: Lux Nerf is UNBEARABLE
No one cares how much useless paper u spent on this game, but riot is going full r%%%%% again, ok shield is broken because of the million buffs to it, but why nerfing Lux Q, i don't get that one, more mana and +3 sec? But why when shield is nerfed? She existed long before shield buffs and stayed 'balanced' for so long. Totally unnecessary. This is stupid Riot at it's finest trying to kill Lux support, but mid Lux got hit hard also. Another champion in the garbage.
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: i've payed a 1 k on this game so yah i can be tilted
See those that did not pay also can be tilted. 1-0 for me.
: i didn't say that they are robots or any thing like that if your having no problem with the client then don't comment the comment are for opinions and your not talking about the problem your talking about me and bro i have payed more then half of my salary on this game so if i get tilted np i can
So what if u spent money on the game? LOL are you re!#@$ed...
: are you for real?
Go play fortnite no one is stopping you. Riot needs a month to fix their mess up.
: > [{quoted}](name=IIxtal,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=u28PhgrF,comment-id=0035,timestamp=2019-07-22T14:19:08.953+0000) > > Worked for me!! Can finally play after 4 DAYS. > do this while the client is closed. > Go into task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) > and then to background processes. > And remove any league of legends clients in action. > > Maybe this will also help riot understand whats causing it. DUDE that actually worked!
Doesn't work. I managed to get back into the game only by reloging a few times.
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BigFBear (EUW)
: thousands of players have these problems right now and Riot cant even make a notification that they are aware of the problem
They also needed 5 days before started looking at it.
: as i said in a different thread "not sure if this is a legit fix, but when this happened to me i opened task manager & closed all league tasks, opened the client again, and was in game. hasn't happened to me since. not sure if it will work for you! but its worth a shot"
I have done that many times and it did not solve anything. This is false, disinformation.
Wuks (NA)
: Patch 9.14 - "A critical error has occurred" Report Megathread
I had a problem now with TFT game, loaded up to 100%, but did not start. I did not get an error this time. EDIT: Now i had "game in progress" bug where league did not open, i needed 10 times clicking end process to close the league. Logging back in did not solve the bug. EDIT: I have a problem when in champion selection i change runes and save, runes doesn't change in the game properly.
Quixy (NA)
: Garen spinning bug
My Garen never moved while spinning, he even start spinning when there are no enemies around. Was this intentional by Riot? They fixed Darius just to do this to Garen, what a shame, it's pointless to build Garen now.
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: Game crashing
I am having errors and crashes all day long. There are many posts about it.
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Sadalsa (EUW)
: Disconnected from chat
Riot is doing maintenance, read that "!" sign.
: qued for ranked and...
dw it started but you are not in it, you will be placed in iron, i mean why not.
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Mullixi (EUW)
: Can't open the In Game Client
I made post earlier about this.
: EUW client is broken... Again...
You should be happy, my client can't even load a game anymore.
Saleh199 (EUNE)
: HELP! the game crashed and i cant fix it
I had some errors logging in as well, but i could log in after a few tries, but problem for me is that can't play any games, game wont load and i get stuck with reconnect button that gives errors or it just shows "game in progress".
: If You Can't Get Into Game After Champion Select
I still get an error when trying to play. You lost me a game, thanks. https://i.imgur.com/PsPKWG2.jpg
: true i have the same issue except mine was a ranked game, big rip. its been constantly stuck on "game is still in progress" and i restarted my client 3 times also can't search for any other games lmao
Same, but happened to me in the normal game also, only had reconnect button that did not work and showed error, rip i went to play another game, rito patching is a big rip, they are bad as fk.
: I'm locked out of my TFT game
Got locked outside of the game on one account after queue for TFT, and now i went on another account to play a normal game and same thing happened, after pick selection game did not start i got suck with reconnect button, but i got an error every time i press it... After a while it showed me that i "left the game" and i probably got penalty now, thank you rito, you are the best.
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: For a game that is ruined it seems like Riot has done a good job making people want to keep playing
I had 10 times more fun playing dota 2, but valve is shiet company that don't care about anything, report system in dota 2 is what makes that game unplayable, but i am looking forward for the new old warcraft maybe original dota make a comeback, lets hope.
: What's Riot's Reason For Intentionally Ruining The Game? [RANT WARNING]
Only fix that would fix the game right now is reverting back to season 2 and starting over.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Build Lulu with 1x Rageblade 2x Spear of Shojin and you will win every game
It's very hard to win with Ninja / Assassin comp late game, there is always something stronger, what beats me every time is Glacial / Range comp.
: TFT More popular than League itself
This game can grow better and bigger if it is invested in it. It's like a fusion of the card game and animated battlefield of those cards. But missing more diversity and complexity in my opinion, but yet it is a new game. Will be interesting to see if similar games will be coming out, since genre seem to be appealing.
StefEXer (EUNE)
: The round freezes and ends in a tie
Happened to me. When round was near the end, champions stopped attacking each other for some reason.
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