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Truueeeee , Lowkey wanted him to be bald , fits the kratos OP character of his {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: the passive affects the ppl outside death realm? well thats what happend to me (ik its a bug)
The circle is no longer visible and it literally has no range limit , even enemy players cant use abilities or summs during ulti
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: it isn't 100% guaranteed that riot will inform you if a player you reported got punished they will on occasion do that yes, but not all the time you can also always *unless it was removed* send in a ticket for reporting a player in the support and make sure to include any bits of info from the match in question *as well as a link from or the league site of the match in question so they have an easier time checking the chat logs*
Thnx pal .. really getting tired of these toxic people
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