Manxxom (NA)
: Person: Damage is too high on this game! me: Make a new tank meta to counter this current meta.
Terozu (NA)
: Stop right there, noone ever said Madoka was edgy. I said that it was a shonen anime, which it is. No shonen anywhere, and part of my comment is related too towards the video you posted below.
: New VS event hate
To be honest, most things considered "edgy" are just things that are not wholesome and super happy. And before you say anything, extremely cute things reach cringe levels quickly and same with extremely dark things. Extremes are bad, but i really dislike this ""wars"" of :"OMG YOU LIKE _insert no cute thing here_, ITS EDGY, YOU ARE EDGY GAME IS BECOMING EDGY!!!1111!!!" and "OMG YOU LIKE _insert any non serious thing here_ , ITS CRINGE, THIS IS BECOMING DISNEY!!!!111!" Imo in league this is because, champions tend to be either too dark or too cute. Zoe is extremely cringe and so is Pyke. They both represent those extremes I'm talking about. Now about the VS event, say what you want but a "Dog VS Cats" event sound like extremely dissapointing and meh event. I'll rather get a polished VS event, about anything that its more related to the game and even using some of the lore than just a random question like that. And actually there is a very easy solution for this, move the Dog vs Cats to an april fools event thats similar to a VS event. Keep the VS event a bit more developed and less casual. Cause for me the world Dog vs Cats just sounds as an excuse for saying : "Vs event take too much time, let's take the easy path and release some ahri and lux skins and done".
Terozu (NA)
: Uhhh, no. The Cutesy pop star skin, is Popstar Ahri. KDA is the Hotter and Sexier variant. Evelynn is a serial black widow. And Ahri is in her Miley Cyrus phase. Being aimed at women doesnt make them not cool. Also, Star Guardian is a Shonnen Anime skinline. The outfits were specifically inspired by Madoka Magicka, a notoriously violent Magical Girl anime. Beach outfits aren't cutesy, theyre 99% of the time, sexy and cool looking.
>Also, Star Guardian is a Shonnen Anime skinline. The outfits were specifically inspired by Madoka Magicka, a notoriously violent Magical Girl anime. Stop right there, most Magical Girl animes are towards the cute part. Madoka Magica is not "edgy" (i hate that word so much), even when it has its dark side most merchandising tend to be cute, community that are really into it usually tend to do cute stuff. And yes i have seen Madoka Magica. Not edgy at all. So yes, Madoka Magica counts as a cute anime, and the Star Guardian counts too.
: Do I Smell As Bad As I Look?
Is the quote sexist? Yeah, most likely. Do I give shit? Nope I don't. I suggest all of you to do the same, take a seat, some popcorn and laugh at the offended people.
: Yo! Caught up with my good friend Riot Ranger XIV (who is helping me with LeBlanc stuff!) I'm gonna sync with him in person next week and hammer out a game plan to tackle knife cat, too! (:
Yo, it would be nice if you fixed the Rengar and Kha interaction while you are it. Rengar no longer plays his special lines when he sees Kha using Void Assault during Thrill of the Hunt.
: Please downvote this piece of crap because he is demonizing feminists and women. Report him for hate speech.
: The problem is the "grown children" of the world never realized that the internet actually became part of real life. That there are real people on the other side of that monitor and the only reason that they feel like they can say these things is because they're nice and safe in their musty-ass room or apartment to feel like they're Superior to anyone and everyone else just because they lack any need to care how others feel. The same kind of people you can find picking fights on any political post thinking that because they are immune to getting angry over it (usually because it doesn't affect them) they are clearly the more sophisticated and intellectual being. There isn't a problem with needing to grow thicker skin, there's a problem with needing to develop some actual empathy when interacting with anyone on a social service be a game, media, or even just commenting on something.
Internet =//= real life. I don't justify insulting people, personally i never do it, but if some random dude insults you just ignore him. Makes 0 sense to feel offended by a random user.
: Rito said ppl move on from games. I fully disagree and that statement makes me MAD.
>Look at WoW, Smash Bros, Warcraft, Starcraft, FFX, FF12, borderlands, all of these classics. These games didnt become classics because the game kept evolving to the point where the playerbase couldnt even recognize the game. These games had no need to evolve from release past BUG fixes. Oh no, they are classics becauise they give the people exactly what they wanted in a videogame. Stopped reading here, you clearly havent played a single time one of this games. WoW changed from his OG release to its current one, the core is there but the game changed hence why it isn't as big as it was. Smash Bros has changed too, go play Melee and then play Smash Wii U/3DS. Core is the same, the game it's not. Characters have differences, or have been changed, nerfed, buffed or new characters were added. Heck, even some mechanics were added or deleted that pushed characters up or down. Jigglypuff went from being a Top 5 character on Melee to the worst character on the game on Wii U. That's just an example, but there is other ones. Even Warcraft still gets balance changes, some month ago Human race was the most op race on Warcraft III, which got nerfed not so long ago. Your point is just lowkey rant cause you don't like the changes. League core is the same, things change but the core remain.
saltran (EUW)
: Thanks for finally buffing assasins, I'm enjoying the salt on the Gameplay Boards.
I agree so much. Finally Assassins are smh relevant and now boards are perma crying cause they get 1 or 2 patches with strong assassins xdd
: By this awesome logic you have there, then olaf and alistar are assassins too AND both have an escape tool. Cool. The more you know.
wtf happens with you??? Neither alistar or olaf have the damage of an assassin or his mobility.
: Oh really. I Assume you are talking about his w. Which is not.
? Its an escape skill, again play one game before even talking lol
: Lol by this logic both diana and irelia are assassins too.
?? Rengar has an escape skill. Diana and Irelia doesnt Rengar is an assassin, play Rengar before talking tyvm.
: No he isnt.
Rengar is an assassin there is no argument here.
: More or less what khristophoros said. Rengar is more of an fighter than an assassin. Way too stupid to compare 2 different champs that are in different categories.
: > [{quoted}](name=No Rengar NoLife,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MlvhqK85,comment-id=0010000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-12T16:35:26.862+0000) > If anything they helped at finding bugs etc, but tbh i'm pretty sure Riot was pretty aware of Rengar **being extremely underplayed even when balanced** which was the main cause of his revert. Ain't that more of a problem with people only wanting to play Rengar when he's broken? I mean, if that actually is the case then he is an entirely different problem.
Nah, people dropped the cat cause it felt different to play tbh. I didnt drop it but i kinda lost the interest, gotta say even prerevert rengar was kinda way stronger. But it didnt really feel like Rengar, problem with prerevert is that it was underplayed cause it was generally disliked, thats what Riot pretty much said in a tldr.
: Hun, that's what I said.
>**The previous one was literally no counterplay at all.**
: They have bitched enough for him to be reverted
I dont believe they did anything, they were pretty much ignored since they fucked up not 1 but 2 times with rioters. If anything they helped at finding bugs etc, but tbh i'm pretty sure Riot was pretty aware of Rengar being extremely underplayed even when balanced which was the main cause of his revert.
: The fact that every marksman dies before they can even spam flash says otherwise. .27 seconds. That's how long he takes. Point two seven seconds. Not two point seven. And that's with his *current* iteration. Not the previous one. The previous one was literally no counterplay at all.
>And that's with his current iteration. Not the previous one. The previous one was literally no counterplay at all. Prerevert Rengar, or 2017, was the healthiest and more balanced version of Rengar ever with clear strenghts, weaknesses and counterplay. There is 0 argument against that.
: Why is Rengar back? This is why.
A tiny subreddit full of whiners has done nothing for Rengar tbh.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shablagoo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MlvhqK85,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-11T17:06:03.848+0000) > > How? with champions like {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} worst of all {{champion:117}} being so cancer I really dont think this will ever happen, Supports are so fking strong it isnt even funny. How? They buffed every assasins like 2/3 times, buffed ignite thats how. Those champs are made to counter assasins, every role has a counter
Those champions are as unhealthy and low counterplay as any Assassin. Fighting fire with fire is not a solution btw.
: Why is Rengar back ? dealing 80 million damage in 0.2 seconds again ?
>What is with you Riot ? why did you revert the changes so that the KNOWN CANCER could just walk the earth again ? You literally made the changes to him to stop him from being this and then you just bring him back for what ? what REASON do you have for bringing him back to the way he was ? Stopped after reading this, Rengar has keep the ability to oneshot even after the rework, revert did literally NOTHING in terms of damage. If anything pre revert could even do more damage. So yeah next time you are gonna complain at least do 5 min research, after you lose that Kai'sa game against an obvious fed Rengar, and think if what you are gonna complain existed before or not. Thank you very much.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Rengar: Base AD:: 65 >>> 67 E (bola) Bonus AD ratio :: .7 >>> .8 (applies to both base and empowered bola) R leap bonus damage Total AD ratio :: .3 >>> .5 Buffing some the ratios for Rengar's all-in to compensate for direct damage lost on Dusk. Also looking to add some base AD to assist in early jungle clears.
Is there any chance to bring Old Leap sound back?
HarrowR (EUNE)
: This is exactly my question,why do you think they are supposed to be your walking 300gold prize if you catch them without a support,why cant they be standalone champions,like Vayne and Ez are,at the expense of shorter range or less teamfighting potential,most people got this sort of an idea that adcs should be a glorified siege minion that is only good at hitting towers and sometimes enemies if they get a perfect peel,i think they should make more caster adcs and shift their power to skillshots,that way you dont get right clicked to death and can dodge most of their damage like a mage,but still not be helpless when alone like some are,like kog or jinx unless theyre full build,also being ranged in a game where half of the champs are also ranged and do damage like mages or just have insane mobility and gap closers like jarvan jax or any assassin,it doesnt look like a huge advantage unless vs someone like darius,but you still cant solo him unless youre vayne
Dont u read? "Because being ranged is already a huge advantage not to mention that their damage has 0 counterplay unlike mages, for example." >any assassin wew, who would have think that the whole assassin class that only exist to kill ADCs have some kind tool to counter you? >it doesnt look like a huge advantage unless vs someone like darius,but you still cant solo him unless youre vayne If a Darius gets you just by running into you wihout any kind of Summoner or Active or smth i highly suggest to learn ADC a bit. Edit: Also why are you sending me ".", im not gonna come faster just because you spam.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Why "Should" adcs be peeled and protected in stead of surviving on their own,im not sure why do most people think adcs should only be good at objectives,or shouldnt be allowed to self peel,kite,duel,be mobile etc. Why do you think a whole class should be a glorified siege minion? They are a whole class of champions,what would be the point if every single champion in that class played exactly the same like lets say Ashe. I think there should actually be more ADCs similar to Vayne/Ez/Lucian,that arent as support dependent. This could be compensated,as it is now,with having less range,lower teamfighting potential or just be more of a caster adc and skillshot dependent,so you dont get a 100% guaranteed DPS
Because being ranged is already a huge advantage not to mention that their damage has 0 counterplay unlike mages, for example. ADC are meant to be weak if alone but strong if grouped. Just look each time Ez, for example, becomes strong he tends to dominate and be broken.
: Yu-Gi-Oh cards based on LoL Champions- Strength of Noxus Booster Pack
Great work. I sometimes like to do my custom Magic cards, i was wondering how you get the champion ability icons in HQ. Could you please tell me?
: There barely was counterplay to Rengar pre assassin update, the complaining about Zed was bullshit though. He's literally the only assassin I'd call a success.
: But even in soloQ his winrate isn't bad? Rengar is hardly 'unviable'.
He has 2% pick rate. Only few people are playing him wich is probsbly the reason his winrate isnt that bad. With a higher play rate i cant imagine how low it would be.
: Rengar of all champions got played by MSF in the semi-finals so there must be something viable about them. It might simply be that certain champions are too team reliant at the moment and don't bring enough to the table.
Competitive means 0 in godamn normal game Rengar was broken on early s6 yet had 0 pickrate cause he was garbage in competitive.
: Preseason should be focused on bringing bruisers and Assassins back into viability
Just remove all the bullshit ideas from the Assassin kits, mainly the "Delayed Damage"
: hi, if i had seen this post before i could have helped you earlier... There is a sound mod created by a rengarmains reddit user that brings back the leap, q, w and e sounds back and is currently working on the old ult sounds. Here you have the link:
Hey! It's great an user is doing this but I don't want to rely in third party applications as they are considered in use at your own risk, that's why i wish Riot could notice Rengar sounds so it could be fixied. Unfortunately it seems they dont have acknowledge the messed sounds.
: > [{quoted}](name=No Rengar NoLife,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Xdkmy6UN,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-22T14:29:07.669+0000) > > Cause if you need to work hard to unlock that power it should be totally acceptable. Really? You didn't?
I said that Riven can be a stronger than other champions cuz that not that she should be broken tier. But hey i know this community loves winning by doing nothing.
: Why isn't my champion broken tier because I mastered it?
: Where's my free elo because I mastered a champion? Seriously, what the fuck is your thinking.
The fuck? I never said free elo, i said that champion strength can be balanced around the skill that it takes. If a champion is hard it should be rewarded for being mastered. If not, what's the point into even play it?
: Why should Riven be powered as fuck because she's "high skill"?
Cause if you need to work hard to unlock that power it should be totally acceptable.
: Doesn't matter. Skill isn't a balance point nor should be.
Teémò (NA)
: are they to strong? or are they really just being pushed out of bot lane because their kits don't let them properly fight against oppression in the bot lane?
They are strong, bot is still dominated by ADC and Support. Problem is the lack of Assassin and how easy supports like janna can protect the adc without any kind of counterplay.
Reav3 (NA)
: Next year you will likely see a more 50/50 split if not 60/40 in favor of VGUs Edit: copy and pasting my comment below since this is at the top and I still see people think that 60/40 means 6 new champs and 4 VGUs a year which isn't what that means at all. There's seems to be some confusion over the 60/40 thing so let me clear it up a bit. When I say 60/40 or 50/50 I'm not saying 6 new champs a year and 4 VGUs a year as we don't really try to get a certain amount of champions done a year. When I give those ratios I'm referring to the amount of resources dedicated to new champs vs VGUs. To add some more context we have 5 teams that can make either a VGU or a New Champ. Each team has one project in full production and 1 project in Ideation/discovery. This means that at any given time there is 10 champions in some stage of development. In the past, 3 of the teams only made new champs and the other 2 only did VGUs which led to our total resources being 60/40 in favor of New Champs. Now we have it set up so that any team can do either a VGU or a new champ. Currently we have 5 new champs and 5 VGUs in various stages of development, so our allocation is 50/50 at the moment. What specific time in a year or what percentage of these land in a given calendar year is unpredictable as we are more concerned with shipping something when it's ready rather than shipping a certain amount of champions in a year.
Please tell me that at least one GU is for Rengar.
: No one at this point is saying Assassins are op , maybe like 3-4 weeks ago they were but not anymore....
: God why does this marksman who built full damage kill me so fast?
"God why this Rengar who built full damage kill me so fast?" "God why this Talon who built full damage kill me so fast?" "God why this Le Blanc who built full damage kill me so fast?" "God why this Zed who built full damage kill me so fast?" All of them suffered from this community. And guess what? Unlike ADCs, Assassins had counterplay and could just kill squishy targets.
Doozku (NA)
: I think it is about time that Rengar got some buffs, even small ones
PussNoShoes (EUNE)
: Please do not do this ! As Yasuo and Rengar player, this binding is crucial for me. When I want to slide trough wall as Yasuo or dive someone under tower without as Rengar, I hold this button(binded to X) and its not that awkward. I used to click on tower all the time when diving, now its way easier with this binding. At least I hope they leave it as is and add what you ask for, just dont touch my stuff please.
So, that would make thing even easier lol. You wouldn't need to hold a button while diving, just press it and then do your stuff then just press it again when you want to attack non-champions again.
: If there is ever going to be a Kha'Zix vs Rengar event, I will make sure that Kha is winning.
: Yasuo is winning the VS event... will you stand for this?
: I love pineapple pizza
: I do much prefer the current stacking mechanic; hunting each individual enemy champion feels much more satisfying than preying on the same support/adc over and over and over and over again. Perhaps the bonuses could be changed, to be something other then raw damage, but I'm honestly not sure what they could be right now.
the mechanic itself is pretty interesting, its bonus aren't
: Hey everyone, I do want to start this response with acknowledging a couple of things. WE do read these posts, we do think about it and we do talk about them with each other. It can take some time for us to gather what we want to say about each topic which is why it may feel like we are silent, sometimes. There are many ways a single response can be taken, so we like to have everything in line before we talk so that we can communicate our intentions clearly. Rengar is clearly on a lot of people's minds right now. PLEASE do not think you are throwing feedback down an abyss. Please do not think we are ignoring players about Rengar. We are not, as we do love this game and are players as well. While we don't have any plans to touch Rengar currently I want to stress that these conversations between players can help us build ideas in the future. So thank you for taking the time to respond and make posts about things that you care about. -Ranger XIV
Hey no hate on you but.. Even when you said that you dont want to touch Rengar for now I just hope that you acknowledge that a large part of Rengar mains dislike this rework and that you fucked up a bit with him. I hope that you guys work on Rengar again when it's possible giving him a proper rework that can make Riot and Rengar's players happy. Cheers from a guy who just want to **#Make Rengar Great Again**.
: It was a point and click at a point. Wayyyyy before the assassins update. It's fact.
: > [{quoted}](name=No Rengar NoLife,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aszKidB2,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2017-06-12T13:39:45.786+0000) > > Wrong again. > > Rengar was supposed to be a D P S character, oneshot was produced because Riot hasnt been able to balance him LMAO, exactly what in old Rengar kit screamed DPS?. Like, Watch his original Champion spotlight, he was always mentioned as assassin first, bruiser second, never DPS If anything he was supposed to originally kill people slightly slower and being eventually viable also as somewhat melee bruiser as fall back pattern (even the first empowered W had the heal on It), but the auto cancel interactions with empowered Q pushed him from the start towards the oneshot style, while making the bruiser thing useless when he was behind/ weak or obnoxious when the champ was broken or got fed. People embraced the oneshot style and pushed him for years towards that, and you said It was Riot fault for doing It so? The first declared DPS melee character was in theory Yasuo, and then Mordekaiser rework, anyone else was intended bruiser/duelist as best
Yes, cause riot allowed oneshot. I repeat Rengar was supposed to be a DPS character which turned to be a one shot machine. The kit was SUPPOSED to do that. It didn't do that. >exactly what in old Rengar kit screamed DPS? His old Q???? Granted ATTACK SPeed, plus AD plus extra damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=No Rengar NoLife,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aszKidB2,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-06-12T10:15:18.186+0000) > > No > > Wrong, Rengar oneshots cause Riot has balanced him around that. And that is exactly what they should do. Every champ should have a goal, and Rengar one is to oneshot people IF HE CAN FIND THE RIGHT OPENING. Old Rengar was actually delete a person in 0.5 seconda if you were fed or become a jungle creep if you were unfed
Wrong again. Rengar was supposed to be a D P S character, oneshot was produced because Riot hasnt been able to balance him
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