Hoggy (NA)
: Don't think you can see /all chat in regularly-specced games, but you can in customs.
> [{quoted}](name=Trezno,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=s2bPhpi3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-28T20:01:01.860+0000) > > Don't think you can see /all chat in regularly-specced games, but you can in customs. You can My friend was specing a game i did in 3s (Normal blindpick - Twisted treeline) ask me what enemy Vayne was on bout in all chat because he spec in mids of the game lol. Thats when i found out people can only see /all chat. i never knew either lol
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: NA Server Move ping
Vicenza, Italy ( yes Europe) old: 180 new: 140 seems the same as before.
Bdoom (NA)
: Random packet loss after update
Same issue here and im from Italy. use to have a 180 ping and it was still playable no issues before on NA but now all today since change i have a suppose 140 ping but its laggs so much like as if its 600 or more. cant move most time and 5 sec delay off everything i do (casting skills to moving and typing in chat) shows up 5 secs later. its terrible. im on EU atm playing lol till they fix this. Miss my friends on NA :(
Hawkzile (NA)
: So I just started playing again...definitely hate it more.
i know the feels i have same issues and i play from Italy, before this change of today i could play decent with 180. ( it wasn't bad still playable) but now...its says i have a 140 ping but it laggs like its 600 or more. i cant move half time and when i can its a 5 sec delay lol its terrible. i try against AI bots in custom and it had no laggs or delays but once against people i couldn't play at all. had to sit under towers to survive. Hope they fix this for some of us to be able to play again or they gonna lose a lot of people they once had.
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Tendrian (EUW)
: Yet another take on Fiora that's better than Riot's
the art it self is really good but the face looks nothing like fiora. Her face reminds me of them bible statues my grandmother has with pale skin and thin red lips.
: In regards to this hole Fiora scene - Here's the Solution
He still has the holy nipple on in game model. its on same side as his claw arm, but on his new splash the claw arm covers his glorious nipple lol. http://i.imgur.com/5RVaBra.png
: Imagine you bought a shirt. It looks sick, flatters your figure, and expresses your own tastes and personality. Then one day the shirt is transformed (I know it's not possible but bear with me). You might have been warned about the change, but you can't stop it or contribute input. The folks changing it have a different opinion on how the shirt should look and fit versus how it did, and suddenly it doesn't fit well, doesn't flatter your figure, and isn't an accurate reflection of your tastes and personality. You don't like it anymore! It's not the same product you spent money on! Are skins the same as shirts? Hell no. I think they're a pretty silly thing to spend real money on, though I own a few myself (skins, not shirts). But they're both products folks pay for.
shirt u own so anything happens to it is on u after buying it, Skins and champs stay with the official client. so they are somewhat responsible for what happened to what ever u payed for from in past. if they drastically changing it years later, and people not happy should get their money back if they request it. period. Or lose players over time for being ripped off.
: Recreating fiora models
They change the models, look bit better then what they had. Still waiting to see redos of the other in game models of Fiora{{champion:432}}
DHNinja (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesla Effect,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=V1jaT4aq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-25T09:55:32.275+0000) > > How dare you use the House Laurent crest I made for that bad excuse of a model fix?! If you made it I apologize. It was late and I thought it was from an official source D:
he didn't.. he just trolling everyone that posted the likes of old fiora. He likes the fiora Riot made with hair parted in middle and he has been posting troll posts to everyone who likes old fiora model better.
: I'm pretty sure you gave them money. Why should they give it back? Because you aren't happy? Boo hoo man qq more
think of it like this, You go with an internet company you seen and liked. You try it and get it and first year it was perfect then some one out buys that company and changes everything. then ur internet is now shitty. People contact support and bitch and do same thing because its not what they payed for in first place. then go take their money else where to another internet company. Similar thing for fiora.
: The real problem with the art team
Problem is they created a whole new female champ and said this is fiora. They did not do that to others. This is why its huge impact. I don't even play fiora and im disappointed. Then i think about all them people who invested for a skin (royal guard, nightraven) and getting at the time champs they saw and liked and payed for, then later on being transformed into something they don't like. They should get refund if that's the case. They want to drastically change a champion into this new stranger, then people should have a chance if they want the skins refunded. Be fair for all.
: Why does IronStylus hate women?
Apparently he likes '' Burly looking women'' Hench the leona he made Sejuani and some other amazon looking females in game. Now fiora. He has stated in interviews that he was always attracted to them type women and would draw them a lot in his sketch book when he was young. http://i.imgur.com/QHNb6dO.jpg
: i did this in 10 minutes http://imgur.com/IXG1FEv
Riot should just do this, so easy and simple as that.
Dechta (NA)
: Because I'm pretty sure this is just painting over a picture of the model. Not saying that they shouldn't try to fix her hair, but making new hair for a new model for all her skins probably takes a bit longer than just editing a picture of it. Unless this was a 3D sculpt, and they plugged it onto her model.
yea i don't know how long it takes or how it works with making in game model making. I think you need school for learning that stuff. but idk
: If Riot Wants To Make Fiora More French
would defiantly buy this skin that hat and stash covers that hideous stranger face they call ''fiora.'' that bread stick haha now this would be a good skin.
: Recreating fiora models
++++ 10000 {{champion:114}} likes
: Once again the new Irelia splash has been hinted at by Riot (WITH NEW IMAGE/Comparison)
We don't have to worry about a drastic change to her like the disaster they did to fiora. Irelia looks like herself and more realistic from that picture, sigh of relieve for that phew.. +fingers cross+ it don't get worse.
: IronStylus Says: Deal With It. - I Say: Give us our money back or never get any more from us.
What i don't understand is they have a problem switching the bangs on fiora because then the splash wont look like the models in game.... but why would you even change it when all her skins (royal guard, mistress, nightravin) have the hair over one eye.. so does that mean they are gonna change the splashes to them since it don't look like the model anymore? IT makes no sense. easy as done just fix the models like the splash or close to them. I see so many fans of the game easily re edit the art and made it 100x better. and they are doing it for FREE and so many at one time. They don't work for riot
: creativity is hard. So if one person decides to cut their hair short, someone else isn't allowed to have short hair too? wot is this world coming to...
Who wants the ''kate gosselin hair'' lol seriously {{item:1055}} {{item:1075}} {{summoner:11}} burn that hair style in fire {{champion:63}}
: I see it lol all you do is add Leblanc crown and change of makeup.
WOOOOOOOOOOOW {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}} riot needs to see this.. looks like they just used an old splash for LB an reused it for fiora xD
: Every league female should be a bombshell because...?
well i never had much of an issue with Katas it still looks like kata but not as good as her original splash. ... But the one they say is fiora looks nothing like fiora. It looks more like LB. That's why its a big deal. each champ has thier signature look. Tristana, ahri, kata, janna... you can obviously tell who they are. that new splash that's for fiora looks like LB trying to dress up to be like fiora for Halloween. No reason to have to change a champ that much. {{champion:7}}
: This is how Fiora should look.
Best redo of her body i seen so far. that leg bother me so much and you turned it in way it should look ;o
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: Is that the only screenshot people have of new Fiora? I don't think I've seen any others, and i'd like a better idea of the model as a whole rather than *this* http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/125/735/18868732.jpg that one frame where Sooper Dood looked like Jabba the Hutt.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_J5EKjjZ5E Skin spotlight of it
: Riot, why does Fiora look like Taric now? Are they twins now?
every time i see royal guard new visual i instantly think of Prince xD
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: http://i.imgur.com/av7mqs6.png Just imagine Taric has a red lipstick.
: Just for fun recreating Fiora splash
I take this over the other any day. The main splash rito has.. makes her look like leblanc with the dark hair that's parted in middle. {{item:1042}}
: It's not about the amount of people queuing, it's about mmr being different in normal and ranked. Diamond players might have normal mmr of 1200, where as ranked mmr would be around 2k. For example, I don't play ranked that often and my ranked mmr (according to op.gg) is around 1.5k, but normal mmr is around 2k so I get matched with completely different levels of skill in normals and rankeds. In teambuilder, the system lowers your mmr when playing a new champion which is stupid. Playing new champion shouldn't match you with players that are notably worse than you, because champion mechanics are only small part of the skill involved in playing this game.
But according to http://op.gg i have none. tells me to do more rank games and my friends have non either, they are unranked. however on enemy team its was 1 silver one unrank and a plat this happen. I thought same about mmr but i think their is more to it how they que you, Happen to many people already being match in normals against really high elo lol and its a RIP game. Just hope what ever it was or if its some issue that slips threw. idk but would be nice if it was fixed lol thanks for the reply! :)
Shloonz (EUW)
: Matchmaking unfair/no fun/bugged Gold vs Bronze matchups ( 16/49 )
lol i feel u. but i think it happens in a lot of normals even in aram. Was few times i did twisted treeline and we are against a diamond/plat player they totally 1 verse 3 us lol easy. I think that happens a lot when not many people are queuing up in that period. So rather then waiting and waiting and waiting in que they just match u up with people that are their. That's what i think is one reason this happens. {{champion:17}}
: Fiora... just.... no....
Wow that looks great better then original. i feel the hair parted in middle with dark looks give the original splash that Leblanc look. But this looks more like fiora great job! i also tried to fiddle with the splash but urs looks better then mine!
cluvie (NA)
: Accounts that have been suspended will receive an email informing them of the suspension as well as the punishments that have been placed on the account.
k thanks for fast reply! {{summoner:31}}
Rhojin (NA)
: MMR Boosting Punishments for the 2015 Season
I don't know if this was asked. But how will these ban people know they got ban? this action will take into effect for ban hammer this week and following weeks to come? and will you get an email letting people know they was ban fr this? thanks!


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