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Griftrix (NA)
: Hi! We updated the original post for clarity and added a pic of the invulnerable border on Kayle. Invulnerable is the currently supported state on live, and we're updating it for the new style, but it's still a nice golden border. Unkillable is what Trndamere and Kindred's ults have, and is the new little skull thing.
Invulnerable needs more shiny. I am a Taric main and really, there can never be too much shiny, but it really does. Perhaps change the default bleak yellow to more shiny yellow.
woobee (NA)
: With Grasp of the Undying and 5000 health, you can heal 75 health every 4 seconds.
I think it's better to compare this to Bond of Stone. Assuming you have 6000 health as a tank (4000 base, 2000 from shields and healing from teammates): Bond makes you take ~240 LESS damage in that teamfight. It also makes the ADC take ~200 LESS damage in the teamfight. This means in a teamfight scenario the mastery grants your ADC 200 health and grants you about 40 health.
: yeah, i think we should have a new stat: armor penetration armor reducing armor penetration by 30%
{{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} Both reduce the attackers AS and there is noway to counter that as an ADC.
: Connection problem on EVERY game since Dec 07 2016 patch
I have the same problem (and it seems Riot is aware).
RealInt (NA)
Pick rammus. {{champion:33}} Click W, mouse over Yasuo and click E. Yasuo is now removed from the game for 30ish seconds. Once he respawns, repeat.
: Please reduce Krug exp to stop this level 3 lee sin vs level 1 lane cheese.
Aesah (NA)
: Not sure about Heimerdinger although I agree he needs to be looked at. We've been discussing possible changes to Ohmwrecker to make it less non-existent
Ohmwrecker: Make it build out of Sightstone + Aegis of the Legion rather than Kindlegem + Raptor Cloak. Sightstone: 800G Aegis: 1100G Combine Price: 400G TOTAL: 2300G DONE!
: Would You Guys/Gals Want Item Sets on the New Launcher
I actually know how to make the item sets but creating them manually is a pain so I upvote.
: Same here. As if Shunpo itself wasn't ripped of from Bleach already, they also implemented Minato's Shiraishin no jutsu. I personally love this. So many Anime/Comic Characters have unique and awesome designs that would fit in League so much :o
You love anime for unique design but you want league to just copy it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Okay, everyone here be like "I am first type", "I am second type". Well, good, good, I am the third type. Someone must take it on their shirt. Damn you all! Run fools!
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Jet Sett (NA)
: THOSE are scary, not these Nexus turrets that couldn't be less effective if they were the one guy at a store telling you about this product he thinks is totally better even after you said you didn't want to buy it, because even that man harasses you more than these turrets.
Oh my god.... +1 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
chivorify (OCE)
: liandry's contradicts itself
The burn allows an early game item to transition to lategame.
: OMG I thought this only happened to me in Ranked. Cannot remember the last time I had a good experience with Lux support. And half the time I find my AP Support who is really a poor-man's mid doesn't even have a SS, making me wish I had bought the green smite.
Honestly? Brand support is the way to go in ranked. Brand can push waves, has magic damage, can get Morellos for grevious wounds, can defend and hold turret on his own, builds magic penetration and % health true damage to bust the enemy tanks. If you look at the OPs post, Brand basically does everything your stupid team will not do.
: If plants are going to stay, blasting cone will *need* better animation
Most champions already have proper animations or poses! Riot can simply reuse the animations that are used when champions are sprinting most of them look like a champion is dashing/flying anyway!
: In a fair world? Cos ask any high elo mid main and they'll tell you Zed is pretty much weaker than the top mages now (i.e Viktor, Ryze, Syndra)
To be honest I kind of agree, the only lane that I hate playing against a Zed was and is Talon. That feeling when a champion outranges you, outpushes you, does more damage at short range and can proc TL with an 0.5 second combo...
: Completely removed damage from Shaco?
His ult is very underwhelming, but I played some AP shaco and the damage felt fine.
TheGrot (NA)
: Talon Feedback
I am somewhat unqualified but I played around with talon. The only time I felt "I am playing this right" was when I played him in toplane. His Q can 2shot waves mid/late game and he can push decently fast as he builds so much AD. If you build some sustain (Deaths Dance) the enemy must send 2 people to stop you from pushing and even then they can never catch you.
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: no one said buffs he said the update was to change unhealthy and uninteractive things
Eh, the only unhealthy thing about Nida was her clearspeed. She has a good siege/poke identity and her spear is OK-ish to dodge giving the enemy counterplay and making her "interactive" in that sense.
: It's a website made to view perfectly appropriate images featuring characters from League. Completely appropriate. Safe for work. PG. Sometimes even just G.
: Numerical proof that flash on D is correct.
You do realise it says "73% of Korean players have flash on F" ? But then, what do I know, maybe the gap is closing recently.
: I'm literally so hyped for Solo/Duo Q
When your team gives you 5 reports you should really tell those voices in your head to shut up and leave you alone.
Zelorxon (EUW)
: Well, jax is not OP as he has clear windows where he can be countered and his late game isn't as amazing as when randuin gave 70 armor but he's not garbage like those champs, thankfully kata gets the rework...
I actually ban Trynda sometimes, being silver. Not because it's a good champ but because a half decent trynda is so frustrating to deal with. Random level 2 crits early and lategame this 5 second cd on the spin is aaaarggghhhh. Teemo, singed, shaco, trynda and to some degree yasuo are champs that make it not fun even if you are winning against them.
: > [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=QAskWG6v,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-11-04T17:25:01.441+0000) > > Honestly, I wouldn't say so. > > If they are early-game champions, then they generally need to pressure the map early before they are outscaled by their opponents. > > If you are clearing without runes, then you will clear far slower and have less health when you finish. As such, you will have a much harder time pressuring opponents early-game. > > If you need to play a jungler without having runes, I would recommend the following options: > {{champion:20}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}} Don't forget {{champion:35}}
Clearing jungle on Shaco without runes is a pain.
Astôlfo (NA)
: If Veigar had 1000 AP and Graves was below 33.33% health (which doubles Veigar's damage due to missing health ratio increase), Veigar's full combo would deal 4280 damage. (Q is 230+60%, W is 300+100%, R is 325+75% but doubles against targets below 33.33% max health). New Graves will have Dancer (12% DR), Dance (15% damage converted to DoT), Skirmishers (20% DR during red-smite effect duration), his support could potentially link Knight's Vow with him (12% DR), as well as Bond of Stone coming into play potentially (6% DR). Graves E giving up to 120 of each resistance and the fact Graves would get a Maw + Mercurial probably (until late where he might go GA instead, except he probably wouldn't need to anymore with how fucking ridiculous new DR synergy is) would give him 195 bonus MR. 30 base MR (and not counting runes for sake of convenience) would put him at 225 MR. That's a 0.307692308 multiplier to any AP damage. 4280 x that is 1316.92308. (.82 x .85 x .8 x .82 x .94) = 0.42979808. 42.979808% of 1316.92308 is 566.011011. Even with Void Staff factored in, it becomes 1738.07107 damage instead of 1316.92308. And the damage reduction reduces it to 747.019609. Hmm.... I totally see nothing wrong with this.
What your math basically shows is that graves would need have over 2200 maximum health to NOT be killed by veigars ult when he is below 33% HP. Seems quite OK to me.
Ralanr (NA)
: You make it sound like Yorick is OP. This worries me.
I enjoy a yorick vs singed matchup. All boils down to how good your cage placement is and if he is fast enough to get out.
: Two words: Coding Nightmare
This is not exactly true, they already have quite a lot of the code in place. Cassios new W originally worked like this already but then they changed it because it was "counter intuitive" or something or another.
: Oh my god. Riot pays a stipend because teams are not allowed to monetize their brand when they play matches as RIOT has locked into sponsors for all LCS matches. If you continue to argue against the statements made by the game creator, mutiple team owners both current and former, as well as players and casters there's obviously nothing that can be done. You'd rather look like an ill-informed moron going off of "feeling" while the facts are laid out for you. I sent you multiple links and your response to them is that everyone is wrong, from creators of the game to team owners and players, and you are right?
If you watch the video that you linked you'll hear Monte say that "players make a lot of money" and that it's the casters who need to be paid more.
: Not going to lie this sucks big time as a fan; I don't know how TSM will react or how they will play without D-L but honestly Bjergsen now needs to step it up and actually CARRY similar to 2014. Bjergsen has been somewhat mid par for his standards and you could really notice Bjergsen taking a back seat to DL for the whole year. He would play supportive type of champions or role and that's needs to change not just for NA as he has done it before but if TSM ever wants to go for in the International stage they need Bjergsen to go off. Thanky you Doublelift for the memories and Hope to see you back during the Summer #Rest up; will need you for WORLDS 2017 Any word on who will replace D-Lift?? Rumors?
Verxint (NA)
: Not much gets me more aggravated then when someone on my team is constantly itching for a fight against a splitpush comp and doesn't understand why I'm not going to stand there posturing with them for 3 minutes when the enemy has {{champion:83}}
Easy solution, play Yorick yourself. Ult Top, ZZ rot bot, 5v5 in midlane. If you build full tank you can make midlane fights last 2+ minutes and in that time both top and bot waves are at enemy inhib which means it doesn't matter if you lost. And if you won it's GG.
: The Line Between Heal and Barrier is Flawed
Agreed. Especially now with the assassin rework they should change barrier. I'd actually go as far as say they should have barrier make you invulnerable for 1 second.
: The buff doran shield should get
It should have a higher dmg reduction vs ranged autoattacks.
{{champion:48}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:61}} or {{champion:134}} (there's already a worlds Ori skin so maybe syndra) {{champion:202}} {{champion:43}}
: SK Telecom T1 wins World Championship again
The moment that won SKT the series:
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Yup. Her AI is horrible. And I don't understand why. They could have just copy-pasted Tibbers' AI. It's not perfect, but it still works far better than Daisy's.
Tibbers' is just as bad, he simply has an AOE aura around him which makes it easier for him to deal damage.
: Really want to question on wtf was SSG Ruler trying to do here......
Pretty easy to make mistakes 5 weeks into a competition when you are playing a final that lasts nearly 6 hours.
: They should have nerfed him down and put him back in the line for later. Riot has been fine letting champions sit in the dumpster untill they have time to get around to them. {{champion:3}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:19}}
Honestly, Galio, with the protobelt and all has a decent niche.
: Best build for mid blitz
{{item:1056}} {{item:2003}} start {{item:3152}} to dash or {{item:3146}} to slow people and make grabs easier to land, {{item:3057}} into {{item:3100}} , {{item:3157}} After that it depends on enemy team comp.
: Here's a spoiler to SKT's 3rd set skins
Honestly, I think Bengi will be incredibly troll and choose Nidalee. ;P
TBakes (NA)
: I think the ADC will be Sivir, Caitlyn, or Jhin. They are the only ones relevant all 2016 imo EDIT: I did some research and the data for NA LCS shows Lucian was most consistently pick-ban. Could be scewed because of Doublelift, though. Need further research.
Ashe? Also, noone played Sivir except Forgiven.
: I agree with you on everything but the juggernaut part. Sion is a tank and should stay a tank. That's who he is - the unkillable behemoth who might not deal a ton of damage to you, but who makes sure his team can kill your entire team with no chance to fight back.
Do I know... The highest winrate sion build at the moment (straight from Korea!) is rushing armour pen Yomuu's and Duskblade and only then building tank. Building those makes him quite juggernaughty.
: @Greymoore : << My first try at MF support. We won a 4v5. I solo queue picked MF into Ashe bot lane and we had first tower gold 6 minutes in versus Jinx/Thresh. (Granted this is low ELO, but let me have my fun okay?! :'( ).
IMHO, rylais and zhonya are a waste. You don't deal enough magic damage that you need the rylais snare and there was nothing you want to zhonya on the enemy team (except jinx rocket maybe). I'd get 2 CDR / Armour pen items instead- ghostbalde / mortal reminder.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rio Sanguino,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=bXsGlugz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-22T14:28:47.608+0000) > > You have a point, but I don&#x27;t believe that the people clamoring for more bans are interested in that sort of thing. Theyre too concerned about champion diversity. Right, but the whole point is that bans will never improve champion diversity - they'll only limit it. I mean, there are 6 power picks banned, then a group of about 20 champions after that who see play. If you increase the bans to 10, then you get about 16 champions left to see play. Maybe 1 or 2 new champions become viable with the extra bans. Further, without the bans something diverse like, IDK, MF Support, sees play. Except it goes back to the same regular stuff when they just ban her out then.
That's not exactly true. Thanks to the MF bans we actually got to see Nidalee and Jayce ingame - 2 champions which would not appear if not for the surprise pic. Not to mention Bengi Nidalee was a surprise in itself.
JoroA (EUW)
: ROX what have you done.......
I am not scared of Miss Fortune supports. Being Silver, I am scared of the Orianna "mains" I am going to get in my games. Because I can already see them thinking: " I saw faker player, it looked pretty easy, i can do it too!" and then they'll go 0/20/1 and be like "OMG, report jungler no ganks". {{champion:61}}
: Are you wondering who that one guy with 94 points is...
This is his in case anyone is wondering the funky "s" thing breaks the search function so hard to find.
: H2K is the only non-korean team that has yet to face a Korean team. Let that sink in.
Kinda, yeh, but there is still hope! SKT just faced a korean team and still won.
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