has compared to a tank lane. They don´t have to look for a way to engage anymore since the tank support did it for them and as long as they barely survive they can counter with even more burst. In this sense, it is not uncommon for engage support to play more passively at a certain point to wait for the jgler to make use of their superior engage potential. Just don´t forget to prepare the lane for a gank. - freeze - pink warding at least one entrance - stay somewhat healthy so you can fight - ping like a mad man because 90% of the time the jgler will prioritize farm over your lane matchup and gank potential. success is not guaranteed. Some matchups just suck.
: Anyone else harrassed for making a GOOD build?
doesn´t matter if it´s good or not. The problem is that it´s different.
Moody P (NA)
: Lux is the most tolerable enchanter/shield support in the game
That E-harass in a duo-lane is complete cancer tho. Nearly as annoying as yuumi Q.
: Just me or is every game the same exact champions now?
botlane {{champion:350}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:99}}{{champion:350}} {{champion:99}} all day
: Right, it's totally you being immobile that's the fault here, and not the fact that you were so overextended Cass finally got that stretch she was dreaming of.
I would say the problem lies in that you can overextend like that as long as you are mobile and the question is do they have to give up enough in other areas to justify this luxury?
: I have a mild case of autism, so I feel like I am allowed to use it jokingly. Of course you did not know that so it's okay.
the concept of owning words is bizarre to me.
: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?
- didn´t know that you draw tower aggro when attacking someone under a tower. - using {{summoner:13}} on varus for more Q spam.
: The only joke is this post and people who think that he played 411 games As Teemo roaming support. He did play 411 games , but not all of them were Teemo roaming support This strat he did was new and and he lost most of the games Most of the games he played was normally Teemo or actual Teemo support ( the real off meta one where he stays in bot lane ) Teemo support is an off meta pick and is NOT bannable , but this guy was not supporting , just trolling.
> [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GAbn8jwR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-19T15:58:27.663+0000) > > The only joke is this post and people who think that he played 411 games As Teemo roaming support. > > He did play 411 games , but not all of them were Teemo roaming support > This strat he did was new and and he lost most of the games > Most of the games he played was normally Teemo or actual Teemo support ( the real off meta one where he stays in bot lane ) > > Teemo support is an off meta pick and is NOT bannable , but this guy was not supporting , just trolling. The problem is, after which criteria do you want to decern what´s trolling and what´s not? - popularity? - how much fun your teammates have? - how effective the strategy is? - what riot says? If he hypothetically raised a new account to masters only using this strategy would it still be considered trolling because his teammates didn´t have fun while winning? And do you think high elo players would refuse to use a legitimate effective strategy out of concern for their teammates? And at which point is a strategy effective enough? Doesn´t everyone who stops at a certain threshold because of his unwillingness to adapt his playstyle to the now more challenging environment hold his teammates back in a similar way?
: Hey, while we talk about NB3 can we mention this, too?
It´s kind of sad how his personal vendetta and his childish behavior has ruined him. ( not that a lot of players didn´t like him in the first place ) There is a funny/cringy video with him and silphi ( another german player ) I paraphrase: shaclone: how am I supposed to reform if Riot target bans me no matter what I do? silphi: you had 3 years to reform, goddammit! Couldn´t stop laughing.
: In regards to off meta play, why does everyone imply communication works at all?
The thing that confuses me the most is that for most players: - champion picks are variable - Item builds are variable - are runes variable? - are summoners variable??? - but your lane, now that is set in stone. The funny thing is, there were always similar people who felt my runes, items, champs were reasons to report me because it ruined THEIR game. hell, some adcs wanted to report me for not buying the first item THEY wanted me to have, so much for not forcing your will onto other players. The lines people draw here are mostly arbitrary and cases like singed smite support and now teemo bot/mid/top support are just the most extreme examples of that. Maybe if we weren´t so used to every game playing out the same, we wouldn´t lose our shit every time something unconventional happened. In the end, riot has either to set arbitrary guidelines and declare what goes and what not in a concrete way, or they have to live with the extreme cases. But what doesn´t work is acting like everything goes while simultaneously punish players by vaguely or straight up non-defined or subjective criteria.
: Because he could have handled the situation 1000x better, Him and his compatriots all afk'd, flamed, shit talked and were just genuine assholes. He deserves to be banned for 2 weeks aswell because this man is a Riot sponsored streamer who calls people "Re Tar Ds". Sorry trying to post that on the forums is censored because you know.....Riot doesn't permit that kind of talk. But the main fact is that people are pissed that these streamers aren't being held to the same standard that they hold everyone else to, which I believe is fair.
wait, you can´t write "r%%%%%s" as in to describe the word itself? Are we operating on harry potter logic now? if that´s the case I will from now on refer to it as "the word that must not be uttered" edit: ofc the automated system catches it, nevermind. for some reason I didn´t thought about it.
: Nightblue and Nubrac
The only argument NB3 really had was that it makes other players, especially adcs, feel bad regardless of how effective the strategy may be. The question is does the argument of feelings trump the fact that he apparently could climb with that strategy. I assume a lot of people give NB3 more credit since he had more control of the conversation. Whenever a topic came up that didn´t fit his position he blocked, he could talk with more confidence and he also had tarzaned backing him up. All in all, I didn´t feel that his points amounted to all that much.
: "Report every single person that does anything off meta in a game you lose. Context doesn't matter."
The overarching problem is that there are no set guidelines describing where off-meta ends and "griefing" starts. Right now, your off-meta strategy of today could be considered trolling tomorrow because what you are doing is not as important to the discussion as how others perceive it.
: Playing off-meta without your team agreeing should get you banned. (Nubrac)
I don´t think you can ban players like Nubrac rightfully without setting up an arbitrary ruleset. I would really like to know in exact numbers how long I am allowed to leave bot or how much exp I am allowed to leech off from mid before it counts as griefing. As a bard main, I leave my adc alone all the time to assist my jgler or to gank mid. Is this playstyle now fine because I still occasionally show up bot to gank my lane and to drop off shrines? The only reason my adc wouldn´t try to report me is that I am playing bard and that this is what players already expect from him to do. ( and hate him for it ) Try this with an equally effective but less common champ and watch how the mentality suddenly shifts because, in reality, it´s not about what works or not but how players expect other players to behave in their games; suddenly your adc wants to report you because now it´s justified for....reasons. I would tie things like this to Winrate. Set a certain threshold; it can be below or above 50% and when a strategy is effective enough to pass it without coordination with random teammates, it shouldn´t necessitate said coordination just to ensure that other people _feel_ good and don´t have to put up with things they didn´t expect.
Cloud273 (NA)
: So Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel...
- at least a few traditional dungeons - better rewards for sidequests - more enemy variety - improved combat ( the slow-motion attack is really annoying especially when it´s basically mandatory to hit top dps ) - better weapon durability system - my idea: A system where you can repair weapons at certain locations with materials so that you are still incentivized to use multiple weapons in combat but don´t lose them after each battle. It would also tie in to finding loot and exploring. You could also gate of that feature from the early game by making it a quest reward or a skill that has to be upgraded over the course of the game. . you could also implement a system where you can stack multiple weapons to upgrade them into stronger ones so that low tier weapons that are lying around don´t become useless - a fleshed out story ( side stories would be fine too ) BotW really had a solid foundation if they manage to refine it and add the few things they kinda forgot about or didn´t have enough time for I am sure it´s going to be amazing. But they really have to work on that progression aspect on every front, narrative-, item-, and gameplay-wise. The beginning of BotW is great but it gets boring really fast.
: Vladimir needs a nerf.
He is just terribly designed and falls in the "Better left unviable" category. Some champs are hated because they are infuriating to play against, some are simply too strong and vlad is currently both. His laning is not terrible enough and the only thing you can do is shove as hard as possible and try to impact the map before he scales and becomes this wall only champs who are equally bullshit can overcome since he has so much going for him. The fact that he is a bursty dps AOE-draintank you can´t even chain cc really limits how many champs can be even relevant against him. Tanks can´t get through his sustain, burst gets negated by his pool, dps is not tanky enough to survive his burst, so you are left with lifestealing bruisers, who just like him can tank, dps, burst and cc all by themselves, to combat him. Ofc you can as well coordinate your entire team and funnel all your resources into killing one guy, but this doesn´t really speak for how balanced vlad is.
Hexshot (EUNE)
: Both nb3 and teemo did wrong nb3 being a total asshole and the teemo leaving the ADC 1v2. none would like his support to leave him 1v2 botlane
> [{quoted}](name=Hexshot,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=RGxAOAGV,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-06-14T23:00:51.859+0000) > > Both nb3 and teemo did wrong > > nb3 being a total asshole and the teemo leaving the ADC 1v2. none would like his support to leave him 1v2 botlane {{champion:432}} chimes in. ( just kidding )
Pakushy (EUW)
: Bard's Magical Journey
: All tank supports dont feel tanky enough.
Tank supports? You mean free frostqueen´s and kleptomancy stacks!
: What do you define as "minimum level of support"? Unpopular champs are getting skins all the time. Sure, for a single champion it might take several years between skin releases, but Riot could easily just ignore them and make more profit by making more skins for popular champions.
when you have to wait half a decade for a new skin is where I draw the line.
: Well, played mordekaiser today.
I fear that the silent majority just eats it up like always and will continue to blindly buy every lux, ez and kaisa skin that gets thrown at them. We as passionate minority barely have any leverage in this debate.
: The community is to blame.
No, the problem is for every Zilean main there are 100 yas and 200 zed mains. Not every champ can be popular in a game with 140+ champs, but that doesn´t mean that mains of less popular champs don´t deserve a minimum level of support.
: Can the next supports not have so much of their identity wrapped up a gimmick please?
I am of the opinion that we need even more gimmicks for power scaling purposes. As a bard main, I love the fact that I can rely on an additional power source that is not dependent on my adc and rewards me for pursuing it. Supports have always had a problem with how much of their power budget and income is tied to non-skill expressive tasks. They can´t farm and support items are subpar due to them being passive gold generators and the way I see it, you can either: - not allow them to have a decent income ( only CC, low mana costs, high base dmg ---> static power budget) - give a decent income for basically free ( still no skill expression income wise ) - add a gimmick to the supports for their unique playstyle so they can have an income in an unconventional way that is still skill-expressive I find that if I play well, the game should reflect that, otherwise you end up with champs like rakan where all your power is in your W-R combo and it doesn´t really matter what you are doing outside of that. These static power budgets are a giant crutch on one hand since you can never fall truly behind, but are also a major drawback on the other hand since you can never get truly ahead as well. I believe that this "my champ always plays the same no matter how well I perform"-syndrome is one of the major reasons why only very few players enjoy this role no matter how much of an impact the role has on the game in general. With that being said, Pyke seemed to me like a step in the right direction by filling the void of flashy, dmg oriented, mobile champs in the support role, while also providing an alternative method to accumulate additional gold. I can understand why pyke is so frustrating, but when criticizing pyke, I would rather talk about the different parts of the kit that don´t work or work too well or how his gold sharing is too accessible than to simply declare that these things shouldn´t be part of a supports kit and can never be balanced. laners have lanes jglers have the jgl supports should have gimmicks
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