: You need 16 champions unlocked to play LoL Ranked and to have overall fun and learning the game. You get assigned a Lane, you will never get to choice pick a lane, your going to want to Master 3<Champions and 2-5<sideline champions that your good at to avoid Pick/Bans Depending on the current Meta Game, its not going to matter if your good at a champion or not, they get instant pick/banned. This isn't a easy game to pickup like it used to be, but was always planned to be exactly what it is today </CHEERS>
Thx for the reply :) I'm not new to the game I know these infos and this isn't my question bro I played thousands of games and more than 400 ranked game every season and I climbed from bronze 4 to gold 5 by playing Akali only last season as I said I'm an otp player and I just what to know how should i try to get larger champion pool by adding more assassins (the role I'm good at) or should I add mage champions and try to learn that role?
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