: Hey, The same thing happened to me, I believe the the japanese server is the most racist server that ive ever been on. ive played this game since season 2, i had 8 accounts total, never been punished throughout my years on both EUW and NA. Then i get 3 accounts permabanned 2 14 day suspensions, 2 14 day chat restriction. the most recent permaban was to my main which over the many seasons has never been punished and to prove it I had the good summoner icon on it. Game 1 SAMMIESTER: diu] SAMMIESTER: wef SAMMIESTER: 'sdf SAMMIESTER: asdf SAMMIESTER: wtf SAMMIESTER: diu SAMMIESTER: on lun 9 SAMMIESTER: fucking internet SAMMIESTER: g SAMMIESTER: this guy is trash SAMMIESTER: i would be 2/0 by now SAMMIESTER: dafuk SAMMIESTER: diu SAMMIESTER: dont b there SAMMIESTER: it was warded SAMMIESTER: lol SAMMIESTER: on9 SAMMIESTER: can u come top SAMMIESTER: i nerly killed the 2/0 rengar SAMMIESTER: and also the fiora SAMMIESTER: emd SAMMIESTER: im actually gonna fucking ask for my money back from this vpn service SAMMIESTER: 1 game ok one game can SAMMIESTER: wtf SAMMIESTER: we can win SAMMIESTER: when i get tri SAMMIESTER: kill this bitch SAMMIESTER: xin SAMMIESTER: thanks man SAMMIESTER: im engish SAMMIESTER: so i never surrender SAMMIESTER: we will win SAMMIESTER: if we get to lane they cant win SAMMIESTER: these guys SAMMIESTER: have no fucking himanity SAMMIESTER: this is retareded SAMMIESTER: now no problems Game 2 SAMMIESTER: nice mate SAMMIESTER: come earlier SAMMIESTER: maybe SAMMIESTER: oom SAMMIESTER: fun game SAMMIESTER: enemy camping top SAMMIESTER: please win other lanes SAMMIESTER: im done SAMMIESTER: have fun top SAMMIESTER: i jungle SAMMIESTER: lol SAMMIESTER: u know why they camp top SAMMIESTER: because if i get ahead i will solocarry SAMMIESTER: nice jg camp SAMMIESTER: 0/3 SAMMIESTER: 0/3/0 SAMMIESTER: report jg SAMMIESTER: i didnt do anything SAMMIESTER: i got camped SAMMIESTER: and then dc SAMMIESTER: they literally dive me SAMMIESTER: because i fb the illaoi SAMMIESTER: wait SAMMIESTER: did he gank bot? SAMMIESTER: he didnt gank mid right SAMMIESTER: so what did he do lol Game 3 SAMMIESTER: wtf SAMMIESTER: dont tilt man SAMMIESTER: next SAMMIESTER: gj SAMMIESTER: cant As you can see from this chat in no way did I breach the terms and condition of the game. In addition to this point, in about 25% of the games, people will write, japanese only. I reported someone for racial discrimination but I believe I never received a reply, from the chat log you can see that I did encourage the team and when i said report jg, the game was already over as the 0/3 jungler already afked. I dont see how this is at all reportable. i have quit playing on this server and wish for my account to be unbanned so that i can transfer them back to EUW where I can have fun and speak english without the chance of being reported and permabanned.
I do believe JP ban people for speaking English And I agree they are probably racist
: If it were similar, why didn't you post about it then? It doesn't seem like there were any games between then and this one. You have to play good, clean games in order to get your account back into good standing. The passage of time alone doesn't do that.
Just simply because I did not keep a record to show you...
: This is a bit TOO ridiculous. I hope Tantram comes in and shows us the pre game or post game lobby chat. Or maybe you edited them. Either way, I have no choice but to reserve my judgement. Not enough credible information to judge. It would be silly to just trust a complete stranger at his word. But if you are being completely honest, I have to agree that this is totally ridiculous.
https://imgur.com/gvXg4CX Why should I lie? I gain no benefit from telling you how terrible JP server is. I probably will quit JP server forever and go to Taiwan which is ran by Gerena , where the employers understands English and know I have said nothing offensive,
: If this is really all you said, and have no other punishments... ... then I concur - this is ridiculous.
I received a 14 days ban in December with similar chat log That's all. As I said it doesn't use chat ban in JP
: feels bad.. its so stupid i swear
pretty much just never ever chat {{item:3070}}
Chermorg (NA)
: The Japan server has historically had a *very* low tolerance for *any* form of harassment or abuse. This means even light harassment such as berating them a couple times for leaving you or being afk can result in a punishment on the JP server. I am not saying whether this is going to be overturned or not - because anything is possible - but the Japan server does have very high standards.
I have some question.... 1. In the English version of in client report it said I am punished due to "your in game comms are extremely inflammatory and offensive" I truly think my logs are VERY VERY far from being " extremely inflammatory and offensive...." 2. It is written that only 0.006% of League players are permanently banned. Is this a world wide figure? How about in JP alone? Is its perma ban rate way way higher?
: The punishment could be from what was said in pre/post game chat. Another thought is perhaps this chatlog happened while on a chat restriction, which can receive escalated punishment.
They don't run chat ban in JP Its 14 days then perma
: wow this is actually ridiculous
> [{quoted}](name=SeductiveCelery,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=MzshMaVB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-20T01:54:58.963+0000) > > wow this is actually ridiculous Indeed. I began to suspect if speaking simple English in JP server deserves Perma Ban
: this ban is unreal
go check my prama ban today u will then know what truly is unreal https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/MzshMaVB-jp-server-perma-ban-is-totally-ridiculous
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