Porocles (NA)
: No ETA, but our volume looks healthy and our account recovery team will need a few moments to investigate your specific case as well. They'll also be able to help with any necessary reparations too, so don't worry! You'll be in good hands. :D
Thank you for all your help and the quick responses :) I'll wait for an E-Mail and play with this account for now.
Porocles (NA)
: If you used the recovery form then you would be able to manually input an email address you have access to. Our account team will review the ticket and respond to that address, not the one registered to the account. Let me know if that clears things up.
Yes that makes sense, thank you :) I dont suppose there is some ETA on any response? I am worried about things being bought on my account and making things complicated.
Porocles (NA)
: You'll have to be logged into the account in order to view the ticket. If you cannot login, that's okay! You can reach out to us with an email you have access through an [account recovery form](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=72416) or send us an email via support@riotgames.com. Either of those steps will ensure that we're able to get back to you!
I think that's how I submitted my ticket, through the recovery form as I am unable to login, it says my username and password are not valid. I've tried logging in through all servers and I am unable to login. Will I get replies via E-Mail? I ask this because I was logged out when making the ticket and this account is a new one to make this post. I am also worried that my card may be used to purchase items or that my RP would be spent.
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