: PSA: Just because someone is _____ Rank doesn't mean they're ____ Rank at every role.
"The unseen rank is the deadliest.." said by a diamond1 smurf who plays normal games on an unranked account.
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jurrrr (NA)
: They said beta client for a reason... Its not the final product lol...
Have you read what I wrote? I already mentioned that as long as they fix problems, its okay. Because its " beta client". But.., However, they shouldn't force me to play from Alpha client. Few days ago I could normally log in from the legacy client but now it doesnt matter where you open your game, you always play from alpha client unless you want to choose legacy client in log in screen, as I mentioned before, I didn't know we could change the client there because I normally opened Legacy client from my desktop and lost a game because of it. I lost nearly 100fps which is actually huge for a bug, I was telling myself " WTF IS WRONG WITH MY PC" then I thought it might be because of the new client, I relogged in legacy one and problem is solver.
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: Rito Pls
Tukibatice (EUNE)
: Ryze R and zhonya
this isn't bug. Its his mechanic.
: So TLD and full AP builds? I'm guessing you don't really dive into fights like you normally would? Just sit at the edge of teamfights and spam spells? Sounds interesting but what makes Vlad fun (IMO) is the way you throw yourself into the enemy team, tank damage and get off huge heals. Why don't you build Rylai's on him? It's still a 100AP item which provides health for your passive (more AP).
I just position well and kinda play like a suicide mage. E has 1 ap ratio at ap build, EmpQ deals 850dmg and max charge E deals 1.1k dmg. If you ulti Q E combo enemy adc dies maybe even apc sometimes. This is my playstyle since 2012 rito just gave vlad that chance back :3. thb the best build is probably, Lucidity-Rylai's-protobelt-Zhonya's-Visage-Rabadon but after nerfs I guess it will be : Lucidity- Zhonya's-Abyssal-Visage-Rabadon-Void staff
: How do you Vlad in pre-season?
Hitori de ronin , euw. Season 3-4-5 vlad otpDiamond 2-3 main here, ended up with %70 win rate at season4 end. With the last huge buffs, no more building rylai's or belt on him. Just go pure ap maybe not even visage. Calculation says Abyssal is better than visage unless you want some tankiness for laning phase. Pro's dont use SotA anymore, they do but vlad players actually don't like SotA. As you could see, h2k mid laner played all the games with stormriders. I guess thunderlords is better now since you build vlad ap( YOU HAVE TO).
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: > [{quoted}](name=PC Trash Go Away,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=iKvEhNTB,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-10-17T20:34:54.115+0000) > > And Nasus' late game is like > > http://i.imgur.com/d6zi1xl.jpg nasus late game is trash tho its just a myth
when you have +600stacks with Trinity force, you can 2 or 3 shot turrets as nasus. I remember once when I had full build and I took inhi tower,inhibitor and 1 nexus tover during 2-3 enemy were recalling.
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Serevas (NA)
: Free tank stats from stacking E, His auto attacks at close range deal typically more than 100% of your AD, his base damages, and his AD ratios are both high. So he's a bruiser that becomes a high damaging tank the longer he fights. If you think about it his max rank E at 4 stacks gives you 120 Armor and MR for free. Death's dance and PD then make him take reduced damage beyond his already acquired tankiness. DD then heals him for 15% of physical damage dealt, of which it's a lot as we discussed between his base damages and ratios. So it's a continuous cycle of you take very little damage and heal from your damage dealt, which is a lot. You end up building something like {{item:1412}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3111}}/{{item:3047}} {{item:3156}}/{{item:3742}}/{{item:3036}} and you deal a shithouse full of damage, while having massive resistances, and out healing a lot of damage you do take, then you have another life on top of it just in case you do manage to get killed off somehow.
this is literally broken. I just bought graves yesterday, I red his skillset and some guides to use him effectively, I have 400 win and 340 lose at normal games so I play against plat-dia players. Just played 2 games with graves today to train myself and first game is 16-2-14 and second, 12-3-10. Dude I literally can't die while dealing massive damage. I didn't know graves is that much strong. You know what, Im not actually crying about how tanky he is while dealing more dmg than fed adc, what makes me angry is how fast he can clear the jungle with literally full hp after the lifesteal part of jungle item. Perma kite... He literally has 0 weaknesses as far as I see.
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Eggbread (NA)
: It's not as bad as before now that Titanic Hydra exists, but dang is it sometimes painfully true.
to deal the same dmg now you have to rush tiamat. Renekton had the same dmg before while rushing sunfire's.
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: Hexakill in summoner's rift?
Because you don't feel 6v6 in sm. A tryharder nonlifer kid will pick tryndamere or yi and finish the game from top lane. This isn't fun. 3v3 map forces people to do 6v6 which is actually and suprisingly fun.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Swain has the best laugh in the game.
: if an advantage of reddit is that it covers all regions, why don't you fuse the anglosaxon boards?
biggest reason why, because people abuse it. Do you really want a russian post has 250 russian comments? or one spanish guy say something bad really bad but doesn't get punished. I, myself play at euw and live in europe but I never hang out in euw boards.
Big Lez (NA)
: How does the punishment system actually work? Does it even work at all?
honestly that doesnt work at all unless at least 5-6 people report in a same game. I remember my friend who were toxic for like 6-7 months. One game including me 9 guys repoted him. And next game also 5-6 people repoted him, he got banned next day. so....
Mozhu (NA)
: I feel youmouus gives a little too much armor pen.. it gives 20.. that's a lot early game when everyone only has about 30 Armor...
this is the point. Youmuu's is a snowball item, usually its not good if you don't rush it. take 10 arpen then no need to build it anymore, people can rush draktharr or BC.
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: A tiamat based AD jungle item?
so you simply mean lee sin, udyr, olaf, xin, rengar will dominate the jungle? nope.
WabbaWay (EUW)
: Came to parrot OPs comment, definitely didn't get any IP those last 3 games, and it's probably been bugged for longer. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2883615394/22160256?tab=overview http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2883620569/22160256?tab=overview http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2883556606/22160256?tab=overview
Yeah they are working on it, I hope they will give us "unseen"ip's we got. Because I have 4.700 now and I should have nearly 6k.
: @Riot Can we talk about the Blood Lord Vladimir skin ?
still marqi vlad is the best vlad. With new splash art even 2592592x better. on the other hand, Bloodlord doesnt feel the same anymore. Not sure if they removed the sound but naaah it doesnt feel the same. RITO PLS ALSO REVERT KING TRYNDAMERE SPLASH ART. T X
: Can you give me a link to the last game you played without receiving IP?
http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/209893214 i didnt get any ip about last 5-6 games. At the end, I see how much IP I earned but that doesnt add on my account.
MagÊ (EUW)
: OKAY, Can you FINALLY bring back Zephyr?
beucause that item increased udyrs win rate to %61 at diamond elo. İtem iteself had %79 win rate on udyr. Zephyr was waaaay too op on udyr than anybody else. You can rush it, you can build it in the middle, you could get it if you are behind/even/fed. So op. Then irelia and jax. I guess these 3 forced riot to remove it.
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: What does FOTM stand for? I'm asking for a friend...
Talisid (NA)
: Why would you take it as a utility item if you nerf the slow effect on it? Nerfing the AP and giving it more HP is probably a good idea but if you also nerf the slow it will just become irrelevant.
but then nobody will build rylai's except vladimir,mordekaiser maybe. Mages actually get it right now because it gives huge ap, huge hp and perma slow chance. They have to lose some damage to get CC but they get both in a decent level. This is the problem.
: Let's be honest, nobody wants Mages to build Rylais 24/7
they want to convert it to a first buy item. Mages will make a decision, either they rush morello or ryla'is. I believe like new rylai's will be : 300 mana- 80ap and thats all. No more hp. So it will basically be an utility ap item rather than tanky-utility. if they decrease the ap but increase the hp, then rylai's will be useless. Nobody will build it anymore except mordekaiser,vladimir. riot balance team is on the tiny line right now. Huge changes on Rylai's will create new issues. Give it mana then you have to buff mordevlad etc. Because that champs can not be played without rylai's. Give it some mana and cdr, then sol,syndra,zyra will be even stronger. So.. I really don't know what they gonna do. They can leave it like now but fix the slow issues maybe. Giving 1.5 or 2 seconds cd might actually solve the problem.
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: If you are going to go for magic pen on tanks why not also pick up {{item:3075}} ?
thormail is only strong on mega tanks. Tanks that you really shouldn't build any damage item. Like, Shen, Alistar, braum, Mundo etc. Because you need to have huge armor to make it work fine. And you have to have some hp to deal more damage to attacker. Basically thormail is useless on every champ who is building some damage items. Either go full tank and get thormail or never get it at all.
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Dealth (NA)
: Warwick Rework Fan Concept!
I hope you already read his lore. He isnt a wolf or werewolf. He was a normal human once. So him walking around with other wolves make actually no sense bro.
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