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: I get that playing ranked can be frustrating but please take a look back at your games and reevaluate. Looking at your match history it is clear that you are the consistent factor losing your games. You die on **average** 10 times while scoring only 5 to 6 kills in return. While i see some matches where you are doing well, in most of them you seem to be the weak link of your team. I dont know if this post was just to vent, but if you want some real advice stop focussing on others and improve yourself. You are winning 1 out of 4 games on your main champion, it is impossible to blame that on anyone else but yourself. Champion mastery is no indicator of skill, and as hard as it sounds Irelia is the thing thats keeping you down because you do not play her properly most likely. I hope you can untilt yourself, playing ranked can be really stressful, but staying positive and taking responsibility for your games is among the most important things you need to learn if you want to get anywhere in ranked. Good Luck
I think your struggling to realise I've only played for 9days after a 6year break. skill/mastery will always reflect judgement on a player, if you have no experience with one there is a massively decreased chance for your lane / your team, the amount of players in this ranking system you have designed do not fit the category as most of them are above 100, yet fail to join a ranked gain on the most / any experienced champ they having been use or using. deaths will always refer back to your teams effort not just your, theses are players and not bots they can move to different lanes and actually communicate to start a engagement. Bu the fact that I've only won 1/4 last game is due to the feeding presence in every game (even the 1) ranked isn't stressful when u have people on your teem (fun feeding) your enemy, If you haven't already read my statement about checking my game footage of theses actions then I would take a second look maybe you will see that its a reflection on other players having fun at the suspense of there team losing @Ourboros this wasn't a vent post, its clearly to improve every players experience on this game by introduction the system of ranked mastery instead of the current system that you have today where u can jump on a 0 mastery in ranked also for saying "because you don't play her properly most likely" here a link to a game where as u were writing this reply I was playing https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4039541561/37234727?tab=overview I can make my own judgement on how I play her thank you its not my issue I'm discussing :P
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