: The warning is the rules. The fact that you don't think before typing isn't Riot's problem, nor the problem of the people you **choose** to flame. Control yourself.
I can very much understand your point. However Riot has stated that your Honor progress will be slowed if you're being toxic, but not enough a warrant a punishment. In my humble opinion, you should be told when this happens, along with a warning to keep it cool in future games if you wish to avoid punishment.
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Yenn (NA)
: I don't know what you're talking about, all of my normal matches are very high quality https://i.imgur.com/gyZ4Fly.jpg Like this one.
I know that feeling. I had to play against a Challenger jungler once. We lost, needless to say.
: I would like to play the devils advocate here... Just got out of a game where I fed 2 kills to my top lane, (I was akali against aatrox.. horrible match up for me) only to have the jungler then come feed 2 more kills right after when I wasn't in lane (he somehow failed to kill the low hp aatrox twice).. and STILL blame me for "not playing safe" and "forcing engangement" even though after those 4 kills he was literally tower diving me and forcing me off, and I got no help from the team for the rest of the game... ------------------- As a jungler you need to take account of YOUR mistakes as well.. This is something I see even heavy jungler mains NOT DO ever.. Hell I've never heard anyone even mention it before.. If you feed even a single kill into a lane as a jungler you should be ganking that lane until you make up for that death. If you fuck up a lane, a gank, or feed kills into that lane, its your responsibility to make up for that mistake... not like "oh well that sucks" then move onto a different lane expecting everything to be fine...
I can see that point of view. If your jungler feeds kills to your lane that you were already losing - that is most definitely his fault. A lot of matchups in top lane are straight up unwinnable. However, I must disagree with that last point. "You should be ganking that lane until you make up for that death." A lot of the times, ESPECIALLY on a champion such as Aatrox, he will be able to 1v2 us with that lead, especially since the jungle xp leaves junglers lagging behind in levels compared to solo laners. Personally, if such a thing happened to me, I would apologize, own to my misplays, and play around botlane, since any further ganks toplane would likely result in a double kill. Sometimes it is simply not possible to make up your mistakes.
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: biggest pet peeve in league. hey guy's i have work/ other obligations i have to go to in 10 minutes.
In my 3 ish years of playing the game, this has happened to me once. I often try and get in some ranked games early in the morning before I have to leave for school, been doing it basically since I started playing. Never had to quit prematurely, except last night we had a particularly drawn-out game in which it ended about 5 minutes before I had to leave. It's one of the most irritating, baffling things when somebody willingly queues up for a ranked game KNOWING that they only have 10-20 minutes to play, and then tells everyone "let's end fast I need to leave soon".
: Permanently Banned For Defending Myself
Well, you fed the flame. Just mute and report honestly. It's not worth typing. Go afk if they're trolling you that hard. I've done the same thing myself, alt f4ed when my jungler decided he didn't want to play and startedl shoving me into towers with Trundle pillar while spamming ctrl 3. It's literally not worth the time or energy to respond to those types of people,
floo (EUW)
: "KaYn NeEdS a WaLl" Yea cuz there are so few of them on the map.. The thing that makes Kayn so horrible to play against is him running at mach 8 through walls so you can't even see him ganking. Placing deep wards isn't much of a help if he either just chainganks or buys Duskblade/{{item:3364}} . Also the modt toxic thing about him are horrendous visuals while he's in a wall. His W indicator isnt even present if he casts it from inside a wall.
It's beyond easy to shut down kayn early. Plus there is an indicator shown at the wall he's in which isn't very difficult to miss if you're paying attention. It's what makes him good in tightly knit jungle fights. Ward his jungle, ward the river. If he's chain ganking, that means he's devoting a lot of time to your lane which should make it easy enough for your jungler to get objectives on the opposite side of the map.
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: blue kayn is an assassin, get rid of that movement speed and he cannot get onto anyone. irelia and yasuo are only mobile with enemy minions around. fuck kat and pyke though, i hate them and how safe they are.
His e also lasts for about 2 seconds while in combat. Just hit him and he won't be able to go anywhere without dying since he is so squishy. Kayn needs a wall for mobility, Irelia and Yasuo need minions. They should need resources for their mobility. That's part of the way you balance it. Akali, Kat, Pyke, are just bs.
: I.. already don't like facing Senna
Recently, I had a senna obliterate me while I was playing assassin Kayn. I was fed. She only had 5 kills. I hit her with a full combo and she still killed me before I could kill her. Isn't league of legends fun?
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Doynk (NA)
: "dumbass" "go sleep with your sister" "bastard" "no going afk" "stinky boi" "ur 4/11" No idea.
Punishable, yes. Punishable with a 14-day-ban on the first offence for only one game, not so much, IMO.
: Sorry, misunderstood you. What level is the account?
29 My comment kept getting bugged. no clue why
: What level is the account? Other than that, it may get perma'd because account sharing is against the rules too.
29. And I haven't used the account once. My friend sent me the chatlogs via a pastebin link on Discord.
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: Hello there, good luck on your journey to higher ranks. Kayn is my second main champ and has always been my next pick if master Yi is banned or unplayable against the enemy team comp. My favourite part of kayn has to be how powerful you become after you get a form early. The feeling of going from a cannon minion that can walk through walls into a Champion that can go through walls is insane. I prefer to play Shadow Assassin cause it's more enjoyable to me but i mostly play Rhaast because he's better lategame.
I agree. Shadow Assassin is so satisfying to play, but around 70% of my games are Rhaast because he simply scales and fits better into a team comp. Getting an early form at 10-15 minutes just makes you into a complete powerhouse, especially if you get Shadow Assassin super early.
: Thats not how the game works. Its simply your fault
How was it my fault? Pantheon not only beats me in a 1v1, but has much better ganks than I do. By the time he'd finished ganking mid, all of his top-side jungle camps were cleared. We still won the game thanks to the lead I'd given to my team.
: Aurelion Sol
: nah rhaast exists as his own thing if he beats kayn, whereas nunu and willump both do things Kayn simply uses Rhaast, Rhaast doesn't do much beyond that, be a weapon, if they did that it would defeat the idea of a struggle between two entities and confuse new people into thinking that Kayn and Rhaast have a symbiotic relationship similar to Nunu and WIllump which they don't.
Hmm, I see your point there.
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: I will begrudgingly agree to this. Kayn is a god at ganking with "stupid mobility through walls" as you say...but as far as ganks go, there are several champions that can gank by jumping over the same walls much more reliably than even Kayn's walking through them. There are relatively few that can just ignore all barriers in a jungle and casually drive by smite an enemy's buff whenever they want and get back out with no trouble. And I'd have to say, i wholeheartedly agree that if you're feeding your ass off, a jungler's presence alone is not going to save you. People who can't even be bothered to play *even the slightest bit* more defensively (quick plug: I'm calling out everyone here who tries to ff 15 because theyre 0/3 at 15 minutes) dont need a gank, they need to chill.
Kayn can make fantastic gank paths and avoid common ward spots, but he lacks both cc and damage to secure a kill; something that most junglers have at least one of. And if you miss w, you can forget about getting a kill altogether. That is why I usually full clear my jungle, back for blue smite, and look for a gank with chilling smite if any are available. Kayn in the early game especially is reliant on his laners to have good setup for a gank. As for the second part, that is completely true. You should not be complaining and blaming me if I am putting the enemy jungler behind in experience and gold by taking his camps, while also putting other lanes ahead. If anything, it's good that the enemy jungler is putting all his focus on you; because you are worth nothing at that point. People who go into games tilted, lose lane, and spam surrender votes after 15 minutes irritate me. If you weren't in the mood to play the game, don't play it. And don't get me started with the people who queue up, get into game, and once in game they type "end fast I have to leave in 20 minutes".
Skýcrow (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperør Rhaast,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ppcIwRoz,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-11-06T18:04:59.972+0000) > > I feel like I may never escape low elo. I started the game in season 7, and was bronze 3. I was silver 5 in season 8 and now silver 2 in season 9. The thing is I have received an enormous amount of toxicity bans that I never got the chance to climb before being banned. > > Now, I've reformed entirely - I created this account for that purpose, for a fresh, clean start to finally quit flaming my teammates. Currently honor level 2, 1 checkpoint. I really hope I can get to Gold for season 10, but to be honest, I don't see it happening. I can't carry games. I'm gonna one-trick Kayn to try and get there - but I simply can't carry if my team is far behind, even when fed as a shadow assassin. I can't even one-shot the enemy carry anymore, because they'll be too protected and my damage will fall off. > > My decision making and game awareness definitely need improvement, as well as my general mechanics - I miss a lot of skilshots and do stupid things like blue smiting a minion, or ulting a tank instead of the carry. While I'm certainly trying, I think I'll be stuck in silver for many seasons to come. But I'm definitely determined to get better. Well you do know your own problems and it looks like you work on them. So just keep on improving and try not to flame anymore. if you do, tell urself after the game that u reduced your winchance because of it so that you can feel bad afterwards kinda, and eventually you will stop the flame over time. Also just mute all from the gamestart if ur tilt is that high. **Also you should always check ur mindset first, before you queue up you ask urself the goals for X game. ** One of the goal should be **"don't tilt just try your best and you're going to see if you loose or win"** you should also tell urself over and over that alot of games are carryable for Higher Elo players and you should try to think about what they could do instead compared to what you did. This is not a answer to solving ur problems, but when u start thinking about every possibility of getting a advantage eventually you can use them in your future games and so on. This is what i did when i tried to improve. I tried so many different things out, and i was hardstuck for 2years in low diamond. For me it felt like i learned how to play the game in multiple dif ways but i was still stuck, eventually i just got more cleaner and efficienter knew how to handle x situation better and suddenly i startet to win more games and even managed to reach above master tier for 2months straight. (also yes i do curse at teammates but only **infront of my screen**, but i try to asap chill down in like under 10seconds because the one thing i hate the most is loosing games, so i always try my hardest to somehow win the game, regardless if my teammates are bad or piss me off, and trying the hardest for me means i'm not allowed to flame them in chat because i need the highest winchance possible)
I almost never flame anymore. It's a waste of time and energy. Generally I only type shotcalls and things like "gj" in chat anymore. My ultimate goal is to climb to gold and hopefully plat after that, but really my close goal is to get better at the game, improve my mechanics, my macro. I watch a lot of high elo streamers, but it feels like much of what they do isn't applicable in my games, as they have responsive teammates that are aware of the map. It has certainly helped a lot, though.
: yeah and your laners can be apes and not understand that the buffs at certain points of the game, when timed correctly will have catchup XP and thats why I dont want to give it (if you're a good jungler you know how to create spawn timings to do this for faster level 6s etc). Then your braindead mid is spam pinging you for insane things.. this game is so YIKES sometimes.
Once, I had a Garen steal my blue buff and then tell me he needed it more. GAREN.
: @Meddler As someone who enjoys playing Soraka, can you stop making Grievous Wounds abundant?
Kayn main checking in here, and lots of the times it feels absolutely awful to play as Rhaast; all the enemy team needs to do is take one glance at your build after jungle item and know what form you're going, and pre-emptively building grievious wounds to shut you down. I completely agree with your post. There is too much grievious wounds in the game, and it's too easy to apply. In Rhaast's particular case, it completely shuts down what he wants to do - disrupt a team fight,using the insane healing he gets from his spells to stay alive in the process. After griev wounds you can really only go in and cc a few people before dying because your healing is cut. It feels awful to play against for heavy healing champions.
: I got a chat restriction :(
I would reocmmend disabling your allies' chats if this bug occurs again in the future. In fact, perhaps it is for the best that you disable it anyway, as there is rarely anything spoken about in chat other than BM, blaming and flaming. Especially in the EUNE server - I've gathered from playing on there a bit that it is a very toxic region. Good on you for owning up to your mistake. Very unlucky that it had to happen so close to the end of the season, but I heartily wish you good luck in gaining your honor back.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: What mistake? You literally freeze the wave and still get dived instead of receiving a gank from your own jungler and it makes it very difficult to lane as perma ganking junglers lose nothing in the current meta. In fact, if you aren't playing Lee, Elise, or Jarvan in this day and age you're doing it wrong.
That is an extremely good point. The enemy top + jg being Malph and Pantheon, they had a wonderful dive setup against such a squishy mid. However, I as a base form Kayn cannot do anything against such a dive. They are tanky enough to both sruvive the dive and kill me under tower as well, especially pre - level 6. The most I can do is hope to help my other lanes to get the ball rolling there.
Tayzzer (NA)
: Do your best to climb mr kayn. People who blame their teams dont climb as often so you can leave them all behind. Also yeah just mute them and realize that they are wrong so their flame doesnt matter
Thank you. My highest rank was silver 1. I'm hoping to one trick kayn and just get so good at him that I don't even need to focus on my champion anymore. Obviously it has its pros and cons, but when I was an anivia one-trick in late season 8 and early season 9 it worked like a charm. I carried a lot of games, 70% winrate, I was on my way to gold before I was banned.
Skýcrow (EUW)
: The way you described it sounds like Low elo. Just mute all, people will consistently blame you for their fault because as arrogant this might sound to others. It's low elo. Only rarely do i find "low elo" players who are actually humble and blame themself for doing mistakes. 99% they don't understand why x thing happens, and they consistently tell themself x guy should have done x thing to prevent x thing to happen. Just mute all and focus. Also it's not like people never change, it's just if you stay in "low elo" you won't see the change because new players get into it, while veterans who learned about their faults climb the ladder, i include plat in this area btw with "low elo" There are obviously Players in this Elo Iron-diamond that do not do this, and will climb over time probably, just then you won't see them anymore in your games because they are much Higher in Elo now
I feel like I may never escape low elo. I started the game in season 7, and was bronze 3. I was silver 5 in season 8 and now silver 2 in season 9. The thing is I have received an enormous amount of toxicity bans that I never got the chance to climb before being banned. Now, I've reformed entirely - I created this account for that purpose, for a fresh, clean start to finally quit flaming my teammates. Currently honor level 2, 1 checkpoint. I really hope I can get to Gold for season 10, but to be honest, I don't see it happening. I can't carry games. I'm gonna one-trick Kayn to try and get there - but I simply can't carry if my team is far behind, even when fed as a shadow assassin. I can't even one-shot the enemy carry anymore, because they'll be too protected and my damage will fall off. My decision making and game awareness definitely need improvement, as well as my general mechanics - I miss a lot of skilshots and do stupid things like blue smiting a minion, or ulting a tank instead of the carry. While I'm certainly trying, I think I'll be stuck in silver for many seasons to come. But I'm definitely determined to get better.
: I used to play support, and my adc's would always get ganked despite me pinging them a warning of exactly where the jungler is, and warding every possible way the enemy jungler could get through to us. I later found out that adc's frequently mute their supports pings. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Many a time has that happened to me. I like to play Yuumi for my friend who would play Kayn or Master Yi, and it's even worse when the adc will not back off when the enemy jungler is coming despite my pings. That means that unless I can escape before he gets here, it's a double kill for the enemy, all because my adc didn't listen.
: Laners just forget to use the map and expect ganks. When i am jg main and when i play top i use my vision whenever i can, i track the enemy jungler and i expect a gank to happen often. It's not difficult ro avoid ganks but the idiots who main lanes play too aggressive and forget junglers exist. Don't listen to those dogs who can't use the map. Just focus on what you're doing.
I used to main mid, I had no idea how to track the enemy jungler and I would rage if i died to a gank and start flaming the shit out of my jungler. That was about a year ago. Since i started to main jungle about 6-8 months ago, my view has changed alot. I learned to track the enemy jungler, I learned jungle paths, and I learned how to predict where the enemy jungler might be at a certain point in the game. Since then, playing toplane or midlane I die to a lot less ganks. I really think that everyone should try and play a good 50 games as jungle to learn how to track the enemy jungler and gain better map awareness. The fact that that midlaner actually still blamed me whilst being 0-6 and building AD TF while our comp was also full AD genuinely baffled me. It did make me think that perhaps I was in the wrong and should've counterganked - but what can I truly do against a fed Malphite and a Pantheon? My decisionmaking is definitely something I've been trying to improve upon. Also, hi fellow Emperor lol
: You're playing Kayn... why are you not ganking the fuck out of everyone with you busted ability to move through walls? It just sounds like your a terrible jungler.
Kayn's strength is not in his ability to gank, it is in his amazing counterjungling ability. It's not so easy to just walk in a lane and kill them, especially when they're already fed by minute 5. At that point, my best bet is just to counter-jungle to put the enemy behind and focus on other, stronger lanes to get them ahead.
: Stop cutting your own junglers off of their gold and xp, k?
This. This so much. SO many times does my mid laner just help himself to my blue buff, when I need not only the gold and experience, but the mana regeneration for myself to clear the jungle and gank (the cdr doesn't help either) Not to mention the top laner clearing krugs and the adc helping himself to my raptors. It puts me super far behind the enemy jungler in experience and levels, meaning he will very likely be stronger than me, reducing my general pressure, and also increasing the damage of his smite compared to mine. You are doing nothing but hindering your jungler when you do this. If my laner takes a camp from me, I take a wave from him. If he takes a buff, I take three. It's sad when I get spam pinged and told to do a not so nice thing beginning with K for helping push a lane out after a gank, but if I spam ping somebody for taking my camps, I get "i need the farm more than you i scale".
: ***
|That has happened to me more times than I care to count for. My teammates troll pick, feed, and then I have to watch the nexus explode with my 9/1 k/d and consider uninstalling the game.
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: Of all the people I reported and got punished from my ticket logs. All of them are junglers.
Jungle main here. Jungle can be an extremely stressful role, especially if you;re new to the role or autofilled. Plus, a good 85% of my games, I get flamed/blamed for people dying, especially to ganks. I've had plenty of laners threatening to premade 9x report me because I didn't gank enough. That being said, when you're a jungler and all three lanes lose it's extremely demoralising, because at that point there is very little you can do. Often the weight of the game will feel like it's on your shoulders, and such stress can lead to flame. Its dependant on the player, of course. But a lot of players can't handle that kind of stress and retaliate. It's in human nature. I myself have ragequit games just to prevent myself from hard flaming my laners. You need a great deal of patience and endurance to play jungle. Some people don't have it, simply.
Juice (EUNE)
: So duo q with a jungler and make sure both me and my jungler are winning. Awesome advice. What happens when she lane ganks completely avoiding my pink ward? Do I pink ward the lane too? Or where do I put the pink ward
You dont need to duo queue, just make him aware that you need help. And unless your jungler is 0-12 or something you should still win (depends on mid matchup) Lane ganking isnt really avoidable with eve, but you need to be far over-extended for her to be able to do it. Pink ward key points in her jungle and stealth ward on her camps to figure out where she is.
Juice (EUNE)
: Can I play the game after Evelynn hits 6?
Buy control wards. Get your jungler to counter-gank if you fear her. If he's playing a champ with a half-decent early to mid game she will get clapped. Eve is mega squish. Oracle lense and control wards are your best friends.
: There's quite a few good ones, for me, there are a few reliable ones I've kept for a long time. (Reliable as in not getting nerfed into oblivion) One of these is kat. She's really strong if you know how to play her, terrible if you don't, but she's been relatively buff/nerf free. Another is rengar. Simple, easy to learn at first but lots of tricks. Can be really good in the hands of a main, but other then that not a great winrate so relatively safe from buffs nerfs. Talon and zed are a little tougher, they're more likely to recieve nerfs then the others but they're still good ones to learn and get good at, and can win most match ups if played right. Kha zix is really good as well, been top tier for several patches Now, no nerfs in sight. Ezreal is always a good adc, as well as xayah and kai'sa. And thresh is a powerful support, and yuumi is good to learn as well. Hope this helped! You're free to ask me anything or whatever if you'd like still of course ;)
I disagree with yuumi - she isn't a great support to main. She's been nerfed repeatedly more or less since she came out due to proplay,, and has a mini-rework in sight from what I've heard. There isn't a huge difference between a bad and good Yuumi. If you want to win games I wouldn't recommend her.
: Best champions to main
Here's my opinion. When I was looking for a new main (I usually one-trick champions) I look for a few factors. Skill ceiling, flexibility/versatility, and ban/pickrate. The best champions to main are unpopular champions that are still strong, that few people will really know how to play against. I find Anivia to be a fantastic example of this; very low pick and ban rate, but still very decently powerful. Champions that can take lots of different build paths are also great. That's why I selected Kayn as my current main - he is incredibly versatile and fits into most team compositions. Being able to choose based on the game, your team and the enemy team, what you need to build, is a great trait to have in a champion. I would steer clear of maining champions that are very low skillcap, that are nerfed repeatedly, or that have extremely high pick/ban rates. For example: I was previously a Yuumi one-trick since release. However the longer I mained her the more I realised it would be nigh impossible to climb with her, due to the nature of the champion and the fact that Riot won't stop nerfing her due to high levels of play. She is also a low-skillcap champion - you won't need to spend tens or hundreds of games learning her. But to be honest, the best answer is probably: play who you enjoy. Play what's fun! It's a game, afterall.
Kei143 (NA)
: What made you change your behavior (positively)
I'm the owner of an amount of permabanned accounts well into the double digits. I was hella toxic - first I just defended myself from flamers, then started flaming people myself. I don't know when it happened, but after getting one of my accounts banned after raging at a teammate for misplaying, I realised there is absolutely nothing to gain from my behavior. I am the kind of person that makes the league of legends community so vile, and it needed to change. I can't change what my teammates do. I can change what I do and say. I started a new account with intentions to reform. My attitude has changed completely. Sometimes a play tilts me so badly that I see red and I want to type in chat and call my team trash, but I manage to hold back and think: actually, that was my mistake. I could've played that better. I greatly believe that this change will not only help me raise an account to beyond level 79 without getting banned, but also nab season rewards, and generally make me a better player. Yes, I have never had end-of-season rewards, ever. That's how toxic I am / was. And it's gonna change.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Mass reports and false reports don't do anything, you're completely fine. Don't sweat it. As long as you're trying to win and learn, you'll never get punished. Just keep doin what you're doin :p
I am worried though - should I just mute chat and focus on myself, or keep doing this? I never flame anyone, but idk, maybe the system will pick it up as flame or bm for some reason. I just think its funny, but everyone is different ig..
: Some advice, Riot employees don't make enough money to give AF. My wife has been playing this game since season 2 and has spent over $700 on it. Her account was perma-banned because she defended herself against some Ahole wishing death on our kids because they were tilted by their own poor perfomance. At that time her father had just passed away and we had a new born so she was going through some rough depression. she took this to riot support and they basically said FU, once a ban is in place there is nothing they are willing to do even if there are mitigating circumstances. So take it from me, this will never be fixed. Support is non-existent in this game.
These logs seemed genuinely undesesrving of a ban, especially if there was only 1 game that lead to the punishment. Unfortuanetely, Riot do not care if you were defending yourself from a flamer - they'll ban you either way. I learned that the hard way yourself. It's really much better to mute those kinds of twats rather than talking back to them - most of the time it will egg them on and upset both sides greatly. Side note, league is not really a game I recommend if youre going through depression lol.
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Nagake (EUNE)
: Perma banned for a single insult while being the one that was insulted all game
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