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: Got perma banned for scripting???
update: made a new account, still run the game with the same softwares (discord and team in background). Contacted the support again to ask why this new account was not banned and the support closed my ticket so I can't even answer to it anymore. I have no clue what else I can do
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: > [{quoted}](name=El Pitufo,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9ddMRpHH,comment-id=0004000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-04T13:34:44.824+0000) > > nope, just had one macro for cookie clicker (left click fast)on one of my razer profiles but i'm not connected anymore on razer so.. Unapproved third-party clients that interfere with the game also count as "scripting". You were probably banned because of it. EDIT: didn't read the last part of your answer lol, there's a video from way back that proves the League client actively searches your computer for anything labeled "anticheat"; maybe the same is for your razer profile macros.
If that's it it sucks and they ban for suspicion instead of banning for actively cheating, which is more than stupid. Why bother buying razer product if you cant use macros on WoW or GW2 or Cookie Clicker? Thank you for your input
: It might have been the clicker program. I think I remember reading warnings a few years ago about autoclickers for idle games could trigger LoL's anticheat system.
yeah i'll ask them that, but since it's a macro i never used during a game (it's on a dedicated razer profile) that would imply that you are not allowed to have a macro on your computer at all? and that riot scans all your computer for macros like this, which is weird. I understand banning third parties program while playing but banning a player for having a cookie clicker macro on a different razer profile, never used in game, is sick.
: you need to ask support more questions, maybe they can answer some even if they cant tell you exactly what they think or know happenned when did the cheating take place? maybe u can check if it happenned on another computer/IP then yours when did they find out about it? if you been scriptiing(in theory) for a few years and they only punish you now like wtf how many times did the ''scriptiing'' take place if it was only one time it might be a false positive or it hapenned but you can show them you have good control over your account and are making sure it wont happen again without asking what proof they have it hapenned ask them how they can be sure it happenned and it's not a false positive... a few people got banned after playing a RGM a while back and it was system error they all got their account back idk about these things and what could be relevant questions to find out what hapenned without them explaining it in details but any info they can give you might help think about everything you can tell them or prove to them so they realise it's not you or your style to do this and their punishment is unfair cause if really in 9 years it hapenned only once(a badluck) and they ban you for it it's ridiculous
here is what they answered : "Nous ne révélerons pas les détails des abus constatés sur un compte, car divulguer cette information pourrait compromettre de futures enquêtes. N'hésite pas à me recontacter si tu as d'autres questions ou requête." it means that they can't tell me when or what because it would compromise their system to ban people For example if they tell you you got ban because you have a file called "i am a scripter" you could delete it or rename it and continue scripting. The system is logical, but it is also a bit like a dictator, because in my case, even if no one believes me, i did nothing. It's like a dictator saying "you are punished but i dont tell you why". I dont even think it happened once in 9 years, i rarely play those times, was just back in the game and only on my computer so i dont understand. I sent plenty of messages, even contacted me on twitter, they answered quite shortly each time by saying "no doubt, you are banned, you'll stay banned, we can't tell you why" (more or less, and in french). I asked them plenty of questions, gave my computer specs, gave information on what i use as an antivirus or what software i use during games (discord) they won't answer me
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: Ask support which anti virus and anti malware they recommend. If there's anything hidden, those would sweep it and find it. That on the side, if you used your mouse and programmed a macro to increase your click speed or use perfectly timed combos, those are counted as scripting as well.
nope, just had one macro for cookie clicker (left click fast)on one of my razer profiles but i'm not connected anymore on razer so..
El Pitufo (EUW)
: Got perma banned for scripting???
I will update on this topic if the matter is resolved and give specifics, to help the next one this could happen to :)
: It might be worth making a new account to see if you get popped again. If you do, you probably have something on your system. If not, you might contact support again and mention you’ve been using a new account for X amount of time and haven’t had any issues, and they -might- look into the issue further.
That is actually a good idea, I'll try to do that. But that feel like surrender my 9 years old account for a new one for a crime i did not commit and it is a bit frustrating. But there is nothing much I can do, so well, I'll do it this way.
: Did you ever give your account to a friend or family member?
Support already asked me this but nope. I played on all 4 of my computers over 9 years, and recently on 2 of them (my razer blade and my alienware aurora), I also have a very strong password and did not find any evidence i was hacked, neither did the support, si I know for a fact that it is not because some russian guy hacked my computer. The thing they claim they found would be on my computer but I searched everywhere and can't find anything. So if i create a new account, i dont even know if they will have a false positive again or not, i'm a bit stuck.
: You reap what you sow.
i'm going to end up crazy trying to convince everyone i'm innocent when clearly no one will ever believe me.
: Rip that's why you never cheat bruh
yep, i never cheat. Posting here was a bad idea, no one will believe me, as I would have not believed anyone posting this. I feel like Cassandra from Greek Mythology.
: Let me tell you. You did script. Because you got banned for it.
Wish people who write things like this have this happen to them one day, losing their account for nothing. It might help them see the world with different eyes.
RallerenP (EUW)
: > Any help would be appreciated, please refrain from saying "If they say you script, you script", and watch some of my games before. Well, it's tough to help you. No one here is going to sit through all your games and analyze to guess whether or not you scripted. Not to mention we can only see games from the latest patch anyways.. And even if we *could* see all your games, our word means nothing. No one at Riot is going to go through all your games, and they have no reason to believe what any of us say. It's a sad truth, but there really isn't anything we can do for you. I understand it's sad and sympathize with you if you truly didn't script, but even then there's nothing I can do.
I guess you're right, it's frustrating and so unexpected, i don't know what to do, support would not listen to me so I put a message here, but maybe it's pointless....
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