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: 1. why does he need to go to scouting grounds and 2. If he was not "politically correct", he should have been banned. Its the world we live in, their are rules and if you cannot realize dumb rap music which is toxic promoting bad things is NOT the norm in speech and behavior (or should not be) you should pay the consequences.
ad 1): He worked really hard for it. Also, as a regular viewer of his channel, I was very excited to follow him along into the Scouting Grounds. ad 2): Forget the rap thing. I didn't want to make any point on PC or the N-word or whatever. All I want to say is: The ban is not justified, he is not toxic, he should go to SG.
: "It's in every rap song." isn't a valid argument. As for the rest of the post, don't really have anything to say without it being confirmed.
Yes, you are right. I meant it more along the lines that im sure 90% of non-black people have sung along rap lyrics and have said this word in private. I don't have proof, but im a 100% positive that Riot's Phreak is one of them. With pants, it just felt like it slipped out like it would if you sing along a song. And sadly, it seem confirmed {{item:3070}}
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