: Nowi is absolutely fucking disgusting, and I am absolutely appalled that her blatantly sexualized design was signed off on.
Riot aren't sexualising Zoe at all in her skin, since she has the body of a 12 year old, she wears the swimming costume of a 12 year old, the fans are the one sexualising it, not Riot. If you were to see a 12 year old girl at a beach I'm sure you would not ask her parents to clothe her up when she's wearing totally regular children swimwear? Why should riot be afraid that they're going to be called out for sexualising children when it's the fans doing?
: 20 Minute Leaver Buster Timer Keeps Resetting
Yeah it's super irritating, happening to me too :/
Sirsir (NA)
: I got it too. Let it repair and so far so good. Item sets stayed the same, can't really tell a difference
How do you repair it?


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