: It's so horribly designed it thresholds not even on %HP, but FLAT HP, which also for some reason scales on 3 separate stats; level, bonus AD, and lethality, so it means that it scales into late and gets stronger when Pyke stacks typical AD assassin items. Good luck being executed at half HP. Better yet, it ignores shield. If your HP checks the threshold test. Kiss goodbye and no amount of shield will save you because reasons. And it resets! The show never ends! What's next? And it duplicates kill gold, too! So Pyke can't even run into the gold-sink problem that high kill threat champs are fundamentally balanced by, where they can sit on too much gold they don't even use leading to a starved and lost team, since he basically just duplicates kill gold for his team. Isn't that just lovely... ... And absolutely appalling?
Yup, he has dashes, damage, cc, healing, invisibility and an execute. Meanwhile...champions like mundo heal and slow... My point being new releases make the old champions so obsolete they seem to belong on another game. The meta changes but all champions should feel engaging and new releases shouldn't be so packed with tools
usul1202 (NA)
: i wish Nintendo weren't so sue happy, piranha plant zyra would be a great skin!
They got away with the ~~sailor moon~~ magical girl skin line. I think if they do just a tiny nod and not a full on reference they can get away with it.
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
Battle Boss Zyra with her plants being a reference to the super mario ones, that would be G O A L S
: Same, although it isn't quite as bad for me as some people report. Frozen screen for several seconds, no rendering of the carousel, other players, or even the barrier that's supposed to stop you from getting inside. Leads to an attempting to reconnect and I'm usually late to choose a champ. Happens every time. The only reason I know that it's not intentional behavior is that I've watched some streamers. Experiencing this on 2560x1440, so I'm not sure it's tied to resolution.
Then maybe it's some incompatibility with the game and specs
: Same issue man every game I just get stuck with what it gives me
Same, usually it gives you a tier 2 unit, but you don't get to pick the item :c
: Please link me a youtube video of Volibear w/out Glacial carrying. And no, Lissandra is not "essential" to all elementalist builds. She's literally a token unit, that's it. She's not useful. You even said it yourself, you replace her with Anivia later because Anivia is actually useful and doesn't have absolute garbage tier scaling. That's like saying Fiora is essential to all Noble and Blademaster builds. In some of these they eventually stack 2 glacials but that was not their focus Anivia it's a tier 5, it should be better than liss...what I mean by essential is that without her you do not have the golem and I have seen so many builds with a powerful liss in the mid game.
: Nononono. Don't nerf Glacial champs, nerf Glacial synergy (rework it actually). The champs themselves are fine and some are even arguably grossly underpowered {{champion:127}} {{champion:106}} (Voli w/out Glacial is ass). They need to rework how Glacial works (not just nerf it) then make Lissandra and Volibear viable outside Glacial comps.
Lissandra is valuable and often essential to ALL elementalists builds until you get anivia. Voli gains health if he has an extra brawler buddy (often Warwick or Cho) and if itemized he is a viable tank hyper carry (there are youtube videos...)
Ratpie (NA)
: They need to just reduce how often it procs and effect sizes for SOME glacial champs: 1. Reduce overall proc capabilities for Ashe (don't let hurricane proc or reduce its chances) 2. Reduce the size of Sej ult AOE. Almost a whole map freeze that lasts way too long. 3. Fix whatever bug it is when a champ gets frozen for over 5 seconds from 1 shot. I have had it multiple times. If it is intentional, then it is absolute nuts.
Hurricane shots do NOT make procs happen. Sej has a fat mana bar, zephyr counters her, demons counter her, killing her quickly counters her. You have been frozen for a long time probably due to the way Ashe's ult works, the longer the distance traveled, the longer the stun.
: ***
It doesn't fully solve the issue, because if you Alt+Tab and Windows gives you that preview of all your windows it still can bug the game.
Rioter Comments
Bananiel (EUNE)
: My Sejuani stopped existing.
It's not specific to sejuani, when a champion is the last man standing in a match, very seldom, it just disappears of your board on the next match (along with his items) If you move your champs around and in and out of the bench it usually solves the issue. It happened only twice to me so it is not a frequent bug, in my experience.
Ztoka (NA)
: Alt Tabbing Causes Game to Black Screen
I echo this issue, I believe it's specific for low spec machines OR it has something to do with resolution. Out of curiosity, can I ask your specs (processor and graphics) and your screen resolution? The sound keeps coming and you can see the mouse but your screen is black after you alt+tab, correct?
MrGloom (EUW)
: Login Status: Authenticating
And notice how the service status doesn't reflect the state of the game The amount of unprofessionalism, far too much...
: After your comment about hosting North Africa, I looked up and it`s because we are too "small" of a player base, so there will be long queues and stuff like that, some article in 2016 btw why did you mention North Africa / (Africa)
> [{quoted}](name=FudgeYouRito,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5Eurb2Jl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:24:44.669+0000) > > After your comment about hosting North Africa, I looked up and it`s because we are too "small" of a player base, so there will be long queues and stuff like that, some article in 2016 > btw why did you mention North Africa / (Africa) Because I have contact with many players from that general region that have to play on EUW
: > [{quoted}](name=Eldeazar,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FX1E7n8V,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:19:25.887+0000) > > This is even worst because Riot is selling compensation for games you play in the form of passes. So if you are someone who bought the pass and allocated free time to play today, you actually **LOOSING MONEY YOU INVESTED** You a clown...{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
> [{quoted}](name=LightYerSen,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FX1E7n8V,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:25:33.986+0000) > > You a clown...{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{champion:35}}
: Glad to see Riot are incapable of getting decent servers still.
: Waiting qeue for euw
This is even worst because Riot is selling compensation for games you play in the form of passes. So if you are someone who bought the pass and allocated free time to play today, you actually **LOOSING MONEY YOU INVESTED**
: > [{quoted}](name=Eldeazar,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G0v4fb2i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:01:42.468+0000) > > If it's the first time this happened to you, you have not been playing often XD > Try dinner time in the weekends whenever there is a new release or something exciting going on in LoL ;) if there is something EUW always delivers is the crash Whoa, have the servers been busy other than recently? I mean, I have played a lot of normals. Little over 8000 normal games, if I remember correctly.
> [{quoted}](name=Chimpanzzi,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G0v4fb2i,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:14:08.185+0000) > > Whoa, have the servers been busy other than recently? I mean, I have played a lot of normals. Little over 8000 normal games, if I remember correctly. In the wake of popular events this tends to happen. I can remember Odyssey crashing, Snowdown crashed for a BIG would think whenever a problem is consistent they would fix it but...
Eldeazar (EUW)
: EU>NA...but not on server quality
So yeah, it's a server for two continents, no wonder it crashes. It's beyond me how LoL has 10 years and Africa is still without their own server
: Waiting qeue for euw
I have a great image for this: Imagine you have a toaster with slots for two slices of bread and you cram 200 slices there...BOOM The server is the toaster, you are one of the 20000 slices
ffbqfg (EUW)
: "in game"
You wait and you pray.
EyezOnYa (EUW)
: Unusual long queue times
You will keep on waiting because the server is down and they don't even update the server status...c'mon XD
: Letter to League of Legends
If it's the first time this happened to you, you have not been playing often XD Try dinner time in the weekends whenever there is a new release or something exciting going on in LoL ;) if there is something EUW always delivers is the crash
: Server blown up?
BOOM! Mr. Longbottom BOOM!!!
: Vergüenza EUW
Roughly translates to: Shame EUW It's a fucking shame that you're from the EUW server, the most important server of LoL (questionable, gurl...). Regrettable that you have to put us through this and only take care of NA and OCE (OCE has some issues as well) Meanwhile I am going to...have some "me time".... But at least I am only a shame to my parents unlike Riot
OMG, a Login Pass so you can play on EUW over the weekends whenever they do a new release....too real
Rioter Comments
: yep, but it's way too easy to run grievous wounds now. Mundo typically likes mobile champs because they don't rush defenses now there are at least 3 sources of grievous wounds, two of which do not even require a full item he's strong even with grievous, but not as strong as still being able to reasonably duel him and having better team-fight presence while having crowd control, self healing, AOE...the works of overloaded in a kit
Oh my point wasn't in terms of strength of the champion, no. My point was in the kit and in the mechanics, they just don't seem to belong to a game with the same gameplay. Compare the new releases with Mundo, Jax or Pantheon...they feel like comparing old Taric to new Taric. Not in terms of strength, in terms of sophistication and appeal
Reksee (NA)
: Opinion: More Mobility does not make the game fun
I tend to agree and it makes old champions obsolete and dull compared to the new releases. I mean... Do {{champion:36}} and {{champion:39}} seem to belong in the same game?
: How is Lux escaping nerfs next patch when she's near 100% pick/ban in GM+ games...
I agree that there is a problem but it's not **on lux**, it's on the way guardian and aftershock **the rune** is the problem, not so much the champion. This it's on the *poor* (and I am being nice) design of runes and items. Lux is still an immobile tower mage in mid, don't fuck with her shield and teamplay value or the champion is gone from SoloQ...
Nea104 (EUW)
: Aram: suspiciously NOT random.
In my observations, for a specific time frame, let's say for 3 hours, the pool of champions that are given are not completely random. There is a group (that does not match the free champions) that you will see more often. And that group changes. But going into an ARAM, there is always some Champions that are favoured to appear.
: Kai sa ARAM
Yes. Kai Sa AP with Dark Harvest is a low effort impactful gameplay in ARAM because her "poke" is way too strong. Far stronger than things like xerath or lux
rujitra (NA)
: Yet, such a system, while slightly slower, is more fair and prevented the negativity that comes from players calling for reports all game.
Our definitions of slightly are *slightly* different. It's much slower and if the supposed benefit is preventing calls for is not happening. People still call for reports
rujitra (NA)
: Any report flags the game for review. More reports simply flag the game for review. That's why more don't make a difference. Imagine if you had to grade a student's essay. You assign it a B because you read it through and that's what it deserved. Grading it again and again isn't going to change the fact that it's a B essay. Even if all that student's friends come and ask you to take another look, it doesn't suddenly become an A essay. Thus, one report is the same as 9 - in both instances the game is reviewed.
But it seems unproductive to not give a **priority** to review the cases of players who get reports often or who got reports by everyone in said game. If you review with the same priority players who got a single report, that seems like a slow, frustrating and unproductive way to deal with reports if you ask me... The chances of a x9 being a serious case are much bigger
rujitra (NA)
: That is not how the system works. The system does not care about number of reports, nor how many games someone is reported in.
So I hear the number of reports doesn't matter nor how many games someone is reported in, that everything is caught by an automated system. So how **do our reports matter**?? Why giving us the option if it does absolutely nothing then?
: This game isn't enjoyable anymore. And it's the community's fault.
Agreed. I believe honor is a good *reward* system but I don't think the player reform system is working as well as Riot sometimes says it is. LeaverBuster is great but what about inting, griefing in one way or another, giving up the game...we have reports for these but I feel reports do nothing most of the time...
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
I upvoted for the use of utterly clueless {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: [SUGGESTION] Weighted Boots
I like and subscribe to this idea {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: It turns out Millennials have more health problems than their previous generation
It's not surprising. And I believe the same will be true for the generation after that. We learn more and science advances at an exponential pace and our existence becomes longer but also more complex. Younger generations should respect experience, older generations should respect **the struggle**
: Yasuo is Unhealthy for the Game
He has too many tools for soloq...against an organized team ofc he gets crushed but the excuse I see for these champions to exist is always; they are high risk hish reward, well playing against them is also "high risk and high reward", against a good yasuo you do a mistake, you're dead.
: oh... so they actually CAN design armor for females that still allows for some accentuation of the bust hips...but for some reason they aren't using that on their champions? {{champion:10}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:99}} I really like riots design most of the time, but some more consistency for some of the more awesome designs would be nice
Remember the way you draw in 3D differs from a 2D drawing. *see every splash art and 3D model in this game* The way they need to apply joints to allow movement and exaggerate some features may also be attributed to the fact that you enjoy the 3D model from far away. I do agree that gaming often sexualizes females and I don't want it to stop, I want males to receive the same treatment. Gimme dem sexy bois {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: When mods get their mod card
OMG the layers in that narrative. Dude, well done. Comedy gold
: @Any Rioter,When it comes to game balance/visuals/lore...Does Riot care about all champs equally?
Lore: Yes. And they have proven it with the *tons of content* they have been releasing. You can head to Story and Art and if you voice your complains nicely you might get in touch with the writers themselves, happens really often, especially during releases. Gameplay: No. Champs that are played in pro play and in high elo get more attention, you are right. As far as balance goes the nerf hammer swings very swiftly for competitive play and very slowly for soloq and casual players. Visuals: Yes! For real? They have a public calendar for VGU's and you can argue time has been harsher for some champs than others but all champions are steadily being worked on
: Thanks Bro. From a legal point of view, I know everything, 3 years ago when I decided to create League of Legends videos on an ongoing basis, I thoroughly studied the rules and agreement. There is no point in writing in the Support League of Legends. game issues are solved there, but I have no game question, and the likelihood that some of the developers will read this topic on the forum and try to help me much higher. Regarding the Lawyer. I live in Russia and here is not so simple with the laws and legal support, and the official office of Russian YouTube can do nothing, it employs about 10 people who answer common questions, and any complicated ones are processed only by mail prepared answers, I contacted them.
Try to contact Riot offices in Moscow via mail or phone. Try to get people to give you their contacts. This is your money, your business. Keep your chin up and fight it. Content creators and YouTube are under enormous pressure these days and it's very unfair, given you advertise their content to an audience. You, and other creators, fuel the game, add to the buzz. You deserve to be treated BETTER. My hope is that you will find support if you keep on digging. Best of luck
: RIOT Game Plz HELP!
Your English was perfect. Even the singular in Riot GAME. They only really have one ;) I really hope your issue gets resolved. If you know anyone educated in Law give them a quick call for advice or seek a professional. Review the rules to build your case. **Don't panic, don't get emotional, don't get depressed** everything will be fine. Use every channel available to you; Support tickets ( , try to get the contact of their offices in Moscow, YouTube support systems for content creators, anything and everything you can.
Eedat (NA)
: Why on earth would you wait until a post had several hundred upvotes to delete it?
I understand what you mean, it seems to counter discussion. However keep in mind that the moderators are a *small* team of *volunteers*... They are not an army and this is not their paid job...
XcomegaX (NA)
I believe we got some rioters on our side in the ARAM bans. The case against it is supported by a minimal decrease in the percent of some champs being played. When we get to 200 champs maybe that claim turns even more insignificant {{sticker:sg-lulu}} There is only 10 bans in an universe of 140+ champs and VERY often the bans repeat themselves so I don't see the issue here XD It's just a treat for the player to feel more in control...there is no real impactful downside
: Damage and Cooldowns are the only balance levers
Your point is valid and I don't disagree with the thrust of the argument but the initial premise is wrong; items, gold earning, resource pool and a great number of other things are also balance levers...
Yara0 (NA)
: So if Lux is globally played more support then mid. Why does she still not have a support item page?
Because Rito is a bit lazy with their recommended pages, tooltips and...dead recap. Dead recap is a meme.
: Men only want one thing
I opened this with the intention to post: Think again, some men fight for booty {{champion:44}} I will leave with a HELL YEAH {{champion:44}}
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