Kelg (NA)
: Remove kayn add these guys {{champion:103}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:7}} and this would be 99% of the picked champs in all of soloqueue
I wish Ahri was a free win for me.
: And 90% of the people raging about assasins are somewhere in silver. Barely anyone besides adc mains in high elo thinks zed is even close to op
Not silver i find Zed and other assasins a chore to play against.
: I don’t think he’s that strong but he’s just disgusting to play against i ban him
True but if you're mid you've got a bunch of other champions just as cancerous to play against.
: yes, and the skill of pressing e on {{champion:103}} to pretty much deal half of the enemy's health with no counterplay except for {{summoner:1}} is ok. nice one.
Thread about Zed but decides to complain about Ahri's skillshot which is slow costs a lot of mana and can be blocked by standing behind minions.
Rαy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Spank the Fox,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Wj2K4rrT,comment-id=00000001000000010000,timestamp=2018-09-19T10:20:43.084+0000) > > Ahri is fine, she is just super safe which is good for solo queue. > > I even played against a fed one (she did 64k damage that game) because they’re one dimensional - dodge charm, you win. Her winrate is good because to climb, all you need to do is not feed your tits off > > Thanks for reminding me I’m popular teehee Despite the fact she's at her annual point of not having to hit her charm to kill someone again.
Except that's only true when fed and you hit everything including, multiple ults, ignite and electrocute.
: So the balance team is going to ignore other champions who are exceeding 50% winrate with pickrates as high as 15%. There are champions who still need to be nerfed... {{champion:267}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} All of these champions are heavily picked and have too much success.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dream High,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nRgLqJWx,comment-id=00020003,timestamp=2018-09-18T21:54:04.579+0000) > > How is he low key cancerous. has him with a higher win rate and pick rate than Ahri. Are you aware of the meaning of "low-key"? Implies no one noticed. He's been getting this way since S5 when he was just getting buffs upon buffs every other patch because their excuse was basically "no one plays him". No one ever listened to me and just down-voted me here and on Reddit. It's still low-key cause most people still don't even realize it. Though repeated threads like this tend to change that sooner or later.
I know exactly what low key is. Explain to me how an almost 14% pick rate and a 65% ban rate is "low key". The champs disgusting and people have been aware of it a lot longer than this patch has been live.
: Banning Teammate's Champs
I ban Yasuo regardless, he hard counters my champ pool. If I look you up and you're some typical Yasuo main with that sub par KDA and win rate I'm not changing my ban.
: What kinda annoys me is how he says the strat is "unfun" which I disagreed with, since when can someone define what's fun or not, I enjoyed the strat a lot and find that if that's their "excuse" its an awful one
The whole game mode is unfun. You have to spend somewhere between 1-2 hours just to get to onslaught. A few more hours to unlock the Arguements slots whilst grinding for the right arguements. Then you have to do these hard missions whilst praying for a good team.
: I see more threads complaining about Ahri mains being toxic
: Issue with Kass is that he's so damn easy to play, outside of lane there isn't really anything complicated about him.
His laning phase is just as easy.
Maltasar (EUW)
: Hi Riot, Kass is OP, time to nerf, thanks.
The champ has always been aids. Now people have figure out you can just go grasp and essentially do what Garen does in top lane. Q on cooldown, get tanky, outtrade everything and scale into a monster.
: > [{quoted}](name=Noor Sakata,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nRgLqJWx,comment-id=0021,timestamp=2018-09-18T15:57:02.340+0000) > > Her banrate speaks the truth of her unfun she is to play against , so far she is the least banned mid laner in the current meta and all champions who have been meta so far , meta ? sure she is strong but she isn't even strong to be a meta champion that can 1v5 > > She is never cancerous to play against , this thread is surely delusional > No matter how good she is , her kit allows her to be strong against 1 enemy at most , so she can never dominate , Akali has much less winrate , but EVERYONE would prefer playing against her more than Akali or most of assassins > > Takes 0 skill to play ? well she is a simple champion like most of champion in the game > > Winrate is too high ? then why did you choose to complain about her ? Nami has both higher , slightly a higher winrate and has much way more pickrate than Ahri , but no one complains about her because she has just been like that because of the Starting support items nerf > and in Korea Kassadin has much higher both pick and winrate > So why did you choose to complain about Ahri? > > For your infomation , Ahri has one of the weakest wave clear pre 9 , especially at 7 and 8 , Her Q makes the backside Caster minions survive on low hp , W and E won't kill them so you have to use auto attacks and until then 1 or 2 casters will die , at lvl 9 , wow Ahri can 1 shoot caster minions with Q , WOW WHAT A BROKEN WAVE CLEAR ??? her wave clear is sure nice later , but don't call it broken > > > Ahri is ungankable after 6 ? well mid lane is full of champions that are ungankable even pre 6 , not to forget that she is only ungankable because of her ULTIMATE , so you got angry that you couldn't kill her ? well you just forced her to use the key to her kit that actually makes her a champion , the key for her to roam or to kill the enemy laner " tho she fails at both if she misses her Charm " > > After buying 3 items Ahri killed you even when missing her Charm ? Well yes , she hit r w q ignite and applied electro , sure her q isn't hard to land when you Ult and W won't miss , but she just used her Ultimate , for the love of god you people .. she used 3/4 if her kit , even if they are easy to land , some champions are using half of their kits " non-ultimates ones btw " and still killing people while they are easy to land and with 1 item spike only ! > Ahri can't do that when she has 3 items while more than 1 enemies are near , like any champion in the game she gets bursted , and she can't do that against champions that got shield in their kit or took barrier > > Like any mage , Ahri gets hard countered by MR , " BUT HER Q DOES TRUE DAMAGE " O....ok.. lol , so the q on it's way back killed you ? > > Most of meta champions and champions that are being played lately are ad , they still buy QSS to dodge her only CC ability that is a skillshot > > But actually , do you think it's more fun to play against champion Irelia ? the champion that has 50% which is 4% less than Ahri's but actually dominates and gets a triple or quadra kill everytime I watch a stream ? > > Btw for your information , it's not really about winrates , Before her latest rework , Ahri had 52% winrate while at the same time everyone complained about how useless she was > > So you want her to be nerfed ? what nerfs comes to your mind ? I honestly can't think of anything except reverting her latest buff , any other nerfs will make her useless again > > besides , why are you complain about Ahri to be exact when she finally became in a good spot ? wait nvm you are a jungler main who gets angry everytime he fails to kill Ahri , even though when we finally had a mage being a good pick " half mage tho , but her only ability that makes her half assassin is her ult " > > > besides , why do you hate it when Ahri misses charm and runs with her ult in fights? I mean , forcing Ahri to run with ult makes it as if the match is 4v5 lol > > Btw , Ahri isn't a champion that can 1v1 you from behind , she is a champion that MUST stay ahead to be viable. > She isn't LB who dies 10 times and still kills you without even using half of her kit. > in other words , deaths for Ahri pre 6 are enough to keep her out of the match > > Idk what to say anymore , Keep complaining when {{champion:104}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} and many others dominating as they wish. As an Ekko main I would 100% rather fight Akali than Ahri. Ahri is too safe of a champion and rewarded for being safe.
The irony, complaining about saftey as an Ekko main. Pre 6 Q shove the wave and don't interact, post 6 press R to cover up any mistake.
: In the kassadin thread, i said he was cancerous in a low-key way. Ahri is the definition of cancerous in a high-key way. Really high-key.
How is he low key cancerous. has him with a higher win rate and pick rate than Ahri.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Mana regeneration has been overnerfed.
I really want to know what the balance team has against mages. The only class that has to back to manage their mana after buying a mandatory mana item.
: Who are YOUR top 3 permaban champions?
{{champion:157}} - windwall alone hard counters my champ pool. {{champion:238}} - too much damage post runes reforged. He's a meele in mid lane but he's too strong in lane. {{champion:55}} - The only time i play against her is against one tricks or smurfs.
: Irelia and taking literally everyones farm.
I have the same problem with adc's who pretty much 2 shot the wave
: Yup the matchmaking system is a coinflip 100%
Unless you're significantly bwttwe than uour coinflip teammates you wont climb at a reasonable pace. I've had nothing but gatekeeper team mates in my plat 4 promos. Just got to first time kindred in ranked. Just got to go 0-20 in bot lane. Etc.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Weird coming from an Ahri player, like how do you even manage to die at level 6
Zed hitting Q W electrocute removing 60% of your health. Zed hitting level 6 then clicjs R and ignite to overkill you. Didn't know Ahri was unique and can't get all ined by a zed.
: Ty for nerfing Ryze, Riot
Ryze needs a conplete overhall the constant spell slinger , teleport your team does not work.
Sukishoo (NA)
: He's not an assassin. He's a diver.
Diver that proceeds to 1 shot you from stealth. Wukong atm is a assasins.
: We all talk about how high damage is, but can we address the CC bloat this game has?
Strigina (EUNE)
: Because I don't negotiate with people trying to held me hostage with their "I don't want to go autofilled support so i will threat you with trolling". Well do it. I will lose 20 minutes of my life at best but you will most likely lose your account you invested hours of your life into and possibly some money too.
: Why don't people dodge in low elo when they know they will lose
They're in low elo because they won't dodge those troll games.
: But shaco mains will tell you hes garbage
X mains will tell you x is garbage.
: I wish mages had more defensive items...
These items are only useful for their active or passive. Zonyas armour does nothing when assasins are overkillling you.
: no idea why people play zed over talon but yeah if these guys aren't banned they see play
Asking the real questions anytime i play against him i feel %%%% its an auti lose. As i mid kaber i expect flame for not following the guy waiting in a bush who can and will 1 shot me from lvl 1 -18. 25% of first bloods are by talon.
: Can we please make Mid lane fun again for mages?
You're not allowed to have fun unless you play Assasins or the latest abominations like Zoe.
Zakaratos (EUNE)
: Is normal to Zed stay in meta 5 month
He's been meta sinces runes reforge ala electrocute's release.
: someone posted a week or a few weeks ago, a video of an Ahri killing a full Hp Sona after missing every skill shot and dealing damage with only R W auto attacks, electrocute and ignite. and it had lots of upvotes. And I assume, that's how most people on boards assume Ahri works. Side note: Ahri had like double the gold of that Sona, that Sona had no mana, that Sona was lv10 vs a lv14 Ahri. So, yeh..... "overpowered" That was around the time all these "Ahri is OP threads came up"
I remember that. Even if she misses everything Ignite and electrocute do so much damage you don't need to hit your skillshots since they take 50% of a squishes health anyway.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Ahri 54.5% win rate now
I should play more Ahri for freelo
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LuxannaVeritas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0ZxkxRs3,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-08-15T13:31:47.372+0000) > > Biased opinion here, of course, but Lux currently has an under 50% win rate in both mid AND support, and the ultimate is telegraphed enough for people to move out of the way (unless they're slowed by her E or rooted by her Q). > > Personally, I'm having trouble winning with Lux recently, even if I'm playing well. I don't think she needs a nerf at this time. Her win rate mid lane isn't do with Lux being weak. Talon, Zed, Leblanc, Fizz are all relevant mid lane. Champions that can smash her. Lux Support is a meme and shouldn't be played. So many supports are just all around better than her.
So she's just bad lol? Every match up mid is bad for her and will only get worse with every new champ or rework and her secondary role is a meme.
: Lux' ult is getting a little ridiculous...
There are many thibgs to complain about but Lux's ult isn't one of them. I say that after playing a secent amount of Lux this season.
: Riot, you cant say damage is to high and then buff Yasuo's damage right after.
I really am struggling. The cancer Fizz is worth a perma ban now i've got to start perma banning Yasuo again. You cant gave fun mid unless you play cancer like zed, Talon, wukong, Yasuo and Fizz.
: Sleepy Trouble Bubble is slow af and doesn't go through minions. In order to get electrocuted it REQUIRES you to either sit on his shadow so he can take it and auto attack you OR you take two shurikens straight to the face. Also, even IF you don't dodge the shurikens, unless you are to the side of the lane like a bonobo his W+E+both Qs at level 5 does a whopping 330+1.48 bonus AD ratio before armor which most champions have ~35 armor which is 26% damage reduction. This STILL requires you to get hit by TWO skillshots where simply moving is usually enough to dodge at least one.
It only takes 1 bubble though. You get hit once you're at best out of lane healing up, usually it results in a gray screen with nothing you can do about it.
: Ahri was on the neutral ground before charm buffs. I can agree she does have some problems, but she's really strong now, and she could use a nerf. Maybe a small one. As a champion, i like Ahri. Her kit is fun, and she isn't obnoxious to play against unless she can burst people with e+q+w. But some Ahri mains are making me mad, Ahri is a slippery mage, she should be able to burst squishies only, and do it while committing at least one of her ult charges to do that. I saw Ahri mains which totally believe she was good only during DFG times, and it makes me angry about her.
I say wait till the domination nerfs considering electrocute and all the minor key stones she uses in that tree are being nerfed. This means assasin Ahri will not be as viable and you'll have to play her more like a mage and whittle down your oponents more before you all in
Kythers (NA)
: Is this what you wanted, ahri mains?
I checked his Ahri ended up 15/3/7 and Sona 3/6/10 full squishy. I'm surprised it took so much for Ahri to kill that.
Sirsir (NA)
: Level 14 Burst Mage with ignite to Level 10 oom support. Ahri also has W Scores weren't shown. Looks like the standard Fed Vs Feeder. Well maybe sona isn't feeding but shes one of the squishiest champs in the game....
Careful too much logic here {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Áery (NA)
: Hashinshin actually spitting some facts
Fully agree on the Viktor point. Getting hit by his Q is bad enough but add aery then scorch on too of the fact that his laser does then same thing but outranges you is just aids
: Fizz is at 56% WR, 10% Play Rate, 32% Ban rate on Diamond+
It's what happens when you keep on buffing cancer. The champ is faceroll and too easy to do well on, dont bother with he's meele in mid lane. Every single meele commonly played mid has something to deal with it till 6 which is such a short period to punish.
: *jumps to Ahri because they have an Ahri icon* Big funny Ahri's Q isn't an ultimate ability; Fizz only has kill potential landing ult. That's what you deeply didn't realize.
I've had Fizz's chunk me out just like zed would in lanr pre 6. Fizz only having kill potential with ult is false. Especially with all the free damage floating around.
: Towers are actually useless
Yep. Played against lee sin mid. Constanly tower dove under the tower pre 6. Past the 1 item point towers are irrelevent
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Back to an Ahri meta
Her win rate is inflated by low elo where people don't make the most out of their champs, so Ahri 's weaknesses aren't heavily punished. Medium difficulty to play, safe ult so you don't feed, dcent wave clear and reliable CC bot. She fits into any team due to AP, CC and wave clear so she doesn't mess up team comps which is ideal for solo Q. Ahri is always going to preform well in soloQ
: Wanna nerf Ahri and keep her in a good spot at the same time ?
I would hope they nerf legitimate cancer like Talon / Wukong first, but Ahri will get nerfed now that people are seeing she's played a lot with a high win rate.
: God damn it Sneaky
His cosplay is getting better.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Talon's WR back to almost 55% in diamond
Not sure why the edgey only plays ad in mid kids don't play him much in low elo. The champ is freelo and a lot easier than Zed / Yasuo
: > [{quoted}](name=RaikoPlays,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HBsNf34t,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-07-29T12:48:57.539+0000) > > how come {{item:3147}} is cheaper than {{item:3285}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3146}} (most of damage champions build this first item) ? Because it doesn't offer as much as those other items?
What lol? CDR, ad, lethality, extra burst, free sweeper, 1 shots wards and only 2900. Does a lot tbh.
: >Yasuo can completely cut out of a fight: I don't think Yasuo's windwall is that strong. If you do throw your whole kit into it then yes, but most of these champions only have one or two skills blocked by it. For instance Xerath's E will be the only thing blocked, assuming it's during a teamfight why would he throw his stun so far away? If Yasuo did get close, then that's bad positioning. With ADCs, they can't attack him through the wall but Yasuo shouldn't be able to either unless he's on top of them, in which case he's already won the fight like any other skirmisher would {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}}, the counterplay here is to not get close to him as someone like Xerath or Twitch. I think windwall should stay with him, it's his other abilities that make him a pain to lane against, mainly his E. Other people who couldn't care less about Yasuo's wall, I can' really speak for others I haven't played as vs Yasuo a lot. **Aurelion Sol**, Q is back up in a couple seconds anyway and ult/stars goes through it. **Azir**, it only blocks Q and ult, if you actually play this it's not that big of a deal. **Cassiopeia**, sure he can block your DPS for a couple seconds but that's it. It's not like a key ability is being negated for eternity. **Fiddlesticks**, when fighting Yasuo it's your Q that you need the most, and while he's feared he can't E? I don't know where you're going with this. **Karthus**, nothing in karthus's kit can be walled. Again I don't know where you're going with this. **Karma**, A lot of Karma's power is in her shields, while she is just a Q bot it's used for poke. If Yasuo's in a teamfight and ww's a Karma Q, he's probably lost. **Sivir**, I haven't really played her but with her ulti she should be able to kite yasuo. Her Q CD at rank 1 is only 7 seconds, so just don't die in 7 seconds? **Lissandra**, where are you going with this again? Only her Q and E are blocked, if her Q is blocked she couldn't care less because she wouldn't be engaging. If her E is blocked, she'll just try again later. **Malzahar**, only his R can be blocked by ww but that's almost never going to happen. If it does happen though, there goes malz's kit. **Orianna**, her Q has a low CD and it's the only thing that can be blocked. She can always walk out of range if Yasuo chases her and get her ball back instantly. All other abilities are AOE and go through the wall. there's a bunch others but you just listed what makes windwall strong in a perfect scenario, none of it's weaknesses. It seems stronger than it actually is, it can block a useless Morg Q from 200 feet away when nobody's going to engage onto him, and then it can block Ashe's ulti when her team's trying to follow up. It _can_ be strong, but most of the time it's really not. Especially against ADCs since they do constant damage, unlike Veigar when his whole combo is negated if he plays bad enough. Since you don't play ranged champions I don't blame you, his windwall does look strong but if you look closer there's a lot of counterplay to it. +Yasuo's windwall is only effective for as long as he's behind it
> [{quoted}](name=Sandsexual,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JHtKhttx,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-07-28T17:05:18.955+0000) > > I don't think Yasuo's windwall is that strong. If you do throw your whole kit into it then yes, but most of these champions only have one or two skills blocked by it. How often do you play Lux/Ahri vs Yasuo? 1 or 2 spells is massive for a mage as their damage is based on rotations and they need to hit their CC. The 1 spell is why I perma ban Yasuo, it's not worth dealing with.
: electrocute needs to disappear
I'm going with Scarra's opionion. That is renove runes completely, it adds an extra layer of complexity for balance. That's why Talon gets so many lvl 2 first bloods.
: I thought you wanted Fizz to NOT be an Ult bot
Fizz isnt healthy for the game and needs serious attention. He's almost as bad as talon.
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