: Does it have the information about CC ? Duration and stuff
It will probably not contain all the relevant information from the start, but it's just a matter of tinkering.
: Everyone in Europe speaks Europe...it's just.....common knowledge
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: At times I wish North America had 50 neighboring countries.
You have 50 states as big as European countries. All united with one language, should be an advantage.
: Can You Finally Fix the Matchmaking?
Making matchmaking balanced for duoQ is impossible. They can't know just how much synergy or real life communication you have so they have to assume the maximum making duoQ very unfavourable if you don't. Unless with a smurf, it's better to climb soloQ.
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: Would IG have beaten G2 today?
I think they would. My guess is that IG completely disrespected TL and dismissed prepping for semi's in exchange for having a full week to prep against SKT/G2 which would give them a huge advantage in the finals. They expected to beat TL without specific preparation to have more chance at winning the finals. Now this backfired hugely and they were unable to adapt to the style of TL's gameplay (which was executed exceptionally well). G2, however, have a longer history of fighting TL and know exactly what the team is like. TL has a very excplicit and predictable playstyle if you've faced them enough. This was shown in the finals where EVERY move of TL got predicted and answered to before it happened. Jankos in particularly was always one step ahead, but it's most likely a team effort. IG are still the nemesis of G2 (and EU). Until proven otherwise, I have my doubt about a G2 victory over IG.
: i think NA might be the best region right now
Is NA > China or did IG just fuck up horribly and not pay respect to TL in preparation of this match? I'm so excited to see NA in the finals (and hopefully vs EU) but you're still long way home from calling NA > rest. One best of five doesn't proof everything. If NA wins MSI (and if they play like today I believe they might), then you can say they're the best at that moment. Doesn't mean that'll still be the case 2 patches later.
: I really don't think that's what drives people away, but maybe that's because I've just grown senile to the inaccuracy of the death recap. All I really need to know is what type of damage is being done to me mainly, so I need to know whether MR, Armor or More Health is the way to go, and items show that pretty easily.
> [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B86BOohg,comment-id=00080000000000010000,timestamp=2019-04-28T22:13:31.341+0000) > > I really don't think that's what drives people away, but maybe that's because I've just grown senile to the inaccuracy of the death recap. All I really need to know is what type of damage is being done to me mainly, so I need to know whether MR, Armor or More Health is the way to go, and items show that pretty easily. Well, if you know by heart what damage source every champion has on their abilities, it indeed isn't necessary. As a veteran I also know this of any of the odler champions. But for newer players this can be very confusing when an AD Shyvana or Kog'maw rips through your armor with their magic dmg abilties. New players would much quicker learn about the game and how to adept your build. The gap between new and old players is too big because the learning curve is so steep. Everything that can help here is welcome in my opinion. I think even for veterans it is useful to see on the spot just how much % is magic and physical. Apart from that, in one of the biggest worldwide games, you'd expect some standards to be met. Old urgot didn't deter anyone from the game, why did they update him? Because it's look silly to have a content of 10 years ago along with your fresh top of the market content that you want to spotlight. Death recap is one of the first things that new players will notice. They'll immediately see that the game is not polished. Older players might forget about the feature and not care, but when I started back in season 2, I ALWAYS opened death recap.
: After MSI, Bjerg vs Jensen
Doesn't matter who's the best, it's a Dane.
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AthenaXI (NA)
: Does it even matter? Rather AFK for real then.
Same thing happened to me in an ARAM game (needed 1 more win for the masterwork chest mission and it was the last day) but it didn't count because the game crashed at the start so I had to reinstall from a previous patch.
: What if we had a mastery level 8 that only gives tokens for S+ games?
I don't like to have it restricted to S+. S+ is very rare and you'd feel bad to "just get an S". I already don't like that the S- doesn't count towards level 7. What I'd prefer would be for example requiring 500 tokens, S+ giving 50, S giving 5, S- giving 1. That would be like requiring 10x S+ which is super hard, but getting S or S- would also add progression.
: Can we get a bit of Orange Essence from Hextech Chests when we get a Champion Shard from it?
As someone who never spent any money on online games since 10 years, I'm very hesistant to demand more free stuff from Riot. I'm already extremely grateful for the mere existance of the hextech crafting (which is tbh a really good marketting strategy since it almost seduced me into buying RP by giving you a taste of that sweet flavour unlocking skins can give). But if Riot has any more to give, this would be a really nice way to do it. Getting champion shards from hextech chests is one of the most soul crushing things there are, especially if you would've bought the chest with RP.
: Forcing players to make a 5man premade is stupid. A lot of us do not have the connections to do this.
You don't have internet connection?
: Did you placement a role you don't play/play some fill games with Positional ranking? When they merged ranks, your overall MMR rating became an average of all unlocked ranks.... So if you are D IV Mid/Support, but a Gold I Top, it's likely your MMR is Plat IV while your Rank is D IV.
It kept track of the amount of games played in each role. If you're D IV mid with 500 games and Gold I top with 12 games, your MMR will be much clsoer to your mid MMR.
333lom (EUNE)
: Here are my edits for Kayle's base visuals
I like every change you made. The plume, the shadow in the helmet, the round platebody. I don't care too much about the drape between the legs, I don't think they're necessary. I usually like sexy champions and dislike when they desexualize them. But for Kayle, I dislike the opposite. I love about her how gender neutral she is. A friend of mine thought she was the coolest champion in the game but was shocked when he realized she's female. If there's one champion that shouldn't have tight-fit armor, it's her. The original version looks like a stretch suit of a modern super hero more than armor of a knight. It looks even more forced than the Galio superhero rework.
Karfuss (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Bad Touch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n7oNMyZ3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-14T17:38:57.659+0000) > > What game are you playing. > > I'm playing league of mixed-true damage. I'd rather have HP than armor OR mr any day. Bingo. Health is the most valuable defensive stat. At this point, if you're even playing a tank (which is masochistic in itself), you want to avoid flat MR/Armor items with no health like the plague. There's far too much damage that just ignores it anyway.
Depends on the champions you play against. If they have %arpen, you want health. If they have true damage, you want health. If they have %hp damage you want resistance. If they have flat pen, you want resistance. Generally, you first want health before resistance, though, since resistance is an amplification of your health so you want to have a good base number first.
: Goodbye Diana we gonna miss you <3
RIP AP YI You will be missed. Said no one ever. Good riddance of broken 0 counterplay burst.
Arakadia (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BoringLittleF,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qMGu2l1O,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-01-13T21:39:27.279+0000) > > Well, if I were Riot, after all the complaints about female same face, I would have made my damned best to make sure EVERYONE in the League has the same face because I don&#x27;t discriminate. > > https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AssuredEarnestBunting-small.gif Except Riot clearly doesn't prioritize face diversity because icons, skins, and champion releases/relaunches have the same attractive face over and over. Especially the same female faces.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: It's to force people to lock, which has two purposes: * Making sure they're present during draft, which is an important and often underrated part of the game * Preventing them from carelessly wasting everyone's time by waiting for the timer to run out
Especially #2 here. In the old draft pick mode, it would auto lock in for you. Result: 95% of the people just picked a champ and let it run out making champ select unnecessarily long. There should be a 'minimize' button for rune pages and it should auto-minimize at 5 seconds remaining if you hadn't locked in yet. Also, runepages should auto save if you have a legit runepage at the end of champ select. So many games I played with the wrong rune page because I saved half a second too late.
: Bronze IV with 100% winrate against Platinum = Autofill to Support 100%
I think there's a soft RNG system on the chance of getting auto filled. The longer it has been that you've bene auto filled, th emore likely it will happen in the next game. If you dodge, you don't reset this counter. Only completed games count. I guess you're at a point where you're very likely to get autofilled and dodging won't help you. Sooner or later, you'll have to play an autofilled game just like everyone else.
: **sees evelyn one** _sigh_ **unzips**
: You can be disappointed even if your expectations are unrealistic. I, for one, am incredibly disappointed that unicycle-riding unicorns don't exist. Yet.
Who says they don't exist? We just have to discover them.
The R range buff would benefit pro ryze players way more than ladder ryze players. It's a team coordination ult, it works better with coordinated teams. That's why all teleport champs by definition see more pro play than you'd expect from their soloQ results. In soloQ, 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 power are more important. In pro plays, it's more about getting to the number advantage than it is about beating eachother with equal numbers.
: Like... really, resourses? Take a voice line, cut six out of it, insert five from any other of her quotes (or record new one, it's a single word) - any amateur studen who is studying audio editors can do this for free if they ask them to help. Didn't know Riot is so poor now that they can't even find time to hire free help from community, if they don't have their own budget to do such a mundane task...
Editting a tape is one thing. Pulling out the tape from a coded game and insert a new version is something else. It may seem simple, but if I know anything about big gaming companies it's that they have tons of spaghetti coding making things unnecessarily complicated. It shouldn't be difficult, but there might be complications making it more complex. On the other hand, maybe they just couldn't be arsed and use this as an excuse.
: Forecast Janna spreads misinformation
Actually they changed the dragon timer to make Janna's Forecast accuracy more similar to real life forecasts without having to change her quotes. Thinking out of the box.
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: Nice photoshop. You almost can't tell that the last number wasn't there.
Glad to see that my academic skills get recognized. Also, it's almost humanly impossible to notice, but those with a really sharp eye can see that there's a monkey underneath Jhin. Don't ask me how I did it, though. A real artist never reveals his secrets.
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: Hey, I just encountered this bug. Here is a GIF of it in action. https://imgur.com/oBYdYSC
It didn't move that fast in my game, but still about double the regular speed which is why it took me a while to realize it was bugged.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Ornn ult gamebreaking visual bug
I suppose this happens more often which explains his terrible 45% winrate.
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: I feel like we don’t talk about both minion block and random minion AI as much as we should
I love it when minions are focussing the cannon minion, so I say, okay I can two shot that caster minion and suddenly one of my caster minions swap aggro to KS me. It seems like the minions have a smarter AI than the intermediate bots.
: This is Riot's statement regarding bringing newly-released/reworked champions into Ranked
Easiest way would be to require level 1 (= one game) or level 2 (= 2 wins) on a champion.
: Vladmir is a hemomancer, not a Vampire. Evelynn is not a succubus, she is a virgin.
Teemo is actually a Yordle and not the Incarnation Of The Devil and All that is Evil, Bringer of Doom and Ethernal Suffering. Although the lore leaves room for interpretation I guess.
: https://puu.sh/BU22X.png John O'Dyin is Evelynn's narrative Rioter click the picture for the source: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/771kmz/we_did_the_evelynn_update_ask_us_anything/doiberb/
Tbh this just states that she doesn't have sex with her victims. Maybe she has sex with other beings. Maybe she doesn't have organs to have sex, in which case I refer to the ketchup bottle comment.
Kênneth (NA)
: Why does everything that does well in LCS get nerfed?
They balance both around pro play and the ladder. Many buffs/nerfs are purely for the ladder. Those that are for pro plays are just more obvious because we imemdiately link them to it. The LB nerf is very small, but I'd pref them not nerfing damage elsewhere so that it's relatively more important to hit your W instead of just using it as gap closer. Or they should nerf the tether range of her E, which is the most annoying thing of the champ.
Jamaree (NA)
: I hate that being an adult means I’m not “allowed” to trick or treat
There is no such thing as free candy. There is candy paid for by the adults giving them away. The reason you can't get free candy as an adult is because you're supposed to learn that nothing is free and no you're the one supposed to be the one giving.
: Vladmir is a hemomancer, not a Vampire. Evelynn is not a succubus, she is a virgin.
: our boards aren't active because they shouldn't even exist in the first place. Eu boards should just be merged into the NA boards as "western boards" or something. There's even less riot interaction over there and most eu players come here anyway.
I agree, and we have the right to get emblems on these boards as well! (I'm happy that we can at least log in and post with our EU accounts so we don't have to make a lvl 10 NA smurf anymore or whatever the lvl requirement was).
: I called it, TWICE. EU vs. CN finals. Y'all are too salty.
".i don't want to call it just yet but this might mean a CN/EU winning the entire tournament" That's not calling a CN/EU finals it's saying one of those regions would win, but could be against a KR team in finals as well. Your downvotes aren't about your predictions but about your attitude.
: Title: Korea made it to the finals afterall Wadid is a Korean on G2 TheShy and Rookie are Koreans on IG One team had to win **There was going to be Korean presence in the finals!** Screw whatever being a carry stands for by your context. By that response it sounds like you're saying you're only a Korean if you carry your team.
What I meant that IG is basically a Korean team because they could have any other 3 players as support/adc/jungle and be as good. So there's basically a Korean team in the finals. Yes, I'm exaggerating, it was just a joke mainly but with some truth in it.
: By context of your title there was going to be a Korean in the final anyway.
But Wadid isn't THE CARRY of G2. IG is a 2 man korean team with 3 supports.
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: For pre season changes there is a big change that is gonna make many of us really mad
Invading is a really stupid part of the game if you think about it. Sure, it's fun to do, I do it all the time. But at the same time, the only reason that it exists is because there's litterally nothing else to do. And be honest, in soloQ 95% of the time nothing is happening during this time because some people aren't following/afking. And when invades happen and results in kills, it's usually just an unfair lane advantage for one or more players that makes that lane super one sided for the rest of the game. Why did they get it? Outplayed much? No, it's just because they were more proactive before the game started, forcing a 5v2 or 5v1. I invade in ranked but never in normals because it makes the rest of the game less fun (unless jungler gets the kill). The only worry I have about 35 seconds is that I'm often still looking up items/levels in normals when picking a champ I haven't played for over a year. Well, I'll be doing more of that during loading screen instead of watching youtube/9gag/boards then.
: Can you spot the mistake?
Number 6 doesn't exist.
: Riot really needs to ban Boosters in Ranked
They should ban Roosters in Banked
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