: on the pbe right?
I want to say yes it is but no it isnt. im on euw mainly but some on Na
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Will you ever consider reverting Ryze if it turns out you made a mistake like you did previously in the assassin patch?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Will you ever considering removing/reworking Tahm Kench W/eat ability considering thats the 1 major factor as to why hes such a high priority pick in pro play which is why you have been trying all kinds of nerfs to him through the splits?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
Is it difficult to buff a certain aspect of a champions kit with the risk of making the champion too strong in an unintended role. Lux in support being an example and how well she works with aftershock combined with the buff on her W.
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Xavanic (NA)
: Why is brand allowed to exist in his current state?
Brand and Zyra are 2 disgusting mistakes in champion design that will forever make peoples life in bot lane miserable. Then again thats the life of Ap supps
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Paroe (NA)
: I know its the meme... But duck off you little whiners. CT makes some good, fun champions with interesting and viable kits. Those numbers that MAKE them strong? Those arent the champion designer; theyre the balance team. So hate on balance. Oh wait, you dont have a figure head there to blame.
Dude creates disgusting kits that makes it unfun and abyssmal to play vs. That hasnt to do with numbers thats kit. Remember Zoe being able to get Tp with her spellthief ?. Good thing someone realised that it wasnt a good idea
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Broporo (NA)
: Emerging Issue: FPS drops with the reworked Swain
Disabling the champ :thinking: ? and you wont do that because ? Since at this point your basically forcing the players who has this problem to play dice with their games and hope their own or enemy team ban swain or hope that nobody picks him.
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.3
Do you talk to pro players when balancing or is it more in house ? Also currently whats the roles and rank u got ?
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Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Lets's talk about Gangplank.
This is not an argument against you who wrote the thread just giving out an opinion here with barrels , cannons and the whole Combo. First I really dont understand the hate Gp has gotten specially after the nerf. Why does people never look at the masteries themselves as problems instead of only looking at the champs. Lets talk abuse people how many champs abuses so hard Thunderlords decree come on tell me. You salty {{champion:92}} and the rest of you. Thunderlords decree or TLD for short is one of many masteries that early makes a champ more Op then it was. Use Gps ult without TLD and see the difference specially with the recent nerfs another example try and W , E with {{champion:80}} and come to me and tell me that dmg didnt even hurt. Lets head on to ye old Parrley. Just saying that Parrley no longer applies Banditt would actually be ok and fix the problem simple. Doesnt really need to become more complicated. Saying for example that Gps ult should have max range is like saying karthus ult should have max range and that he can only ult people within it. How shitty wouldnt that feel in general Hey {{champion:30}} ults lets walk out of his Range {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:31}} last one was just for the fun. Other than you salty {{champion:21}} fan boys there must be those in this community that doesnt want more champions to feel the fate of {{champion:203}} {{champion:429}} and so on. Thats an empty limbo there all champions must go when they get nerfed to beyond and nothingness a place only a few will ever be able to pull out. Its a black and dark place filled with {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} laughter.
Droogzy (NA)
: Champions often stop being played when they received nerfs simply because it takes time to get used to number changes behind the nerf. Not because they aren't strong. GP was still an unquestionably strong pick, but he's also has received some serious number changes in patches in which he gets attention being his barrel count and CD was adjusted among myriads of things. To bring a champion immediately that gets such a shift of power into professional play is downright illogical. Ryze is another example of this. When he got his rework v2 (Not his current one), he was unquestionably the strongest top/mid laner in the game, yet you didn't see him for almost a full season. Why? Because it took professional players ages to hit the point where they had his number and combos down. The pros aren't going to play a champion whom they don't have the exact numbers down on. Not sure how you claim the pros are bad at GP when they are the ones that are the best at the game. Especially considering LCK is the undisputed hands down strongest region, player quality-wise, if a champion starts being picked and played with a build consistently in the LCK, that usually means its a strong champion. They're the ones that discover pretty much everything that everyone else plays. Often time, the meta we see in professional play is established or mimicked by the LCK. So if they start spamming a champion with a consistent build, that's usually a strong hint that said champion/build is powerful. Every pro will go to LCK/Korea before worlds for boot camp. Reason being, its the strongest region. It's also incredibly ironic that you say Impact didn't have a contribution to the series against Immortals considering he was named the MVP of the BO5. And its also arguable that except for his one solid game on GP, Huni was the reason Immortals lost the series as he swallowed up so much of the teams resources and proceeded to tilt and play poorly with non-meta champions, deja vu to the Spring championship split. Also, while yes, Huni did play well that one game, Reignover securing a triple inferno buff, basically an AD deathcap for Huni, certainly help him snowball his game. Not taking away from Huni's play, but his success with GP that game was in large part because Reignover pretty much handed him his damage on a silver platter. Impact would have done the same exact thing in his situation. Hell any professional top laner could have done what Huni did in his situation with a triple inferno. Hardly a strong case for good GP game play. Even when Impact was playing Gangplank he was playing him quite well, he was absorbing a lot of attention through repeated ganks and he made Immortals expend far too much in try to kill him. It was the rest of his team that didn't play well. And that's really whats key about Gangplank in professional play right now: he's so fucking difficult to kill that you need to expend a massive amount of resources into killing him. And the kicker is even if you kill him multiple times, because of his safe wave clear, bandit, and his gold generation passive, he's always guaranteed to hit his late game hyper-carry status. You know how the counter-play to late game hyper carries is to focus them down so much that they are crippled to a point where they will never hit that late game power spike? Yeah, absolutely not applicable with GP. See the problem? GP's problem is exactly what the OP is talking about: for such a late game hyper-carry champ, his ultimate has insane early-mid global pressure combined with the fact that he generates gold at a rate that's unparalleled to any other champion which leads inevitably to an insane late game that happens earlier then it should, is a recipe for an overly-strong champion. Until they address that, he's going to go down the same road as Azir and Kalista.
Watch Pro games and tell me how many comboes are actually hitting unless your willing to call hitting his ult is a combo though i will give you that one. Pros like Impact are used solely as an Ult Bot because they never or rarely hit the barrel comboes unless the target is standing still in the ult and yes i know how difficult it is to hit a combo. They will gut GP now until some guy finds out he can still be usable then Riot will gut him again just because someone maybe a pro most likely finds the only other way to play him. I have seen alot of LCK matches in Korea and yes i can say that i have seen Gps there i just want to cringe. Koreans are the best at league no questions but in Pro matches i rarely see their Gps make impacts besides being used as an Ult bot. One of the first Pro match Gp after the triforce change was so bad that it hurt my eyes and yes this was the LCK. It got camped and seemed like it didnt understand that it got camped since it died or just ended up being an anchor to the rest of the team. And i see alot of LCK Gps doing the same thing over and over again unless their jungler babysits their lane. Straight after that One game there was a resurection of Gps in EU then in Na not sure about the rest dont watch brazil or australlian. There is also a difference between how your able to play a champ in Pro matches vs solo que matches that i dont have to tell anyone. Which is why for a long time some pros tried to squeeze kha zix into the meta because they were almost dominating solo que with it. But yeah it failed. I honestly think some of the pros say Hey im great with Gp in que bet i can do as well in my Pro matches which ends having them using it once then twice because they thought the first was a fluke then a third and the chain reaction has comenced. Huni actually had plays with the gp which involved using the barrels which Pros rarely manage to do even if they manage to secure a inferno two or three. Basically its fun to watch a Gp player who knows how to use the comboes and doesnt have to wait for his ult to make an entrance. Also i agree that the games they lost he felt like a spoonge that just sucked up resources that would be better for another player or he did something he really shouldnt. The Riven pick actually worked though until he went Kamikaze like a japanese pilot and smashed into the enemy team on repeat or when he had failed xpeke. Impacts barrel play was sitting up one barrel then wait for a champ to jump over the wall and walk right into the next barrel he sat out. If you think im hanging myself up on barrels well thats why thats part of GPs main Kit. The ult of gp makes a so big impact with the TLD proc early that it destroys lanes without him being there and thats something that is rarely looked upon . It baffles me why TLD is never shown as a reason why many champions now dominate some pro matches but more often solo que matches. They talk so much about the champions that they forget the keystones being used. If you know the difference between GP ulti without TLD then you should know how much lower the dmg is specially early. The difference is literally a kill. Also im saying Impacts Gp which just pressed R when needed isnt that impactfull in comparisson to acually setting up comboes and using his entire Kit. I did not mean that his other games wasnt good just the uneventfull Gp one. Do you think Ekko or GP got the highest winrate in pro matches ? I will go on a limb a say its Ekko who needs tweaks alot more than Gp does. Well atleast the Pros wont play him now thats hes being thrown to the Kraken. So the Ult nerf im not very salty so to speak about but that they to change everything with him is overkill and just gutting. Gps early laningh phase is bad enough that you need to gut everything about it. Atleast he cant almost two shot you like Azirs soldiers could or actually almost still can in the early levels. They also start forcing Gp to go Top with everything they do now. and to end yes he can be played mid which is also were i have seen both China i think but def LCK try him which failed to be nothing more than a walking Cannon barrage button.
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: I appreciate Gangplank nerfs and we all agree something needs to be done..
Only reason all these nerfs are coming is because some LCK player started playing him in the early summer LCK and bad at that ( yeah i know some played him in solo que). That started a chain reaction which we now see in pro and solo que games. Honestly people tell me how much Gangplank was played in the Spring split? . Come on give it too me. After the triforce change everybody stopped playing Gp then the new build came and people started picking him up because HEY hes played in LCK he got to be OP now. Well truth to be told Gp isnt more broken than any other high tier top laner in the game. His ult does alot of dmg because of thunderlords if it wasnt for that keystone his dmg output wouldnt be that high early with his ult. Also most of the Pro Gps i see are honestly bad when comparing them to people who actually know how to combo with him with a few exeptions like Huni and Soaz back in the days though. The pros only use GP as a ult bot which is proven when they almost never hit the barrel comboes and still use the champion. ( yeah someone walking into your barrel doesnt count as hitting a combo btw and if someone tells me that a stationary target hit with a two barrel combo is pro work then meh no ) Gp getting almost perma banned in solo que is laughable and even when he is picked only a third or less of the players actually manage to become something else than ye old ult bot. TLD is actually a keystone that has made many champions very strong early and GPs ult is only one of many examples and yes i know who you want to think about {{champion:80}} . You might say that TLD is what makes champions suffer nerfs and not the champions themselves. Why do i mention the pros you say because riot nerfs champions that mostly does well in Pro matches. I am only a silver player but i have watched alot of HIgh tier matches meaning Masters and Challengers matches and until the bad LCK Gangplank came up from the dephts almost nobody played GP unless they mained him. Nerf TLD or replace it before you start nerf every champ that synergize sometimes all to well with it thats the simplest thing to do or you might find your own champions being nerfed to the Kraken just because the early TLD dmg was too much. Btw i watched the semi between IMT and C9 sorry but the only impactfull Gp there was Hunis whos mechanism on the champion was good while the player called Impact was used as Ye old Ult bot and did not make an impact so to speak.
: trundle is op
Ty for verification
: I'm quitting
Honestly was this comment really meant to have kappa behind it since the whole post reeks of troll and no i dont mean trundle ?
: Any Thoughts on Yorick's new Lore?
Hope he stays like he was it was a good story. Generally the shadow isle champs have decent lore i think but i wish we could get a better lore regarding what happened to the shaow isle i mean before and after thing because most of what we get is just rumours like a big bad guy caused it to go to pieces but no more detailed. I hope they do something similar as with shurima so that we get better backstories
: I've never seen a game where mages build health almost like a primary stat.
Its how league has become basically.Any ap champ can build tank and still deal tons of dmg just because. Swain one of the biggest examples you only have to build one ap item on him and still go around dealing dmg while never dying. For those who doesnt believe me watch Quas build him in soloque. Vladimir was always like that i feel but Ekko must be the worst of the all he was originally intented to be an assassin but for some reason riot made it so he can go tank and still deal dmg legit. I think riot looked at tank that looked at the wrong description under and instead of seeing the tank description they saw juggernaut or bruiser but they didnt question it and found it was OK
: So, the Flash Wolves are the Leopard and Europe is the Wolf.. Rito pls
I suggest you read the background as to why each region got their animals so to speak. EU got the wolves because Fnatic used to be the pack of wolves that ruled the forrest but then they searched for new prey. So yeah they can give flash wolves the wolves emblem but that doesnt make them THE wolves so to speak as a region. If they had gone by only the team then yes i agree but they dont
: The Most Hated Champion Class:
I feel like zed , ekko and fizz all have that cant be targeted or killed thing that makes people want to ban them. Lee sin is a good jungler but he doesnt have the no target and instakill someone like those 3 have in common. LB is still getting alot of bans as far as i see while eve and kass arent good enough or played enough to get that fear that people used to have towards them im guessing. I know everyone "thinks" they can counter zed , ekko , and fizz but in teamfights that always start gets problematic and it often ends up with them not being able to lock them down or counter them as they think, then the last thing you hear is double , triple , quadra and so on. As long as those three exist im guessing they will get bans flying towards them in alot of games. But in those little cracks they get through the one who didnt ban or pick them gets the sour end of the stick and ends up regretting why they didnt ban them. Lack of counterplay i would say is the most problematic part with those three and with that i mean that not that many people can counter them when they face of against them eventhough they have read everything about how to.
: Can we stop with the all the slows, please?
Its probably the reaction to the recent silence removals which has been going on. Btw Gnars slow isnt as perma as ekko. He has like 2 slows which basically makes you drop the keyboard :P
: Why so much hate?...
Only reason i have ever hated on riot i think is what i will call the unfixable problem called attempting to reconnect :P other than that im gratefull for everything else about the game. Personally i dont bitch about balance and such cause its not really that is ever going to hundred percent fixed so no reason to blame riot for it :) I might post on player behaviour but never on small stuff to riot cause they have more important problems to take care of than fixing a champ or balancing the game i just suck much of that up
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