disRUSpect (EUNE)
: You didn´t. How is it fair to drop from 5 to 0 for one bad game ? You should drop to 4 or smthing like that. This is just dumb
got mine for crying about the adc/top duo trolling in not wanting to buy a Control Ward, so yeah, it is kinda sad (In my case Drop was from 4) we shall see how long it takes back up, one bad game, even without saying bad words can get you in trouble. I mean its my first time, and all I did was beg his premade to tell his friend to stop trolling and listen to me and the other guy in the game that he was ignoring for the fun of it.
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: welcome, it really is great! the only thing I can point out is that the bobby pin/clip/things in her hair don't actually look like they're IN her hair. maybe if they followed the shape and direction of that piece of hair a bit more?like, I don't think they'd be flat directly facing the viewer. just my opinion! ^^ this is a fantastic work either way <3
Yes i totaly feel you. The thing is i did this part last and i was in a hurry and didn't bothered so much with it. Perhaps i will fix it next time i have free time :D
: wow, this looks great, I love it! may I make one little suggestion?
Yes of course :P And Thank you very much! Glad you like it! ^^
: The Eyes! I love the eyes! Edit: Is she crying? I took a closer look around and I think she is crying
Ah i was not intended. I just wanted to add more shine in her eyes but i guess it ended up liek tears XD Thank you for the comment! <3
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: > [{quoted}](name=Eollyn,realm=EUW,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=adAu3yJf,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-10-15T21:45:07.792+0000) > > Omg my Kindred art is here! *cryes of happiness* This means so much to me ;_; Really? I don't see it.
The kapiheartlilly one :P
: Which one is yours??
kapiheartlilly one :P
Jynx (NA)
: Kindred community creations!
Omg my Kindred art is here! *cryes of happiness* This means so much to me ;_;
: This is stunning!
Thank you! ^^
: Beautiful artwork right there... just absolutely marvelous! :O I look forward to seeing more in the future because I can't get enough of that lamb and wolf.
Thank you very much o/
: Wow. Just... Wow.
Thank you :D
Vaxxys (NA)
: This is awesome! What program do you use to do your Fanart?
I use mixed. Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. ^^
: I love it =)! Draw one with her skin as well~ Her skin makes her look like a rabbit :3!
Thank you! I should draw their skin in the future too becase it does look very nice :3
: kindred is both lamb and wolf its not a "her" its a "them"
Yeah i just see the Lamb as her and the wolf as her pet xD But yeah you are right :)
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