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Ealenor (EUW)
: I have the same thing I don't know why
I want this fixed too haha. I really need the 2 gemstones to create a hextech skin.
: I cannot complete my daily 10 year anniversary mission and emotes simply dissapear
ZeeFocus (NA)
: Skarner is too much
Qss? Skarner is far from op hahaha. You try to carry with him. Its possible but you need to know him for it. Its a really fun champ to play.
: 2019 Rework Schedule - Hypothetical & Realistic
The one champion I would love to see having a gameplay update or a small change is Tahm Kench. His winrate falls quite a bit below the belt, and I know that could be because he requires more communication(ult) but the fact that is W is on a 26 sec cd is just devastating. I have played him(as a silver player, not judging as a complete shit champ) but I just can't seem to make impact in any game. While as I take Thresh, Nami or Braum it's a lot easier to make an impact. I do love him tho, as its a bit of a strange champ. While I can use W to save my adc out of danger, it is quite a long cd and tresh or morgana can do this job too(Tahm's way is better, but then again you have to stand close to your adc too and the movementspeed on W was removed), and the other supports can instantly root, hook or chain cc. Tahm has to wait for 3 stacks before he can cc. And if you do decide to use W for dmg, you cant use it to save your allie anymore for a while. Frogs need some love too! Give em one kiss and they might turn into a prince(ss)!0
Ealenor (EUW)
: Knowledge and tips wanted!
: What is your main account so I can check your stats?
This is my main account. 😂
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